Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s GFW Write-Up. As we saw last week, Taya Valkyrie has found her way over to the Knockouts and has full plans of taking it over! This week, Lucha Royalty makes her official GFW in-ring debut in a match-up against aspiring Knockout Amber Nova.

Before we get to our featured Knockouts match, let’s check in with Allie who is at ringside for Braxton Sutter’s match against Garza Jr. There has been an unspoken grudge between these two men after a jealous Sutter was not too pleased that Garza showed some concern to Allie during a backstage segment.

Garza Jr. ends up getting the win all while plugging in a bit of flirty fun with Allie – blowing air kisses in her direction and ripping his pants off in front of her. Well that’s one way to get someone’s attention. Post match, a frustrated Sutter vents out some of his frustration on Allie. He takes a breather and tries hugging it out as a form of apology but Allie, initially, doesn’t buy it. She is hesitant to leave the ring with him but eventually the pair do head backstage together.

On to Taya’s in-ring debut:

As you can imagine, this match was pretty much a squash to present Taya as the newest force to the Knockouts division. Poor Amber Nova doesn’t even get a full entrance/ring introduction this time around. But hey, I’m still loving Taya’s regal entrance and theme!

At the sound of the bell, Nova slips behind Taya and starts pounding on her back. Taya eats Nova’s shots and takes her opponent down with a rear waist lock takedown. While Taya tosses Nova headfirst to a turnbuckle the commentary team mentions some of Taya’s international success and training. Taya then whips Nova to across the ring to another turnbuckle and charges after her but Nova is able to block with a big boot.

Nova climbs the second rope and flies off to connect a hurricanrana but Taya counters this with a powerbomb. Just as the referee was going to award Taya with the three count win, Taya breaks up her own pin to completely put Nova away with a double chicken-wing face buster. Who’s next for Taya?

Post match, we see Taya march her way backstage towards Karen Jarrett. Taya asks Mrs. Jarrett if she saw the quick win she picked up in her match against Amber Nova. Karen acknowledges that she did see the match and even offers a congratulate handshake but Taya slaps it away. Instead, Taya advices Karen to take a hard good look at everything she is going to do in GFW because that is what a true queen looks like.

Thoughts: So not the most exciting week for the Knockouts. As I said earlier, this week was pretty much about introducing Taya as the new force within the Knockouts division.

Not only did she dominate in her match against Amber Nova (who had almost no offense in yet sold Taya’s finisher like a champ!) but she even took a stand against an Authority Figure in Karen Jarrett. Maybe GFW will dig more into Taya’s history with Karen Jarrett from when they first met in Mexico years ago before Taya decided to flip the script. I think it can help add more to Taya’s GFW character as she moves in closer to feud with some of the more established Knockouts. I do wish we would’ve gotten a follow up to Rosemary’s reaction of being blindsided by Taya last week but we’ll get to that in due time.

As for Allie’s latest trial, it felt more as a way to change up Braxton Sutter’s character than it did for Allie. His jealousy and frustrations can trigger a heel turn for him. Yeah, it’s a lazy route to go and while fans were still reacting to Allie, I think it may be best to just separate these two. We’ve already heard of Braxton “training” Allie to be a wrester so if there was any time to throw Allie as a full time Knockout competitor, it would be now while Braxton tries to climb up the ranks of the mid-cards.

What did you think of this week episode of GFW Impact? Would you like to see some backstory between Karen and Taya? Do you think its time for Allie and Braxton to go their separate ways? Let us know in the comments below!

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Where’s Hania and Kiera? They still have yet to debut.

    • Malcolm James

      Probably after BFG

      • YonceLuvsDivas

        I hope so! They should debut together attacking everybody that is in the ring of whatever match or segment after BFG that the knockouts will get.

  • DivaLicious?

    There was nothing to see here folks. Another boring episode of GFW. This company just needs to be put out it’s misery. I can’t even write a long essay like I usually do because nothing interesting happened?

    • Malcolm James

      GFW need to go out business for a boring episode then so do WWE

    • GameChanger #HBIC#GoldenGodess

      GTFO, the fact that you let yourself type this as a wrestling fan you should be ashamed

  • Tunasha

    On the bright side, a new face in Taya, but wish they would give the KOs more time…

    • ConstanceJHarris

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  • Bella Boy


  • Imma need Taya to do something about that one-piece bathing suit from the Billie Kay collection. I think her gear would look so much better as a bedazzled two-piece.

