Earlier this year, six-time Knockouts Champion Angelina Love made a surprise return to Impact Wrestling alongside Davey Richards. The pair would go on to feud with the husband and wife team of Eddie Edwards and Alisha Edwards that came to an end at this year’s Slammiversary. She was granted her release from the company in August.

Since then, Angelina has been working on the independent wrestling scene and during a visit her to the UK, she spoke with the Huffington Post UK to discuss her time with Impact Wrestling, the Beautiful People, Gail Kim’s pending retirement and more. Highlights of the interview below.

On Gail Kim’s retirement: “I honestly thought Gail would wrestle forever, I really did. But she’s smart. Her back has been bothering her for a long time I think and she’s going to be an agent. I think we all knew that was coming for her. She’s always going to want to be involved and I’m always going to be the same way as well. I think that will be a really good position for her because she’s very helpful. I would like to be the one to retire her! So, we’ll see but good for her. She’s doing it on her terms and in one piece!”

On the idea of transitioning to a wrestling agent: “I think that would be wonderful! Yes, absolutely. I have a lot of knowledge. I do a lot of seminars and everyone seems to find them beneficial. I love teaching people and helping people get more of this thing that they love, which can be very hard to get. So, I think that would be a wonderful future position.”

On the chance of a Beautiful People reunion: “I don’t think so. Not our version. Velvet has retired from action. She’ll still do appearances and such but she doesn’t want to wrestle anymore. I wish that we hadn’t have gotten broken up as many times as we did. The last time we tried to put it together, four days prior to those tapings, I found out I was pregnant and had to get written off right away. It would have been cool to do that version of the Beautiful People but clearly, God had other plans for me – which is wonderful because I love my son to the moon and back. Velvet and I – it’s something nobody can ever take away from us – what we did with that. It blew up and it was so fun. A lot of people were trying to do the same thing. We were put into tag-team of the year polls in magazines with Beer Money and tag teams in WWE. It was cool to be thought of on that level with the guys because you hadn’t really seen that with women before but we had a blast. I don’t think it will happen again with all of us. Madison isn’t in GFW anymore, so I’m the only one that’s there. We do appearances, I think we’re doing one at a convention together. Being able to do stuff like that is really fun.”

Her favorite opponent on Impact Wrestling: “Oooh, I’m terrible at the favourites game. I never have one favourite anything. The things is, everybody brought out something special. I would say that I liked working against Velvet the least because it just felt like sacrilege, that we should not be doing this ever. Not that we didn’t have fun with it but just with how big our Beautiful People thing was, I just don’t think we should have done it. And it hurt us personally too, we didn’t like it. Madison was fun to feud with, I was married to her on the road for a while. Taylor Wilde. Kong – love her, just to itty bitty pieces. Mickie was fun, Victoria, everybody brought something different. Gail, I was always thinking outside the box with her. So, I can’t pick one favourite but I have reasons for favourites in all of those.”

Angelina Love also discusses the challenges of balancing wresting and family, her favorite finishing moves and reaction to Awesome Kong on Netflix’s GLOW series.

You can read part one of the interview here and part two here.

What did you think of the interview? Would you like to see a Beautiful People reunion? What are your favorite Angelina Love Impact Wrestling moments? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Vito

    i love her and I’m so mad she never got brought to wwe

  • John Finnie

    So if i read that correct Angelina said shes the only one left in GFW?? Well where is she then!!!

    • She’s not. The first part was posted in mid-August and it was probably done when she was still there.

      • John Finnie


  • I just have to say this whenever I can, but I think Madison would do so well in WWE.

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      If they had snagged while she was really hot on the scene yes. But now I’d think she’ll come in with this big push because we all know her from TNA but after that dies down she’ll get lost in the shuffle. She’s always been someone who can get a huge push but after that she’ll get faded out til the next time she’s up for something big.

      • But I think that is up to booking more than her. Madison has taken advantage of pretty much every moment she has been on camera since Angelina left TNA the first time.

    • Gail-Rollins Fan

      Madison is the full package.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I agree with her on her points on TBP. I use to love them together. The two of them against each other really felt unnatural. And I kind of hated the fact that they broke up a lot. Hate even worse when Angelina was replaced by Lacey Von Erich. Don’t got a problem with LVE but preferred Angelina.

  • Aye Mate

    Angelina Love’s enjoyed an alternately weird and wonderful run in TNA/Impact/GFW. Some of her work will be recalled as iconically as everything else in women’s wrestling, but it did seem like more than a few occasions she was setback by poor timing.

  • Personally in a couple of years I want to see the Beauiful People with two new girls. Angelina, Velvet, Madison and even Lacey would organize a boot camp that would determine the new generation to carry their legacy. The gimmick can still work, but with new girls it would have been better.

  • Gail-Rollins Fan
    • Gail-Rollins Fan
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    • DayOneISH!

      I need to rewatch this match again!

      • Gail-Rollins Fan

        It’s so good! Let me know if you can’t find the full match online and I’ll upload my copy to Dropbox. There’s a lot of stuff from that summer that’s missing online, and that’s a shame because that title run from Gail all the way to Taryn’s title run (the last episode on Spike) was all really good, and the last time the Knockouts were truly great.

        • DayOneISH!

          I can’t find it! Can you help me out please.

  • I loved TBP during their run but I hated Lacey being in it lol
    I loved her matches with Kong & Gail, had to be creative with the numbers.

  • Angelina Love, my all time favorite <33
    I still dream of her joining the WWE ( along with Velvet )

  • She could’ve been so perfect for the Mae Young Classic. I’m bummed she isn’t showcased on a bigger stage like WWE but I guess she was smart to stay with TNA who pushed her for so long. Love her!

  • Typical Heel

    I’m still holding hope that she gets into WWE

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Another slow news weekend on DD I see.

  • vdcvt

    The only time Velvet vs Angelina felt right was the first time when Angelina returned and it was Angelina vs TBP w/ Velvet as the leader I think. It was a nice twist since everyone wanted Angelina back with TBP. It was great to see them reunite, especially as a face team. But then split, I enjoyed Winter but never really understood that pairing of Winter-Angelina.

  • GEO

    I don’t really understand why everyone wants them on WWE. TBP Angelina and Velvet Sky along with Madison, Lacey, Kip made the TNA Knockouts iconic and unique compared to other wrestling companies. They really made their impact on IMPACT, no pun intended, and should always be remembered as such.

  • MK126

    https://youtu.be/nlsoD0pqB-g THERES MORE WHERE THIS CAME FROM!

    • Wicked Bliss

      Charlotte, Maryse, Iconic Duo and Alexa are out. Shame that they did not do Alexa signature pose with the belt.

      • MK126

        Saw them all! I must say im shocked that they didnt lose Alexas pose but then again her entrance looks like 2k17s. I dont ever remember her wearing that jacket either

  • One of my faves, totally! Her chemistry with Gail and Tara was awesome. Her time with TBP was the perfect run for her.

  • ???

    Completely off topic ..

    I want to know who are the current women favourites women in the past are ?

    Like who did like Trish , Lita , Chyna , Jacqueline and etc ..?

  • Summer_Slay #?aryn?errell

    I wonder why she didnt say anything about Roxxi, Brooke or Taryn.