Wrestlezone is reporting that Lana and Rusev recently considered splitting from WWE because the couple is unhappy with their booking.

According to The Dirty Sheets podcast, “when Rusev returned to WWE after suffering an injury, plans were in place for him to face Randy Orton for the WWE Title at Money in the Bank, however those plans were later scrapped in favor of having Jinder Mahal win the title. When Rusev finally returned to WWE, he lost his first big PPV return match when he faced John Cena in a Flag Match at WWE Battleground.”

The report adds things got fairly heated between Rusev and the WWE creative team, when he expressed his frustration with the way he was being booked in the company.

Listen to the report below:

However, Rusev has agreed to stay on until his current contract expires. It’s uncertain whether or not Lana would stay with the company if he decides to depart after his contract is up.

Lana is currently beginning a managerial program with Tamina on SmackDown after she failed to capture the SmackDown Women’s Championship from Naomi several months ago. She is also training to better her in-ring prowess.

This isn’t the first time the couple has been in hot water, however. A previous story line where the couple separated was scrapped after the pair announced their engagement in 2015. They’ve been rumored to carry “heat” on and off backstage ever since.

What do you think of Lana’s booking? What would you like to see her do? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Darryl lee

    Can you really blame them? I hope rusev gets his release soon and he takes lana with him because she ain’t doing much better.

  • Jack Gray

    Goodbye lol

  • I can’t blame Rusev. The man is a hell of a talent and they fed him to Super Cena and he hasn’t recovered since. They have given him some of the most horrible booking and if I were him, I would have taken my ball and go home. There’s no reason why someone like Big Casa was in line for a push before him. Lana, I like her, but it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if she were to leave.

  • Kvngbalor

    Can’t blame them he needs a face turn he actually has personality and is quite funny

  • wwepassion

    Lana is a good talent to have if she’s in the right role. This is wwe’s fault because Lana honestly should have been in NXT developing, not developing on the main roster.

  • TheNeighborsCat

    It’s really sad to hear what the bookers are doing to these two. The two are some of my favorites and they’re very talented. Rusev imo has needed a face turn for a long time and with Lana managing him again they would be a popular foreign face tandem, but that’s in another universe.

  • Michelle

    Rusev has a right to be unhappy as WWE “creative” has been crappy to say the least! Lana has no business wrestling on the main roster!

  • Rosanna

    Lana stay rusev go.


    God for a woman wrestling site you guys really do hate women

    • Shan

      It’s the perfect place for misogynist to hide out.

      • perceval

        So, everyone who doesn’t think Roman is great is a man hater, then?

        • A?.

          2+2= 1. Your “logic” doesn’t make any sense.

          • perceval

            If saying Lana isn’t a good wrestler means you “hate women”, then saying Roman isn’t a good wrestler would, logically, mean you hate men. Pretty simple.

          • GOD STRATUS•

            They dumb babe.

        • Shan

          No. Nitpicking about every single thing multiple women (all the women except for one) do is misogynistic. Constantly attacking looks/personalities of women is misogynistic. I was making an observation that if you really hate women, coming on a women’s appreciation site seems to be the go to for the misogynist internet. So no, thinking that Roman isn’t great would not make one a misandrist.

  • A?.

    I don’t mind Rusev, but Lana should stay. Not a big fan of her but we need more women, she has the mic skills but needs more training, and her role as a manager right now is fine. I don’t know why people complain about it, she thought she was an amazing competitor but started to realize she wasn’t that good after losing and now she’s trying to use her power through Tamina.

  • Nicola Byrne

    Lana needs a better gimmick and more training. I still can’t believe she was giving the stupid gimmick walking down to the ring shaking her chest.. Once their contract is up they will move away

    • tstumo

      But I kind of liked her dancing on a chair gimmick. kind of salty it’s just not a thing anymore

    • Steampunk Queen

      I actually like her gimmick… dancing or not, she owns it and it catches my attention. I’m rooting for her.

    • DellNell

      AND ? Does not change the fact this report is true. Of course she will as with any wrestler.

      • Allan Monroe

        She may not be happy with being turned back into a manager but i doubt she is ready to leave, she is already spinning her manager role into a positive if she was leaving she wouldn’t be putting any effort into the gimmick

      • The most that are leaving don’t say anything and just leave. Plus both are on Total Divas so I doubt they’d going anywhere anytime soon.

    • brimode

      This was in response to someone asking if Lana had asked for her release.
      She might still be unhappy with her position, and given her sabotaging the storyline with Dolph/Summer a couple of years ago because she & Rusev didn’t like it, it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s not happy with this.

