PWInsider is reporting GFW Knockout Rosemary suffered an injury at AAA’s TripleMania XXV event during a Reina de Reinas Title match which also featured Sexy Star, Ayako Hamada and Lady Shani.

Towards the end sequence of the Fatal Four Way match, Sexy Star, who retained her title, legitimately injured Rosemary’s arm, popping it out of place during her armbar submission.

Doctors say the injury is not as serious as originally feared and it does not appear that it will result in a lot of lost ring time for Rosemary, so she is lucky in that regard. Vampiro, currently AAA’s Director of Talent, was said to have brought Sexy Star to Rosemary after the match to apologize.

The site adds that the scene backstage was said to have been very tense between Lady Shani and Star, who “were legitimately shooting on each other at one point”. Before Sexy Star left the venue, Shani was upset about their interaction in their bout and was looking to continue the issue physically in the locker room.

Diva Dirt wishes Rosemary a speedy recovery.

  • Spiteful Dark Angel #ABliss

    As much as I like Sexy Star. That’s just some BS. Rosemary is one of my favorite KO’s currently

  • Last year I was a huge fan of Sexy Star and her work in Lucha Underground. Her winning the Lucha Underground Championship was amazing. I can’t believe she is such a disgusting person in real life. I hope Rosemary will be fine and It’s amazing to see the amount of love she is getting from other wrestlers on social media,

  • That’s just disgusting and unprofessional. I wish Rosemary a speedy recovery.

  • Monkey Tennis
    • LBOneOfKind

      Sexy Star so unprofessional for what she did, she doesn’t belong in pro wrestling business if she going to act like that.

      • Sharonvpierce


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  • GailKimStan

    Sexy Star is cancelled! I can’t believe how someone so well respected in the business can have the nerve to be this unprofessional.

    At least we can be grateful that impact tapes its episodes months ahead, this way Rosemary can rest and recover and we don’t have to miss on TV. I’m sure she’ll be back for BFG and better than ever

    • Kvngbalor

      Well respected? I’ve seen nothing but negative things about her since day one she’s practically Fabulous Moolah without the accolades…. And if you don’t know what i mean im sure the commenters will fill you in

  • At least they don’t just pretend to hate each other on stage x)

  • All Eyes On Me

    SMH. Even wrestlers with real life beef (i.e Bliss & Banks) always have safe matches together.

    • Charlie

      If they can still work together, wrestlers with simmering tensions oft times produce the highest quality matches.

  • ?too litty?

    I’ve lost all respect for sexy star. shabye to her crusty self. hopefully Queen Rosemary has a speedy recovery.

  • ?too litty?
  • KaiKai

    Sexy Star sure is getting worse heat than Enzo Amore AND Baron Corbin 0______0


    Yet ANOTHER issue involving Sexy Star… I am honestly shocked by this. Being this unprofessional and problematic is crazy! I never liked her in first place but after this, it’s clear that I will never respect her. What a freaking B****…
    Hopefully Rosemary heals well!

  • StraightFire

    Sexy Star has always been overhyped and trash in the ring so of course she would purposely try to injure someone. Glad other wrestlers aren’t letting this get swept under the rug.

  • Aye Mate

    I think not only will this cancel Sexy Star’s subscription to being booked in wrestling promotions for the foreseeable future I also think there’s a reasonable chance she’ll get her ass beat should she step back into the ring.

  • Cilla

    Psychotic bitch.

  • This is honestly so pathetic. What a selfish psychopath ???

  • MafiaMM


    You are officially CANCELED. I hope Lucha Underground drops you QUICK. That was so unprofessional.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Sexy Star is a mess omg all the wrestlers from WWE to TNA to the indies are dragging her. It’s what she deserves

    • Maddox

      Who from WWE dragged her?

      • Andrew

        Road Dogg.

      • Crazy. #RIPMae

        Drew McIntyre, Paige, Road Dogg, etc all tweeted out about it. Gail DRAGGED her

  • Seems very unprofessional if the article is true.

  • It’s clear that Sexy Star has started to believe her own bullshit. I almost didn’t want to believe that she’d be petty enough to have Taya stripped of her title, but this just confirms the fact that she’s just ridiculously unprofessional and believes that she’s better than what she really is just because men were paid to job to her a few times. Hopefully she gets blackballed from wrestling. Wishing Rosemary a speedy recovery.

  • C Mack

    First Taya now Rosemary. Sexy Star is dirty. She needs to get in the ring with Jackie or Jazz and try that.

