Sexy Star recently gave her first comments regarding the controversy surrounding her Reina de Reins title match at Triplemania XXV involving GFW Knockout Rosemary. In those initial statements, Sexy Star noted that she would wanted “to remain silent and when the time is right touch on the subject.”

Since then, Sexy Star has shared a written letter on social media regarding her side of what transpired at Triplamania XXV. In the lengthy letter, Sexy Star details the events that transpired on that night and has said that she did not intentionally hurt Rosemary (although she never mentions her name directly in the letter) adding that Rosemary did not even appear to be injured in the moments after the match.

You can read Sexy Star’s translated letter (courtesy of below:

“Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, September 4, 2017

First of all, I want to thank the people that have been with me in these past few days, which have been turned into a nightmare and became one of the most difficult moments of my career and personal life.

As some of you know, this past Saturday, August 26, I was present at the TripleMania XXV event in the Mexico City Arena to fulfill a championship match for the AAA promotion, of which I have been signed as an independent worker so that I can keep using the mask and character of Sexy Star, which is the character I have portrayed for the last 11 years.

At first, I was informed that I would be fighting in a Reina de Reinas title match in a one-on-one match against a female Mexican wrestler from one of the nearby promotions. But a few days before the event, I was told that they would be including two more wrestlers into the match, one of whom belonged to the North American promotion Global Force Wrestling. AAA brought this wrestler, whom up to my knowledge, has never wrestled in Mexico or at least with one of the major Mexican promotions, and I just met this wrestler mere minutes before we went up to the ring to have the match that she was signed onto.

As I have been doing for more than 10 years, as I reached the arena, I met with those that I will be wrestling with so that we can coordinate the match that we would present to the public, being that AAA are the ones responsible for making this happen.

Since it has been tradition whenever I go out and wrestle with people I have never worked with, especially foreigners –the wrestling styles change between countries—I would tend to favor wrestling a more American style. I asked if what we had planned out would be fine with them, or if they would like to change something so that they may feel safer in the ring.

Those that have worked with me know that I have always done things that way, with the idea of protecting everyone working with me and myself from any type of incident, not just out of etiquette and the values instilled upon me at home, which include compatriotism, but to be on constant alert of the dangers that wrestlers face every time they step into the ring, be it their first match or match No. 100. I want to clarify that [Rosemary], at no point, asked me to change anything that we would present, something that is very important to me. So I did what she knew and I had control of everything that we would do. The talent coordinator for AAA gave the “ok” to do our match without any prior meetings to change anything.

The moment of the match came, I made my way to the
match to wrestle the way I have habitually done in front of the wrestling public for many years, with the same style, fury, and energy that has characterized “Sexy Star” in each of her fights.

The match came to its conclusion, and when I tapped out [Rosemary] with the submission that was agreed and selected upon, which is also one of the least dangerous submission moves in the danger range that I have applied and have been applied to repeatedly. At least that’s how it has always been.

At the end of the show and after the foreigner was walking under her own power without medical assistance, our protocol continued, and I was handed the title belt by Martha Villalobos, whom I have deep admiration and even first showed me the ropes of the wrestling sport, whom I love with all of my heart, and has made me be constantly prepared my body to handle bumps and submissions. Very few people know the secrets of professional wrestling and if I reveal any of them in this letter, it is for the security of my integrity and for the respect earned throughout my professional and personal life. I can’t stress this enough, I will only say that those who have conserved their careers through the highs and lows, falling and getting right back up, with injuries and being bloodied, know what I am referring to. 

Twenty minutes after I was handed my belt, I went to the locker room in which I was bombarded by Global Force Wrestling representatives who have had a working relationship with AAA, saying that the wrestler I submitted suffered an apparent injury in their native language, something that surprised me because, as previously stated, she walked down from the ring without any help.

Immediately, and not just out of etiquette, but also because I was worried, I went to her to see if she was okay and I see her with another person, standing up in the room where the production monitors are located, with just a bag of ice on her elbow. There was nobody tending to her nor did she have anything to help her, which is a security protocol in the event somebody is suspected to have an injury. She wasn’t even sitting down and that put my mind at ease because I did not see anything wrong with her with my own two eyes. The talent coordinator for AAA reiterated that everything was fine and so, I left the venue with my husband with the tranquility and security that everything was going to be fine. I did not get any indication from Dorian Roldan, the owner of AAA, that something was amiss and I suppose if that is the case, then he wouldn’t have let me leave without resolving any type of potential situation.

