Well, here we are on episode 3 of the Mae Young Classic. Eight of the competing athletes have already advanced to the next round and eight more are expected to do the same. The matches on deck for this installment include Ayesha Raymond from London’s East End versus Australia’s Toni StormKavita Devi, who’s the first woman from India to compete in a WWE ring, versus Dakota Kai from New Zealand; Bianca Belair and her famous hair whip versus Sage Beckett and Scotland’s Piper Niven versus Santana Garrett.

First up is Ayesha versus Toni and both enter the ring with gobs of attitude and stage presence. Toni offers a handshake to Ayesha while in the ring, but Ayesha refuses. The bell rings and both soon begin to wrestle, with Toni ducking under Ayesha’s first advance and Toni putting her arms around Ayesha’s waist. Ayesha gets out out Toni’s waist grip, puts her in a headlock from a standing position and eventually flips Toni on the mat. Even though Toni is still in a headlock at this point, she effectively maneuvers herself out of Ayesha’s hands and stands up. Toni offers Ayesha another handshake, but when Ayesha puts her hand out, Toni slides her hand away.

Ayesha gives Toni a few effective blows, but Toni uses some momentum from springing off the ropes to give Ayesha a good kick to her chest. Toni flips a stunned Ayesha on the mat and uses three hip attacks to Ayesha’s head. Toni is fired up and charges towards Ayesha, but Ayesha kicks her away and then picks Toni upside down and slams her to the mat. Ayesha picks Toni up by the hair, flips her upside down and slams her hard to the mat again. The ref does a count, but Toni kicks out at two. Ayesha kicks Toni while she’s down, picks her up, flings her to a corner of the ring and slams her entire body into Toni.

Ayesha picks Toni up again, but Toni headbutts Ayesha. Ayesha charges towards Toni, but Toni moves aside and uses a modified back stabber against Ayesha. Toni then uses a running knee, northern lights suplex and throw nip up combination to counter. While the audience cheers Toni on, Toni prepares a move on the top of the ropes, but Ayesha flips Toni onto the mat. Ayesha attempts a dive from the top of the ropes, but doesn’t land on Toni. Toni uses Ayesha’s failed dive to her advantage, rolls Ayesha over on the mat and wins the match!

Seen in the audience after Toni’s win is Charlotte Flair and NXT Assistant Head Coach Sara Amato.

  • I was impressed by all 3 winners from the first 3 matches, also Sage Beckett. Her dropkicks surprised me and she moved quite well for her size. Kavita was agile as well. Ayesha didn’t do a lot to impress me.

  • Santana vs Viper was my fav match of the first round. It had great action and the crowd’s reaction made it even better.

    Viper can be that different ”monster” in the division, like she said, not every big girl has to be mean.

    And Santana, she just has it all. I’m really surprised she hasn’t been signed by now. If they don’t scoop her after this then idk if they ever will. They better not miss the opportunity, girl has been the top face of the indies for years now.

  • Probably my favorite episode of the first round. Santana vs Piper was fantastic. Santana MUST be on WWE’s radar: she’s a gorgeous charismatic women and one of the finest wrestler there is. I hope she gets signed one day. I would have loved to see her advance, but I’m not upset at the result: Piper has been on fire lately. It was great the hear the crowd rally behind her and showing the contest some love.

  • Kavita impressed me the most: she played her part very well and really made Dakota look like the underdog of the match. Speaking of her, I can see her becoming the next big female babyface. She is so cute, and her offense looks brutal. I’m excited to see more of her.

    Bianca is gonna be one hell of a star. It’s crazy how good she already is.

  • Womensor

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  • Diva_Fan

    Dakota is giving me Bayley vibes . Bayley better watch her back because Dakota has massive potential !

    • Rosanna

      Don’t ever compare Dakota to Bayley.. LIKE EVER! They have no similarities different personalities different wrestling abilities different character. DIFFERENT EVERYTHING.

      • Diva_Fan

        Well I just did so yeah …. she might not be but on first impressions her whole look , how she’s dressed, how she wrestled/her character gave me a Bayley vibe and judging by other comments I’ve seen I’m not the only one to think it either .

