As seen on last week’s episode of NXT, Asuka relinquished her NXT Women’s Title after an impressive reign that lasted over 500 days. On that same episode, NXT GM William Regal announced that Asuka would be leaving NXT and graduating up the main roster.

WWE have now confirmed that Asuka will be part of their Raw brand with the following hype video:

Asuka is currently sidelined with a collarbone injury she suffered at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III in her match against Ember Moon.

It was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio (via Wrestling INC) that officials went back and forth on which brand she would be sent to. The feeling was that the depth on Raw is not as strong as on SmackDown and that Asuka will be better off on Raw.

Are you excited to see Asuka arrive to Monday Night Raw? Would you have preferred to see her on SmackDown live? How would you book Asuka’s main roster debut?

  • Nikki’s Sister

    The other girlies on Raw are OVER.

    • Kyle

      so over.

      • MaryJBolton

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    • Welchy


  • conan_kun

    According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, there is a main reason why Asuka is going to RAW over Smackdown Live. The reason is because WWE feels like the RAW Women’s division lacks depth as compared to Smackdown Live.

    Meltzer says that there are probably better matches on Smackdown Live for Asuka but that adds to the reason why she was needed on RAW. Smackdown’s women are all kind of pushed (or could be pushed); Naomi, Natalya, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Carmella and even Tamina have been built up as credible over the past several months.

    On the RAW side, there is only Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax and Sasha Banks. Bayley is currently injured and there are no plans for Emma other than to be the one to take the pin at No Mercy according to Meltzer.

    It won’t make sense when Raw has more women than Smackdown but they only cares about Bayley, Sasha, Nia and Alexa, while they don’t bother to build up Emma, Mickie, Dana and Alicia, not to mention Summer is cleared but not using her for more than a year. What’s the point Raw wants those women if they’re not using them.

    • Good. Asuka shouldn’t be downgraded to “the same playing field” as the others, and that’s probably what would have happened if she went to Smackdown.

      • conan_kun

        Can you guarantee that they add Asuka to already poorly booked show which in charge by Vince and they’re not gonna book her the same way as Bayley, Sasha. On Raw you either don’t get booked or terribly booked.

        • Oh absolutely not! Coming to RAW is everything but a guarantee. But I don’t trust SD’s type of booking at all. I feel like she has better chances to be booked accordingly to her build on Raw.

          • conan_kun

            Then how do you explain Bayley being booked like a complete joke and Sasha being booked as incompetent title holder who failed to retain her title in her first defense, after they have classic matches on NXT Takeover Brooklyn and Respect.

          • I don’t. I’m hoping for the Charlotte/Alexa treatment.

          • Crazy. #RIPMae

            Well, Alexa has been booked like superwoman so Asuka will probably take her spot.

    • Then they should have elevated their division. Now there’s gonna be another star that’s gonna keep what? Four women in oblivion?

    • Kyle

      Any person with a brain could tell you that

  • Ready for Asuka to eat Alexa Bliss’ Devastating DDT of Doom and take her first loss.

    • Malcolm James

      Please don’t joke like that

      • Where’s the lie though??

    • Seraphina Rosenhart

      Nah, they love Asuka too much to do that to her. Ending her winning streak like that would be terrible.

      Also, “Devastating DDT of Doom” – I love that name. It’s hilarious because the move is so basic but yet it has put away so many opponents.

      • They love Asuka in NXT. They also loved Sasha and Bayley in NXT. But look at them now. I’m just saying, Asuka will probably run through Mickie, Foxy, and Emma remain undefeated for a few months, but she gonna fall pray to that basic ass DDT. The only people on Raw she hasn’t competed against are Alicia Fox and Sasha….neither of which I see being the first to beat her.

        If they were smart Asuka would lose her first match then go on this rampage as a monster heel.

        • perceval

          They loved Charlotte and Becky in NXT, too. We can’t say look at them now, because we never see them.

          It might be Nia instead of Alexa that buries Asuka, though, depending on which Total Diva is champ.

    • BitchFit

      the blissed off

    • DJ

      Nah not gonna happen. I know Vince is way out of touch but even I know he’s not that stupid to break Asuka’s undefeated streak that abruptly. He knows the value of what he’s got in Asuka and Trips will not allow his arguably best prospect be ruined in such manner.

