We’re on the go-home show for Hell In A Cell – yet it feels anything but. Could tonight’s events turn things around for the women of SmackDown Live? Let’s check it out!

In a backstage segment, Natalya and Carmella (feat. a chained James Ellsworth) are having a confrontation. Carmella, conniving as always, manages to get inside the champ’s head, without saying anything. And the Queen of Black Harts is showing nothing but cowardice as she tells her that she better not try to cash in this Sunday. Oh, Natalya, you’re so easy to rile up. The champ says that if she does cash in, then both ‘Mella and her dog will be feeling really sorry. Somehow, James sees this as an opportunity to woof, but Carmella quickly says “down, boy.” It’s just as awkward as it sounds. Neidhart, realizing that Ellsworth is a boy dog, makes the correlation, and calls Carmella a female dog… “and you know what means.” Feisty.

Following this conversation, we check in at ringside to see the pair (feat. Ellsworth) compete in a two on two tag match against Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch – oh hey, Becky!

Lynch rules the match in the beginning, and with help from Charlotte the two deliver a baseball slide to knock down their opponents. When we return from break however, it appears that Neidhart has now tagged in and taken control as a distraction from the champ allowed Carmella to boot Lynch in the face and tag out. Flair, noticing her friend is in danger attempts to help, but this only causes the referee to push her back. And meanwhile, Carmella holds Becky in the corner as Natalya inserts some kicks. Oh, and a really, really loud “you’re pathetic!” to her opponent. She’s really angry, huh?

Once the champ has suplexed Becky onto the ground, she takes the opportunity to gloat to Charlotte. Flair, angered by the mistreatment of her friend and smug look on her rival’s face, screams to Natalya saying that she is going to “slap [her] in the face!” – well, fighting words, I suppose.

As Natalya is distracted, Becky quickly rolls her up but doesn’t get the full count. However, as she’s pushed forward she tags in Charlotte and the crowd goes wild! Flair storms into the ring, shoves Natalya to the ground and forces Carmella to fall outside of the ring. She then forces a few whips – woo! woo! woo! – onto the champ before kneeing her in the back of her head. Ouch… Now cue the Nature Girl Strut! A suplex from Flair sends Neidhart to the ground but a quick attempt at rolling away leaves her near the ropes. And although Charlotte gets on top of her for the pin in time, the movement allows Carmella to quickly break it up before it’s too late. Nice veteran tactic there, Natalya.

Becky then tosses Carmella out of the ring, but a pull and drag from Miss Money In The Bank leaves the Lass Kicker on the ground. Back inside the ring, the champ receives a ruthless spear, but then stops an attempted Figure Eight before it can be locked in. Natalya quickly runs to the ropes to avoid any more damage, and despite it being a dirty tactic, the referee is forced to pull Charlotte away. Flair then looks behind her and sees Lynch being smacked on the back with the briefcase by Carmella. This distraction then leads to Flair being punched in the back of the head and placed into the Sharpshooter. And much like Natalya’s previous title opponent, Charlotte is forced to tap.

The winners then celebrate together as if they got along the whole time. Is Carmella planning something we’re not sure about? Well, only time will tell!

Following the match, Dasha Fuentes confronts the losing pair. Flair insists that the loss doesn’t hinder her momentum going into Hell In A Cell this Sunday as both of her opponents were “opportunists.” She explains how strange it is that Natalya can only attack Charlotte when she isn’t looking, so Sunday isn’t going to be much easier for the champ. Lynch then explains how much of an “embarrassment” it is that Carmella is the woman holding the “second highest accomplishment” one can win in wrestling. She shares how both Carmella and Natalya’s ways are “disgraceful” and “disgusting.”

We return to ringside later in the evening to join Dana Warrior and the women of SmackDown Live as they honor three breast cancer survivors.

“Live strong, act bold, always believe,” she announces proudly to the crowd. “They have exemplified strength, personified being bold, and no matter the obstacles that have come their way, have always, always believed.” The three women are given pink WWE championship belts, and all get a moment to hold it up for the crowd. The three women and Dana then move towards the ropes to shape them in true Warrior style!

After the group get backstage to take some photographs, Natalya rewards Dana – on behalf of everyone at WWE – with her own Susan G. Komen championship. Warrior is then overcome with emotion and receives her very own “you deserve it” chant from the women of SmackDown Live and the three breast cancer survivors. She then gives a speech, thanking the women around her as she expresses her love for them and the industry.