        • Rosanna

          You’re the only one and her look, looks nothing like Bayley not even her mannerisms. Stop the comparison with your make-believe. How she’s dressed? Flower crop top and shorts that’s she’s been wearing for years looks like Bayley attire? WHERE. Her character? She doesn’t even have a character besides being fearless like a David vs glolith against her opponents. That was a reach…

          • Cabbyhighs

            I think he meant her fun colors and lovable personality is very similar to bayley she does give bayley vibes in certain aspects

          • Rosanna

            What aspect?

          • Cabbyhighs

            I just told you.

          • Girl, chill out a little bit. People compare the two because they both have that “girl next door” vibe going on. Obviously they are different, but they both posess the kind of attitude that makes it easy for the audience to root for them.

          • Rosanna

            I don’t see it. We root for Dakota because she’s her OWN person and we’ve heard of her before wwe and NXT not because she resembles Bayley that I don’t see.

          • She doesn’t resemble Bayley in the way she looks or wrestle, they both are their own person, but they both share the same appeal. There are great chances that people who respond well to Bayley will find themselves drown to Dakota as well.

          • Rosanna

            People respond well to Bayley? I’m sorry I couldn’t hear over all the BOO’s she gets.

          • … Come on now, you know what i’m talking about. If you can hear the boos she gets now, you could also hear how amazingly popular she used to be not that long ago. Let’s not play that game.

    • Wicked Bliss

      I thought I was the only one. I really thought they are really look alike.

      • Rosanna

        Bayley looks looks like Shayna. Dakota sweetie I’m so sorry.

  • conan_kun
  • Don ?

    ~ Ayesha Raymond vs Toni Storm
    Toni will go far in WWE. She has the look, charisma and most importantly the teenage boys swooning over her booty based on the YT comments. I find her most interesting. Ayesha didn’t wow me as much as I thought she would, but I liked her ring gear at least. ?

    ~ Dakota Kai vs Kavita Devi
    I thought this match would be a dud on Kavita’s part, but I was mistaken. She performed really well imo. I was browsing through the YT comments of her MYC video and it was nice to see her fellow Indians showing support and giving praise for representing India. I like seeing the nationalism. Dakota is so cute. The floral attires and unique hairstyle will take her far.

    ~ Bianca Belair vs Sage Beckett
    I love some Bianca Belair. ?? She performed as expected here. I like Sage’s voodoo, witchy gimmick too.

    ~ Piper Niven vs Santana Garrett
    My favorite match from the episode! Amazing how a woman Piper’s size is so agile. Sadly, the MR women have me conditioned to think a bigger woman vs a smaller woman will result in a squash match but these two looked very even in the ring. The near falls, the reversals, the athleticism. Santana looked beautiful in her ring gear she’s such an organic babyface.

    • Maddox

      Well that Teenage boys part did a lot of wonders for Trish Stratus ???

  • Santana and Piper were there to kick ass and take names, it was a nice match up. But for me, I have become a HUGE fan of the EST of NXT, Miss Bianca Belair, she has IT and she showed that she’s gonna be big some day. Also Kevita, I thought she was gonna be horrible, but she kicked some ass and looked convincing doing it.

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    Kavita vs Dakota Kai getting almost 2 millions views on YouTube just for Kavita’s presence alone… I must say, I am impressed by Indian fans but I really shouldn’t be. The fact that it got this much views may very well lead to her having quite a big future in WWE. Her loyal Indians fans are going to be money for her so I definitely see her getting far and I Jinder’s recent push wasn’t enough of a indication…

    On the match itself, it was okay. Kavita’s inexperience showed here as she was VERY repetitive but showed some promise. I have total confidence in Dakota’s skills so I just can’t wait for her future matches. She is very likable and has all the making of become the next top babyface. Even her attire makes her naturally adorable. That big boot on the corner nonetheless was amazing.

