SummerSlam was full of surprises for the women. With two new champions crowd, the ladies of RAW and SmackDown had a fallout to look forward to. And on the blue side of things, it’s bound to be interesting.

Before the show starts, the newly crowned champion Natalya had her side plates installed into her title – with no glowing lights. It looks pretty nice if you ask me.

Natalya soon walks out to ringside – looking proud as ever holding her title – for her tag team match. But before the contest can begin, she grabs ahold of the mic. She tells us that “SummerSlam will forever be known as the day the glow was unplugged.” She claims that Sunday night also proved how she is “the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.”

Our “new and forever” champion states that she promises to bring “honor and dignity” to the title, as it is “no longer glow time, it’s my time.” Strong words. Now, cue Carmella and James Ellsworth!

Miss Money In The Banks says that despite it being Natalya’s “time,” she’s working on Carmella’s watch. She claims that at SummerSlam she let Neidhart have her moment, but when “the time is right” she’ll be trading in her contract for the title. Oh, it’s on.

Ellsworth then reveals that Carmella may even plan on cashing in after having Natalya beaten up during tonight’s match… To the dismay of the Princess of Staten Island that is – it was supposed to be a secret!

Naomi and Becky Lynch soon enter and the match is underway.

Carmella and Naomi start off the match but the Princess quickly tags Natalya in. For the remainder of the match, we pretty much just see the champ taking on both of her challengers.

At one point, Natalya attempts to tag in her partner, but Miss Money In The Bank jumps off of the apron and lets the champ take the match. Towards the end, Carmella – briefcase in hand – is yelling at Ellsworth on the side. So, to take advantage of the distraction, Natalya tags her in. Pretty soon Natalya chases ‘Mella into the ring but is kicked to the outside floor. Unfortunately for Carmella, Becky implements the Bexploder onto her, landing her in the corner. The legal partner, Naomi, then inserts the Split-legged-Moonsault and takes home the victory! It never stopped being Glow time!

A little later on the night, Tamina confronts Lana – whom is on the phone – and asks her what she’s going to do about her title hunt. The Ravishing Russian says that the race to the title will begin next week. And for now, Lana suggests she close her eyes. After Tamina hesitatingly closes her eyes, Lana tells her to imagine being in a lockerroom full of people, yet being alone. Those people talk about them – both – because they’re different. She tells her to make sure those feelings fester her until the anger boils over. And now that Snuka is angry, the two will “crush” the competition together. End scene.

Thoughts: With it being Natalya’s first day as champion, this was an important point. This is what would set the rest of her reign off. And did it do its job? Definitely.

Neidhart isn’t supposed to be the scary heel that dominates the division. She’s the cocky heel that overrates herself, and is the only one that actually thinks anything of her. And the fact that Carmella quickly overtakes her in the mic segment is perfect. The Princess of Staten Island is the person we all need to fear. No, she isn’t the physically dominant one, but she has the mind games, a sneaky manager and the all important briefcase. That is more than what the other women have and we need to fear her also.

The dynamic between the two heels is perfect. It allows both women to be noticed as individuals with shining personalities. Natalya is hilarious and isn’t to be taken seriously, whilst Carmella is sneaky and should be feared. It works wonders.

I can also appreciate the fact that Naomi isn’t looking like an afterthought either. The show didn’t offer much time for the women – which isn’t excusable – but in the short time they were given, Naomi came out the strongest. The heels looked cowardly and weak, whilst the former champ took home the victory and looked the strongest. She has quietly become one of the best members of SmackDown Live as well as being a top star in general, so losing her title doesn’t mean that she should go back to being irrelevant. She has worked her way up the ladder and deserves to be sitting at the very top. This should be the beginning of her reclaiming that throne – just give it some time maybe.

Now onto Tamina and Lana. This duo is working well. Lana is managing instead of wrestling – in which the former is stronger than the latter – and it seems that Tamina will be having somebody do the talking for her whilst she wrestles. The two exceed in different aspects of the business, so this pairing is perfect. And what makes this backstage segment so interesting is how secluded they are from the other woman. Not once is Natalya’s title win mentioned. They don’t discuss the fact that Naomi is no longer champ. Nor is Carmella’s briefcase questioned. The two simply focus on something we don’t know. And it could be anything.