This would be cute if Susan G. Komen wasn’t such a scam, though.

Thoughts: Whilst the women of SmackDown Live are doing a good job at developing their characters and giving decent matches, the current feud is far too generic to keep any interest. Currently, there’s no heat being presented in the feud. Charlotte’s only motivation is to do it for her father and the fact that she’s pinned on the go-home show. And even then, she hasn’t done enough to really anchor in the true feeling of doing it for Flair. A little strut in the ring and a point to the ceiling isn’t a lot. We’re seeing Charlotte play the role of the completely typical babyface, and for someone of her calibre, and the fact that the two have a strong history together, it feels far too flat.

The idea that Charlotte isn’t on her A-game is pretty clear, but this week SmackDown takes it a little too far, and it feels pretty lazy. Flair has missed out on a few weeks of action, but is it so bad that she’s now suddenly falling for rookie errors? The former 4x RAW Women’s champion manages to get distracted – and even cost herself the match – by looking over at a distraction from the outside. Is this really believable? She may not have been wrestling as long as Natalya but with her accolades taken into account you’d think she’d be experienced enough to not fall for these conventional errors. SmackDown has a habit of making their baby faces lose to simple mistakes, and at this point, it just feels lazy. There are more creative ways to make Flair lose, and I doubt the former RAW, Divas and NXT Women’s champion would fall for a simple distraction. But I guess Natalya had to win by cheating, and this is the obvious way to do it without thinking too hard.

Charlotte deserves the SmackDown Women’s championship, but not in a generic feud like this. When she becomes a Grand Slam champion, it needs to feel special. Although Alexa Bliss was the first to hold both current main roster championships, Flair will be the first to hold the RAW, SmackDown, Divas and NXT Women’s belts. And a win from a quick feud isn’t going to make the moment feel that special.

On the other side of the feud, Carmella is somewhat becoming irrelevant, in a good way. ‘Mella doesn’t bring up her briefcase to Natalya, as it’s really the champ’s paranoia that talks about it. The Princess of Staten Island doesn’t talk about how she’s going to ruin Natalya’s moment, nor does she try to get inside her head about it. In fact, she uses the briefcase as a weapon to get herself the win. So is she in the right state to be cashing it in? Would losing the briefcase be useful as if she doesn’t have a successful cash-in, she has no weapon to help her? Maybe so.

Overall the women’s work this week is pretty missable. Charlotte is falling for basic tricks that Becky has been falling for for a long time, whilst the feud doesn’t have a lot of heat prior to the pay-per-view event. Natalya is a good champ, and Flair is a wonderful challenger, it’s just the writing is so lacklustre that neither are really gaining an awful lot from it.

What do you think of the show? Are you excited for Sunday? Who’s gonna walk out as champ? Let us know your views in the comments below!


    Okay this Hart vs Flair feud has been boring for years now, and yet we keep getting it.


  • Rosanna

    Smackdown is becoming very subpar. They need to start having side feuds and things like that in the nature. When Natayla won the championship she indeed deserved it but she didn’t earn it. She wasn’t fighting for that contendship for weeks. There was no obstacle like back then. She won it on her first defensive at SummerSlam so quickly.

    So if Charlotte does win. It wouldn’t feel special because there hasn’t been any heat. Natayla hasn’t done anything to gain heat or provoke Charlotte. It’s like a throw-a-way reign. Like a place holder.

    Becky should be one of the top faces of the company. Since they always want to highly decorate the four horsewoman and since she is the first smackdown women’s champion.

    Naomi, Naomi is a 2x smackdown women’s champion but wasn’t seen this week. If she isn’t in the title picture she should be feuding with someone. Because then her reign becomes forgettable somewhat like she’s becoming.

    Backstage fights attacking someone during a interview locker room scenes does matter and can come into play. That’s what they need more time off instead of “ social media beef “.

    Where’s this storyline with Lana and Tamina going? Because I’m more interesting in what’s developing for them honestly.

    Nikki isn’t going to be back till 2018. So they need a top star and they need to building someone up or calling someone from NXT up. Someone who screams baby face. Ember Moon prephaps?

    • conan_kun

      With Becky’s fan interaction, she definitely should be top babyface, Smackdown needs credible heel if they want to keep Charlotte as babyface, right now Raw with Alexa, Nia, Emma and probably future heel Sasha. Emma should move to Smackdown and revamp to the level when she face Asuka at NXT Takeover London.

