As it was previously reported, GFW Knockout Rosemary was injured during AAA’s TripleMania XXV event during a Reina de Reinas Title match which also featured Sexy Star, Ayako Hamada and Lady Shani.

Towards the end sequence of the Fatal Four Way match, Sexy Star, who retained her title, legitimately injured Rosemary’s arm, popping it out of place during her armbar submission.

Rosemary has since provided an update on her injury, noting that it is less severe than expected while accusing Sexy Star of being a “liar” for telling people that the ordeal was part of a work.

Sexy Star has now commented on the issue during an appearance on Bailadísimo, Multimedia, a program she competes on.

Transcript and translation of Sexy Star’s comments (courtesy of Super Luchas) below:

“The truth is these past days have been very difficult for me. On Saturday I had a championship match; it was very hard. I think everything got out of hand. I don’t know, it is a situation that has me a bit confused now. I want to remain silent and when the time is right, I will touch on the subject.

I’ve heard what men and women have said. They want me to be done, to retire from this sport. I am here, as I’ve said from the beginning, I will not stop. I am representing all of those women who have been mistreated, physically and emotionally, and I believe that I have to be stronger than ever. If I was able to leave in a moment from a deep depression, I will be able to overcome this as well. The truth is, this subject is very complicated; I can’t even think.”

When viewing and asked what happened during the final sequence of the match:

“I was in a championship match and I did what I had to do, what people deserve, to go all in clawing until the end. That’s what happened, that I made her tap. It looks like the girl got injured; I don’t know. That’s the only thing I can say.”

When asked if she believes the backlash she’s received could be cyber bullying:

“I am a victim of that and the truth is that is something delicate. People don’t realize how much damage can come from it or the thoughts that can come from it. You feel trapped, impotent, alone. I have a beautiful family. I have my daughter and my parents, thank God. They are with me tonight and they know what I’ve gone through and have not left me for anything. With all of my heart, I am thankful for them.”

Watch a brief clip of Sexy Star addressing this issue below:

What are your thoughts on Sexy Star’s comments?

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I wanna believe that she maybe did the move and didn’t know she injured her but is strong on the fact that this is wrestling and injuries happen. Kind of what Sasha Banks was saying about her situation on breaking Alexa nose in NXT. But than again it’s a very strong report that she legitimately broke the girls arm and is just saying stuff to make herself sound better.

  • OJ Von Erich

    This whole situation seems very bizarre, I can’t tell if she genuinely went in all guns blazing to put on the good show & did this accidentally & is genuinely confused & hurt by the backlash, or putting on a complete act for sympathy & trying to make herself the victim out of sheer guilt & cowardess???

    • Mar_41

      She isn’t sorry. Vampiro had to take her to Rosemary and made her apologize.

      • ssilva872

        And she didn’t even do that..

      • KatyaMenelli

        And she didn’t even do that. Rosemary confirmed it

  • Miguel

    I read the statement in Spanish and she didn’t made any excuses nor she apologized.

    Looking at the video it’s debatable if this was a work or not. If it was, it’s really wrong but if is not than Rosemary is looking bad playing the blaming game. If she was injured from the first time the move was applied then it wasn’t intentional but she was injured because Sexy continued the attack and was not scripted, then she’s a punk.

    • BLKLTR05

      In the video you can see when Rosemary’s tapping becomes more intense and hurried and that is way past the time the referee called the match so Sexy Star kept wrenching on her arm after she had won.

      • Miguel

        This has been done as part of storylines before…

        • BLKLTR05


          • Miguel

            So 21 hours ago I didn’t knew about that but yeah I saw that everyone else confirmed. I’m still not fully commited, I have seen cases of blackmailing in wrestling but women like Hamada (who I respect very much) won’t be involved in something like that. So I’m not going to debate if Sexy did it on purpose because I just don’t know. Several other injuries had happened during matches. I get your point, respect it and again I don’t think Rosemary or Hamada are lying at all. They are telling their side of the story.

    • Mar_41

      Everyone in that match said it was not planned. Rosemary, Hamada & Shani. It wasn’t a work. She took matters into her own hands

  • BLKLTR05

    Really bitch? It got out of hand? Lady Shani wanted to FIGHT you because you were legit trying to hurt them. Hamada was pissed as well. You put Rosemary in an armbar and you popped her arm out of the socket. You have been doing this for YEARS! You should know better! You just chose not to act with class or professionalism and you maimed someone. Rosemary tweeted out some remarks DAYS ago about the situation, out of character, and dragged her to hell for it. If this was a work, do you really think all these people from WWE, GFW, and AAA would be tweeting out in support of Rosemary and damning you for your actions?

    • Mar_41

      Thank you! Reading her statement just pissed me off even more than I was when she was silent

      • BLKLTR05

        She sounds like she’s a savior to women. So self serving and stinking of a “whoa is me” attitude. Mia Yim is a woman who is actually doing more for abused women than Sexy Star ever did.