Could Tamina take on a new debut? Could Lana screw up and have Tamina face Charlotte? What if next week Tamina gets a number one contendership match? There’s a ton of possibilities and I love how secretive it is. Something that would be great would be for The Iconic Duo, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce, to debut and take on Tamina. And even if they lose, they’ll still get a chance to be cocky/dominant later on. But let’s just wait and see for now!

What did you think of the show? What will happen next week with Tamina? When do you see Carmella cashing in? Do you think Naomi will reclaim her throne soon? Let us know your views in the comments below!

  • CuCelchy

    Nice match, cute story but it’s the same girls.
    Both divisions are so small and stale.

    • Actually, RAW’s division is practically double the size of SmackDown’s; they just don’t use everyone. I think SmackDown! just needs more new blood.

  • CuCelchy

    Also, who is Nattie really gonna feud with?
    Naomi will only last but so long.
    Charlotte? Seen it.
    Becky? Seen it.
    Tamina? Seen it & quite frankly will pass on seeing it again.
    Carmella? Eh
    Lana? No thanks.
    They need to call up iconic Duo & send Asuka to RAW.

    • shumiley

      I think Nikki Bella. Somebody posted here on the last redux that the SD champs are going in order of the Backlash eliminations. Nikki was the next to be eliminated. So firstly I see Nattie defeating Naomi and maybe Tamina. And then Nikki returns because the two have unfinished business. Nikki wins the title match. However (as someone also said) Nikki was rolled up by Carmella, aka Miss MITB. So I see a cash-in coming from her – that way, it goes full circle in the order of Backlash eliminations.

    • KatyaMenelli


  • Charlie

    Please let Nikki Bella be the one to really feud with Natalya. That blue belt would look amazing on The Fearless One!

    • KatyaMenelli

      Omg I would love Nikki to return to feud with Natalya. That would get Nattie over quickly as champion if they have matches.

  • Rosanna

    Naomi is scheduled for a rematch since she has a rematch clause and of course one win under her belt now.

    Nattie being champion is weird but her character work is going fine. At first I was like a cocky heel champion? We’ve that already been her being a cowardly heel is perfect her running out the match before being pinned was brilliant.

    Her being champion and wanted to restore faith is sort of homage to Beth when she was divas champion and wanted to revitalize what being a divas mean.

    Towards the end the match really started to pick up as the crowd was really invested into the match when we thought Carmella was going to cash in the crowd was getting louder despite some of them doing the wave.

    Becky really needs to play a part here since she’s kind of just been thrown into matches randomly.

    Natayla champion reign doesn’t seem to be long as Carmella is predicting to cash in these couple days and end Nattie’s reign Carmella has also been really good on the mic lately seems natural.

    Natayla promo before the match didn’t seem forced as she was actually speaking from the heart and it was interesting because she’s usually cringe and seemed very scripted but was excellent.


      Girl the crowd was doing the wave lol

      • Rosanna

        Girl I don’t care lol.

      • conan_kun

        If Brooklyn crowd throwing beach ball during Dean & Seth vs Cesaro & Sheamus at Summerslam, Balor vs Jordan and Cena & Roman vs Miz & Joe at Raw, you know how bad does the Brooklyn crowd is.

  • I’m happy because I REALLY didn’t want Nattie to get pinned or whatever, I want her to be a dominant champ and that’s what she was here !
    The plates are awesome btw :D

    • E-Force

      girl she’s dfny not going to be a dominant champ

  • Fabulous night for the ladies of Smackdown, Carmella, on the mic, girl, you the MVP, and Naomi did very well tonight in the ring, all four women kicked ass and sold their segment beautifully. It doesn’t have to be über long to be effective.

  • They did great! Nattie’s promo was confident, she addressed Naomi and I loved the interaction with Carmella, and Carmella teasing the cash-in. I really thought she’d do it. Naomi got the win and moved things forward, now they need to make it more intense between Naomi and Nattie only!

  • Hoooshi

    It was a solid episode. Nattie chasing Carmella to the ring was funny and a smart strategy by the champion. The thing with Carmella is that everyone keeps overlooking her, but like Abir said, she is the one who should be feared (at least by the champion). I’m positive she will have a successful cash in, but down the line Elseworth will cost her the championship.

    They need to find something for Becky to do, she is far too talented to be just there.

    It’s smart of WWE to finally let Lana do what she does best, her partnership with Tamina is interesting and I wouldn’t mind if it gave Tamina a title reign.

