32 competitors, 31 matches, 13 countries, 8 episodes, 1 winner. The inaugural Mae Young Classic comes to a close tonight as the (Pirate) Princess faces the Queen (of Spades).

Before the final takes place, we arrive at the red carpet where women’s wrestling stars show up to give their support.

We first catch up with the Hugger herself, Bayley, as she’s interviewed by WWE 2015 Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze. The former RAW Women’s champion tells us that her healing process is “going up” and she can now do “everyday things” – like tying up her hair! The topic soon moves on to the tournament and Bayley says that she’s happy about the amount of “new faces” the show has brought out. She admits to not watching anything from Piper Niven before, and the Mae Young Classic exemplified how great the star really is. Bayley also states that with all of the new talent coming in to the company, it inspires her to “step [her game] up” to stay atop of the division. But regardless of her position, she’s happy of the progress that women’s wrestling is receiving because of it.

Cathy Kelley then catches up with Alundra Blayze to ask her for her thoughts on the show. Blayze recaps her Hall of Fame induction as well as finding out about the tournament from the very beginning. She also shares her gratitude towards women that look at her as an inspiration, as well as sharing her not so subtle support for Shayna Baszler.

Blayze is then seen interviewing some of the ladies of Netflix’ G.L.O.W. – starting off the interview with a special cheer dedicated to the programme. She asks cast members Kia Stevens (Tammé Dawson – A.K.A. Awesome Kong), Kate Nash (Rhonda), Rebekka Johnson (Dawn) and Sydelle Noel (Cherry Bang) about season two and they are more than excited about it. Stevens then talks about the difference between professional wrestling and Hollywood’s version, and she states that the main difference is that in Hollywood you wrestle until it’s perfect, whereas in wrestling you only get “one chance.” She then asks the women about their individual careers, and we find out about their work in comedy, music and more. If you’re still watching the red carpet at this point, it’s pretty clear that Blayze is not cut out for a career in journalism.

Triple H is next to be interviewed and shares his excitement about the tournament. He hopes that in ten years from now he’ll be hearing newbies state that the Mae Young Classic is what made them want to wrestle. HHH then praises women like Trish Stratus and Lita for working hard despite not having a clear “pot of gold” to be rewarded with. He then explains the process of making the tournament possible. We hear about how because of the work of the women on RAW, SmackDown and NXT, it was made “easy” for him to pitch the idea to those higher up. #GiveDivasAChance is credited for getting WWE to listen, and he makes it clear that fans have a huge impact on the product. He soon tells us that he does see more seasons of the Mae Young Classic in the future, but it’s not up to him to decide on that.

Charlotte Flair is quickly interviewed and says that when she watched the tournament at Full Sail University, she felt pressure to up her game. She states that every woman in the company needs to feel that pressure because the women of this tournament are coming for their crowns.

Mauro Ranallo reminds us that he called some of Baszler’s MMA fights and now his “two worlds are colliding” as she is competing in WWE. He claims that the two styles that will be competing are quite the “clash” and expresses just how excited he is to witness it.

Dana Warrior, though she’s only around to say something small, expresses how honored she is to witness the finale.

2017 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Beth Phoenix discusses how little content there used to be for women’s wrestling. So, growing up, she had to study male wrestling.

Stephanie McMahon is the final person to talk and she tells us that she is more than proud of how far the women’s division has come. From the change in division name to the similarity with the men’s title, she express her excitement for even more improvement within the division.

Now, onto the show!

An epic promotional package is shown (not the one above), highlighting the tournament from the beginning to now. We get to hear both Shayna and Kairi Sane give their piece on the event, and the hype is real. Baszler claims to be a lot better than the other women as she isn’t intimidated by the bright lights and bigger stage. Kairi on the other hand, is more focused on proving that being smaller “doesn’t matter” as she wants to prove that “size is not what it takes to be number one.” We’re then taken to ringside as Renee Young introduces the SmackDown Live crowd to the programme and we’re on our way!

We see shots of some of the stars that have come out to watch the historic moment. Beth Phoenix, Dana Warrior and Alundra Blayze are sitting together, whilst Mauro Ranallo is sat alone. Other stars in the audience include Mae Young Classic competitors Mercedes Martinez, Candice LeRae, Toni Storm and Pipe Neven, the G.L.O.W. stars we saw earlier, as well as WWE Superstars Asuka, Summer Rae, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Bayley and MMA’s Four Horsewomen Ronda Rousey, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir. And after a quick look at Lita and Jim Ross on commentary, another promotional package takes place.