        • Mar_41

          Exactly. SS said she found empowerment in the mask but hats just hiding who she is. She don’t deserve that mask but after the incident she should just keep it cause ain’t no one wanna see her face ever again

    • Miguel

      Yeah, because wrestlers act like high schoolers and if one start a rumor everyone else follow. Give people the benefit of the doubt instead of just popping off.

      • Gavin

        She doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt. She’s been trash for years.

        • Miguel


          • Gavin

            Look it up…

          • Miguel

            You don’t have any…

          • Gavin

            She’s horrible to everyone she works with and she screwed Taya…If you really are trying to support this person, I feel sorry for you.

          • KellyAJNaomi#Slay

            Don’t explain ur self to ppl who already made up their minds it’s pointless they’ve decided to stick with SS so they aren’t gonna listen to anything that makes sense

          • Miguel

            Nobody has made up their mind to stick with anyone. I have barely seen SS, I don’t follow AAA. The reason I know about her is because of other wrestling promotions and she’s been popping in the U.S. as well. It’s good that somebody is adding his 50 cents in this because to me the video is just not enough to think she was really looking to hurt her at all.

          • Gavin

            You’re right

          • Raekon

            To be honest is not within her power to make a whole Promotion take tayas belt from her and Hand it out to her. It was the decision of Triple A because they didn’t wanted Taya to be their Champion anymore and the next Logical move for them was Sexy Star since she had been a draw for them for years. So blaming Sexy for taking the title when it was handed to her is Kinda stupid.

          • Miguel

            I’m not supporting anyone, just giving her the benefit of the doubt

      • BLKLTR05

        Way to over generalize. That is not what happens with everyone. The only ones that act like high schoolers are ADR, Paige, Sunny, Velvet among a select few. Rosemary, Lady Shani, and Hamada have never once in their careers given the impression of acting like high schoolers. Sexy Star on the other hand…

        • Miguel

          Well I have read way too many backstage stories like the one with Roman Reings and Enzo… very high schooler(ish). Nothing really surprises me but women like Hamada who I respect a lot aren’t liars so I’m just not taking sides. Rosemary is not one to have any backstage beef neither.

          • BLKLTR05

            Roman Reigns and Enzo do seem like they’d pull those antics to be honest. The fact that those two women areen’t known as pot stirrers or aren’t known to have issues should tell you everything since they have been pretty outspoken about the whole situation. You do you with the information you have but don’t bury your head in the sand when the facts are in your face.

  • Ghetto Baby

    Sexy trash.

    • Gavin

      Not even sexy. Just trash.

      • ssilva872

        She is NOT sexy or a star.

        She is an ugly soon to be permanently unemployed lying aggressive bitch.

  • Gavin

    She is disgusting! Victimizing herself after she injured someone intentionally? Also, if she’s representing women who have been mistreated, why did she physically mistreat her opponent? What a fake, nasty bitch.

  • BC

    She’s a cunt. Not sorry bout it lmao

  • Johnny

    The thing most people don’t acknowledge is the fact that Hamada and Lady Shani just immediately started shooting on Sexy Star for God knows what reason. Now, she should have shot back on them, but involving Rosemary is why I (and everyone else) had the problem. If she would have hurt Shani or Hamada? Fine. They deserved it. Not Rosemary.

    • C Mack

      Well, on Talk is Jericho, Taya said that Shani is one of her best friends and she’s cool with Hamada too.

      This was before Triplemania and she was saying how she hoped Shani beat her up

    • Gavin

      That’s not what happened. Sexy Star started it. She punched Shani in the face way harder than she should have, and Shani retaliated by kicking her in the face.

      • KatyaMenelli


    • KatyaMenelli

      Sexy clearly started shooting on Shani first in that match with that stiff poorly-placed punch, and plus, they were already at each other’s throats.


    “BITCH ! Sit your ass down and shut the hell up BITCH ! ” in my Alyssa Edwards voice ???

  • Mr. Giem

    This sounds like an excuse that only she belives in. I truly believe things got out of control between her, Lady Shani and Hamada when they started to shoot on each other and none of them were selling or being “professional” but the main issue is that Rosemary got involved in the crossfire and she didn’t deserved what Sexy did. The fact that Sexy was obligued to apologize to her and sounded fake proves that her ego is too high instead of owning their mistake, even in this interview she’s saying that she doesn’t know if Rosemary is actually injured, for god’s sake!

    Sadly knowing the star-power that Sexy has here in Mexico is very unlikely that AAA will fire her or punish her but I bet Lady Shani and Hamada will. However, Sexy’s career outside Mexico is done, I don’t see many promoters nor wrestlers wanting to work with her.

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

    I just don’t get how she doesn’t get it? YOU yes YOU Sexy Star PURPOSELY injured someone. Did you think people weren’t going to be bothered by that?!