    I know everyone here wants the Iconic Duo on SD, but I would hold them a little longer. Now with Bobby Roode and Shelton Benjamin the women won’t get as much screentime as those two, and what’s the point of debut someone if you don’t plan on using them? They deserve good storytelling when debuting.

    • Don ?

      “I know everyone here wants the Iconic Duo on SD, but I would hold them a little longer.”

      I agree. Now isn’t the perfect time with Charlotte out of action and the other storylines occuring. I’d let them finish up their business with Ruby in NXT (if it even continues) then move to Smackdown when the time is right.

      • Amyecurley


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  • I love this Tamina storyline, they are building her up as a threat, unlike Raw and whatever they are doing with Nia. The stare she had was enough to sell her as someone scary and determined to prove herself. I hope it goes well.

    • Mike

      They need to have Tamina take on a few jobbers and kayfabe injure one or if Charlotte is gonna be gone for a long time have Tamina take her out to really establish her dominance. Then have her win the title from Naomi only to lose it to Charlotte when she returns leading to the Becky heel turn a title Mania we all want.

      • Lindapdouglas

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      • Susankford

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      • Josiekdavison


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    • Kyle

      How on Earth did you like that? After 5 seconds of closing her eyes she’s convinced she’s hungry enough to go for the title.


    Hey girls …. So is the crowd turning on nattie Becky Naomi and mella ? There were no boos. But there most certainly was no one paying attention. In fact the crowd couldn’t care less about the match or segment …. So I ask again everyone who stated that the crowd was turning on Sasha …. What does this crowd behaving in this way mean for those women on SD huh ? I’ll wait

    • shumiley

      The crowd also threw a beach ball around during their indy fave’s match at SummerSlam as well as Finn Balor’s match on RAW + a match with Miz and Joe. So maybe this Brooklyn crowd is just an anomaly as they’re all twats.

      • GOD STRATUS•

        To my point about Sasha. On raw. Thanks so much … Really

        • Booking 101

          They booed when she said she was from Boston and then booed her when she mentioned her Takeover match against Bayley and her Summerslam match against Charlotte. Who boos mentions of great matches?

          • GOD STRATUS•

            Oh I know why they booed. My entire post is Sasha sarcasm for the ppl saying she was being turned on.

          • CuCelchy

            Sasha don’t got shit to do with this thread.

      • Booking 101

        We were discussing this yesterday. It was a bunch of idiots with zero respect for anyone, trying to take over the show and look “cool”. The result was quiet the opposite actually. I don’t understand. They paid money to be there and they act like this!? I can’t follow the logic.

        • shumiley

          So glad WWE has now banned beach balls from the arenas.

          • Booking 101

            The right decision given the circunstances. The fact people were so bad they had to force a company to ban beach balls from arenas… The world we live in today xD

          • shumiley

            They think that because they paid they can do what they want lol. You paid to watch the show, not to disrupt it and ruin it for fans and the performers. Your ticket grants you a seat for viewing. That is all.

          • Booking 101

            You could not have said it better. Agreed a 1000% with this.


    However nattie was fantastic on the mic

  • DivaLicious?

    The match was ok. I’m gonna give a early prediction that Carmella is gonna probably fail her cash in. I don’t think she is ready just yet in my opinion. I think Naomi will probably beat nattie in her rematch clause. Then Carmella will cash in, but she will fail. Naomi stands tall a 3 time women’s champion. Nattie is great in the ring. But is not as great as Naomi. Carmella is definitely not on either of nattie or Naomi level far as in ring work goes. So yeah.. that’s my early prediction.

    Tamina & Lana segment. I can’t grow to actually care about Tamina, WWE hasn’t gave me a real reason to care for Tamina since she first debut. She does not have the “IT” factor. #SimpleAsThat Tamina & Lana is get off my tv worthy.

    And has anybody noticed we ain’t seen Maria & mike Bennett in like 3 or 4 weeks? What is going on? are they helping out in catering, sweeping the floors, cleaning tables, serving food? I guess Vince just see curt Hawkins in mike Bennett. Because I know I do. I really think they will be down in NXT when we get that talked about shake up in September. They ain’t working on the main roster.

  • Booking 101

    Damn it feels great to see Nattie carry that belt. Looks great with it.

    The segment was pretty standard. Wasn’t Nattie’s worst work on the mic and Carmella did fine as well. The tag match was pretty meh but it did do good in helping the whole Nattie and Carmella dynamic. Naomi picked up the win so she still looks strong.

