Each week, The Backpage will wrap up some of the smaller news stories, rumors, editorials and gossip making the rounds in women’s wrestling. Got a tip for next week? Send it in.

* Nikki Bella gives a behind the rehearsal look at her Dancing with the Stars training. (YouTube)

* Eve Torres and her husband Rener Gracie host a Women Empowered self-defense course during their visit at the WWE Performance Center. (YouTube)

* The Women of Wrestling highlights Jinny and her rise on the UK Wrestling scene. (Women of Wrestling)

* Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the idea of inserting Emma at No Mercy’s Raw Women’s Title match is apparently to have her take the loss so Sasha Banks and Nia Jax can be protected. (PWMania)

* Expect Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and (when healthy) Bayley to be kept away from their respective brand’s title scenes while their program with The MMA Four Horsewomen plays out. (Cageside Seats)

* Renee Michelle gets engaged to Rockstar Spud. (Squared Circle Sirens)

* Mickie James releases new country single, “Get Down”. (WWE.com)

* Velvet Sky and Mandy Rose are both competing in Maxim’s Finest competition under the Northeast Group Six. (Maxim)

* WWE announces they will broadcast Raw Live on Christmas night and New Year’s night. (WWE.com)

* Nia Jax walks The Runway at CURVYCon. (Squared Circle Sirens)

* In her latest Calgary Sun post, Natalya shares 25 things might not have known about her. (Calgary Sun)

  • Man, I really wish Jinny was in the tournament. Hopefully she can snatch the Progress Women’s Championship from Toni soon. (She should have been the inaugural holder, if you ask me!)

    • hitesh khanna

      jinny couture right?? IF thats who ur talking about then yess!! Not only is she good in the ring, shes hot, shes indian shes what u need to be in wwe.. DIVERSITY with all the important and good things.. Hopefully she gets noticed

  • MyleneCruz

    OMG the four horse women being taken out of the title scenery for awhile YASSSS I love them but yes give these other gold a chance to shine although we know we’ll probably get shit storyline in the meantime. And Emma taking the loss?? Emma needs the title.

  • Charlie Flickinger

    I said the exact same thing when Emma was put in the title match. She’s only there for Nia to lay out and then have Alexa come in and steal the win again. This will get Sasha out of the title scene and move us into Nia vs Alexa, which almost no one wants.

    The 4HW being away from their titles is just ok to me. I’m all for giving the other women the chance, however they all need to step up and show up. Show us they can work the same quality matches we were getting from Sasha, Charlotte and Becky.

    • DayOneISH!

      I really hope Alexa is the one that takes the fall in this match.

      • #FlairfortheGold

        LOL yea that’s gonna happen?

      • Charlie Flickinger

        Oh me too. Alexa needs to become a manger who sporadically wrestles. She needs to be kept away from the titles.

  • DayOneISH!

    Really WWE your gonna make these men and women work on Xmas and New Years?

    You can’t just do a best of Raw and Smackdown showing highlights or replay WM on tv? Let these superstars rest for at least a week and let them spend time with their families.The last thing I’m worrying about is Watching wrestling on Xmas and good luck with the ratings because NBA is usually the sport that’s on Xmas.

    • DaisyJMonarrez

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    • Joseph

      Jeff Hardy wife said it was the USA Network decision not WWE.

      • Shan

        WWE could tell USA Network no.

        • Joseph

          Yea WWE isn’t going to say no to USA Network cause they have TV deals with them.

          • Shan

            Still, that is hella crappy for the Superstars. They’re people as well who have families and want to spend time with them.

      • EvelinaJRoe

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    • Snappy

      Who would even attend the show on Christmas? Maybe New Years but christ

      • DayOneISH!

        Exactly I hope that arena is empty on Xmas.

  • Mark?

    I just can’t wait until Nia is finally champion and she can feud someone like Mickie James for the title. But Mickie has been buried so far into the ground that it’s hard to imagine them using her as the main women’s feud, which is fucking sucks. Mickie and Nia could tear the house down together with some Mickie VS Beth vibes.

    • KellyAJNaomi#Slay

      With the way Nia has been booked I can’t see her being believable enough to have Mickie vs Beth level story/match I mean she tapped out to Sasha twice lost to bayley from a belly to belly and has only been able to defeat jobbers and never wins when it counts

      • Mark?

        This is what happens with so many big names in one division. NXT made superstars out of some of these women and it’s like “they all get a turn” and that damages other women who have potential on the existing roster.

  • conan_kun

    What do they mean protected when they let Sasha lose all her first title defense clean 4 times, it’s called screwing her around.

  • If Emma won’t win, then Nia better. This is their last chance to give spotlight to someone new before Asukageddon arrives.

    • KatyaMenelli

      Omg right! Because we all know she’s going to RAW. Poor Mickie and Alicia. Gonna get buried further. All because of WWE’s shitty booking.

    • Shan

      Lol Asukaggedon. I like that.

  • Don ?

    The video with Eve teaching the NXT women self-defense maneuvers was really nice. It’d be nice for the previous generation and current/future generation of women to interact together more.

  • KatyaMenelli

    Omg Stud and Renee? Two people I have huge crushes on.

  • The Phenomenal Glow

    Haven’t voted for a DWTS contestant in ages, but I will definitely be voting for Nikki #TEAMBELLA!!!!!

  • NoWayHoeSay

    ??? velvet vs Mandy in finest competition. Velvet ????

    • ?too litty?


      • NoWayHoeSay

        Mandy 100

  • It

    Im fine with whoever wins the match, i like the four of them LOOL but i would prefer Sasha to become 5x champ! legend!

  • Ah fuck! I really hope Emma win this, she deserve it and need it so badly. At least one acomplisment on her wwe career.

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    Emma is taking the loss to “protect Sasha”. Honey your wack ass booking has had this women loose the title at Every defense opportunity she had. you already ruined her and made the Boss character a joke