To give the match the “big fight feel,” the wonderful Lilian Garcia is here to announce – and what a great announcer she is… The hype is real!

The contest soon begins and we see some attempted grapples that result in Shayna shoving Kairi away. The crowd then share their thoughts on either competitor, with the “Kairi Sane” chants being a little louder than the “Shayna Baszler” ones. Baszler uses her height of 5″7 to her advantage over the 5″1 Sane by shoving her opponent to the ground to initiate her Kirifuda Driver, but Sane constantly reverses it into a failed pin attempt before it can be locked in. This repeats for a short while but neither woman is successful.

Baszler then uses her power to kick Kairi to the ground but a hurricanrana gives Sane a bit of momentum to get inside her opponent’s head. However, a kick to Kairi’s head sends her dazed as she lays outside of the ring. It looks as though Baszler is on her way to gaining the victory. The Queen of Spades then takes control of the moment by attacking Sane with her strong kicks. With Sane being vulnerable at this point, Baszler takes advantage by using it to target her arms and elbows. A smart move for somebody that doesn’t want to be victim to Kairi’s Insane Elbow.

Sane does manage to get her feet on the ground though and uses this time to insert her Interceptor. But with a simple turn to the side, Baszler avoids the spear and leaves her opponent on the ground. The cockiness in Shayna is more than apparent, and it’s pretty clear that she has this match almost fully under her control.

Another Interceptor attempt does come through, but it only lands Kairi in the arms of her opponent, whom uses this time to Suplex Sane multiple times. The focus on Kairi’s arms and elbows continue and the Pirate Princess is left screaming, desperate to grab the ropes. She does end up getting out of the manoeuvre though, and follows through with whips to Baszler’s chest. Although at first this proves to be inefficient, the hard whips eventually have an impact on the MMA fighter is left cornered on the side of the ring. But Baszler quickly takes charge as she inserts a Running Knee.

Looking to put an end to her opponent, Baszler runs to the ropes, but the veteran knowledge of Kairi kicks in and this allows her to successfully apply the Inceptor. She then focuses on the ribs of Baszler with a couple of aggressive moves to keep her down. In order to make sure that the Insane Elbow reaches its full affect, this is the perfect idea. Go on, Kairi!

As the match goes on both women attempt to insert powerful moves. Some end up successful whereas others – like the Sliding D – leave the women vulnerable. The Insane Elbow is the best example. As she jumps in the air, Baszler catches her and implants the Kirifuda Driver, leaving Sane defenseless, aching to break out. As the move is held in even longer it looks as though the Japanese star is going to pass out. The crowd is roaring, begging for Sane to kick out, but it looks as though she won’t… Until she does. With a few desperately strong elbow attacks, Sane manages to get herself out of the move that saw all four of Baszler’s opponents in this tournament tap out to.

An intense battle at the top of the rope follows, and at this point it could be either woman’s match. They’re both punching one another, hoping for the opponent to fall, but neither is budging. But in the end, it’s Kairi that wins out after a punch lands Baszler falling, grasping onto the ropes. But this attempt of survival proves useless as Kairi inserts a Marine Spike, leaving Shayna on the ground, defenseless. But although it seems like the perfect time to pin, Shayna’s ring awareness allows her to grab ahold of the rope to secure the kick-out. And it’s fair to say that Kairi is pretty frustrated.

And this is where the end begins…

Kairi, full of anger and momentum, aggressively attacks Shayna with her first successful Sliding D of the contest. This then places Baszler in position for the Insane Elbow, which is also successfully inserted. And after quickly pinning her opponent, Kairi gets the full three-count and is crowned the very first winner of the Mae Young Classic! Looks like the Princess took down the Queen after all!

After some solo celebrating, Kairi and Shayna shake hands and hug, before Baszler retreats to the back. The likes of Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Sara Amato congratulate Kairi as she is handed a bouquet of flowers and the Mae Young Classic trophy!

When celebrating her victory, Sane looks up above, as though she is speaking to her best friend that she tweeted about. It’s an incredible moment for all involved.