      • Joseph

        Paige is going to SD so thats you’re heel right there.

    • Jo9834

      Totally agree with EVERYTHING here, its funny how when Nikki was around, there were always TWO distinct feuds on Smackdown, and one with her featured (Nikki Carmella, Nikki Nattie). Once she left, the girls got lumped all into one.

      Naomi needs a side feud, she had such an incredible build, to the point where fans are invested, a feud with Tamina or a debuting NXT rookie could be great. (Perfect time for Peyton and Billie to debut perhaps?).

      Lastly Becky’s career has come to a screeching Halt since Charlotte moved over and took that top spot. Like Naomi, Becky is perfectly capable of carrying a feud on her own without the title involved.

    • Hoooshi

      If Ember doesn’t win the title next month then she should go to SD asap because there will be nothing left for her on NXT, but WWE only brings people up before/after WM, so I guess she’s stuck there until next year.

  • The heels needed to win cause what would the faces benefit from it.
    SD was real baldheaded. Both shows was baldheaded this week. Let’s see what this PPV do. If Nattie loses her reign would be more of a waste than Naomi’s https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/454e6e54dd84aa3400e1b77dad92ae43b5ed4d0e2c30e43f8f6bad8fccd6ef2f.gif

    • conan_kun

      A problem is Charlotte and Becky are too talented compare to heel side, when Becky and Charlotte losing to Natalya, Tamina and Carmella won’t bring Natalya, Tamina or Carmella up to the Horsewomen’s level, it’ll sink them down to lower level.

      • Lmao Nattie is better than all of them, sit down.

        • Joseph

          Well Nattie is the champ she should be showing that talent.

          • She always is.

          • Joseph

            Well not in her promos.

          • We were not talking about promos.

          • Robann

            A whole nother conversation because nobody but maybe Charlotte on a good day has superb mic skills in that division.

  • Women’s Revolution

    I doubt we’ll see a Ravishing Revolution between Lana and Tamina. True, Tamina needs Lana, but Rusev needs Lana more. Hell, I think they’ll still flop the round 3. I’d be satisfied to see Tamina reunite with The Usos to somewhat neutralize The New Day Xavier Woods when the feud first took off. Those guys don’t disappoint at PPVs together.

    I didn’t care for the tag team match. I didn’t buy Charlotte’s distraction from Carmella either, a simple attack or chase Ms. Money in the Bank would been better. Charlotte runs into a Nat by Nature clothesline or dirty pin would be decent enough. I predict Natalya to win by some dirty fashion to stretch a better story for her feud with Charlotte.

    Smackdown overall hasn’t been must watch TV.

  • conan_kun
  • John Finnie

    & lets not for ( like wwe did) that i & a lot of others were waiting on the new #RavishingMakeOver of Tamina & yet again they did her bad
    Wwe learn that a 5min promo could have been so much better that the same ole same ole match.
    Im afraid to say SD is going the way raw went

  • Welchy


  • loved sd live this week and what a good tag match

  • ???

    Once again , Raw beats Smackdown twice in a row .

    No build up , no storyline , no chemistry, boring basic matches every damn week .

    Carmella started to lose her momentum .. are they going to wait until WM when she successfully cashes in and wins the title? She barely gets crowd reaction, they didn’t even try to build her up after MITB .. I expected from WWE to build her more and makes her look more like a threat but no … they HAVE to ruin the first ever women’s MITB match for NOTHING .. it just that promo post MITB by Carmella that was good but afterwards everything became lame .

    Things got worse for SDL ever since after MITB , I expected good things but I was completely wrong .

  • ???

  • Hoooshi

    How the mighty have fallen. Smackdown was never the pentacle of booking for me, but it had some spark, now it just feels it’s going with the motions. Like the writer said, Natalya didn’t feel like a challenger and now neither does Charlotte. With so much history between these two this could be THE feud, and instead we have this.

    “Carmella is somewhat becoming irrelevant” has she ever been relevant in the first place? When she won the briefcase the heat didn’t happen because her character was hated, it didn’t even happen because people we’re done with Elseworth, it happened because WWE decided to be sexist yet again. Someone said here and I agree, WWE gives her everything to go over but people simply don’t care.

  • Don ?