      • perceval

        Trip has no say in it. Otherwise, the Horsewomen wouldn’t be either buried (Bayley, Sasha) or kept off TV, completely (Charlotte, Becky).

  • Nicola Byrne

    I am praying Asuka streak isn’t ending by Sasha or Bayley Let one of the other women shine!!! I’d be over the moon if Mickie or Emma end’s the streak

    • We ALL know Charlotte’s going to end Asuka’s streak once she’s back on RAW.

      • Nicola Byrne

        Don’t say that please

      • perceval

        Not unless Charlotte joins the reality show cast.

    • I think Mickie and Emma both have the best chemistry with Asuka. In my dreams Mickie will finally play her part as decorated veteran and she defeats Asuka in their next encounter, since she learned from her last year at Takeover.

      Mickie deserves something big like that.

      • Nicola Byrne

        The match Asuka had with both Emma and Mickie at Takeover London and Toronto were fantastic hoping one of them do.

      • Rosanna

        If Asuka wins the raw women’s title and Mickie defeats her we would live!

      • ???

        As much as I would LOVE to see Mickie and Emma shine, but we all know that not going to happen as long as they’re on Raw . Girl even SDL creative team changed and they are not like before both brands are damn horrible currently

    • Gato_wiska

      I want Asuka’s streak to be defeated on her second wrestlemania.


      Not Mickie tho, she doesn’t need it per say as her career doesn’t need such a big accolade but this could definitely be used as a way to create a new talent, a new big star.


      The other woman have been having their shine tho… All the HW are booked as secondary.

      • Match of Year Maker

        Agree, all the Four Horsewomen are booked as secondary… sadly.

        • Kyle


    • perceval

      It’ll be a Total Diva.

  • StraightFire


  • She ain’t injured. It’s a heaux, they know damn well Ember could’ve taken the title off of her. But we know how this gonna go, get ready for hurricane Asuka

    • Joseph

      Well she is other wise they would have build to the next big title match at Takeover in November.

      • Just like how Sasha had a back injury mmhmm

        • Joseph

          Banks was gone for two weeks. Asuka isn’t showing up until the October RAW PPV.

  • Darryl lee

    If they ruin her, I swear those guys are the dumbest people to ever write a show.

  • Danny?

    Ready for Asuka to end Alexa, Bayley, Nia & Sasha. Show they hoes what a real champion looks like.

    • Angelica Marie MoNae

      A real champion only shows up to the arena to defend her title? Since when?

      • Danny?

        Asuka wasn’t needed every week on NXT, main roster is a different story. She still had a great reign with fantastic matches and it was still better than anything on the main roster in god knows how long.

        • Angelica Marie MoNae

          Her matches were way over hyped very few were actually fantastic. But I guess even though the previous champions weren’t needed week to week on NXT they were still there and heavily featured. Asuka has had the most boring nxt reign of all I’m the only one that comes close to her level of boring was Bayley’s because they had no clue what to do with her without Sasha, Becky, and charlotte.

  • MK126

    With such a great hype video and a great reign down at NXT… they better not fuck this up

  • Y’all thought Charlogeddon was bad, well get ready for the Asukpocalypse! But then again…

    • Ken Lushh

      ASUKPOCALYSE!!! i’m choking

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    Ooh fun raw is about to bury every woman on their roster with more NXT reruns of asuka’s undefeated streak……

    • Danny?

      Alexa already buried everyone anyway, with the exception of maybe Nia but Nia looks like an absolute idiot anyway thanks to her booking.

      • Angelica Marie MoNae

        How did Alexa bury anyone she gets beaten all the time lol? WWE burryied Sasha and Bayley with their ridonculous book but that started before Alexa even got there.

      • Angelica Marie MoNae


  • I really like the vignette. I can’t help but worry that Vince is going to fuck Asuka up though. Here is to hoping for the best.

  • Don ?

    I’m hoping this is the only promo of Asuka they air. I kind of wish they didn’t reveal she’s joining RAW. I’d like her debut to be unexpected.

  • TabbyK

    I can’t wait to see what they do with her even though I kind of wanted her on SD.