A defeated Shayna tells Cathy Kelley that she can make up excuses for her loss – like her injury – but instead she just “had to give it to her.” Kelley brings up the fact that WWE Superstar Natalya congratulated Shayna as soon as she came through the curtains after the match. Baszler says that this is a reminder that she has real friends in the industry as throughout her time in combat sports, she’s learned that those that stick by you through one’s losses are the real friends. Aw, we all love Nattie too!

Once backstage, Kairi expresses how “unbelievable” her victory and reactions were. She thanks the WWE Universe for their support and describes it as being “tremendous.” The Pirate Princess expresses how grateful she is to be able to inspire women everywhere by being in this tournament. She is full of pride for herself and for the 31 other women that worked so hard throughout the contest. She also hopes that her win can inspire women’s wrestling fans everywhere. To end the interview, Kairi shares how much she respects Shayna, and believes that she is a tough competitor. What a great show of sportsmanship!

Cathy Kelley also shares the news that Kairi Sane will be competing for the vacant NXT Women’s championship on November 16th in NXT TakeOver: Houston! Unlike the previous video, Kairi doesn’t need WWE Superstar Funaki to translate, and he is pretty impressed by this.

Thoughts: If anyone tells you that they weren’t blown away by this match, they didn’t watch it! Shayna and Kairi both tore the house down and came out looking tougher than ever.

This match is so well done for many reasons, and I can’t help but sit here in awe at the phenomenal work produced by every woman throughout this tournament.

Prior to the match I was fearing that the story would be that Kairi, a weak rookie, would be facing off against a scary and dominant Shayna. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case. Kairi is an experienced wrestler. She’s been wrestling for a few years with some of the best talent the industry has to offer. So with that in mind, she isn’t going to be easily dominated by anyone.

Saying that, it’s nice that Shayna could still look strong in the contest. Despite being less experienced than Kairi in the world of pro wrestling, she managed to hold her own and look as though she’s been doing this for longer than she has. She looks tough, she acts tough and she wrestles tough. Shayna proved tonight that despite having much less experience than the other tournament members and WWE Superstars, that she is a star.

What I appreciate the most about her work is her intentional lack of selling. It isn’t the kind of selling that looks like she can’t wrestle. It’s the cocky and arrogant kind that forces her opponent to work harder to take her down. We see this exemplified perfectly when Kairi whips her chest again and again. The first few whips show little to no damage, but after a consistent use of the aggressive strikes, Shayna is worn down. The attempts at the Inceptor are also poignant moments for this, and it works wonders for both ladies.

Shayna standing strong at times when Kairi is implanting tough moves on her affectively adds to Baszler’s character and the story. Kairi’s screams and repetition on moves exemplifies this perfectly. It forces the idea that despite Sane’s experience, she needs to push harder to take down the MMA fighter. She needs to use all she has in her to overcome the well known Queen of Spades.

This isn’t the typical story of Rookie vs Veteran. It’s a unique story of Experienced Wrestler vs Cocky and Talented Newcomer. This isn’t Shayna’s world, but her arrogance and strong abilities force it to be. Or at least, are an attempt to be, because after all, Kairi Sane does a phenomenal job.

Sane’s job tonight was a tough one. She was going out to a crowd that came for another show, and she had to get them on her side. Luckily, Shayna has an easy-to-hate persona, but Sane’s work was definitely cut out for her. We saw some stagnant moments with the crowd, but Kairi’s interaction and impressive move-set made sure that those instances were cut short and that the audience paid attention to her work. Sane had the SmackDown Live crowd rooting for her throughout the entire match. And if that isn’t impressive, then I really don’t know what is.

This woman has never performed on American television prior to this tournament. And for her to have an entire crowd on their feet, begging for her victory, is quite the accomplishment. Sane is the true hero of this story. Not only does she manage to overcome the tournament’s biggest threat, but she proved that female wrestlers can keep the crowd invested when given an opportunity.

Both women were put in front of a crowd that paid for another show, yet they stayed and were invested into their match. Baszler and Sane tore the house apart, and I can’t wait to see them do it again.

Despite my prediction that Baszler would be victorious to further the Four Horsewomen vs Four Horsewomen feud, I’m glad that I was wrong. It would’ve made sense for Shayna to go on looking tougher, proving her doubters wrong. It also would’ve made sense for Kairi to look tough whilst having the crowd root for her as the underdog. But at the end of the day, this was Sane’s Swan Song. Kairi aimed to make her best friend proud, and to successfully represent her country as the only Japanese contestant. And this win secured both of those dreams.

