WWE has taped several episodes of NXT from Full Sail Live. Spoilers below.


Airing September 27th:

* NXT General Manager William Regal announces a Fatal 4 Way at Takeover: Houston for the vacant Women’s Title with Kairi Sane as the first confirmed competitor. There will be matches to decide the 3 other competitors tonight.

* Liv Morgan defeated Vanessa Borne. Lots of pin attempts early. Liv does a matrix dodge of a clothesline, then a leg drop over Borne’s back for a 1 count. Liv picks up the win with a running codebreaker

Airing October 4th:

* Ruby Riot & Nikki Cross defeated Billie Kay & Peyton Royce. This was announced as a tag match, but once again, Ruby did not have a partner when the bell rang. Ruby dominates the early part of the match, isolating the numbers game. It finally catches up to her, though, as the Iconic duo takes control. Mid-match, Nikki across again comes to ringside and looks on as Peyton has Ruby in a headlock. Nikki slowly climbs on to the apron as Ruby fights out of the headlock. Ruby crawls to her corner and Nikki extends her hand for the tag. Nikki goes wild and cleans house. Nikki hits an inverted DDT but Peyton breaks it up. Billie and Peyton hit their tag finisher, but Nikki kicks out at 2. Nikki gets the tag to Ruby, who dives off the top rope to take out the Iconic ones, and hits the Riot Kick for the win.

* Kairi Sane defeated Aliyah. Sane is incredibly over, as expected. Short match, Aliyah got some offense in, but Kairi hits a spear, her baseball slide forearm, and the elbow for the win.

Airing October 11th:

* NXT Women’s Title Qualifier: Peyton Royce (w/Billie Kay) defeated Nikki Cross and Liv Morgan to advance to “Takeover: Houston” in the Fatal 4 Way with Kairi Sane. Liv and Nikki take turns arguing with Peyton until they accidentally lock arms and decide to clothesline her out of the ring. Peyton comes back in and the other two duck her spin kick, then Nikki uses Liv as a weapon to hit Peyton. Peyton and Liv go at each other, and Peyton locks a submission hold in on the ropes. Nikki grabs Peyton by the hair and pulls her off Liv, with a nasty head-first fall to the floor. Nikki goes for her too rope dropkick, but Peyton pulls Liv in the way. Nikki runs wild on both girls. Tower of Doom spot where Nikki powerbombs Peyton who suplexes Liv. The Undisputed Era come out with Taynara Conti and Cole sends her to the ring. Nikki has Liv pinned, when Conti pulls her from the ring. Nikki chases her around the ring, but when Nikki gets back in, Peyton hits her spin kick for the win.

* Andrade “Cien” Almas (w/Zelina Vega) defeated Johnny Gargano. Another great match. Good back and forth to start. Andrade does the tranquilo pose in the ropes, Gargano fakes him out with a kick to get him out of the ropes, and goes for a submission, but Andrade gets the ropes. They battle on the apron on Almas drops Johnny spine first on the apron. Nice exchange of reversals leading to Andrade locking on an armbar in the ropes. Gargano hits a suicide dive to the outside. More reversal exchanges. Andrade with a roll up and handful of tights, but Gargano kicks out. Gargano backs Andrade in the corner after an El Idolo attempt. Gargano nails a kick off the apron to Andrade. They trade blows and Gargano hits a superkick for 2. Johnny up top, but Andrade pushes the ref into the ropes. Andrade goes for El Idolo off the top rope, but Gargano blocks it. Gargano flips off the ropes and hits a clothesline and the lawn dart, and locks in the GargaNo Escape. Vega takes off her jacket to reveal a DIY shirt. Andrade gets to the ropes and Gargano trades words with Vega. A series of roll-ups by both guys. Johnny goes for a tilt-o-whirl into the GargaNoEscape, but Andrade tosses him into the bottom turnbuckle. Andrade nails the running knees to the back of Gargano’s head twice, then hits El Idolo for the win.

Airing October 18th:

* NXT Women’s Title Qualifier: Ember Moon defeated Ruby Riot & Sonya Deville to advance to “Takeover: Houston” in the Fatal 4 Way with Kairi Sane and Peyton Royce. Pretty uneventful to start. Ember goes for a springboard but gets speared out of the air by Sonya. Ruby and Sonya go at it. Ruby goes for a suicide dive, but Sonya cuts her off with a forearm. Sonya and Ember brawl on the floor, and Ruby hits a cross body off the top onto both of them. Ruby is selling a bad ankle (not selling, actually injured). Sonya locks in an ankle lock. Ruby gets to the ropes but Sonya doesn’t break, drags her back to the center and locks it in again. Ember hits the eclipse on Sonya while she has the ankle lock on and picks up the win.