    Becky Lynch is such a babyface. I love how organic and real Becky’s interviews are. I can feel her passion for Women’s wrestling emitting from her soul when she speaks in disappointment over something. At this point I’d like to see Becky Lynch vs Carmella for the MitB briefcase and contract. I’m not entirely hooked on the idea of Carmella potentially becoming Women’s champion. I love her character and the mannerisms, characteristics and hullabaloo that comes with it but she isn’t very bedazzling in the ring. To me at least.

  • KellyAJNaomi#Slay

    I swear WWE sabotaged SD to make RAW better because girl this just ain’t right like it seems like we only get the Champion in feuds now when Naomi was Champion Charlotte and Becky are no where to be found now Naomi is in the back with Lana and Tamina we need Nikki back so we can get some side feuds again because SmackDown is just a comeplete snooze fest right now

  • Kessa Kez

    i wish warrior’s wife would just go away. i always find her cringeworthy to watch.

  • Aye Mate

    The storytelling just isn’t there for me, which makes even the more fun showings feel so inconsequential. There’s a story to build around the championship and it’s an easy one WWE curiously overlooks: Nattie has never beaten Charlotte when it really counted. Insead we have a gimmick which would be considered derogatory were it not so lame in Carmella having Ellsworth on a leash, and Becky Lynch being outlined as probably the most over woman in the division who isn’t really being used much else than for match filler.

  • Kessa Kez

    charlotte submitting on smackdown guarantees a charlotte win at HIAC, most likely via disqualification or maybe winning the belt.

  • Danny?

    This was a snooze…that’s it

  • DivaLicious?

    I said this from the beginning, Carmella will be a failed Cash In. She is just not ready yet. Her in ring movements reminds me of kelly kelly or Maria. She is just so bad. She only has mic skills that’s pretty much it. And this Ellsworth crap is starting to wear off of the WWE universe. They are starting to see through the BS. Carmella can’t get HERSELF over????? She will better off be better as big cass manager when he returns.

    Nattie is as boring as watching paint dry. Her being champ is just not clicking. I don’t really care about this feud. Nattie has done nothing leading up too this title victory. She has been treated like a janitor just cleaning all the dirty toilets in the women’s bathrooms. Stupid fart gimmick, cat gimmicks, promotion her cat 2pawz on twitter ????? etc.. completely pathetic. There is no way you expect me too take her seriously now do you????

    Obviously Charlotte is winning this Sunday. It’s too predictable. Let’s give Charlotte the belt For sympathy. Then we gonna watch her cry in the middle of the ring like she won her first women’s championship? That’s WWE way of booking nowadays.

    • Joseph

      They are not gonna have two failed MITB cash ins.

  • Corey Anderson

    I honestly feel like the draft mess everything up both divisions feel direction less and that’s why I hate the draft It’s better to move lesser talent to another brand than to move your major player. during the golden era they never moved trish to smackdown or torrie to raw I just hope when paige comes back smackdown becomes entertaining again cause theirs a number things that could be done with her however I don’t feel the same for raw when auska comes I just feel like shes going to bury the whole division but she can’t do more damage than alexa already has.

    • Winter Fresh

      Torrie did get moved to RAW in 2005.

      • Corey Anderson

        That was after the golden era to me the golden era ended in 2004 when they released Jazz, Gail, Nadia, Jackie, Ivory. And molly left then I feel like raw needed her

  • Darryl lee

    Since the no.1 contender lost to the champ just days before the PPV. That probably means that we’re getting a title change. I still think that they’re going to have a good match at HIAC.

  • Miguel

    My problem with SD! Live is that everything seems so sudden. No build up at all. For example, Carmella won that briefcase out of nowhere, the same can be said about Natalya winning the championship. The last time there was any build up was when Naomi got her first and second championship, once she won it, nobody was set as a contender for weeks, we got 100 multi women matches to be contenders or MITB but nobody has been constantly pushed.

    • Aye Mate

      The norm of Smackdown booking is to switch the title and then cue multi-woman dramas to determine the next #1 Contender: rinse and repeat. Not one women’s champion on Smackdown has been built particularly well because of this and what’s confoundingly frustrating about it is that, only last year, SD emphasised two women’s feuds – one for the title and the other for Nikki Bella. Why can’t it be the same now? The land of opportunity has become one of mediocrity.

      • Miguel

        I hate to agree, the only reason Nikki Bella got those feuds with Carmella and Natalya is because of her star power. They needed to use her, they knew it was going to be for a short period, so they didn’t added her to the women’s championship conversation, instead they gave her personal feuds. That worked out pretty well to me.