The only issue with the match itself is that as the finale it should have been the best of the tournament. And although it came close, Kairi Sane vs Bianca Belair in the second round was by far the best match here.

Regardless, both women did well. And hopefully next time we won’t get commentators that sound bored and react late to things, as these hardworking women deserve passionate responses from those paid to react.

Overall, this match was phenomenal. A 4½ bout with fantastic storytelling, brilliant moves and an incredible atmosphere. Here’s to next time!

What did you think of the match? What was your favorite contest throughout the tournament? Are there any improvements you would make for this show? Which women would you like to see if the Mae Young Classic returns? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

  • Rosanna

    This match just proved how little in-ring ability Shayna has. Has the heel you’re suppose to carry the match. You’re always on the offensive. But instead Kairi had to carry Shayna. On top of that they want a 4HW feud. Who knows what they can do in the ring because from what I’ve seen Shayna can’t even do the bare minimum. She makes Carmella and Alexa bliss look like experts which they are but you get what I mean.

    Also noted. Some women are signed supposedly. I don’t see nothing wrong with that I don’t see the hype in Toni storm she didn’t do anything amazing in the ring or outstanding besides a turnbuckle suplex which we already seen Asuka and both Bayley to do Nia Jax.

    With Kairi winning I’m and a tournament coming up at the next takeover I’m hoping to see Bianca vs Kairi part two. Since at the tapings Bianca is being featured a lot.

    Also, why was they being shady and not showing Asuka? She was definitely right besides Summer Rae also since she was featured I expect her to be back on raw or smackdown soon!

    Also it’s funny how the smackdown crowd was so hype for that match even chanting both there names but never does that for the smackdown women like ever. This just proves that they have to work 10x harder.

    • #RiotWithRuby

      Glad to know I’m not the only one not impressed with Toni. She has a great personality and character, but her wrestling skills aren’t all everybody hypes it up to be.

      • Rosanna

        I don’t even get her character. She’s funny I understand that. She’s relatable I get it but else does she have? What makes her special what makes her Toni Storm? She didn’t do anything amazing. I didn’t see anything phenomenal. I guess her reputation is what she has to offer.

      • Kvngbalor

        This is hilarious she was very safe during the MYC but Toni Storm wrestles! She’s quick she’s stiff she’s charismatic young funny she’s like Kaitlyn meets Jericho

        • #RiotWithRuby

          I’ve seen her work outside of the tournament. Still not impressed. But again, that’s my opinion.

    • Wrestling.fan.from.France

      “She makes Carmella and Alexa bliss look like experts which they are but you get what I mean.”
      Honestly, I have yet to see Carmella impress me as much as Shayna in a match and same for Alexa. Plus on your point about her not carrying the match, I just watched it actually and I am confused. Kairi didn’t carry the entire match. She wasn’t always on offense, in fact, Shayna was more dominant and was more in the offense. She held her own and did great here imho.

      • Rosanna

        I didn’t see it. Her lack of selling wasn’t her being cocky she can’t sell her timing was off her botched some moves. She looks a mess. ” honestly I’ve yet to see– ” imma cut you off right there because we can do this all day. I link you a bunch of top 10 matches of Alexa and Carmella right here right now and I bet you can’t do the same for Shayna besides going on YouTube and linking me a bunch of her matches randomly. She didn’t do anything impressive this whole tournament squashed Zeda within 20 seconds. Her match with Martínez Mercedes carried her Candice literally was on the offensive with her she is absolutely NOTHING. She only got this far because of Rhonda.

        • Wrestling.fan.from.France

          I know exactly how capable Alexa and Carmella and both of the girls have yet to impress as much as Shayna did in this tournament where she had better matches than both in their entire career honestly (especially Carmella who is the least impressive of the three).

          You seem to dislike her due to her connection with Ronda Rousey mostly. You’re not the only one but still, it’s a shame because this is preventing you from seeing her potential.

          • Rosanna

            She has done nothing she put in decent amount of work. Rookies Xia Lia Bianca Belair and Lacey Evans with 1 year of wrestling behind them showed me more potential than Shayna Baeszler 16 year MMA ability and wrestling ability. She still thinks she’s in a MMA ring and that’s what’s throwing her off. She needs to get with the program.