  • Kvngbalor

    Never bought the hype overrated as hell in my opinion matches all felt the same her defeating a lot of those guys in LU was unbelievable then rumors started she’s a mess backstage difficult plays politics tosses her weight around very calculating & manipulative these are things ppl been said but just now fans are starting to see

  • Kvngbalor

    Wish she had been in ring with Jazz or Jacqueline even Kong and pulled that shit she would be needing a mask fr after the way they’d beat the glitter off her ass

    • Mark?

      lol I feel like Melina would attack her too

    • C Mack

      Said the same thing bro! They would have her ass running into the crowd

  • -V

    No wonder this trash was never signed by a major company, even after so many tryouts. Injuring someone, especially in cases like that is so disgusting & unprofessional. Hopefully karma will give her taste of her own medicine one day.

    • Charlie

      Karma? You mean Amazing Kong?

  • Such a shame, Rosemary come to my lands and Sexy injured her. Stupid move sexy star.

  • DayOneISH!

    NO NOT ROSEMARY!!! I’m with everyone Sexy star is definitely canceled stupid bitch.

  • Mark?

    Disgusting. Ugly Star needs to gtfo

  • Match of Year Maker


  • MinervaCoretex

    I legitimately can not believe this bullcrap. Star needs to be stripped of her title and black balled from every major promotion.
    Vampiro is just as disgusting, leading her around and making her apologize. Fuck that. Take her title and throw her out on her ass.
    Ive lost all respect I had for her, im honestly so ashamed to have been a fan of hers.
    I wish Star had stayed a “boxer,” I would pay serious money to see her get her ass beat. Rt

  • Juan

    Damn! So unprofessional! I wish Rosemary a speedy recovery especially because she’s my favorite Knockout!

    That’s just a disgrace! Sexy Star is an embarrassment to Mexico, Mexicans and Latinos in general!

  • ?BurningUpInsideOfUs?

    As someone below said, Sexy is lucky she was not in the ring with a Japanese wrestler or one of the many girls that worked over there because as Kong said in her Shoot Interview they train you to take no shit and Kong even attacked a fan once mid match because they were being racist trash so god knows what would’ve happened if Sexy had tried this with one of the Japanese trained girls?

    • Kvngbalor


  • MinervaCoretex

    Can we get #FuckSexyStar trending?

  • NoWayHoeSay

    I’m confused I thought the vid looks normal? Injurys happen how do they know she broke it on purpose??

    • Kvngbalor

      Apparently they start shooting during mid match and she was really out to hurt her competitors pretty much it was a fight and Rosemary suffered consequences of two unprofessional bitches

      • hitesh khanna

        whose the other unprofessional?

        • Kvngbalor

          Lady Shani they both were shooting

    • Mr. Giem

      From what I’ve read the match wasn’t supposed to end this way. There was no reason for Sexy Star to lock Rosemary in the armbar.

  • Looking Glass

    I feel like 90% of people missed the memo here, the article doesn’t state that Sexy Star went out to injure Rosemary. Rosemary got injured, it happens.

    Lady Shani is the one who was bearing the brunt of it. Yes, the point still stands that you don’t get into the ring with the intention to sabotage someone, but people just seem to skip past the person who the misdeed was being done to because another wrestler (whose name they know) got injured.

  • GameChanger #HBIC#GoldenGodess

    Sexy Star, is a dirty evil Cunt, and should never step foot in a ring again

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

    Gosh, I don’t know how I’ve been so out of the loop with the Sexy Starr madness! Reading this and knowing this actually happened honestly makes me emotional.

    Really makes me repulsed by her now too. Pretty sad.

  • Radic

    Well isn’t Star a ball of sunshine… that woman seriously needs a reality check. No wonder Taya was unhappy when she left AAA with them choosing to promote an actual diva over professionals.

  • Geo14

    Además de puta, mala.

  • Charlie

    Really doubt we will see SS in Shimmer again. (at least, hope not)

  • Danny?

    What a disgrace! Totally unprofessional and disgusting behavior from Sexy Star. Hopefully Rosemary has a speedy recovery.

  • Gavin

    That basic, messy bitch Sexy Star is disgusting! Her behavior already caused Taya to be screwed, and now she injured Rosemary, too.

  • Kiana Taylor

    Sexy star needs her ass beat like seriously she intentionally injured rosemary that shit ain’t cool she been cancelled tbh