      • Doubt it, she got title matches within debut, and now she’s managing again so she can improve before wrestling again.

        • brimode

          Yeah, she had a title match and then a few more after – all of which she lost and was made to look like a complete joke in, including her tag match and the match with Charlotte.
          Now, she’s in small, pointless backstage segments with Tamina, on about repeating the same old stuff she did with Rusev, and she’s been taken mostly out of in-ring competition, it seems, despite the fact she was extremely excited to get into the ring, whether she’s good or not.
          So, like I said, it wouldn’t surprise me if she is unhappy.

          • They made it that she had luck with Naomi the first time but then her inexperience showed! Reports said she will manage for now so she can improve and return better than ever. I could see why she might be disappointed too but she has things planned out for her!

          • brimode

            Yeah, exactly… they made her look like a joke. Why wouldn’t she be unhappy? I mean, you legit just said that she could be disappointed, so I don’t understand how you can still argue against the report/people agreeing with it.

          • I said COULD, not that she is. She clearly denied all the BS with that statement so I’d trust her more than anyone else.

  • Victoria&Melina19

    Weather it’s true or not. Rusev deserves better, and needs to be booked a lot better

  • ???

    Lana needs to stay . Her managing role is very good I’m so excited what she’s going to do next with Tamina !

    As for her ring skills , WWE was rushing her way too soon .. she should goes to NXT in the first place and not let her wrestle immediately on the MR !

    I’m okay if she didn’t wrestle at all , but she needs to manage a woman full time in the female division because she’ll add unique and new touch in the division!

  • tstumo

    what is wrong with some people. Both of them deserve better. mainly Rusev. This whole idea of every woman needing to be this 5 star grappler is tired. Lana does not need to be the best wrestler. she’s eager to learn and is already better than eva marie. and actually cares which is plain to see. I don’t mind that she challenged for the title so many times because at least there was a story behind it which made it okay. Does she need a bit more training? sure, but so did many women in the past and they learned on the fly. so let her do the damn same. really annoying that the smarks on here are quick to shun her when she’s a legit talent

    • DellNell

      Lana is terrible even on the basic level.she isn’t passable. Being better then eva isn’t saying much. Also what story ? She should.of never fought naomi. All that lead to what ? Her being a manager again ? She needs to either be a full time valet or stay in nxt to learn. This is the wwe. No one is shuning her just being honest. Even Stone cold questioned her wrestling.

      • Raekon

        She is far from terrible and she sold Naomis offence very well.
        She even has more moves under the belt but she wasn’t allowed to use them so she will look even weaker than she is, making Naomi look strong.
        The reason why she got the storyline and match was to give Naomi something to do in the ppv since she couldn’t participate in the MitB Match.
        Also to make her look as a Champion that would take any challenge.
        Now Lana is valeting while Training to further her craft which is a good thing.
        As about Stone Cold, he should question his ways towards women and stop abusing his girlfriends before he opens his mouth to talk about other women.

        • Allyn

          Say it again!!! ????

    • Shan

      Lana’s charisma is insane. And she’s trying. She does some moves amazingly, which makes me thing she’s got a lot of potential. And she’s actually consistent. After she got beat so badly by Naomi she’s taken to getting her way to the top another way. Rusev should have been main eventing every since. I don’t see why BAron’s such a big player and Rusev’s just there.

      • Typical Heel

        Yes! Baron is the least relevant person on the entire roster but he gets more opportunities than everyone else smh

        • Shan

          Honestly I’m confused as to his roll. I can’t say he’s undeserving since he’s solid in the ring but honestly, you can find a place for him but not Rusev??

    • John Finnie

      You do what you best at & yes she is alot better in the ring her calling is as a manager….. she will still wrestle as we know wwe will have them tag a few times

  • Danny?

    If Rusev does leave then I really don’t see Lana staying by herself which would be a shame cause she definitely has something to offer the division.

  • QueenSableBomb

    I don’t blame Rusev, because having him lose to Cena was like ??? as if Cena REALLY needs more wins.

    Lana on the other hand, I think she shines as a manager. I know we love our womens wrestlers but we seem to forget that women really shine in certain departments. Not all of them *need* to be in-ring performers.

  • Aye Mate

    It’s unfortunate, because both are individually very talented, but things fell apart for these two when WWE tried to split them up. If you believe the rumour mill Vince McMahon hated the idea someone like Lana being with someone like Rusev; I fully understand why, then, they broke kayfabe with their engagement announcement, but they’ve never quite been booked as well since. Rusev’s an incredible wrestler and I think he’ll do nicely wherever he goes; Lana’s a great personality too, and her work ethic makes it hard not to root for her.