People also need to know that I have never received any medical news, or any radiography that exists, which shows any injury to the wrestler in question.

I didn’t worry about the situation because I repeat, and I saw her with my own two eyes, I did not see that she was injured and that she wasn’t being tended to by medical personnel, much less need to have the use of medical equipment if she was injured. In my professional wrestling career, I have seen injuries, and I have been victim to accidents and believe me, nothing of the sort happened at the Reina de Reinas title match that night at TripleMania XXV.

The next day, I started to receive, on social media, a series of cyber attacks, which included an aggressive letter, written by this North American wrestler, who was already back in her home country, stating that I intentionally injured her, without showing proof of any kind, medical or other, and she only wrote it in text without showing her face or voice.
In this letter, a lot was unraveled, from male and female wrestlers from North America whom I have never worked with, much less be in the place that night. They have written about my supposed anti-professionalism, using words from [Rosemary’s letter], which has already been retweeted more than 4,000 times.

The bullying on social media only kept growing and even bloggers and media outlets, who were not present, who did not cover the event, outlets who don’t even work in Mexico, could not keep themselves from writing phrases such as “She dislocated her shoulder” or “She intentionally broke her arm,” confirming the alleged injury, and only using [Rosemary’s] letter on Twitter and the ending of the match through various angles as their only source. At no point did they look at the injured woman walking down the ring under her own power and using her hands. Some even assured that what I did was both wrong and intentional. Many members of the media and columnists online were not consistent and some mentioned that the injury was on her elbow, some said it was her shoulder that got injured and some said it was the whole arm.

I assure you in the video that is being circulated around the web, all that you see is me portraying Sexy Star making the submission move using the same energy and fury that is characterized by this character, in the same manner, and force without letting go seconds after the referee rang the bell, just as Sexy Star has always done. I can show that this submission has been done in plenty other occasions in the same exact manner and force with other wrestlers, including one of Sexy Star’s recent matches on [Lucha Underground]. I assure you that the wrestler who got the submission that time, with proof, did not suffer any injury because, as I have insisted, is one of the submission moves that, within the danger range, is one of the least risky and I have at no point, tried to misuse it to injure anybody.

This past August 30, I fulfilled 11 years inside the wrestling ring, a sport in which I have given my life, and my body, without being figurative, has suffered tons of damage because in this sport, if you have a career like I have been blessed with, you don’t rest. For wrestling, I have always had respect, respect that I exercise when taking care of my fellow wrestlers without exception and I will keep doing that, without caring the nationality or if they are aware of the respect that I inherited from my parents, my teachers, and teachers of this profession, people with dynasties inside Mexican wrestling, where the sport was born, and I am sure that my wrestling teachers can talk and mention that I have never mishandled any fellow wrestler.

With respect and love to my teachers and fans, who have shown love and care, and to those I owe my career to, especially those that personally know me, I dedicate this letter to you guys because you are the ones who truly deserve to know what truly happened. But above all else, I dedicate this to Sexy Star, a character that was presented to me and I have defended with honor, honesty, respect, integrity, and passion for 11 years. Those same values that belong to me, Dulce Maria Garcia Rivas, and I will not let anybody, without any unverified versions of the story who do not have proof, to discredit that.

-Dulce Maria Garcia Rivas”

Following Sexy Star’s statements, AAA announced last night that the Reina de Reinas Championship was vacated:

What are your thoughts on Sexy Star’s new statement?

  • Aye Mate

    Just. Stop.

    I can fully believe that Sexy Star didn’t intend to injure Rosemary, and all she needs to say is that. “Hey, I’m sorry you got injured on my watch – I didn’t mean it.” But nope, there is still a stubbornness to offer any apology – or even acknowledge Rosemary by name. The othering of “foreigner” smacks of conceit too.

    Someone needs to PR this woman.

    • Miriam

      As soon I saw how long her statement, I just scrolled past it all. Some conjured up long ass BS she made to make herself seem innocent. ?

      • Aye Mate

        She’s not doing herself any favours. This statement is an overblown avoidance of admitting any wrongdoing or offering an apology. It’s unwittingly pompous.

        • Miriam

          Honestly! Making herself seem as if she’s the victim. “These have been the most difficult moments of my career..” Ridiculous.

    • MK126

      Even if SS didn’t “intend” to injure her the fact remains that Rosemary should get an apology. Shit I apologize for shoulder bumping someone on a train cause its an accident. She even referred to her as “the foreigner” she knew what she was doing

      • Aye Mate

        I completely agree.

