Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up! Yup, much like the company itself, we’re dropping all of the GFW references that once came with Impact Wrestling. Seriously though, I ask again: Why the hell would you announce the merging of two companies without first finalizing things!? Ugh! But we’ll leave the identity crisis rant for another time.

Anyway, this week’s episode of Impact is pretty much the go home show to next week’s Victory Road special. On the card to said special event is a Knockouts tag match featuring the team of the Knockouts Champion Sienna, Taya Valkyrie and Taryn Terrell taking on the team of Gail Kim, Rosemary and Allie. So how exactly did this tag team match come together? Let’s find out.

It all started with Taya taking on Ava Storie. Much like last week’s Knockouts match, this one is a squash. Taya whips Storie to a corner and lands a running clothesline. Taya adds in a high kick and takes Storie down with a snapmare followed by a kick to the back. Taya throws Storie to a corner and then takes the rookie Knockout to the center of the ring to hit her newly named finisher Road to Valhalla for the three count win. Taya’s Lucha Royalty entrance to this match felt longer than the actual match to be quite honest.

Post match is where some of the fun begins to take place.

Taya takes to the mic to address the Knockouts division. She introduces herself as Lucha Royalty and says the one reason she came to Impact – for the Knockouts Championship. Taya continues by calling out Ms. Karen, advising that the Boss Lady not waste her time. Rosemary’s music hit and the Demon Assassin is already looking for some payback after Taya’s blindside attack from a few weeks ago.

Rosemary starts off the face-to-face confrontation by laughing at Taya’s demand for a shot at the Knockouts Title. Rosemary says that if anyone deserves a shot at the Knockouts Title it should her, arguing that had it not been for the interference of KM from a few weeks ago, Sienna wouldn’t even be the Knockouts Champion.

Taya responds to Rosemary with a shove and a brawl breaks out between the two. This leads to Sienna coming out to attack Rosemary and have a brief argument with Taya as to who still carries the Knockouts Championship.

In the midst of the two on one attack, Allie comes to the rescue of her Demon Friend but Taryn Terrell follows suit and the heels are in control. Gail Kim comes down last to even up the playing field and help clear the the ring of the heels to end our segment.

We later find #TeamNinjaDemonBunny backstage vowing to do a lot more to their rivals during their next encounter.

On the other side of things, Sienna, Taya and Taryn march into Karen Jarrett’s office to demand a match at Victory Road against Allie, Gail Kim & Rosemary. Under normal circumstances, Karen wouldn’t think of doing a favor for the women standing in front of her but since she’ll enjoy seeing their asses get kicked, she books the requested Knockouts tag match.

Oh and we also check in with Laurel Van Ness this week who is tending to her breakup from Grado by living it up with fans from the Impact Zone. Is Hot Mess Laurel back already?

Thoughts: There isn’t too much to say about this week’s Knockouts match that wasn’t already said last week. An average squash match help elevate Taya as the new force to be reckon with in the Knockouts division. I mean, I’m not sure if defeating the likes of Ava Storie and Amber Nova in under two minutes is saying much but it’s the formula we’ve grown accustomed to at this point. Perhaps Impact can help elevate these women (and the rest of their newer names) with more character post Bound for Glory. Even if they are jobbers, give them some character that they can work with.

Things can get clustered whenever multiple women are thrown into one segment. I felt that here during the all out Knockouts brawl – sort of just waiting for motions of names running down to the ring until Gail made the ultimate save. Putting that to the side, I will say that I enjoyed the little mic exchange between Taya and Rosemary. While there was mention as to who should be the one getting a shot at the Knockouts Championship, these two can certainly work a feud outside the title picture based on their different personas.

Other positives during the brawl was seeing Allie showcase a more fierce and competitive side as well the animosity still floating around between Sienna and Taya. Just because both women are heels doesn’t mean they have to suddenly get along. They just have to be willing to work together for the sake of taking on the good guys and then deal with one another.