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    I was disappointed to see how unfortunate Toni Storm was in terms of opponent because honestly, she clearly had to carry her. It was an average match tbh but still, you can see Toni’s charisma shining threw her entrance let alone. She’s beautiful and talented, she will go very far.
    Raymond in the other hand is someone who won’t get a deal coming out of this let’s be real. That girl didn’t impress.

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    Bianca Belair vs Sage was lovely. Both got to shine and peformer well. We say it a lot but we have to point out that Biance has like, only a year of experience and this makes her peformance here that much more impressive and enjoyable. She is so athletic and very strong which made her transition as a wrestler that much more easier just like for Charlotte and Naomi. Her development is going to be fun to watch!

    Sage’s gimmick is interesting. Since she’s already signed, it’s going to be interesting to see how she does in going forward with this character.

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    Santana Garret vs Piper Niven… Wow. What else do I need to say? This match is everything I imagined for this tournament.

    These girls DELIVERED. The best match of the entire first round along with Kairi vs Tessa. These two need to be signed. Based on the first round, if there is anybody who should be signed, it’s them. I am sure most didn’t know who Piper was and what a way to use this plateform in order to get noticed. Santana is a well know and well respected Indy name who worked very hard to get there. A shame she didn’t go that far.

  • Cabbyhighs

    Bianca was whooping sage big ass lmfao?? she wore her out! Loved their match????

  • Mr. What

    Why WWE just sign Santana? They hype her up as this Wonder Woman of wrestling and she is the total package. Women and little girls can look up to. I just don’t understand.

  • Mr. What

    Also Ayesha look like a disciple of Awesome Kong the way her ring gear. Both are Amazon.

  • Gavin

    Still super intrigued by Sage’s shaman gimmick, I hope they don’t mess it up like the Femme Fatale, Venus Flytrap, etc.

  • I’m glad Toni and Bianca won their matches! I’m already a fan of Bianca just based off this match. She’ll fit in on the Main Roster just fine.
    I really think Santana should’ve won this match though. I don’t understand what all the fascination is about Piper/Viper. She did impress me at a couple moments, but so did most of these girls. Obviously her size is what makes her stand out aesthetically, but it doesn’t take a special kind of person to be that heavy.

  • A?.

    I love Sage’s gimmick! Bianca is a star in the makings, I love her. And Dakota is sooo likable, queens.

  • Danny?

    Toni and Ayesha had a meh match but it wasn’t the worst of the first round. I was still interested by both women, Ayesha’s cat like gimmick is different and Toni has huge star potential. Kavita & Dakota had a cute match. Kavita really impressed me here and I want to see more of what she can do. I guess we’ll see more of Dakota in round 2 and her theme was rather cute, especially considering some of the themes in this tournament. Bianca and Sage’s match was rather basic but it was still enjoyable. Sage’s gimmick has me intrigued and I want to see more. Bianca is a star in the making plain and simple. Piper & Santana had one of the best matches of this round. Love both of these woman and hope they are signed.

  • KissMyLights #QueenPeyton

    LOVED Bianca’s confidence, especially for someone who hasn’t been wrestling very long and is quite small in stature yet still seemed to be leading the match. Santana is a star and so is Dakota. Being from NZ myself it’s so awesome to see someone like her represent us! Can’t wait to see Dakota vs Kairi down the road.

  • KissMyLights #QueenPeyton

    Also really loved Toni’s attitude! She exudes confidence in her looks and ability in the ring and it makes her really stand out.

  • Aye Mate

    Really enjoyable episode. If not tremendous matches, Toni Storm, Dakota Kai and Bianca Belair all had standout showings. (Storm is a wrecking ball of charisma, as is Kai, but Bianca is simply jawdropping to watch. Her athleticism seems otherworldly.) Piper Niven and Santana Garrett had the second best match of the first round tapings, in my opinion. Garrett’s a reliable hand at anything she does and Niven’s mobility and selling for her size is incredible. Some really fine stuff here.

  • Jtiera

    Bianca Belair and Piper Niven did it for me. Love them both.

    Bianca is getting better for the short amount of time she has been there. I’m here for her all the way.