            Carmella is very fair in the ring not so bad and not so good. But she puts effort into it.

            Alexa is great in the ring she is always innovative. She isn’t going to be on the 4HW level because they’ve had years of training before even making it to where they are now. She’s good at high risk moves and being speedy when given the right opponent as we seen from her face NXT days. Shes not going to be like everyone because everyone wrestles differently.

          • Wrestling.fan.from.France

            “Shes not going to be like everyone because everyone wrestles differently.” Then I don’t see the issue with Shayna wrestling differently and having a different style in that sense.

            “Carmella is very fair in the ring not so bad and not so good. But she puts effort into it.” Because Shayna doesn’t put any effort? I am sure she does even if you may not be a fan of her wrestling style.

            “Shayna Baeszler 16 year MMA ability and wrestling ability” See, this very precise sentence makes me wonder if you even know how long she’s been doing this and this questions any doubt you have on her potential if it’s really the case.

          • Rosanna
          • Wrestling.fan.from.France

            LOL! Not surprised but of course…

          • Rosanna
  • #RiotWithRuby

    Both women did amazing! I was so glued to my screen throughout the match. Congrats to both for a fantastic match.

    But um… you think Kairi vs. Bianca was match of the tournament? To each its own, but that title belongs to Kairi & Tessa.

    • Jo9834

      Kairi and Tessa was the best IMO , Piper and Santana, Toni and Piper , Kairi and Bianca, Abbey and Jazzy were also standout matches for me. Kairi and Bianca had shock value simply for how good Bianca was so short into her career.

      • Wrestling.fan.from.France

        It’s hard to pick one match tbh but honestly, I remember being more impressed by Abbey vs Evers that very same night than Bianca vs Kairi while it was still a great match. Either ways, I think Bianca vs Kairi is quite overrated because Bianca quickly became a favorite over here despite her 1 year of experience only and I wouldn’t even put it in the top 5 while it was a great match yet again and a very impressive showing by Biance who has MAJOR potential.

    • MinervaCoretex

      Girl no. That tessa match was WAY too short to be considered the best. They were obviously holding back since it was the first round.
      Kairi/Bianca was great in terms of wow factor.
      Buuuuut, I think the best matches were Kairi/Toni, Mercedes/Shayna and Piper/Toni.
      But to each their own lol.

  • Kvngbalor

    Just read that Vince was in charge Tuesday night and shut shit down changed the outcome to Sane winning cause he didn’t want Shayna who isn’t under contract the winner and he’s trademarked Kairi Sane name and negotiations with Shayna are at a stand still also Vince had Steph & HHH shut down the 4HW angle & tease because they aren’t negotiating with Rousey who is still under i assume UFC contract and he doesn’t want to sell something that is nowhere near close to happening …. For once Vince got it right Thank You Vince …. He may be a lot of things but A Rousey Ass Kisser isn’t one of them

    • shumiley

      If this is true I’ll be so happy

      • Kvngbalor

        Yea i take lot of reports with a grain of salt but this is believable there was no mention of the angle no tease Rousey wasn’t the focal point and i can see Shayna not wanting a developmental contract yet wanting to be put right on main roster Vince proves he is still a very smary businessman by not pushing something he isn’t sure he can dekiver fwd HHH and Stephanie both got a little too overzealous

    • Mr. Giem
    • Wrestling.fan.from.France

      I don’t believe it honestly, I think Kairi was always going to win anyway. They made sure to put the spotlight on her from the beginning and in every matches she’s been in. HHH may be high in Shayna but I don’t think he ever wanted her to win.

      Plus, I don’t think Rounda would have agreed to do an angle on that day since she it was Shayna’s night and like she said during an interview before the match, she was only here for Shayna and didn’t want to take away anything from her during the finals.

    • Exotic

      In charge of the MYC or just Tuesdays (SD) in general? Cause if so it explains why Smackdown has been shit the past 2 months.

  • I’ll say this again, they pushed the HW vs HW angle too much during the tapings and then nothing happens.

    If the end goal was to have a normal match with no shenanigans, then Shayna shouldn’t have advanced this far at all. She should’ve lost to Mia IMO.

    Still glad Kairi won, I hope these ladies, Santana and Mia get signed.