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

    Can anyone link me the full match?

    • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

      Here u go. You gotta skip to 2 hours and something

      • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

        Omg thank you! I will watch later tonight

        • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

          Welcome, hehe h

  • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

    How is she gonna play the victim after that tho???

  • saul de la efe

    ” am representing all of those women who have been mistreated, physically and emotionally, …”

    such a SHAME that this woman represents my country and more specifically, my hometown, what she did was NASTY, SELFISH, AND ARROGANT.

    this woman is not a wrestler, she is a fucking asshole

  • Women’s wrestling!

    I try to remain positive about wrestling posts and what not, but this all makes me wanna say “yo, screw sexy star”

  • ssilva872

    This bitch is trying to play the victim now when she has shown little if any remorse?

    Fuck her! BYE pendeja!

  • Mitch Petrone

    She’s in the wrong, no doubt about that, and she shouldn’t be booked in wrestling shows anymore. Only thing I disagree with is people cyber bullying her, she’s an ass, no doubt about that. But the best way to protest her is by ignoring her until she fades into oblivion. She’s not worth anyone’s time

  • ThePeaceVibe.

    What she did was wrong and she probably won’t get any work in the states but most likely will elsewhere after a while. I remember a few years ago when Yoshiko almost blinded as well as broke her face (literally) Act Yasukawa. I didn’t think she would ever get work again but she does. Who knows.. either way it’s a shame stuff like this happens.

  • Stratusfaction

    The fact she can’t give a straight answer is very telling. Now she is also trying to play the victim with the “cyber bullying” comments. Disgusting vermin.

  • Kelly/Asuka???RainbowGoddess!

    Unsexy Star needs to stop smh

  • Aye Mate

    Truly weird. Either she’s genuinely convinced something else was taking place in that match or she’s not fully grasped the severity of shooting on someone who trusted her with their body. No apology, no acknowledgement, but a vague excuse by way of disclosing her emotional health.

    Weirder, Sexy Star is basically saying that after years of doing it, she’s confused about how the mechanics of a wrestling match works. Here’s a hint: it’s not a legitimate fight where you’re expected to hurt anyone in the route of winning.

    Think a wee hiatus is needed here.

    • ThePeaceVibe.

      I agree for the most part, but I really think she was doing what was asked of her whether or not she was privy to the backlash.

    • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

      Yeah, Sexy and Rosemary need to have a stretcher match ending with Sexy being taken to the funny farm

      • Aye Mate


  • Sexy Star neither you believe that you want to play as a victim.

  • ?K . A . T ?

    I’m starting to think that something isn’t quite connecting upstairs with her. I don’t think she understands what she did? I really don’t think she’s all there in the head.

  • Cilla

    Trying to play the victim.

  • -V

    “it looks like the girl got injured” really?

    Last time I checked you’re the one with the submission that was done on purpose. She’s so pathetic, I pity her.

  • Summer_Slay #?aryn?errell
    • ssilva872

      This is hilarious and accurate!

  • Girl bye. Even if it was an accident, the fact that you’re talking about how hard it was you and not the woman you injured without remorse or an apology speaks loud and clear. Your bitchcraft may appeal to your fans, but your career is effectively over. If women can’t trust you in the ring, nobody is going to want to work with you or put you over, especially if you’re gonna go the bitchmade route and shoot on someone in a match. Disgust.

  • ThePeaceVibe.

    While it’s a shame,.. it’s been getting them both and Triplemania more exposure than it would have ever received so……..

  • The Paparazzi Prince (MIMQ)
    • ssilva872

      LOL who is this black queen I must see the interview?

  • Robann

    So you intentionally broke someones arm in a match and THEN you try to play victim afterwards? Girl BYE! I am all for rallying against troglodyte online bullies but this backlash was well deserved! You purposely broke someones arm and purposely put them on the shelf and for what?

  • Danny?

    Is she serious? She broke someone’s arm on purpose and is trying to act like she don’t know what happened. Everything she said about it came off like yeah I done it on purpose and I don’t know how to defend it so I’ll make up any old crap. FYI there is no defend her actions. Stop playing a victim after you’ve just intentionally put another wrestler on the shelf. She’s a disgusting unprofessional woman. In a week we should be looking at women’s wrestling with pride because of the MYC she has lowered the tone of women’s wrestling.

  • Welchy


    • Gayomi.


      • Welchy


  • Mark?

    Fugly Star dancing around the issue, making excuses and not addressing the situation at hand… She literally tried to seriously injure someone during a match. What the fuck? Her comment makes absolutely no sense. Fire the bitch.

  • Raleex2

    She might be telling the truth or be remorseful about the situation. Still situations like this happen in sports and there is no reason to end a career over this incident. The best way to settle this in such a small community as it is the wrestling community is by settling standars and held accountable the talent about their decisions inside the ring. After that both parties can just walk away.