    I’m curious to see what will Lana and Tamina do. It would of made more sense for Naomi to be champion if Tamina is challenging, but I hope they find a way to make it work

    • king valor

      i felt the same. tamina’s story arc would have worked better going into the next paper view. naomi surviving a newly freshly minted dangerous Tamina beatdown only to be cashed in on would have worked

  • Don ?

    Do you guys remember Victoria’s checklist storyline from late 2006?

    Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing the story recycled with Tamina. Lana could be the one to create and carry the list to Tamina’s matches, and if Rusev and Lana are truly unhappy with their booking and decide to leave the WWE then Tamina could add a twist to the list (hey that rhymed lol) and attack Lana in the end as Victoria attacked Lilian Garcia for her twist. I’m curious to know how Lana and Tamina’s pairing continues.

    • Mike

      I loved the checklist storyline I wanted Victoria to win the title so bad lol

      • KatyaMenelli

        Omg me too. Even though I loved Mickie, I didn’t see her jobbing cleanly to Ashley, Maria, or Candice, getting them over.

        • Mike

          Victoria is such an underrated gem when she went after Lillian I was shook

        • Mike

          True true

        • Victoria didn’t put any one of them except for Candice over. Ashley wasn’t even on the same brand as her.

  • ?too litty?

    All I have to say is “NATTIE’S ON A ROLL! NATTIE’S ON A ROLL! AHHHHHH!!!!”

  • conan_kun

    Smackdown needs more women in order not to have too much repetitive match between Becky, Naomi, Natalya and Carmella since Charlotte is taking a break until her dad is getting better.

    There’s another 6 more episodes till HIAC PPV so Naomi’s title rematch may happen on certain SDL, then they may do HIAC match, lead to Carmella cashes in and wins the title.

    Seeing Iconic Duo interacts with Bryan at NXT Takeover, I hope Iconic Duo moves to Smackdown within a few weeks and jump Becky, lead to Charlotte returns and even the odd, thus Tea Generation X vs. Iconic Duo at HIAC PPV.

    • ???

      Agree ! More women will be good for the brand!

      Billie/Peyton/Liv/Aliyah have nothing left to do in NXT , they better go to SDL because the brand needs more women and they’ll establish them !

    • MK126

      I cant even understand what ID is saying but damn they’re funny. You can even see the difference in how DB and Kurt are interacting with people. Kurt looks like hes in a business meeting and DB looks like hes dealing with fans

  • conan_kun

    Perhaps Liv Morgan moves to Smackdown too to add some babyface depth if Iconic Duo moves to SDL, let Liv who is Enzo’s girlfriend feud with Carnella who is Cass’ girlfriend

    • Super Mateo

      A Liv/Carmella feud? I got it…winner gets to keep the east coast gimmick. Loser has to be repackaged with a new gimmick. Or maybe the other way around lol

  • Steampunk Queen

    when is the superstar shake up happening?

    • ???

      They said next mania!

  • Danny?

    This was a fun episode, I wish it was longer but it set the story of Nattie/Naomi/Carmella and showed us more on the Tamina/Lana partnership and I can’t wait to see what happens next in both stories so good job in my opinion. Plus all girls performed well in their roles so that’s a huge plus.

  • ???

    I liked this episode, it’s not perfect but still they did fine with building up their characters !

    I was like .. Nattie and Carmella on the same team? WTF they are rivals !! But when I saw the build up I liked it , Nattie’s chasing Carmella was obviously hilarious !

    Nattie is great in the ring , her promos improved so much .. she’s champion material that for sure

    Carmella , that girl every time she graps the mic she slays she’s just very good promo-wise .. but VERY annoying in the ring her screaming all time make my ears ripped , and she’s not that good in her wrestling skills too and that why I’m afraid that she’ll dethrone Nattie because Nattie is more deserving and long overdue .

    I love the build up between Lana and Tamina!! Even if it’s short but very VERY interesting! I hope it leads to something big that deserves all of this wait !

  • txistedbliss

    I really liked how Nattie and Carmella weren’t teamed as if they were friends and the elephant in the room was addressed between them before the match. Although, the action didn’t last long the night provided a lot of character development across the board which is important following Summerslam (hoping something for becky is planned soon and she isn’t only a stepping stone for Tamina).

    Also, I was there for the show and I gotta say it was disappointing seeing how distracted everyone was cause of the beach balls lol. Glad those things are gone!