  • Black Widow

    Her facial expression is priceless. Love the video!

  • Mark?

    Welp. There goes Nia’s chances at finally becoming champ. Blah.

    • Gato_wiska

      I think Asuka should enter the title scene next year. She should squash nameless jobbers for now. So women will experience some shine and credibility before getting buried.

      • Mark?

        I hope WWE thinks of a more clever way of incorporating Auska on the main roster but we’re talking about WWE here so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go down that unoriginal role. Meh. How boring. They should just put her in some kind of storyline with a guy for now

        • Gato_wiska

          She should join Heyman and Lesnar.

          • Kessa Kez

            best way imo. asuka is charismatic and can get herself over similar to nakamura – that neither really needs a manager. But with her being this undefeated goldberg of the womens division why not have paul heyman manage her at least for a year or two and use her as a distraction for lesnars matches until perhaps lesnar faces roman and he brings either sasha, charlotte or ronda rousey in his corner.

  • Gato_wiska

    I hope Asuka wont enter the title scene right away. Have her squash jobbers on her first 3 months. Then do open challenges from former divas and champions before feuding with main roster women and her title run. I want Emma, Nia and Mickie experience some sort of title reign before being fed to Asuka.

    • Typical Heel

      No jobbers That’s too typical, she should start an open challenge for past, present, indy, and local talent women as soon as she joins the main roster, even give us a 1 off match with Kharma if WWE won’t re-sign her
      Think of the possibilities…
      Asuka vs Kharma
      Asuka vs Beth Phoenix
      Asuka vs Melina
      Asuka vs Kelly Kelly
      Asuka vs Eve
      Asuka vs Aj Lee
      Asuka vs Trish
      Asuka vs Jaqueline
      Asuka vs Lita

      • Gato_wiska

        sounds fair. It is a good way to make her over without burrying main roster women yet.

      • Kessa Kez

        add some of the mae young classic competitors – mia yim, santana garrett, alpha female, tessa blanchard.

  • Jtiera

    My wig is secure!!!!! My pearls are clutched!!! I’m ready. They better not mess her up.

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    Better scurry to Smackdown Live where the queens are located (winks at Mickie, Alicia and Dana)

    • Eliseo Reyes

      I don’t know what i can make of this picture, but holy hell she’s fucking hawt as hell…..!!!!!!!!!!!! and those pointy things, wow!

      • TorrieTrishStacyLita

        Torrie Wilson. Original Queen of Smackdown ?

        • Kessa Kez

          love torrie and despite what anyone else thinks if sunny is a hall of famer then so is torrie.

          • TorrieTrishStacyLita


  • Malcolm James

    They need get the person who do the vignettes from GFW because Taya was better

  • BLKLTR05

    Great, send your arguably best woman on the roster to the show that has the worst booking. I’m so ready for Asuka to come in and wipe the floor with all of the other women until Charlotte comes in and decimated Asuka because God forbid that any other woman actually do anything memorable.

    • Ikr, but at least Raw is already ruined, so Asuka destroying everyone won’t make much of a change.

      • BLKLTR05

        Silver Linings… hahaha!

  • Organization XIII

    WOMP! I really don’t see Asuka elevating the division. They already don’t know what to do with more than half of the women & Asuka (if they continue her undefeated streak) is only going to take the spot of the already booked 4 faces of RAW which means one of those women (probably Emma) will be back at the bottom of the totem pole.

    • conan_kun

      And what happen once Bayley returns.

      • Organization XIII

        Then the only 4 we’ll see is Bayley, Sasha, Asuka & Alexa most likely

        • conan_kun

          Sadly I don’t see they keep Nia off TV but it could be Sasha as Vince don’t like her, remember they pick Bayley over Sasha to have title match at Summerslam.

          • Organization XIII

            Don’t see Nia being that intricate considering she was always booked to be a monster & she just started actually being booked as a threat like a month ago & even that was flip floppy

  • Kara Stevens

    I’m happy she’ll be on Raw, they need her. Smackdown is the better show for the divas, Raw needs to step it up. But, I don’t just want her rushed right into the title picture. Let her earn it and, build up all the women. I hope Nia wins at No Mercy and, has a good run.

    • Typical Heel

      There aren’t any Divas in WWE

  • Tenzen

    That’s definitely the best decision.