Both backstage segments were fun in their own ways, especially the ending to the Heels meeting Karen Jarrett. Overall, the build to Victory Road next week felt there and I’m looking forward to this tag match. Let’s hope with the amount of women involved, there is time given to this match so that everyone can get a chance to shine.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling? Are you excited for next week’s Victory Road? Do you think Laurel will ever find her happily ever after? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Taya’s character is quite confusing to me. Her promos were amazing and her entrance fits this persona, but her in ring work and everything else, just seems doesn’t fit.

  • DivaLicious?

    Here we go again with LVN????? If they are thinking about making her broken AGAIN! I’m gonna bash my head into the wall until I knock myself out?

    Rosemary is the most over knockout on the roster #fact ?? loved her half face paint to. She has great mic skills. She just has the “it” factor to her.

    Taya V. I have to get used to.

    What the hell is taryn wearing OMG. I don’t like it. At least try a little harder for your next attire. Put some glitter or designs on it. Something man.

  • Looking Glass

    I’m still waiting to be impressed by “Lucha” Royalty Taya, I feel like she’s made a name for herself in Mexico because she’s not of Mexican heritage and she brings the sex appeal that you don’t find with the traditional Luchadoras. I find everything about her slapped together, like what is she supposed to be other than Melina a wannabe Game of Thrones gimmick.

    Ava Storie is a prime example of Impacts financial woes. They use her to job but the whole point of jobbing is to make your opponent look grand and glorious, which usually takes some skills (which is why people like Katie Lea, Jillian Hall often found themselves doing it in the WWE) Ava has no skill to even job, like the finish was so badly sold – Ava literally stood there, didn’t even try and break out of the move, just waited to elevate herself.

    Rosemary as a face confuses me and now I just feel they enjoy the marketing side that comes with her, having the demon thing and the make-up but really there’s no soul to her character as there was with Decay.
    Taryn’s been completely relegated just weeks after her return which is sad. Just because of her gimmick, it feels like they’re downplaying how great of a Knockout she was.

    As for Allie….urgh, everything about her character is unbearable. They should’ve catapulted her when she was at her prime. Now she’s just doing the same old “Miss Gail” Schtick but getting cheered for it.

    • Malcolm James

      Taya Lucha Royalty is display by her entrance and ring gear and how she carry herself
      Also she said she a big fan of game of thrones and she mix it with her gimmick
      Rosemary haven her face show make perfect sense she the demon mother now she supposed to be care mother figure not a scary demon

      • Looking Glass

        Your response makes zero sense, have you seen Lucha wrestling? If so then you’ll know Taya is in no way Lucha let alone Lucha Royalty.

        The Rosemary point just proves my point, she’s just a woman that wears make up now and the fans like her because she’s alternative. At least when she was in Decay it felt like she had a purpose (being lead by the hive etc).

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

    Taryn is everything. When she went “weee” during that neck breaker I was livinnnnng.

  • MK126

    Id have to agree with the beatdown… it looked so bad? Even back in the dark ages of the divas division we had FEW backstage brawls that looked better than this. Im all for #TeamNinjaDemonBunny and did Rosemary push Gail after she hugged her cause there was a loud THUD ???

  • Women’s Revolution

    This show is such a mess that I can’t even invest in the show… No disrespect to its fan, it’s just scattered all over the place and such a mess. Everything…

    I’m loving Rosemary new look. I hope she’s pushed back to the top once Gail Kim is “retired”.

    I’m officially over Allie. They’ve ruined her after countless opportunities to and the crowd was invented in her. She’s over and they ruined her.

    Taryn Terrell killed her character with her over the top acting. Her original dollhouse run was better.

    Taya Valkyrie is phony and not very well put. Her moveset isn’t her character and she doesn’t strike me as a dominant. She’s only there because of Johnny “Impact” another joke character.

    Sienna and Gail Kim are just themselves.

    • Malcolm James

      Just because you over Allie doesn’t mean the fan are she still get a reaction
      Taya is not a phony her lucha royalty persona go with her entrance and ring gear and how she carry herself not her moveset

      • Women’s Revolution

        It’s my opinion. I don’t care for Allie anymore. She’s been through enough to reach her potential as wrestler…

        Taya “Lucha Royalty” is phony. She doesn’t represent Mexican heritage just because she got a name there. Her gimmick is good, but she’s forced. She’s not on cue with theme when she poses.