        Becky’s destiny was to become SmackDown! Live’s top women but she was overshadowed by Alexa’s growing popularity. Alexa’s run was quite cute, she got a decent reing as champion despite defending the belt against Becky Lynch constantly. The addition of Mickie seemed to be promising but then they started with these never ending multi women matches that hurt the division. They failed to give Naomi a rivalry and the same is happening with Nattie. HIC have one great match between The Queen of Black Hartz and Charlotte Flair but instead of reviving an old feud, they make it stale.

        • Aye Mate

          Becky Lynch and Charlotte had starpower, as did Naomi after winning the title. They chose to do nothing with either of them, gave them zero character development and instead throw all the women into a melting pot of random multi-woman tag affairs. It’s a shame, WWE is misdirecting so much talent right now.

          • Miguel

            I have to disagree, Charlotte still have star power and is yet to be well used (except for those first few weeks), Naomi was built in SmackDown! Live, we can’t say the show didn’t helped develop her, Carmella & Alexa Bliss. They are also doing it with Tamina & Lana as well. Becky Lynch has her own character since RAW but she solidified herself as the underdog on SmackDown! Live and even tho, it’s hurtful is still something.
            What they are really messing up is the storyline department.

          • Aye Mate

            You’ve missed my point.

            The starpower was and is always there with the women they have; the disservice is on WWE’s creative part. As someone noted nearby, Smackdown had three women’s feuds going at one point. Had they continued on that route the division would be much stronger on the whole.

      • A?.

        We had THREE feuds at one point and got three singles women’s matches at a PPV. I miss the good days.

      • Mark?

        Because Nikki Bella returned after a huge Diva’s title reign and had so much booking put into her that bringing her back to a no-storyline role would have been useless. Nikki was the only reason the women got two feuds, now that she’s gone, no need for two feuds.

  • Robann

    SIGH. Welp, looks like I’m going back to watching highlights online and reading reviews. The Heads saw that SDL was mollywhopping and washing Raw after the OG Brand Split with their usage of Superstars, storylines and just their views period and decided to pretty much sabotage them after the Shakeup. That’s honestly what I think happened, but this is ridiculous. Raw was BARELY better this week because of Mickie and Mickie alone, but both shows are going downhill…we’re just not interested anymore. Like I’m not interested in Nattie’s reign, I’m not interested in yet another Flair v. Hart storyline…..I don’t care about Ms Money in the Bank, nor do I care about the Ravishing Revolution. And where tf is the former champ? She’s a TWO TIME CHAMPION and currently the longest reigning one (which doesn’t say much) and she’s been MIA for two weeks now. It ain’t even like she’s not in the arena or she’s on vacay, SHE’S BACKSTAGE.

    Sorry, rant over. I’m over these incompetent writers on both brands. These Superstars deserve better smh.

    • Robann

      And also…..Becky…poor Becky. If there’s one person I feel even more sorry for besides Naomi, it’s her. She got buried by a VERY green Alexa and basically has been burned since. I would’ve taken an Ellsworth/Becky feud over her current treatment smfh.

      • Welchy

        Becky was never buried.
        She’s one of those baby face girls who can take L after L and still bounce right back with the right storyline. The problem is, she ain’t getting any play.

        • Robann

          In terms of storyline, character and gimmick progression, yes she was and you’re bugging if you think otherwise. What can you honestly say she’s done since then that was really noteworthy besides the MITB, a first-ever that she shared with four other women?……..I’ll wait.

          She’s one of the purest babyfaces in the whole women’s division and one of two pure babyfaces on that roster (the other is Naomi. I personally believe Charlotte will never be a pure babyface, but she’s close) that people genuinely love for her passion, so she can easily bounce back. The problem is, when tf are they going to let her bounce back? With the direction it LOOKS like the writers are going in, it won’t be anytime soon unless they really are trying this 4HW v 4HW feud.

          • Welchy

            Um..how was she buried in terms of character?
            Becky has ALWAYS been one of the strongest characters in the women’s division since she dropped that Irish Gimmick.
            And when was gimmick progression actually a problem for Becky in 2017 when she barely even has one? She’s literally her bubbly, goofy ole self.
            The feud was one sided, but she was never buried.