    And I know this will not please many people, but Asuka SHOULD be champion soon – they can’t mess her booking.

    I just hope they find a way to keep the division interesting, elevating the other women along with her.

    • Gato_wiska

      I dont know but I think Asuka should squash nameless jobbers who looks cunty and bitchy first.

      Let the Raw women Hot potato until the end of the year the title before Asuka makes her Armageddon and long reign.

      • Crazy. #RIPMae

        Keep it. The RAW Women’s title has been hot potatoed enough.

        • Gato_wiska

          Asuka will have a long reign. Giving title reigns to the women she is about to bury is fair game.

  • Gato_wiska

    Raw needs a women’s tag team division. So not all women will get buried during the Asukapocalypse and women get rebuilt them selves after losing to Asuka by going for the tag division.

    Tag teams

    Mickie and Dana (country strong)
    Iconic Duo
    The Bellas
    Sasha and Bayley (they compete for both divisions)
    Alicia Fox and Santana Garret
    Mercedes Martinez and Nicole Savoy
    Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax
    MMA four horsewomen (freebird rule)
    Tessa Blanchard and Paige

    Alexa Bliss
    Summer Rae
    Serena Deeb
    Sasha Banks
    Mia Yim

    Women can have a 205 live show on the Network to further feuds

    • Jose Antonio Atienza Lat

      Dear God no. RAW doesnt need more titles and more women when they cannot even book Emma, Summer Rae, Alicia, Dana right. They fucked up Bayley and Sasha.

      Prefer an all women show but they shouldnt appear on RAW.

      • Gato_wiska

        I see the women’s show as Extension of Raw and Smackdown women’s division with an under card of a tag team division. This is where women not used for Raw and Smackdown get’s storyline and this is where Raw and Smackdown champions can get more feuds.

        It is also a place where women from both brands can face.

    • Jose Antonio Atienza Lat

      Iconic Duo is better off on SDL. They’ll get buried on RAW just like everyone not named Alexa Bliss. They even cant book Sasha, Bayley, Nia, Mickie right for a 3 hour show and yet SDL books their woman even if they’re a 2hr show.

      Look at what happened to the cruiserweights. RAW completely destroyed the Cruiserweight Division

  • C Mack

    At least we know she has great chemistry with Dana, Mickie, and Emma. She brings out the best in Nia. Her vs. Sasha is a Mania match if there ever was one. I’m glad Asuka’s going to Raw. There’s much more ground to cover with her on SD, which makes me think she’s a definite to move next year.

  • Jo9834

    Why did they not just keep her debut a surprise? Anyway Asuka on Raw is probably the best bet where they tend to focus on one or two females at a time, Smackdowns one fits all booking approach would undermine her legacy.

  • -V

    There’s your Raw women’s division right here! Hopefully that will also mean that Emma & Mickie/Alicia can be moved to Smackdown where they can be used properly.

    • perceval

      You mean keeping Charlotte and Becky company in catering? Aren’t Mickie and Alicia already being used, that way? Hell, SD’s fourth most pushed woman is Tamina, who we haven’t seen in weeks.

      At least on Raw you have Main Event.

  • Ryan Stratus

    I’m not here for another Asuka loooong dominant reign as champion. That will destroy the credibility of all main roster women. If WWE does do this I will NOT be mad when the likes of the Bella’s return to dethrone her!

    • Dionte Brown

      Exactly. I’ve been saying this for a while her reign did nothing for the other women of nxt. It put no one over I could see if there was an endgame with her reign but they made everyone look useless.

      • Ryan Stratus

        I thought for sure Ember Moon would win at TakeOver

    • perceval

      They’ll protect the Total Divas cast. Everyone else are jobbers, already, so it won’t make any difference.

      • Ryan Stratus

        There is only one Fabulous Moolah. I hope the WWE doesnt try to recreate her in Asuka

  • MK126

    TBH they could have waited to start airing video packages. I mean did it honestly take a week for “negotiations” between her/RAW/SDL for her to decide where shes going? They could have had her scouting the female talent for a few weeks and then just start airing these on both shows to build up the hype as to where she was gonna go

  • Dionte Brown

    Get ready for the shovel!!