    Piper has me shook and Santana was a great opponent for her. All around great match with the crowd fully involved. Love!!!

  • Dakota Kai is so likeable, definitely will become one of my favorites in NXT. My gosh! that match between Santan and Piper was AMAZING.

  • Monkey Tennis

    Toni vs Ayesha – As with KLR, I don’t think this match showcased everything Toni can do. But that was simply a result of putting Ayesha over as a powerhouse to be overcome. And frankly, even an average Toni Storm match will still always be 100% entertaining. She’s great in the ring and has charisma going off the chart. She clearly belongs in the WWE… but from a personal standpoint, I really don’t wanna lose her from the indies.

    Evie vs Kavita – Played out as I expected, although perhaps even more of a squash than I anticipated. Evie was never really given any opportunity to do what she can do (selling skill aside!) until the quick finish, but it was a decent match for what it was. And Kavita didn’t suck.

    Bianca vs Sage – I’m not normally one to jump on the Diva Dirt hype train when it comes to certain wrestlers – who often seem all style over substance. But the bottom line is Bianca Belair is a very special talent. To be that good this soon into her wrestling career is pretty amazing. I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing her wrestle again.

    Viper vs Santana – Two of my favourite wrestlers in a phenomenal match. What more could I ask for?

    I first saw Viper way back in 2011 at an Eve show in what was her first match outside of Scotland. Even back then, you could tell she had something but who knew just how far outside Scotland that talent would take her. And as for Santana, whilst it’s understandable to lament the WWE’s baffling decision to not hire her on a full time basis, they’re loss has been women’s wrestling’s gain. Between the USA, Japan, the UK and beyond, Santana has had countless fantastic matches and continues to be the hardest working woman in wrestling.

  • Jo9834

    Piper is coming for Nia’s meal ticket I swear…I have never seen a big girl move like that in the WWE. Very impressed minus her side straps breaking off (someone get her better gear).

    Toni Storm is someone I see becoming an actual star in the division , much like Alexa she’s exuding the ‘it’ factor plus being blonde with a booty will do her no harm either.

    Santana Garret should have been signed YEARS ago, but for some reason the WWE won’t, perhaps its her age?

    Bianca Bel Air is going to dominate in a similar fashion to Charlotte when she debuted on the main roster. She is going to join the list of Michelle Mccool, Charlotte and Naomi as the most naturally athletic women the WWE has ever had.

  • Wicked Bliss

    I like Piper, that girl can be a real powerhouse while being an eye candy. Toni is so beautiful! I’ve seen her instagram and she’s very pretty and she can wrestle too. And Dakota is my new favorite. She looks so young and very much potential.

  • Geo14

    Dakota isnt the next Bayley. She is the next AJ Lee.

  • Mr. Giem

    Toni vs Ayeasha: I must admit this match let me down. I was expecting a great performance by Toni but it wasn’t the case, it seemed like these two girls didn’t have any chemistry which is a shame because this was the perfect stage to show what they are made of. I have big expectations on Toni, she’s beautiful, has the attitude of a rock-star and has that it factor. I hope she delivers in the next round!

    Dakota Kai vs. Kavita Devi: Interesting match here. I was expecting some botches from Kavita but she did good, looked very dominant and I liked her. I understand that this was because Dakota sold Kavita’s attacks like a champ, she took a lot of punishment but looked great at the end, they better give her something big on NXT. My only complaint about the match is Kavita never going for the pin, that was dumb af.

    Bianca vs. Sage: This match delivered! It was awesome! I had some doubts on it since both of wrestlers are powerhouses but they were different from each other and meshed it well. Bianca is a big star, she reminds me a lot to Jazz and she has so much potential while Sage has really improved in the ring, she’s not bad at all but that gimmick is kinda lame.

    Santana vs. Piper: Such a great match! I still can’t believe they haven’t signed Santana, she’s so good! She’s Wonder Woman! I’m sad that she didn’t advance any further but after watching this match I’m sold on Piper, she’s great as well (I already watched her second round match and I loved her!). Great main event!