        • MK126

          Exactly! Rosemary got hurt regardless if she was safe or not. Of course accidents happen in the ring but you apologize for them happening. She even said this was her first time meeting Rosemary so shouldn’t the first thing you do is run and apologize to her so she doesn’t think SS did it on purpose? Its called damage control damn it lol

          • Aye Mate

            I agree that such unprofessionalism needs to be addressed and called out, though I don’t agree with cyber bullying. At the same time, this “poor me” response to a situation which could have had grave consequences for the wellbeing/career of someone else who trusted you makes it hard to sympathise with SS.

            Also, the “I thought she was fine because she walked away” bit: well, bitch, that’s cause you injured her arm not her legs ?

          • MK126

            RIGHT! LMFAO “I didn’t see the injury with my own eyes” bitch she injured the muscles in her shoulder how are you gonna see that shit

          • Aye Mate

            Sexy Star thinking she got X-ray vision and shit ???

          • MK126

            Shes the luchadora version of Cyclops from XMEN except her mask gives her xray vision instead of lazer beams

          • Aye Mate

            Sexy Star all about that radiology realness.

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  • Miriam

    ‘Without showing proof of any kind…’ Are you serious? Then explain how Rosemary suffered a legitimate injury? The ENTIRE wrestling community called what she did (since she refuses to call Rosemary by her actual name). EVERYONE SAW IT. She wasted her name writing this lengthy nonsense. I pray that no one will take her on. She’s a disgrace.

  • Even if Sexy Star did not intend to injure Rosemary on purpose, never ruin an apology with an excuse.

    • Summer_Slay #?aryn?errell

      Screaming at Lena Yada’s cameo on that gif.

      • Don ?

        That isn’t Lena Yada. ?

        • Summer_Slay #?aryn?errell

          I was just pointing out how much they look a like. And i very well know that isnt her.

      • Carolution

        thats not lena but Leilene Ondrade who went by alexis during the diva search.

        • Summer_Slay #?aryn?errell

          I know its Leilene (Smiley) i was just making a joke but OMG i never knew she did diva search

        • Summer_Slay #?aryn?errell


  • Stef’

    So I guess it’s all Rosemary’s fault for not having concrete shoulders. I totally understand Sexy Star here, we just don’t understand how wrestling works, they don’t have to be cautious, just sturdy enough to withsand each other’s moves come on ! Stupid wrestling fans ! And where is the damn radiography ? Even Maria had one though she had a fake injury ! It’s all a conspiration ! Poor Sexy Star she is such a victim they didn’t even told her her opponent’s name !

    With this I’m sure Lady Shani, the other Mexican wrestler (aka real wrestler, not like the strangers wink wink), will post a great defense for her fellow because it can’t be otherwise, right ?

    Tea, someone ?

    • MyleneCruz

      I agree yo. I don’t understand why after 11 years someone would throw it all away to appear as something cool to fans. I thinks it’s bs that no one is thinking that SS is a professional and wouldn’t intentionally hurt someone. But of course its typical of ppl to believe the American over someone from Mexico. It’s sad. I feel like it truly was an accident.

      • Maddox

        Lol, you don’t seem to understand sarcasm do you?

  • Mr. Giem

    Anyone who watched the match can say what was happening, as easy as 2 + 2, Shani and Sexy started to shoot on each other, they were really fighting but Sexy’s mistake was that she took advantage of the only person in that ring that didn’t knew what was happening and was being professional, the only person she could submit to retain the championship.

    Sexy Star you need a better PR agent, this statement will only make things worst for you, your career is already over, AAA may not punish you beyond stripping off that title from you but the rest of the promotions will never book you again.

  • Maddox

    All she had to do was apologize and claim that she was in character or in the heat of the Moment and didn’t mean to injury Rosemary (By the way say her name, wth is “foreigner”,”North American woman”). All this pathetic attempt to shift blame is stupid

  • MyleneCruz

    She’s been doing this for a while. I can’t really understand why a professional would intentionally injure someone after 11 years of fighting. This is all fishy to me. I don’t trust Rosemary’s story.

    • BLKLTR05

      It’s not just her story though. Her version of events has been corroborated by Lady Shani and Hamada, the other two competitors in the match, both of whom said that SS was fighting as if she wanted to injure someone to the point that Lady Shani wanted to get physical with her after the match.

      • MyleneCruz

        Okay. Thank you for that. That I did not know. This makes a little more sense now.

    • I dunno if you saw the finish of that match, but that move was cinched in and she was repeatedly torquing her arm even well after the bell rung.