  • trishlita721

    Say goodbye to the careers of Mickie Dana Emma Alicia and whoever is returning paige/ summer.

    • Typical Heel

      At this point im starting to believe Summer is not going to return, WWE just has no interest in her, probably will let her contract expire smh

  • Match of Year Maker
    • Alicia’s wig

      Noh boty is ready foh aska

      • BitchFit

        no budty iz red dee for asuka!!

    • Kyle

      IM SO READY!!!

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    I’m fine with anyone but Alexa Bliss and Bayley ending Asuka’s streak. Sasha could go heel by cheating to win over Asuka and that’s the start of her heel run. Nia could benefit a lot from defeating Asuka and ending the streak. She’d probably get booed out of the arena every week if she does and that’s perfect for her.

    • Crazy. #RIPMae

      But at the same time, I’d love for someone new to defeat Asuka. I only said Sasha because both her and Alicia are the only ones who haven’t faced Asuka and it’ll be weird to have someone who Asuka already beat win but I dunno. It all depends on the booking. I’m still itching for a Paige return so she can end Asuka.

  • aronharris

    With auska heading to raw hopefully there’s a possible chance Paige will head to smackdown! Raw really doesn’t need anymore women, smackdown needs atleast one more strong heel female. I understand why wwe officials made the decision for auska to head to raw but the only reason why raws division is lacking is because of them. They book horribly so fans can’t really get into the matches and rivals. Its so frustating watching Mickie James, alicia fox and Emma get put over. I feel like wwe marketing is capitaling off of the revolution instead of taking advantage of it. How is it really a revolution if you only focus on the same four women???? I wish matches were based off of actual talent and wrestling ability instead of storylines. If that were the case there would be other women competing for the championship and would make the divison so Much better!


      Paige isn’t happening boo.

      • aronharris

        I know that boo but im was saying that as if it would be a good thing. I also think it would be good for smackdowns division as well! I just wish the main roaster (raw) got the same opportunity as the nxt girls. It just seems like mickie james, alicia fox and emma are there just to be a jobber. I dont understand how is that a divas revoluton.

    • Typical Heel

      Paige won’t be back on the main roster till the Sun rises in the west and sets east ??? but I’ll entertain the idea and say IF she managed to return, she needs to go to Smackdown but mainly bc thats the show of character development, and she’ll need all of the character development she can get to reinvent herself, and she definitely needs to never get another title reign again!!!

  • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

    I see Asuka beating Alexa and holding onto that belt until Wrestlemania at least.

  • Booking 101

    This is the only thing that can turn Raw bearable again for me. The booking is trash either way so I much rather see Asuka with the title than Alexa.

    At the same time a part of me is scared that they end up making her lose her winning streak way to soon in a random match with a crappy finish to a wrestler that should not conquer Asuka’s streak.

    This streak NEEDS to end at Wrestlemania. It’s the only stage that is big enough for such an epic moment.

    Plus, I’m I the only one that would love to see Asuka paired up with Paul Heyman? It honestly just screams money everywhere. I feel like they would compliment each other perfectly. If they pair them together, they will instantly turn into one of the best acts of the decade. I would love for it to happen

    • Typical Heel

      Omg that would bring so Much attention to the women’s division, it would be perfect

      • Booking 101

        I think it would be great. Asuka is not the best speaker due to her English limitations, despite most of what she says comes of in such a hilarious way, and Heyman would cover that up easily. I feel like they would have an amazing dynamic together. Plus having Heyman to hype up the women’s matches would do wonders to help bring more attention to the divison

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

    Please Raw, don’t ruin her.

    I need Sasha to take back the title and have a proper reign. Build Asuka up on Raw for a little bit then have her and the boss battle it out at maybe even Wrestlemania.

  • Henry Golz

    Alicia fox ended the following streaks.

    Aj Lee

    Beth Phoenix

    Nikki Bella


    Sasha banks

    And bayley lost her first match to Fox in nxt.

    Y’all better stop sleeping on Alicia the streak Ender Fox. ??

