Hola NXT fans and welcome to this week’s NXT Redux. As we saw last week, Ruby Riot is on a mission to settle the score against Billie Kay and Peyton Royce after the Iconic Duo managed to get the better of Ruby using their number games two weeks ago.

As per William Regal, Ruby can have her match against the Iconic Duo under the condition that she is able to find a tag team partner to stand alongside her. So who will team up with Ruby Riot? Let’s find out.

The women kick off this week’s program and while Iconic Duo make their entrance as a collective team, Ruby Riot is riding solo.

Female referee Jessika Carr is overlooking this unofficial handicap match that starts off with Riot bringing Kay to the mat with a single leg takedown. Riot then turns her attention to Royce and takes her down as well when she tries to make a run-in attack.

The numbers game get the better of Riot when Kay wins control with a forearm. She makes a tag to Royce and the Iconic Duo add insult to injury when they mock Riot for not having a tag team partner. But what’s this? From the NXT crowd, Nikki Cross appears and slowly makes her way to ringside for a better glimpse of the ongoing match.

Meanwhile in the ring, the Iconic Duo continue with the double team attack on Riot, landing a double front suplex that earns them a two count. Riot manages to find an opening for an escape after avoiding a forearm shot from Kay that hits Peyton instead. Riot retreats to a corner to recover and in a surprise move, Nikki Cross jumps from ringside and onto the ring apron to tag herself in this match!

A fired up Ruby goes for the attack, shooting Kay down with clotheslines and a running cross body Royce! Cross finishes up her tag team partner duty by taking Kay out with a swinging fishermen neck breaker, tagging Riot back in the match and disappearing back into the NXT crowd.

A confused Riot carries on with the match, climbing up a turnbuckle and puts Billie away with a Diving Senton from the top rope for the three count. Post match, Riot is still scanning outside the ring for any sign of Cross.

We move on to a special look back at Asuka’s NXT career with special comments from Ember Moon, Corey Graves, Bayley and Charlotte Flair who all praise the Empress of Tomorrow. My heartstrings are touched again! We’re still rooting for you as you make your way to Raw Asuka!

Backstage, Christy St. Cloud asks William Regal the million dollar question: What are the plans to crowning a new NXT Women’s Champion?

The NXT GM pretty much gives us the same answer he did last week in that he has a lot to think about but will let us know of his plans in the coming weeks.

Well, we already got a BIG hint after the Mae Young Classic Finale and already KNOW that Kairi Sane will challenge for the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT TakeOver: Houston.

Thoughts: This was actually a fun week for the women. I’m liking that NXT have found ways to change up the Ruby Riot vs. Iconic Duo to keep me interested. What started off as a backstage teasing segment has led back and forth match-ups featuring these three women, Riot wanting to vent on her own despite Regal’s advice and now Cross’ surprise involvement. Continuity is key!

The tag match was all right but the real story being told was whether anyone would stand by Riot in her time of peril. Since she didn’t quickly jump at the chance of helping Riot, I don’t think we can rule this as a full on face turn for Nikki Cross. Maybe Cross getting involved was a way for her to hold a ‘favor’ over Riot, maybe it was just for kicks to be more involved in NXT Women’s division versus managing SAnitY or maybe Cross just wanting to look good ahead of an opening spot at the NXT Women’s Championship. There are different ways things can go from here for Cross and here’s hoping we get more answers in the weeks ahead.

Speaking of the NXT Women’s Title scene, things are certainly going to shake-up at the next set of NXT tapings. With Kairi Sane already in the running, I’m expecting we’ll see a lot from her leading all the way to TakeOver: Houston. As far as who she will face, I’m predicting some sort of mini-tournament taking place that will include a mix of NXT’s new generation of female stars, now that the Mae Young Classic is over, as well as some of the regular featured women of NXT. Regardless of how things form come TakeOver: Houston, we’ve entered a new post Asuka Era in NXT and I’m hoping whoever emerges as the next NXT Women’s Champion can continue to carry prestige to the title in her own way.

What did you think of this week’s episode of NXT? What are your thoughts on Nikki Cross coming to the aid of Ruby Riot? What would you like to see happen at the next set of NXT tapings? Let us know in the comments below!

  • L.S #PushBillieKay

    Billie Kay deserves better

  • conan_kun
  • conan_kun
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  • BC

    They NEED to push The Iconic Duo as the next champions or else their window of time is closing lol jk. But these girls have been booked as like jobbers and the title will really help aleviate the girls. Just have them LayCool it up, as recycled as that mean girl gimmick can be. Make them go down a list of the NXT girls that they’ll bully and beat. Have them feud with Ruby, Nikki, Ember, Kairi at different times (so they can keep the title for a few months) and then eventually lose the title to one of the four and maybe debut on the main roster after a good run with the NXT title.

    Oop for babbling. But I think now is just the perfect time to capitalize on these girls as top heels after them being sort of backgrounds to Ember/Asuka/Ruby. Lol

    • Seraphina Rosenhart

      I agree, but I do wish that they went back to the more mysterious gimmicks they used to have: The Venus Flytrap of NXT and the Femme Fatale of NXT. Billie Kay needs to come out with her regal, queenly looks and Peyton with her Poison Ivy like character and look. Building a tag team off of those two gimmicks would work much better imo.

      • Gavin

        The creative team doesn’t know how to book that. They can only do mean girl tag teams.

      • The Earl of Lemongrab

        Ikr? That mean girls mannerism they keep doing make them seem like a joke. As I have said before they’re doing villain gimmick, make them more evil than mean.

