After The Pirate Princess was crowned the inaugural Mae Young Classic winner, Triple H revealed that she’ll be participating in an upcoming match at NXT TakeOver: Houston. Now sources are saying Kairi Sane will compete in a multi-woman match for the belt at the event.

According to ProWrestling Sheet, Senior Producer James McKenna reported before the MYC finale that inside sources are saying the current plan is for multiple women from NXT to participate in the women’s title match.

Last night during NXT William Regal again hinted that he still has some thinking to do regarding the title scene but will be revealing his plans soon.

NXT tapings are also set for tonight and should provide a clearer picture of where the title scene is headed.

What do you think about this rumor? If true, who would you like to see compete against Kairi for the championship? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Bella Boy

    I’m hoping we can have Bianca Belair & Mandy Rose finally come up and compete for the belt..

    I feel Ember, Billie & Peyton are Main roster ready.

    As for Ruby & Nikki.. no thanks ??

    • Exotic

      Exactly. But switch Ember and Nikki cause Ember Coon basic trash.

      • BLKLTR05

        You do know that “coon” is a racial slur right? That’s degrading to the woman. This comment is disgusting.

    • MK126

      Bianca BelAir should be Kairi’s first feud when she gets put on NXT TV

      • Bella Boy

        Yeah. But I want Bianca to win this feud!

        • MK126

          It would definitely add to the whole EST thing shes got going on

      • I dunno, I think her and Sage Beckett may end up feuding.

    • You think Peyton and Billie are Main Roster ready??

      • Bella Boy

        SmackDown Live needs them as Tamina & Lana are not doing a thing, it’s needs livening up! Let them feud with Naomi

  • Liam’

    I’d make everyone fight a tournament. But obviously it’s not going to happen with the match announced… I’d like to see Kairi vs Ember vs Nikki vs Ruby vs Peyton vs Billie. These women have been the main focal point around Asukas title reign so, I believe one of these women should be the new nxt women’s champion.

    • MK126

      That match seems perfect given the story. The 5 women who challenged Asuka and lost now have the opportunity to fight for what they want. Throwing in Kairi as the wildcard coming off of her HUGE win in the MYC is getting a shot without even stepping foot into the ring with the former champion. TO:Houston is gonna be great if they book this match

      • Liam’

        I would also make it an elimination match? Not sure what the match type should be but I hope this happens. It’s a fair opportunity to all the women who fought to tear Asuka apart and Kairi as she won the MYC

        • MK126

          An elimination match would be awesome

  • Vince Martin

    Gauntlet match or Championship scramble would be ideal

  • Gauntlet followed by a big match similiar to how TNA’s golden era did it would be ideal. Kairi starts out, eliminates one half of Iconic Duo and then Ruby Riot. Loses to Nikki who then loses to Ember Moon.. Ember wins against the remaining half of Iconic Duo.

  • Hoooshi

    I hope it’s a gauntlet match, that’s the stipulation I find more interesting, but I can see it being a normal match just to protect her from being pinned.

    And this better be the main event, the men can take the backseat this time and it won’t hurt them.

  • Exotic

    A fatal four way with Ember, Ruby and Nikki is the most realistic and best option. I would LOVE to see Iconic Duo be part of the match but I rather see them on the MR ASAP.

    Shame NXT booking is a pile of garbage shit. They have no one other than the 3 mentioned who are credible enough of winning a match, let alone a title.

    • BLKLTR05

      Id ove it if it was a six pack challenge with the ID added to the match. It would elevate both of them and judging from last nights match, they definitely can hold their own.

      • Exotic

        I want them on MR. They deffo wont be winning the NXT womens title so itd be pointless lol ?????

        • BLKLTR05

          No it wouldn’t be pointless. It would showcase them and their abilities at least. It could help elevate their characters in multiple ways without winning the championship and then that could help them when they go to the main roster. But you’re so adamant that they’re going there soon so you must have some sort of receipt right? Like a link with a rumor at the very least? Or are you speculating because of that one scene of them talking to Daniel Bryan at SS?

  • Sass.

    I’m hoping for a gauntlet match, a championship scrabble match or a six pack-challenge elimination match between Billie, Ember, Kairi, Nikki, Peyton & Ruby.

  • Make it a 6 pack. Kairi, Ember, Ruby, Nikki, Sonya and Mandy. Mandy FTW and Iconic Duo to SD Live.

  • The more I read it the more I want a gauntlet match now. Seems very fresh.

  • Don ?

    Hmm. I guess having a tournament would be redundant with the MYC wrapping up two days ago. I personally don’t like Gauntlet matches mixed with Championships. It’s too luck-based with the entry number you draw. The only option I recommend is a 6-pack elimination match featuring Ember Moon, Nikki Cross, Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Ruby Riot, and Kairi Sane as they’re the leads of the NXT women’s division.