  • Buffyrocks

    I know it is really common to negatively hype ourselves up (e.g. Alexa will beat Asuka with a basic DDT), but that is simply just not going to happen. Asuka has literally one of the longest reigns as a champion in modern WWE history, regardless of gender. And she is still undefeated as of October 2015. By time she debuts on Raw that will literally be two years. I think they are going to ride this Asuka train (that was weird) for as long as they can, because the woman that finally does end her streak (and presumably, win a title), will go down in history as well. And at this point in time, as much as she has been pushed, I do not see that person being Bliss. Or Nia, Bayley, Sasha, or any other woman currently on the roster. I think it will be a MR Ember or Kairi to finally take Asuka down.

  • GEO

    Idk how I feel. On one hand, I’m very happy that she’s finally on the MR. On the other hand, RAW hasn’t been good with booking and has basically destroyed characters like Bayley. I’m hoping for the best though, I cannot wait to see Sasha vs Asuka.

  • Women’s Revolution

    Asuka will definitely freshen up the Women’s Division on Monday Night Raw…

    I think she’s a better fit for the brand. I’m hoping Nia Jax capture the Women’s Championship before Asuka’s arrival. She’s definitely improved and deserve a dominant reign as champion.

  • I’m happy for Asuka’s promotion, but I feel she’d be better served on Smackdown. There are too many women on RAW who are mired in the muck and adding Asuka to the mix is not gonna do them any favours. The RAW women’s division has Asuka, Alexa, Alicia, Nia, Sasha, Bayley, Summer, Paige, Dana, and Mickie. Two are injured, four are barely being used. It’s not a depth issue, it’s a creative issue.

    • DJ

      Asuka has more fresh competition on the blue brand but SmackDown’s 50/50 booking would ruin her hype and is totally against the type of booking that her undefeated streak calls for.

    • perceval

      SD uses a grand total of three women, four if you count Tamina.

      • That can only be said for what? Maybe the last month? Meanwhile the RAW brand has been that way since the split.

  • BitchFit

    if she loses and end her streak please make it at WM and put someone over

  • Tunasha

    Oddly she has defeated most of the RAW girls already, but I guess that means good chemistry. Just hoping something good comes out of this for the whole RAW division.

  • Oh my! The innevitable is around the corner, hope Asuka’s debut isn’t winning the title, that will ruin the other girls chances to shine.

  • ?K . A . T ?

    Can’t wait! Hopefully the writers don’t ruin her.

  • MaryJBolton

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  • Liam’

    We all know that Asuka has great Chemistry with Mickie, Emma, Dana, Bayley and Nia. Hopefully she doesn’t get lost in the shuffle and I’m hoping main roster doesn’t ruin everything she’s accomplished. I do not want Asuka to take a loss until Ember comes up. I don’t want anyone but Ember or Mickie to end the streak.

  • DJ

    Asuka is going to RAW because the E thinks the division on the red brand lacks depth and SD doesn’t? That’s laughable. If anything both RAW and SmackDown needs depth.

    • perceval

      Well, on SD, they want to protect Natalya, Naomi, Carmella, and Tamina, so she’d only be able to go over Charlotte and Becky. On Raw, there’s just Alexa and Nia to be protected, and a lot of jobbers.

      • DJ

        You mean on SD the only girls who could possibly be booked strong against Asuka are Becky and Charlotte (prolly Naomi and Nattie too)? Don’t forget Nikki Bella whenever she returns.

  • Litax4

    I’m exited to see Asuka on RAW rather than Smackdown tbh, I wonder what’ll happen to Mickie Alicia and Dana now as Asuka is more than likely going to be the next RAW Women’s champ and lets be honest RAW doesnt do non title women’s feuds

  • Kessa Kez

    hope they dont screw her up on raw which im afraid they will do. sasha is best as a heel and her promos are hot and yet she’s babyface and every one of her title defences reigns have made her look weak. bayley has been buried to the point she’s been booed and no one cared about a match between her and alexa at summerslam where she was due to lose for the umpteenth time. i’ll give it 2-4 months before vince is bored of Asuka and decides to have nia squash her or alexa beat her up with a pole.

    the only good thing about her move to raw is i’ll get to see her face mickie james again after their great nxt match.

  • jcott3

    Let’s just hope WWE doesn’t screw it up with her. There have been quite a few wrestlers who got over in NXT, then failed on the main roster for one reason or another.