ROH’s August 30th, 2017 edition of Women Of Honor shows ‘The Exotic Goddess’ Mandy Leon teaming with Jenny Rose. They face the team of Jersery Shore Japan’s Sumie Sakai and a familiar face to some. Making her Ring Of Honor in-ring debut, Brandi Rhodes, or simply just, Brandi. She is even wearing black with yellow polka dots attire in respect to her hubby’s great father.

The match itself was pretty decent. While you can clearly see how new Brandi is compared to the other women, she handled herself well. Being in a tag team match in her debut was probably the best thing for her at this point. And at least she’s attempting the moves she is doing, she deserves that much credit at least. Give her time, she’ll get better so long as she puts in the effort.

Sumie was very quick in her move arsenal and hard-hitting at times. But Jenny and Mandy who both displayed nice teamwork of their own with some appeal moves in their arsenals.

Things got better for Leon & Rose after a double team move by Brandi & Sakai backfired. Leon would hit the Unprettier on Brandi, seemingly ending the match. However Brandi kicked out, showing a last bit of fire, while Jenny and Sumie brawled on the outside. But Leon was too much in the end when she tapped out to the Havana Dreams (Standing Muta Lock).

Thoughts: Not much to say personally as this was just more of a talent exchange. It was also a way to introduce Brandi to the ROH viewers. In all honesty, I expected Brandi to win her debut match, considering she is the wife of the current ROH World Champion. But I was glad to see relationship statuses aren’t reflected for everyone.

It was more shocking to see Brandi take the losing fall. But even still, it’ll be cool to see Brandi go through an underdog story if that’s how this will go.

Now I’m sure we will get more story development with the other women who are featured with Ring Of Honor. Names like Deonna Purrazzo, Kelly Klien and Karen Q. Maybe we’ll see some of the other women from the ROH Dojo or women from the STARDOM promotion.

Either way, this is the place to check up on all your Women Of Honor Write-Ups.

Also as this was my first ever write-up (I’m Rhys by the way), tell me how I did. Anything to improve on would be great! I’ll be covering ROH reviews and others feature in my part-time schedule. It’s great to be part of the Diva-Dirt family!

What are your thoughts on this edition of Women of Honor? What do you think of all the women showcased here? Do you think Brandi will fit in well with the WOH Ladies? And are you FINALLY excited to see Ring of Honor reviews coming to Diva-Dirt?! Let us know in the comments below!

  • #RiotWithRuby

    Finally! Love the Women of Honor division! Brandi still needs work, but at least she’s trying. Loved her Dusty attire. Mandy has a bright future also. Can’t wait to see more of her.

  • Summer BAE

    Great to see more exposure for the Women of Honor division! Love Kelly Klein and Mandy Leon in particular..

    I really hope that some of the ladies that WWE don’t hire after MYC come to ROH!


    Well, it took time but it’s finally there. Good to see some spotlight on them. With that being said, when is ROH ever going to capitalize on women’s wrestling? I mean they are showcasing them more and more but they have YET to create a title and have a really defined women’s division.

    • Rhys Hawks

      Yeah apparently there was a news piece well over a year ago saying there were plans of creating a WOH Title, but they decided to go with the 6 Man Titles instead… welp.


        Yeah, I heard about that rumor last year and I was dissapointed that nothing came out of it. With the emergence of women’s wrestling, I am surprised that they don’t capitalize on that tbh but let’s hope they do rather quickly.

        Nonethless, welcome to Diva Dirt and let’s hope you’ll have a better match to work with next time but I am quite confident about that :D

        • Rhys Hawks

          I’m sure I will. WOH tend to have hit and misses more often unfortunately, mainly cause sometimes they bring in fresh women straight from the dojo, but even those aren’t terrible.

  • Finally some WOH love on this site. Too bad the first review is such a horrible match.


      Really horrible match but oh well… lol

  • C Mack

    Good job, Rhys! Great write up! I still don’t see it for Brandi.

  • Iteaseutouch

    This was such a messy match, but on the othe hand, i’m glad you guys are starting to put the ROH women’s division on notice. So let’s talk about a real good match of ROH.

  • Rhys Hawks

    Aw yay! I’m glad you all seem to approve of my write-up so far! I mean yeah the match nothing great sadly, but hey, Women of Honor!!!

  • Dark Heel

    LOL fucking awful.

  • Gayomi.

    Who told Brandi she could wrestle I wanna have a word with them

  • Raekon

    Happy you guys started writing about the WOH. :)
    Wish someone would start writing about SHINE again too.
    I must agree with the others that I have watched a lot of better matches in the WOH Wendsdays compared to this one but I agree that it was a nice introduction of Brandi to the roster.

  • Brandi is trying to hard to be wrestler, but sometimes is just a damn no.

  • BLKLTR05

    Intrigued to see more from WOH but man, now i see why the WWE refused to put Brandi in a wrestling capacity. Girl needs more training and if they couldn’t help her in the WWE Performance center then I’m sad that Cody left because of her.