    • conan_kun

      Those 4 women against WWE Four Horsewomen is more compelling than MMA Four Horsewomen

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      Yesssss Piper!!! Baby girl is slaying in this pic!! I hope she get signed!! I’d love to see more of her.

    • Jo9834

      Piper looks great here! now only if her ring gear followed suit. All these women in NXT would be great however I really want to see Tessa Blanchard get the nod too, she really impressed me throughout.

      • Tessa is great I just hope she fixed her attitude in the meantime.

    • Exotic

      I hope they sign Piper, Santana and Mercedes!!
      Keep the rest.

    • TheNeighborsCat

      They can’t open the floodgates for all these girls. There’s only so much TV time and unless you don’t mind 90% of them sitting backstage waiting for work and barely doing house shows, this company is gong to have to slow down on signings.

  • conan_kun

    Summer was in the audience during MYC Final but it may not lead her to return on TV on Raw or move to Smackdown

    • Dylan Gutierrez

      Seeing Asuka cheering totally gave me life! Summer looks incredible!

      That clip seeing Madusa interviewing Charlotte was so surreal; it’s like two sisters or a mother/daughter vibe. I’ve always thought so :o

    • Seraphina Rosenhart
      • ChristineTCollins

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    • YonceLuvsDivas

      Omg I miss this girl!! I’ve already been hitting my peak in frustration over her absence. This just sent me through the roof.

  • Dylan Gutierrez

    Seeing Awesome Kong/Kharma again was a treat though a part of me wishes she’d return and take over Nia’s role and be a true monster destroying people left and right. She’d definitely have great matches with Charlotte, Nattie, Becky, Asuka.

    Then with Nikki improving so much over the years (my opinion) I’d love to see that continued but oh well, one of my what if’s with WWE but it was great seeing her grace WWE screens again.

  • Mr. Giem

    Like I said before, the finale of the tournament was something great! I can’t believe there’s people complaining already.

    I do believe there were other women more capable than Shayna for this finale but no one had the heat Shayna had and that helped Kairi to get even more over and get the reactions she got last night. I truly enjoyed the in-ring action, the whole match was great and I seriously thought at times that Shayna was going to win.

    For me this was such a great night, there wasn’t needed to set the next angle with the 4HW or plant the seeds for something else, this was all about the tournament and for once I’m glad that that was it. Kairi’s victory felt so good, she’s so lovely and watching so many personalities there for the finale just made it even more prestigious, I lived for Kia glowing in that red carpet!

    And finally, Alundra as an interview is so cringeworthy ? I love her but I felt so bad for everyone she was interviewing.

  • Thw perfect finale, for the perfect women’s of wrestling tournament. Was awesome and I really hope WWE make it everyday.

  • Monkey Tennis

    The match was good. But there were at least 10 other wrestlers in the tournament who could have replaced Shayna in this final and made it great.

    As it was, it was pretty basic stuff. Kairi did all the work, as you’d expect. Shayna did… whatever it is that Shayna does. Which is mostly armlocks. And oddly weak look punching.

    Basically, this was the right result in the wrong final.

  • This was such an incredible match and they both deserved to be there at the end.
    I knew that WWE wanted Kairi to win when I watched the Bracketology special and then saw that she was the only woman with a full-on gimmick with props and everything. Shayna’s sequence of suplexes is so fun to watch and I can’t wait to see more of it!
    I need to see more Bianca Bel Air, Mia Yim, Mercedes will be a solid heel, Toni Storm, Lacey Evans, Tessa Blanchard, and Zeda.
    Not really into that Shaman-girl, or Candice LeRae. Not even too crazy about Viper, but I can see how she’d add to the NXT roster.

  • Raekon

    Waited for you to redux the road to the finals Episode with the 6 womens tag match but it seems you overlooked it or weren’t interested to post about it.
    Anyway, I honestly expected a bit more from both since both competitors have shown far more in stardom and the Indies. Was still a good bout that were partially booked spotwise akwardly..
    Happy Kairi won this and I liked the respect shown by Shayna at the end. :)

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    Great match! The crowd was into it immensely despite it being after Smackdown. The right person won. Kairi is absolutely fantastic and she was undoubtedly the MVP of this tournament. Her being involved in next NXT Takoever to crown the new champion was the right thing to do without giving her the title instantly.

    Shayna is a legit badass. I don’t think that in this match, her selling was noticeably problematic really, I think it was fine and her style of wrestling fits very well with underdogs or fiery and petite babyface competitors.