  • Steven5812

    I <3 Allixton; they are everything SuperCena and Sticky Nikki BimBella are NOT.
    And was I the only one who was expecting the INSANE JILTED FIANCEE to be waiting for that jerk Grubbo backstage with a butcher knife? (Because some times the old ways are the best. #HellHathNoFury.)

  • LoveEvaBella

    I don’t like Taya’s attire it’s like I’ve seen that from Naomi and her footwear is like Melina, Torrie, Bellas, Velvet… Also her finisher she’s not a powerhouse to do that.

    • mckenzie

      idk how familiar you are with taya but she has always been a dominant wrestler and she is the original leotard and fur boot attire wearer. Only thing different thing about her look debuting in the impact compared to other promotions is that her eyebrows are darker and her she has a more established queen persona.

      • LoveEvaBella

        But still Melina wore that fur boots first.

    • The Earl of Lemongrab

      Same, I think most of her attires are too much this one is more tame LOL. What she usually wears has big prints, holes, glittery bra then a headband add the fur boots and bright red hair it’s just too much for me. I like this one better

  • LoveEvaBella

    Taya looks like Gwen Stefani. LOL! She should have a Hollaback girl/Sweet Escape gimmick not some random Queen gimmick https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/66f6e34784c5fe18e81a91d214f7996e388303e3711dd39c4a69a41bd07bc6b3.jpg

    • Steven5812

      The irony is that Gwen Stefani, in this pic at least, reminds me of Melina Perez. :)

      • LoveEvaBella

        Yeah. LOL!

  • LoveEvaBella

    GFW lacks in creative focus… They should focus on Gail’s retirement because it is her last already why not make it so epic? They should build up Taryn as a strong, heel competitor make her take out the Knockouts one by one similar to Victoria’s checklist storyline and Gail is the last target but she fails and Gail wins her last match making her the best of the Knockouts. Taya can be pushed for 2018 as well as the other KOs

    • Malcolm James

      O don’t worry there are Gail and Taryn is about to get big push

  • mckenzie

    So many women coming and going butImpact sure does a great job of keeping a solid knockouts roster with lots of talent

    • PamelaMHartig

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  • Bruno Santos

    Why is she using the glam slam?

  • victoriaviciousvixen

    Lmfao, I thought that was Madison Rayne & Tara in the Thumbnail.

    • Ken Lushh

      i did tooo! I thought it was Tara

    • Steven5812

      ROFLOL Are you KIDDING me???

    • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

      Lmaooo now that you said it, I see the resemblance.

  • conan_kun

    Why does now GFW love to book talented woman on romantic storylines.

  • I like TAYa’s gimmick but her in-ring skills aren’t that good for a women that has long time in the bussiness. Shame Impact is treating Ava like a jobber.

  • Aye Mate
  • Mark?

    Another overrated Indy worker. Can’t wait for diva dirt commenters to overrate her to the moon just because she’s from “the indies” and then eventually realize she’s not much of a worker.

    • mking2590

      You must be new on this site because everyone hate her

      • Mark?

        Who are you? Boy bye!

  • Looking Glass

    I hate how they’re trying to force feed face Executive Karen to us by having her forever be spoken down to by heels as if she couldn’t just fire them on the spot.

    Taya literally does nothing for me, I just get a Krissy Vaine from her, where we’re supposed to feel she’s more powerful than she is. In Mexico she stands out because she’s in intergender matches where she can be carried by the men. The spot where Amber was coming off the ropes was so rehearsed you could see Taya just waiting rather than selling the offence before going into the reversal.

    • Troy Smith

      I loved Karen as a heel. They need to turn her ASAP. She’s a great heel and a horrible babyface.

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

    Where’s Taryn?

    And Taya girl, no more filler.

  • iloveTorrie

    Melina wore them better ?????

  • Troy Smith

    Braxton and Allie have gotta get out of this story line. History has shown when real life couples feud on screen, they end up splitting in real life.

    • Steven5812

      Also I’m not liking the implication that he might get abusive toward her; we see enough of that in real life too.

      • Troy Smith

        They never actually have a male wrestler abuse his girlfriend. It would just be him saying mean things. But mainly, history isn’t on their side. Also I think there is much more to do with Braxton and Allie as a baby face duo. I think they should have had LVN use her rich daddy’s money to put a hit on Braxton and Allie. 100 grand for each. You could get several months out of different men and women trying to collect on them.

        • Steven5812

          Or they could have gone with this: The HIVE MIND, displeased with Rosemary after the destruction of Decay, abandons her for the INSANE JILTED BRIDE, and offers her a chance for revenge on our lovebirds in exchange for her soul.

          • Troy Smith

            I’d actually like to keep Rosemary and Allie apart for a while.