    • Allyn

      That’s why I can’t give up on Lana she really wants to wrestle and puts in the work, but it’s just not paying off yet.

  • wysna

    “WWE stars unhappy with creative…. pretty much like the rest of the fan base.”

    Had it not been for the wrestlers themselves–the stars who actually make gold out of their gorilla shit–very few would be watching this crap.

  • I agree with Rusev, he deserves bettee. It’s a great talent to be honest. Lana is just getting started, she needs more time to train and get confortable in the ring.

  • perceval

    Vince just got confused and thought Rusev was married to Emma.

  • Allyn

    Lana already denied these reports but Are they unhappy? Most likely! lana really wants to wrestle but all the negativity over her wrestling skills probably made the higher ups set her back on the sidelines, I’m still hopeful she will make a return to the ring, but Lana will take whatever she is given and always spin it into a positive and that’s why I like her and why I will keep rooting for her. As for rusev, he is probably the one who is most unhappy and the reports probably are more true in his case.

  • Carolution

    doubt this is even true.

  • John Finnie

    She denied she was leaving

  • John Finnie

    Bitch better not leave before my tamina gets that bloody title

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Bitch has had 3 titles matches what else she want

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I feel like this report is more so on Rusev than Lana. If anything he could be frustrated and with Lana being his wife people like to throw her name in it. Lana has nothing to be upset over because she is pretty much on tv weekly is starting an angle that may later turn her in to baby face later down the road.

  • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

    Lana shouldn’t just follow Rusev out. Her career is thriving right now. With Total Divas, her title shots, and this storyline with Tamina. It would be stupid of her to throw her’s away just because Rusev’s is plummeting.

  • Calvin McCreary

    We can kill this rumor now folks. Don’t believe everything you hear on the internet, btw.

    • Rob McCabe

      Wrestlezone=Fake News

  • Robann

    Say what you want about Lana but it is very VERY clear that this woman has the passion to wrestle. It is there. She is always trying to get better and seems to really beat herself up over the constant smarky negativity she gets for honestly NO reason. WE KNOW SHES GREEN. WE KNOW SHES NOT ON 4HW LEVEL AS OF YET. Even the Horsewomen f-cking sucked at one point. Hell, 2 of the most over ones out of the four are starting to get booed now (for ignorant reasons that are beyond their control might I add).

    Rusev is very talented and is treated like crap. He’s getting the Miz treatment right now and it sucks.

  • GlowTime

    Seeing how Lana is on Total Divas (I realise she is an actress too) but it doesn’t surprise me that she has heat on and off backstage tbf.

  • PhiPhiBanks

    Neither of them would be a loss at this point in time.

    Rusev never recovered from his John Cena burial a couple of years ago. Lana? Well she at least tried.

    • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

      I believe he recovered from it. It wasn’t until his most recent injury that put him on the shelf and then his hair cut. As well. I prefer him with long hair.


    Well they shouldn’t have went into business for themselves

  • Kyle

    Of course Lana denied it. Everyone has a political game to play at WWE or they fall off the ladder. But how could she not be irritated? They changed her ring gear super fast, they pulled her out of the ring really fast and they gave her a horrible angle with Tamina where once again she is not wrestling.

    You would be unhappy too, and unfortunately when you get married with little power in the company it results in you getting your head chopped off… even if the Rock called you smoking hot.

    I’m sorry but WWE needs to learn to cut family ties. Tamina is only there because of her father, apparently Nia Jax is related to the Rock. Natalya milks the dungeon whenever she can. The USOs are stale as hell, but guess who they are related to. Now they are just going to be stuck with a bunch of talent nobody wants to see because of family and recommendations from the Rock — a guy that doesn’t want to be a part of the company unless it’s convenient for him or one of his people.

    I don’t have a problem with big girl wrestlers, they just make boring matches with little ones. So bring in bigger girls WWE. Everyone should be pissed with creative not just Lana and Rusev.

  • I hope lana stays

  • Gavin

    They deserve it after they deliberately tanked Summer’s storyline. Lana wouldn’t be much of a loss since she can’t wrestle.

    • Radic

      With the way that whole thing was going, I’m glad they did what they did.

  • Kyle

    This report is bs, it would have to get a lot worse for them to actually quit.

  • Dreignz

    And we’re unhappy with Lana in-ring work