      • MyleneCruz

        There are people who speak on things long before they read the receipts. I am not one of those people.

        • I didn’t say you were or were not, but there was no mistaking what that was.

  • Still a bitch. No apology, just more excuses. The more you talk, the worse it gets, just stop.

  • saul de la efe

    i feel bad because i can´t stand her “statement” she is a local wrestler from my hometown, and even as i feel the need to defend her… she can´t hide her ass from this and she is playing the victim, i just can´t.

    i feel so ashamed of this shitty “accident”
    someone that has the name of “sexy star”, the honor to be one of the top woman in wrestling , the path she has being trough to become this amazing in-ring personality, she comes all the way from wrestling at dirty mexican patios full of guys that pay a dollar to see these badly build up shows, all the way to be one of the top names of women restling… and still can´t say “SORRY… I FUCKED UP BADLY AND I REGRET IT” even if the regret is because of the backlash she is receiving in media,etc. NO, she can´t even handle to say “sorry” instead she plays the OMG THIS IS A MISUNDERSTOOD, definitely a shame she represents my country and hometown.

  • NoWayHoeSay

    I said before that I didn’t think the ending looked dodgy

  • She has the nerve to write about retaining her integrity?!?!

  • Danny?
    This woman is so full of shit the toilets jealous. That BS about her leaving the ring herself, well excuse me but I didn’t realise you needed a shoulder to WALK to the backstage area. Also if indeed Sexy Star didn’t see Rosemary being tended to by medical staff it could have been because she was already seen to or was going to be. She is basically calling Rosemary a liar and saying she isn’t injured whatsoever. Besides regardless of whether the injury was intentional or not an apology is just common courtesy.

  • The Paparazzi Prince (MIMQ)

    I have a feeling this is a work to advertise the GFW vs AAA storyline

  • BLKLTR05

    Whether it was scripted or not, she legit injured someone and she has the nerve to call her a liar? All the hoe had to do was APOLOGIZE but no, her pride won’t let her. In fact she’s digging a grave deeper with all that bullshit she keeps releasing.

  • ssilva872

    She is still a POS..

    At least they stripped her of the belt.

  • Jamal

    She just keeps digging a bigger hole for herself with each new statement. Sigh. Just go away already

  • Hell yeah! They stripped title from her, amazing news, hope Lady Shani or Goya won the “Reina de Reinas”

  • Tunasha

    I won’t defend anyone, but it amazes me how shitty people can be with a woman who they don’t personally know and who were not there the moment this situation happened.

    Yea, I think Sexy wasn’t trying to injure Rosemary, but as WE ALL KNOW, injuries can happen at any moment and probably she didn’t realize that. It’s been said Rosemary’s injury wasn’t as bad as some reporters made it out.

    Sexy Star is a woman with a totally different culture than people that live in the US, she’s a stubborn as we could see by her letter by not wanting to apologize for the matter, but that doesn’t excuse the rest of the people calling her names, especially the “wrestlers” that are friends with Rosemary. I feel like they jumped on board way too fast.

    Mexican style is more stiff than american style I believe (in most cases at least), and this was Rosemary’s first experience in Mexico, maybe it wasn’t mean to happen, I don’t know.

    I wish they would have solved this before this mess exploded, the only people that know what happened are Sexy and Rosemary on first hand. If only Sexy would have approached Rosemary in a better way, could have saved all this unneeded media attention. Now I guess it’s too late.

    • It could be an accident if it was just a regular move, you can’t accidentally injure someone with a submission. That’s just your own force. And that’s exactly what she did to Rosemary. She didn’t randomly drop her on her head, she purposely kept her in the hold and pulled harder than she ever should have. It’s totally her fault.

  • Carolution

    why not just say accidents happen and you’re sorry if you did injure her. is she really this stubborn. many wwe female wrestlers apologize if someone says they hit them too hard etc so why not just admit you’re in the wrong.

  • John Wilson

    Why does Sexy Star think she deserves Rosemary’s personal medical records to prove an injury? Is she a doctor? What SS is saying is Rosemary is lying unless she sends medical info to SS. The more does this the more she injured on purpose.

  • Jorge Hernandez Moran

    It seems like SS s trying to blame Rosemarie for the injury

  • Gayomi.


  • Gayomi.

    Shitty Star

  • Charlie

    A long time ago, Lioness Asuka voluntarily dropped her title due to Hikaru being injured during the match. Yeah, she won … but dropped it after finding out her opponent was injured. That’s called class. Maybe SS should explain why she suffers under this comparison.