  • GEO

    I feel like within this division, the focus is primarily on Carmella. It still hasn’t hit me yet that Nattie is the new champion, because at any moment Carmella can just take it all away. Not much to build off this week and I hope a storyline builds up to start making sense of things.

  • Not my favorite episode but I’m so happy to see that Natalya is champion and Carmella is just behind her in every step she take.

  • Victoria&Melina19

    I enjoyed the match and the characters were shown and built. Just a disappointing crowd. It’s still so weird for me to see the title without it making a glowing entrance lol but I’m happy for Nattie winning too. Lana is doing what she does best and is managing, and now that Tamina is becoming more of a threat, Lana can be the manager that does the talking.

    Tbh I don’t want the Iconic dou on Smackdown yet, yes it will be great for more women on SD but what exactly would they be doing? Right now everyone woman has something doing and it’s starting out good, well apart from Becky. I see Billie and Peyton debuting in a few weeks.

    • conan_kun

      Iconic duo can feud with Charlotte and Becky.

      • Victoria&Melina19

        Charlotte ain’t on tv right now

  • MK126

    I enjoyed SDL for what it was. TBH both shows were coming off from lackluster stories from SummerSlam so I was kind of hoping they would pick it up on their respective shows. That being said Nattie’s promo was good. She definitely boosts her own ego and her arrogant but delusional character works. They can definitely build on her delusion so much and with her being so unintentionally hilarious it could make for a good title run. Mella’s promo was solid. Thankfully she addressed that although they are partners Nattie needs to watch her back cause that briefcase can be cashed in at any time. This is what is missing from the WWE as a collective whole and that’s continuation and story progression. Heels and faces don’t always have to like each other when they team together. “We’re faces so we like each other and we’re heels so we hate the faces that we are wrestling against but we were just in a feud like a month ago but we made up off screen” like ughhhh that doesn’t make sense. This is what was missing from TWC vs Char/Becky/Naomi (with all three now faces and just coming off from the DR storyline a year later). I also liked how Mella wouldn’t tag herself in and let Nattie do all the work. “You’re the best there is huh? You got this then.” THANK YOU MELLA! Nattie chasing Mella was great but after Nattie tagged her in I wish Mella would have tagged Nattie back in and then clocked her with the briefcase. Not saying that she’d cash it in but it would add to what Mella was saying about being on borrowed time.
    I never know why I enjoy SDL more than RAW when they do put out equally shitty work but I think its because SDL is attempting to build up all of their talent whether the fans reactor not. Nattie hasn’t won the title in 7 years. Naomi had so many missed opportunities at the Divas title. Bliss didn’t even get a TakeOver match while in NXT but SDL trusted them with the title. Whether or not their reigns were good or bad falls on the backs of the creative team but without SDL I don’t think Nattie, Naomi or Bliss would have won the title. Bliss strived in her role on SDL and is doing well on RAW. Nattie chased the RAW womens title when Charlotte was champ and didn’t win any of their matches. I remember when SDL used to be where careers went to die. If there was nothing for you on RAW then you were moved to SD and even then were the women lucky to get some meaningful storyline or an opportunity.

  • Organization XIII

    I think Smackdown had a stronger showing this week in continuing it’s story off SS. They really picked u with Carmella’s portion. She really looked like convincing in her attempt to cash in & letting Nattie get worn down so she could pick up the pieces & get the title.

  • Kyle

    Carmella is incredible. Like Alexa Bliss she has real heel talent — just not as realized yet.

  • I love that Lana and Tamina have a side thing going on
    The new Cat Lady Champ is here!!!!!!!!

  • Miguel

    Naomi didn’t look strong at all, in the match she stood out because of her offense, look and entrance. Naomi is clearly the top star of SmackDown along with Charlotte but SmackDown! Live did Naomi wrong. Natalya came out and yes it’s key to listen to her promo. She’s the overly cocky heel, she overrate herself, can and will overlook the competition. So don’t expect her reing to be super long, this is the girl that can focus on anything but herself. Natalya threw shots at Naomi and this is where I feel SmackDown! Live failed, Naomi should have come out and cut a promo as well. She shouldn’t be dancing and smiling around because she was crying on Sunday, I wanted to see a Naomi that is determined to win back her help. Carmella’s interaction with Natalya was brilliant and this could still happen even with Naomi on the picture. This could have been a good personal feud with a sneaky Carmella to take over any of them because both are way too focused on their issue.
    Naomi also won by distraction. What a way to look strong…