  • Darryl lee

    If that’s the case. Then I suggest kairi sane, ember moon, Nikki cross and ruby riot. If they do a six pack, then add the iconic duo. I’d pick kairi for the win. Have her feud with ember and send the iconic duo to smackdown. Cause they’re too stupid to pair them up with Emma.

  • Why not a 6 pack challenge? Her, Ruby, Nikki, Ember and the Iconic Duo? I dunno. I’m not sure, a tourney maybe? That way other women like Aliyah, Liv, Sonia, Mandy, Bianca etc can also get camera and tv time?

  • The only women that should be in this match are Kairi, Ember, Nikki, Ruby, Peyton and Billie (debatable), since they are the only “established” characters on NXT TV. They could possibly throw some new faces of the MYC in there, but I don’t see how it would be “”fair”” in-kayfabe for them to get the same opportunity as Kairi despite losing in the tournament, so it’s unlikely.

    I’m not digging this multi-women match (I’m over the “let’s throw everyone in there” pattern that we have seen in WWE lately), but if it has to be, then I hope Nikki and Peyton are added.

  • Danny?

    I’m here for a multi-women title match it seems like the ‘fairest’ option in storyline and I don’t think it’d be smart to have a mini tournament to find Kairi one opponent considering we just had the MYC. I say have a series of matches in the next set of tapings between women in NXT to qualify for the title match. Ember VS Sonya with Ember winning, Ruby VS Peyton with Peyton winning, Nikki VS Mandy Rose with Nikki winning, Billie VS Liv with Billie winning setting up a fatal 5 way elimination match Kairi VS Ember VS Peyton VS Nikki VS Billie.

  • ???

    So they’ll not do a tournament?

    They should do a tournament so more women can have time , just like in 2013/2014 .. everyone should compete for the title not just certain people !!

    But if they’ll choose certain people I guess they will be no other than Ember, Nikki Cross , Ruby and Peyton (they don’t see Billie as a threat so she’ll not be in)

    Ruby is too new for NXT she shouldn’t win that fast

    Peyton may move to SDL with Billie before Takeover

    The winner will be one of these three (mark my words) : Ember Moon , Nikki Cross, Kairi Sane !

  • Quick question… What the actual FUCK does everyone see in Billie and Peyton?? I mean, Peyton has potential, but she needs to split from Billie and get repackaged ASAP. Billie has cute theme music, but…

    Anyways, As long as either Ember or Nikki win the belt, I’m fine with however they go about this.

    • Danny?

      I saw so much potential in Billie & Peyton when they had their Femme Fatale & Venus Fly Trap gimmicks and that’s why I’m such a fan of them. I do agree with most that their characters going in this mean girl type is not great and it is killing them tbqh.

    • Mr. Giem

      TBH. I don’t understand them either. Peyton is better than Billie and both are great wrestlers but their gimmick is so cringeworthy and they’ve flopped ever since her debut so… I can’t even.

    • mking2590

      That what I been saying for months they are so bland and genetic

  • Mr. Giem

    I like the idea of a multi-women match. In my eyes only Nikki and Ember deserve the title besides Kairi who just won an entire tournament! So a Triple Threat or any other match with any of those 3 winning will be fine to me.

    I also see them doing a six pack challenge with Ruby, Daria (they’ve been building her a lot!) and either Billie or Peyton. We’ll see what happens at tonight’s tappings.

  • Ember needs that title after so much losses. Or maybe the Iconic, have been there for a long time.

  • L.S #PushBillieKay

    These Mandy fans are delusional waiting for her to be in the title match instead of the stars of division. I love Mandy but she has never been on NXT weekly and no one knows your character and your in ring skills, she only appeared once as a jobber lol

    • Shane Murray

      Not that I’m disagreeing with you or anything, but I’m pretty sure she was in 2 matches

      6 man tag
      Vs ember mooon

      And she didn’t job in neither? In fact the one with ember she was in control majority of the match

  • Match of Year Maker

    Kairi better not win the NXT Women’s Championship. If Kairi wins that’ll be a slap in the face of the NXT girls to be honest, Kairi deserves to look strong in the Fatal 4-Way but that’s all, Ember NEEDS the win after lose to Asuka.

  • -V

    I would love to see a fatal five way or six-pack challenge! I mean we already had two tournaments before when the title was vacant so I believe we’ll have something like that in store this time. Let’s see now what’s gonna happen during tonight’s tapings.

  • Jonny

    A mini Rumble/gauntlet match would be nice and fresh. All active girls in NXT and the signed competitors from the MYC.

  • MK126

    So its a fatal 4 way according to the spoilers so far with Kairi and Peyton being the only 2 named competitors. Peyton beat Liv and Nikki in a triple threat match