  • Jfizzle

    I’m OK with this match. It added something new to the storyline by adding Nikki in. But having Kairi already in the title picture isn’t really fair to the girl’s like the Duo, Ruby, Nikki, and even Sonya who have been busting their butts to get better and do what they can with dismle booking under Asuka’s reign of terror

  • This looked like a Nikki face turn, and idk, if Iconic Duo goes up, we won’t have established heels left. Sonya would be the only one with some relevance left.

    • ???

      Unless if Mandy came back

    • conan_kun

      If some MYC women like Mercedes, Jazzy, Piper Niven signing for NXT, they can be heel role.

      • Super Mateo

        Jazzy and Piper are way too popular to work as heels right now.

    • A?.

      They need to build up Vanessa and Taynara. Tay should come out and interrupt Regal during the Women’s Championship update and say she could’ve won the MYC and be in Kairi’s place rn. Maybe she can win a few matches and go into a feud with Kairi, who is a fan favorite, then lose.

  • Gavin

    Billie lost again…Okay.

  • Kvngbalor

    Nikki turned face at Brooklyn i hope Mercedes signed she’d be a great heel in NXT

  • ???

    What ?? This is the first time ever that the redux come early compare to the usual!!

    Also , why they don’t post the full matches like before instead of just the short/cut versions?

    • Super Mateo

      There was a SD Redux that came an hour after the show ended one week. And I noticed there’s no Raw Redux this week, which I can’t blame them. Raw sucked this week; I wished I had skipped it, too.

      The full matches were from unauthorized/illegal sources. In order to prevent illegal distribution of someone else’s product, they only post videos that WWE itself uploads. If you want to see the full match, watch the show.

  • Rosanna

    At this point Billie needs to go solo once she’s on the main roster separate them. Because Billie doesn’t need to be taking looses a team. She needs to be build up creditable. She needs to have her old character back when she was managing Sylvester.

    She needs to be the Evil Queen Gimmick that mysterious women when she wore the mask and dark attires. In the live events it was everything she still is everything but being a team only works so far. Only one of you shine. Laycool > Michelle. Bella Twins > Nikki. Up until recent years where Brie and Nikki both shine in single matches and in tag teams Layla got her shine once Michelle left.

    I really want them to stay a team but if there going to be a team they have to be more even out. Billie had a strong showing on the mic and facial expressions and selling. Oppose to Peyton has the look and inring ability.

  • Nikki is the best thing going in the NXT Women’s Division right now. Really hoping she gets to hold the title one day. She is fascinating.

    Amazing video about Asuka to end an amazing run. I can’t wait to see her kick more heads off on the main roster!

    • Christina22

      She should be the next NXT Women’s Champion. Kairi can wait, especially since they protray her as an underdog. And Triple H know how to book people strong in defeat

  • Aye Mate

    Truthfully I thought this would have been a great device to debut Dakota Kai, fresh off her strong showing in the MYC, and into a program with her tag partner from the indies. But, Nikki Cross is far too awesome to ever complain whenever she does something. Turning her face is smart as it will utilise more of her natural charm, which Cross has in abundance. With the influx of new talent and Asuka’s graduating to the main roster, NXT remains the brand I’m most optimistic for.

  • Don ?

    This was a fun episode for the women. I’m hopeful this is the last we see of the Iconic Duo on NXT, but it appears they’re going to be stuck on NXT for a while. The Smackdown women’s division is focused on Natalya/Carmella right now with Lana/Tamina missing and Charlotte/Becky being saved for an impending 4HW vs 4HW feud. The RAW women’s division is… Well we all know how they’re doing.

    I don’t see either Billie or Peyton winning the NXT Women’s Championship and I personally hope they don’t win it. I believe they’ll be fine on the MR without winning the title. The only women currently worthy of winning the title succeeding Asuka imo are: Nikki Cross, Ember Moon and Kairi Sane.

  • A?.

    Nikki is a tweener, and she’s playing mind games.

    Also, I need the Iconic Duo as co-champions or Nikki to win so all of Sanity can run NXT. Listen, I love Kairi and she’s adorable but she doesn’t deserve the title, I’m sorry, but that’s just a slap in the face for the other women.

    • -V

      Truth being told here, yas! Especially when they have been in NXT for over a year & have improved drastically.

  • Don’t get me wrong, Nikki Cross is probably my favorite woman on NXT, I lived for Nikki Storm, and couldn’t wait for her debut, but she looked sloppy as hell in the video posted on this article. Love her character work though and am so ready to see where this goes.

  • Stef’

    Happy to see Billie and Peyton as always, but I can’t help being disappointed by the outcome, as always. They are a duo, so I don’t mind them losing their one on one matches, but losing as a team when they are the only actual team in the roster… Please !

    • The Earl of Lemongrab

      They’ve been booked horribly, they flip-flop from being the top heels to being jobbers. They always win one match then loss the next one

  • John Finnie
  • BLKLTR05

    Where has it been reported that the Iconic Duo is headed to the main roster? All I keep reading is that they don’t need the titles because they’re gonna be on Smackdown soon anyway so why bother. Any links would help otherwise I am going to be treating it as an unsubstantiated rumor. These girls should run the NXT Womens Division for a while. For the rest of the year up until Wrestlemania and then be called up. I don’t see a real need for them at the moment on Smackdown anyway. Let them establish their dominance on NXT and then continue it on Smackdown, otherwise all they are able to do is bark but not bite.

  • Christina22

    Awesome they are pushing Nikki’s face turn. Wanna see her tag with Kairi

    Was think Ember should turn heel. She might improve on the mic like Neville and Charlotte.

    Nikki needs better offence. Or just be a technical wrestler. Would surprise her opponent.

    Liking the post Asuka era so far even though I’m an Asuka mark.