    People are too harsh on her. I was extremely harsh on her in her match with Mia Yim on a first watch but the more I have seen from her, the more I can see why HHH is high on her. She has too heel potential all over her. You just have to look at her, look at all of the comments here and the crowd reactions. They are not booing her because they feel like she’s bad, they are booing her because she is a very good heel who potentially be a great one. She’s pretty much everything they want in Sonya Deville but with legitimacy.

    Kairi came off as a major babyface thanks to Shayna being this huge heel as well and no one in this tournament could have done that to her. Very happy with the tournament and with the finals and can’t wait to see what’s next for both!

  • conan_kun

    Regarding the futures of the Mae Young Classic competitors, here are some updates from Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com:
    – The following talents have signed: Kairi Sane, Vanessa Borne, Zeda, Sarah Logan, Xia Li, Rhea Ripley, Abby Laith, Kavita Devi, Dakota Kai, Bianca Belair, Sage Beckett, Lacey Evans, Taynara Conti and Reina Gonzalez.
    – Shayna Baszler’s signing hasn’t been confirmed but she is not being advertised for any future indie shows.
    – The belief is that WWE is interested in Piper Niven because they brought her to Las Vegas (she was reportedly flown in from Japan) for the finals.
    – Like Piper Niven, Mercedes Martinez was also brought to the finals which is a sign the company is interested in her despite her being 37 years old.
    – Candice LeRae was also at the finals and the belief is she has a very good chance of being signed.
    – Toni Storm hasn’t been signed but it’s expected that she’ll get an offer and her age (only 21) will increase her chances.
    – Tessa Blanchard wasn’t at the finals and hasn’t been signed yet despite her abilities and name.
    – While the remaining women could still be signed, their chances seem to be less likely.

    • Jo9834

      Kavita Devi’s match racked up an impressive 5 million views on Youtube (more than ANY other match in the MYC or WWE in a long time for that matter), the WWE could make a killing in other territories like India and Brazil with these women.

      • Gato_wiska

        WWE might make money with Taynara vs kavita match. it can be botchy but the views it will get…..

  • I just wish the finals had his own spotlight instead of being squeezed in between Smackdown and 205 Live. It kind of cancelled the whole “big thing” feel they had going on with all these legends and the cast of GLOW there. But they made it work. I don’t have much negative things to say about the tournament as a whole: It’s been a fantastic ride. Still not sold on Shayna, but definitely overjoyed that one of my favorite wrestler in the world won.

  • Super Mateo

    Rumor has it that Vince changed the winner of the match “last minute,” which I’m not sure how because Kevin Owens was beating him up right before this, but whatever…and Vince also killed the Horsewomen story. I don’t think they were ever going there anyway because they kept Sasha away from this thing. If that’s what they were going for, why was Sasha sent overseas during the original tapings and why wasn’t she present at the finale?

    Whether Vince made a wise decision or pulled an Inspector Gadget, either way, it was the right call. Kairi is a deserving winner and was over as a face before fighting Shayna. As for the scheduling, I don’t know the reason this was put between SD and 205 Live, but my guess is to test viewership in the post Smackdown slot. If it’s to get people to watch 205 Live, it didn’t work for me; I turned off the network right after the MYC.

  • Hangga

    My opinions :
    1. Lita did good job as commentary here, i am her big fan but her commentating on certain episode seems bland and “disconnected” with Jim Ross, but here she did good job
    2. Kairi and Shayna match is ok, Kairi moves are so crisp and i believe she has many great arsenal, yet she has to carry shayna the whole match, i wish it was toni/bianca/piper vs kairi

    • MK126

      I think it was because they were live. I do agree that her commentary was WAY better here than during the episodes. The commentary in general seemed very video game-esque which is sad since they had to redo commentary for the episodes.

  • Exotic

    They need to bring Kharma back!
    Kharma vs Bella Twins
    vs Sasha
    vs Becky
    vs Nat
    vs Asuka
    vs Naomi
    vs returning Paige
    vs Mickie James
    vs Nia


  • Exotic

    Queen Kairi going to win the NXT title, I hope she keeps it forever

  • Raekon

    Erm… short info to the writer of the article: Kairi HAS competed on the american Television in April when she worked for the Lucha Underground as “Doku”. ^_^