Time for the second edition of Diva-Dirt’s new Women of Honor Write-Ups! (I can’t believe this is actually happening still). On this week’s Women of Honor, we have a match between two of the top stars of the division.

The former undefeated streak at over 500 days, ‘The Gatekeeper’ Kelly Klein, taking on ‘The Virtuosa’ Deonna Purrazzo. These two have had quite the rivalry over awhile now, with some run ins and such, one of which from Deonna led to the new Undefeated Streak in the WOH division, Karen Q, become the only woman to defeat Kelly Klein.

Tension was really high in this one, with the action even spilling to the outside at the very start. Deonna was definitely more aggressive here, more so than her spit-fire style usually is. Kelly was also hard-hitting as she always is, but Deonna seemed to have her number many times.

As the two fought more outside, Karen Q made an appearance, looking unamused by her former training partner Deonna. Karen soon jumped onto the apron and pulled Deonna onto the ropes while the ref wasn’t looking. This led to Kelly kicking Purrazzo down for the pinfall victory.

After Kelly smugly left, Karen attacked her former friend as she stood over her, telling her to stay out of her business. And that concludes this week’s Women of Honor!

Thoughts: Seems like this rivalry may have transferred into a new rivalry. As mentioned earlier, Karen Q was the first woman to defeat Kelly Klein in Ring of Honor. She did thus via count out when Deonna distracted Kelly from ringside, so which it wasn’t a strong win, she did win nonetheless. Also not long ago, Karen also defeated Kelly and Deonna in the triple threat Main Event of the more recent Women of Honor TV Special.

Karen has been showing some sort of resentment towards Deonna for awhile now, but the change of heart finally came here. It’ll definitely be interesting to see these two facing each other going forward, and where Klein will fit into this, or if she’ll even go on to fight over people or not.

The match itself did have it’s shaky spots, not gonna lie. But still, I loved the aggression shown by both women. You can feel they were looking to properly hurt each other in that match.

What are your thoughts on this edition of Women of Honor? Did you think Deonna and Kelly put on a hard fought match? What’re you’re opinions on this feud between former friends Deonna & Karen? Reckon Q’s undefeated record will go longer than Kelly’s? Let us know in the comments below!

  • #RiotWithRuby

    The match was good, not great. And it seems Karen’s cockiness came into play. She is currently undefeated and its given her this big boost of confidence. Looking forward to her match with Deonna.

    • Rhys Hawks

      In pinfall/submission perhaps. But Karen Q did defeat her twice in the record books. Once by count-out due to Deonna distracting Klein, and the other time in the triple threat when Q pinned Deonna.

  • Hopefully this Deonna vs.Karen feud will be long and won’t end on the next WOH Wednesday like many of the feuds. Ever since Taeler vs.Mandy we didn’t have a long feud. We need one!

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  • Raekon

    I too hope the feud won’t be over soon cause the build up is good and they could benefit from it. :)

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I didn’t even see the first post. But this is so awesome DD. I love WOH and this is a way I can keep up with everything going on instead of seeing random matches on YouTube.

  • Mark?

    Just watched the match… No idea who these women are but they suck in the ring big time. Wow.

    • Rhys Hawks

      It’s better to watch more of their work before judging them both from one match.

      Also while I understand not knowing of Klein, I would have expected Deonna to be known more since she has appeared for NXT on many occasions.

      • hitesh khanna

        hes a troll.. if he says deonna sucks then something must be wrong with him…

        • Mark?

          Look at this match. It sucked.

      • Mark?

        Consistency is key. If they don’t have it, they’re not much of wrestlers.

    • Charlie

      The match was technical, not a high-spot circus. Having a different style or being able to use different style is a far cry from “sucking”. And if “sucking” was all you got from watching that match, I can recommend you a decent eye doctor.

      • Mark?

        The match was “technical”…… I’m cringing for you right now. This is what you call a technical match? It was horrid. And the ending was botched. Both women were sloppy as hell. Go watch a Michelle McCool VS Melina match if you want to see something technical.

        • Charlie

          Now I know you’re a troll. You’d suggest a divas match over something Deonna Purazzo was a part of? w0000oooo00000oooo that’s a hoot.

          • Mark?

            Your indy darlings suck, accept it. It’s rare when an Ember Moon type comes out from the indy’s, crisp, on point, technical and incredible overall athlete. The majority of the indy girls suck and are overrated by indy marks. McCool could wrestle circles around both these women combined.

          • Charlie

            This just keeps getting funnier. lol

          • Mark?

            What’s funny is that we both watched this pathetic excuse for a match with many iffy spots and a horrid, botched ending and you still have the nerve to compare it to a McCool VS Melina match just because these are “indy” wrestlers. kbye

          • Rhys Hawks

            Didn’t you technically mention McCool VS Melina in this discussion?

            I won’t argue because it’s not just for someone who write for the site to do that. I’ll just say that Deonna is truly a great in-ring athelete, one of the best womens wrestlers in the Indie circuit, which is one of the reasons she has appeared for WWE NXT and GFW/Impact so much in the past.

            Kelly Klein/Mary Elizabeth Monroe is coming into her own as a strong powerhouse competitor. If they had a bad match in your eyes, that’s fine. But again, watch more of their work instead of judging their overall abilities from one match.

            Anyone can have an off-match. Remember Mickie James VS Gail Kim? That is a clear example to that statement.

          • Mark?

            If you can’t bring your skills to the main stage then you’re not a good wrestler in my book. Many of you overrated flops in TNA just because they were from the indy’s and they sucked balls. I don’t care where you’re from, if you can’t produce in the ring, you suck to me.

  • Aye Mate

    Women of Honour is a decent little niche of a promotion featuring a wee handful of talented women. I was really hoping to see Mandy Leon emerge in the MYC.

    Also, I liked this match.

    • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

      I was also hoping for Taeler Hendrix in the MYC, she’s such a gem and it’s too bad she left WoH

      • Aye Mate

        I liked Taeler’s work in WOF. I can’t say I’m sold on her as a great in-ring talent but the character work I’ve seen was on point.

        • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

          Her character work is definitely on point but I also love her in-ring performance.
          Do you know Women’s Wrestling Revolution Pro(WWRP)?
          She, Veda and a few other women also have some nice matches there.

          • Aye Mate

            I have not but I shall check them out shortly :)

          • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

            Neat! They have quite a few matches on their YT channel.
            If u go to playlists some are sorted by iPPV.
            Sonya Strong is a wrestler who I’ve discovered through them, she’s still green but promising.


            HAVE FUN!!!

  • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

    I love Karen Q she’s got so much attitude and seems promising in the ring.
    The match was ok or good but not my favorite WoH match.
    Hopefully they get to go all out in another match in the future given their long feud.

    Does anyone know what happened to Faye Jackson?