After suffering an arm injury at AAA’s Triplemania XXV, GFW Knockout Rosemary has announced via Twitter that she has been medically cleared to compete in the ring again and will be back in action at this weekend’s Rise Wrestling even in England.

“Today is a good day, Hivelings, the doctor is pleased with the range of motion and strength/resistance for our bicep/tricep. We have been cleared to return to the ring meaning neither injury nor hurricane could keep us from raising Hell @RISEdtwa this weekend.“

It was also noted during a conference call featuring Sonjay Dutt (via 411 Mania) that GFW will not feature anything further on the controversy between Rosemary and Sexy Star from the Triplamania XXV event.

During the event, Sexy Star was accused of putting Rosemary in a legit armbar and refused to release it. He referred to the situation as “unfortunate” but noted that the working relationship between AAA and GFW is still in good shape after the incident.

Are you excited to see Rosemary back in action?

  • vincecabrera

    Sexy’s weave will be snatched, realistically and metaphorically!

  • jim

    Alot of wrestlers keep a hold on a wrestler a long time.Also,alot of wrestlers hit a wrestler after the match over.So sexy star have,done the samething that alot of other wrestlers have done.

  • I’m glad she is cleared!

  • Oh yikes! She can scary the KO’s division and make us love her even more in the process.

    • MaryJBolton

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  • Nathan

    I want her so badly in NXT. Wwe needs to hire a bunch of the KOs. With some of the MYC girls they could do a women’s tag championship on NXT. (I say NXT because I think it’d work better than on the MR). Imagine Rosemary and Nikki Cross together ?

    • LBOneOfKind

      Would rather see Knockouts tag team division return to GFW instead

      • ChristineTCollins

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