        • Malcolm James

          So what both Sarita and Rosita was in LAX and they from Canada you do not have to be Mexican to represent there heritage

          • Women’s Revolution

            Thea Trinidad is of Puerto Rican descent and they both had the background to back it up to convince the audience.

            Taya Valkyrie is a comical villian. I just can’t take her serious. The creation of the character is there but she’s not convincing at all.

  • Juan

    The segments just made this night!! I didn’t care for the squash match but the different personas portrayed by each woman bounced off each other quite well!! I love when each wrestler has a unique persona and don’t always get a long with one another.

    Also Rosemary better win gimmick of the year for the Diva Dirt End of the Year Awards!! She was robbed last year by overrated Alexa Bliss and her so called gimmick(?)!!

    • KellyAJNaomi#Slay

      Umm Rosemary won gimmick of the year…….

    • GwendolynSAllen

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    • BrandiCCorbett

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  • Philip

    Allie is the best of the knockouts. She plays her part perfectly every time! Rosemary is next, right behind Allie. Gail Kim is always a favorite.
    The problem for me is the heels. I don’t care for any of them but Taryn Terrell is the best of the lot.

    • AndreaSKidd

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  • Kiana Taylor

    I like taya but the glam slam is one of those moves that only looks good when the person who is known for It does it

    • Malcolm James

      Ya I understand I have the same problem when people’s do Gail Kim Eat Defeat

    • Rosanna

      Jazz? Because she’s known for it doing it before Beth.

      • Evan #KeepIt?

        Beth popularised it

        • Rosanna

          You do realize that wwe wanted Beth to use Jazz moveset so to say Beth popularized the original Bitch Clamp into the Glam slam is an understatement when it wasn’t Beth idea or motive to use someone else moveset.

        • Wrestling.fan.from.France

          She did and compared to Jazz, it was more impactful since she wasn’t ONLY throwing her opponent to the floor. Plus, Taya here does it like Beth and not like Jazz too.

          • TAYNARA CUNTI.


          • Wrestling.fan.from.France

            Blocked. :)


        Jazz did the Bitch Clamp. A totally different move.

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    Karen looked sickening with that new weave! I loved the heels segment the ending had me rolling Taryn is killing her character still, I’m so glad to have her back.

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    I liked the face segment as well but it was just odd seeing rosemary and Gail just getting along now just because they are both faces. Like didn’t rosemary take Gail out and injure her lol? It would have been nice to have had that continuation instead of Gail just suddenly coming back and getting along with her simply because she wasn’t a bad guy anymore. But Allie is freshening up now that she is solo and I really really thought she was the best part of the face segment.

  • Umnei

    I’m extremely annoyed by how Ava transitioned into the finish. At least act like you’re in a match and not about to ride a roller coaster.

    • Looking Glass


  • 3???????

    The knockout roster is to white / light skin for me to get into lately . Y’all signed two black girls lately …USE THEM .

    • Juan

      Kiera is Black and Hania is Native American… Unless you were talking about MJ as well?

      • 3???????

        Yea i was


    Beth Phoenix the bootleg version meets a cheap wannabe Melina.

  • Rosanna

    same move executed differently. To note Beth didn’t always use it as a slam.

  • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

    I also hope that next weeks match finally gets more time.
    The KOs deserve it and need it.

  • Finally something interesting happend in this division. Love Taryn mannerisms, Rosemary gimmick and Taya’s is a good addition to the roster.

  • OJ Von Erich

    All aboard the Hot Mess Express…

    Laurel Van Ness for Knockouts Champion!

  • OJ Von Erich

    Can I just say, this is the best I have ever seen Rosemary look.

    Also, I would like to see Impact use their other women, even if it’s only on Xplosion in a side feud, I mean Ava Storie, Amber Nova deserve better & are MJ Jenkins, Rebel, Brandi & ODB still on the active roster?

    • GameChanger #HBIC#GoldenGodess

      MJ Jenkins is still signed, Rebel and Brandi are not apart of Impact, and ODB i honestly dont know her status