On this day in history:

September 19th, 2010 | For just over two years, the WWE’s Women’s division had two championships. The Women’s Title and the Divas Title coexisted well enough until the decision was made to unify them (or, rather, ditch the Women’s Title). At 2010’s Night of Champions, Women’s Champion Michelle McCool, who co-held the title with Layla, faced Divas Champion Melina. Lumberjills surrounded the ring and made it perilous to leave it. Eventually, a fight involving the lumberjills broke out, allowing Layla enter the ring and distract Melina, who turned around right into a big boot from Michelle. She was down for the count, Michelle pinning her and becoming the sole champion of the Women’s division. Six years later, history would repeat itself when the Women’s division would again have two Women’s Championships with the introduction of a Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championship replacing the sole Divas title.

What are your memories of this moment?

  • Darryl lee

    They should’ve just gotten rid of that butterfly. Why retire the womens championship?

    • It was the oldest WWE title at the time and since Trish and Moolah held all the records there was no point in keeping it.

      • Darryl lee

        Who cares how old the championship is. That title has WAY MORE prestige than that accessory of a title. And now that they retired the divas title less than 6 years later and brought back the womens title. What was the point?

        • The title was won by a man and was contested in pudding and bikini matches. Not much of a prestige. Also, y’all sure didn’t want Kelly or Bellas holding the title, so be glad it was retired at the right time.

          • Darryl lee

            After HE won that belt, There has been multiple legends who won that title like Trish, Lita, Victoria, Molly holly, mickie james to name a few. Restoring prestige back to the title.
            The IC title has been won by a WOMAN. A title that has been held by LEGENDS before her.
            The World title is currently being held by a man who has lost over 3/4 of his matches. And now that the womens championship is back, that butterfly will now finally fade away and classify itself as OBSOLETE.

  • Jouey

    Melina… I love her so much! Great talent.

  • These two had an amazing chemistry. So good.

    • Some of the best in the history of the women’s division even.

  • Don ?

    This was when the WWE was trying to unify everything. But besides that this match was unnecessary. Actually everything from SummerSlam 2010 to this was completely unnecessary. I didn’t mind the Divas Championship as long as it wasn’t the sole belt for women. I always viewed the title as the IC/US championship for Divas so when it was unified as the main belt it just didn’t work for me. ?

    Also, Rosa Mendes gives us an iconic botch in this match. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/98d7ac81a57c8611d47d986e091bb5f53ac3d1e99391a73b421ae2abaa092df8.gif

  • I just actually rewatched the match and I have so much to say. I am still so pissed that this McCool won and think that It kind of buried Melina and made her look stupid. She fell for Lay-cool antics too many times and she should have triumphed over them. That this matched ended with a semi-botched big boot is tragic.

    Other than that I loved the match. I think Matt Striker is annoying, but he always did really well putting McCool over. Natalya was her same annoying self, I liked it. And Kelly very slowly trying to hit Jillian and Jillian stopping her like she was a child was hilarious and one of the best spots of the whole segment.

  • ?K . A . T ?

    Queen Melina! I miss her so much :(