Tonight on GFW Impact Wrestling, the team of Allie and Gail Kim takes on Sienna and Taryn Terrell.

Read’s preview to tonight’s show below:

“The match was made by Karen Jarrett and she called one team, “highly motivated” and we couldn’t agree more. Gail Kim and Allie have plenty of reasons for wanting retribution against Sienna and Taryn Terrell. Taryn wasted little time in reintroducing herself to Gail Kim and their rivalry is picking up right where it left off. Then Taryn decided to attack Allie. Now we have a blockbuster tag team match set for IMPACT.

What will happen? Sienna is the current and reigning GFW Knockouts Champion, but Gail was the first and has been Champion on 6 different occasions. Taryn Terrell is a former Champion and so (somehow) is Allie. So every Knockout in this tag team match has held the gold and 3 out of 4 would love to hold the Championship again in their careers. Gail Kim wants to retire as Champion.”

Also on tonight’s GFW Impact, Taya Valkyrie is scheduled to make her GFW debut:

and we will get a closer look at what unfolded at Triplemania XXV involving Rosemary:

Tune in to Impact Wrestling tonight at 8pm ET on POP TV!

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