Last week, former TNA Impact Wrestling Knockout Christy Hemme surprised the wrestling world when she announced that she was expecting quadruplets with her husband Charley Patterson.

In a new video from her official YouTube account, Christy has revealed the gender of her quadruplets. With the help of some pink and blue finger paint and handprints from big sister-to-be Charlie Rose, Christy revealed that she is pregnant with three boys and one girl!

Watch the quadruplets gender reveal video below:

Congratulations and well wishes once again to Christy, Charley and Charlie Rose!

  • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

    Omg quadruplets in couldn’t even think about having a single kid. Let alone 4 at once. God bless.

  • KingsPromise

    Adorable, she and her family seem so happy. Hope for a lifetime of it for them <3

  • ???

    Even though I have nothing to do with this but somehow I feel so happy for her :D !!

    Congrats ??

    • ConstanceJHarris

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  • Diva_Fan

    Wow Quadruplets that’s pretty incredible congrats to her !

  • Randall

    Wow didn’t realize she was that far along to determine the sex of the babies. She still so small.

  • Steven5812

    Coming to Bound For Glory 2037: Second generation superstars collide in six man action as HemmePower confronts Donovan “All Dat” Aldis, Maximus “The Last Gladiator” Fisico and “The Unbroken” Wolfgang Hardy. *Starts saving for a ticket*.

  • LoveEvaBella

    Congrats Queen Christy! For me you are the best Diva Search Winner even though you didn’t get a championship. Your career has gone through circles… From wrestler, to interviewer, to valet, to announcer, to producer and creative team you did your best.

    • Dionte Brown

      Wouldn’t the best be the person who actually turned into a good wrestler and won championships? So wouldn’t that be Layla?

      • RyRy

        Eve Torres??

        • Dionte Brown

          I honestly think that Layla has had a better career. Eves first 2 title reigns were quite boring. But on the flip side Layla’s last title reign was boring.

          • RyRy

            I like eve and layla both had great careers I think

          • ?too litty?

            What… I loved Layla’s last reign.

          • Dionte Brown

            She just never got to do anything. They sort of played her to the left.

        • Mark?

          Layla was much better in the ring and on the mic then Eve

      • NoWayHoeSay

        Candice Michele

        • Dionte Brown

          Michelle, Candice or maryse didn’t win.

      • NoWayHoeSay


      • NoWayHoeSay

        Michelle mccool

      • LoveEvaBella

        I said “For me” that is my opinion and I hope you respect it. If Layla’s your best diva search winner then good for you but for me Christy is the best and I hope you respect my personal choice and opinion. I’m not forcing it to anybody either.

  • Bless her

  • Kiana Taylor

    Chile that hotpocket finna be broke!!! Lol i wished the best for her tho, if its up to me they all gonna be named same thing

    • TorrieTrishStacyLita

      Right! Quadruplets?!?! Chile pass me the axe and a Plan B ?

  • Mark?

    Lol her fambam is adorbs. Congrats Christy! god bless xoxoxox

  • Hopefully they all come out healthy and the family happy

    • Marshy

      That is all that anybody can wish for, that the babies comes out healthy and strong.

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    Quad what??? Girlllllll

  • Alex

    So Christy is going to have her very own Ricky, Nicky, Dicky, and Dawn.


  • Raekon

    All the best for a good pregnancy and 4 very healthy Babys. :)
    She has a lovely Family and I wish them them all the health, love and success in the world. :)