On this day in history:

August 23rd, 2004 | All of Lita‘s Kane-related troubles – the abduction, terrorization, pregnancy and “engagement” – culminated with their wedding. Rejecting a white wedding dress chosen by Kane, Lita wore a gothic black gown and did what she could to undermine his glee. The ceremony itself – featuring a music video dedicated to their unborn child and an appearance by Trish Stratus as Lita’s “maid of honor” – lurched forward until Matt Hardy showed up to stop it, attacking Kane. Kane was able to fight him off, chokeslamming him off the stage and dragging Lita back to the altar to finish the wedding. He then scooped up his new wife and carried her off.

  • Troy Smith

    No matter how old and senile I one day become, I will never forget how sexy Trish looked in that lingerie.

  • NY

    Lita and Trish together can steal the show @ excellent segment

  • jcott3

    Part of me wanted Lita to have Kane choke-slam Trish after she did her spiel, but that would have given “the happy couple” common ground and would have taken away from the “Lita being forced to marry him against her will” dynamic that they were going for.