Below are spoilers for this week’s episode of WWE Main Event, airing internationally and on Hulu.


* Dana Brooke defeated Alicia Fox.


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  • I’m surprised Dana is back so fast.

    • Joseph

      Word i thought she would be gone for a couple of weeks since her BF die.

    • Rosanna

      She didn’t leave. She never left. Her boyfriend died last week she never mentioned taking a time off or leave for personal issues.

      • I never said she left, but I’m surprised to see her back in the ring after a tragedy so quickly.

    • A?.

      Not everyone reacts the same way, maybe she needed to return quickly to clear her mind.

      • She’s a better one than me. When something bad happens to me I go into paroxysms of grief and can’t get out of bed for days at a time.

      • Super Mateo

        Some people go through the grieving process longer than others. It’s possible Dana didn’t need as much time. It’s also possible that Dana going to work is a way for Dana to forget about it for a few hours. I can’t and won’t speak for Dana; I’m just offering possible reasons.

  • Joseph

    Surprise Dana is back so quick maybe being in the ring and around friends helps her keep mind off thing she had to go through last week.

  • Rosanna

    Alicia deserved.

    • E-Force


  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Yes Dana! Can they give Alicia a feud? That’s all I ask for.

    • NoWayHoeSay

      She fueded with Nia and Sasha in past year tho

      • Crazy. #RIPMae

        Okay?… I want another feud obviously. That was a long time ago. I didn’t know Alicia Fox was supposed to have two feuds per year. Wow that’s news to me.

        • Jesus’s brother

          Sasha Banks in 2016 had one feud only against Charlotte ?

          • Crazy. #RIPMae

            And the feud was long. Alicia’s “feuds” lasted literally for a month. And the Nia storyline was like 2-3 weeks.

  • So glad Dana’s back on track, poor girl she has passed through a lot. I don’t like the idea of having the same match over and over again, but at least gave Alicia Fox and Dana something to do.

  • -V

    The same old, same old… ?

  • Gavin

    Foxy sending 5 seconds of thoughts and prayers on Raw, and now she’s on Main Event, losing to Dana! WWE really spoils her…In all seriousness, I’m just glad she’s booked.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I’m so proud of Dana being strong and still going on life. I’m sure she has her breakdown s but it takes a strong person to go out in public and act like everything is ok.

  • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

    Yas Icon Dana

  • Dreignz

    Dana is so strong.

  • BLKLTR05

    At least they have a match?

  • Miguel

    Foxy is the jobber’s jobber.
    She isn’t even in the new game. I hope she they send her to SD so she can get a better run.

  • Gavin

    Just watched the match. I have to say I was excited Alicia got a match all week, but I was disappointed. Alicia was funny, but the wrestling seemed very off, especially on Dana’s end. I know she has been through a lot, so maybe she should have taken some time off because she didn’t seem all there. Not to mention she won with that basic cartwheel splash she “stole” from Lana. It was good to see Alicia, but this match didn’t do it for me.