          • Robann

            Um…out of all the feuds she was in, she came out as the winner in only one: her feud with Mickie James. The most important feud during her SDL tenure, not only did she not come out on top, she lost both stipulation matches and lost her championship. And now she’s still taking L’s and being reduced to multi-woman matches at the moment. Sooo I’m trying to figure out on what planet is this NOT a hit on her character and story development? Her actual GIMMICK is still the same since she first turned face in NXT, but her development has staggered. Her being loved by us doesn’t mean a damn thing when creative still has her in these plunders which honestly started with her one sided, losing feud with a green Alexa. For some reason, they not too fond of her.

          • Welchy

            Ok so since you wanna be a smart ass bitch, Shameeka,
            First off Becky was only in two feuds on SD..so why you exaggerating saying ALL like she was in 20 and lost them all? Out of the two, she lost one. Her first and YES, she did look weak. She was NOT buried. You can say Bayley was more so buried than Becky was by Alexa.
            At least Becky got 1 defense and beat Alexa.
            And PLEASE explain where the hit was because she was cutting some of her best baby face promos at the time.
            And even if it was a hit as you claim it wasn’t hard enough because Becky could win the title tomorrow and it’ll be completely believable

          • Robann

            LMFAOO resorting to stereotypical names again huh Alexa stan…ahem, I mean Welchy?? It’s all coming back to me, you’re the same bitch that claimed people weren’t calling Naomi stereotypical “ghetto” slurs but being silent on Liv and Carmella’s gimmick a few months ago! I’m so happy you’ve reminded me of how ignorant you are, I must’ve forgotten because they’re actually times where I agree with you. But when it comes to your fave, you don’t want to hear nothing even remotely negative about her even if its the truth. I have no problem with her and she actually does a damn good job with her character, but let’s be real for ONE second, please?

            Alexa has won two championships each, on both brands, in under two years. She HAS buried (whether you wanna f*cking admit it or not) the likes of Becky, Bayley and Sasha, and Mickie. The ONLY woman she hasn’t done that shit while in a feud was Naomi, so please stop. Becky has feuded with Natalya, Alexa, Mickie and Carmellsworth during her SDL tenure so far, so you know damn well I wasn’t saying it like she was feuding with 20 people. Stop being extra.

            And lastly, her winning the title right now would NOT be believable as far as story lines go. Yeah we would be happy, but it wouldn’t make no damn sense because she’s barely been on tv for the past month and a half, she doesn’t have an actual storyline at the moment and she’s doesn’t have an actual feud either, and you know it. So miss me with that believable BS. But aight, keep throwing those stereotypical ass names around and keep acting like what’s being said about your fave isn’t factual, mmkay?

          • Welchy

            Oh I’m so glad you remembered me baby :)
            Thing is…I must’ve wacked yo big ass head and tugged that tacky ass weave too hard last time bc you got me confused…I didnt call Naomi ghetto but I sure as hell upvoted that comment that did and idgaf about no Liv or no dirty ass Carmella so I don’t get your point in bringing them up. Lmao, because they white hoes who act ghetto too? Oh you mustve thought I praised or stanned that, huh? LOL NAW SIS
            But anyways, now that you know who I stan.. you think you got something on me when this conversation was never about Alexa to begin with. Lmao Now BACK TO THE REAL TOPIC.
            Becky’s feud with Nattie ended before she even won the title. foh
            AND She never feuded with Carmellsworth. It was dropped and the storyline was TEASED. Stop reaching.
            And lastly, her winning the title would damn sure be believable. Especially on SD.
            Just as believable as Natalya winning the title from Naomi at Summerslam :)

          • Robann

            I’m so glad I remember you too, sweetums :)

            You AGREED with that shit and then continued to attempt to prove why “ghetto” WASN’T synonymous with Black women and resorted to petty and ignorant insults when others continuously proved you and whoever tf else said that stupid shit wrong. And then try to hit us with the “well I’m Black too!” shit like there aren’t self-hating coons in this world LMFAO. So what was the point of you saying that again? You agreed with that shit, attempted to give poor excuses and example and then called people out their name when you knew you were wrong. Don’t try to back peddle now!

            ANYWAY, “Becky’s feud with Nattie ended before she even won the title.” Still a feud. Still a feud. STILL A FEUD. FOH.
            “She never feuded with Carmellsworth” So the two or three matches they had, and the back and forth on social media (which Superstars CONSTANTLY beef with each other on) wasn’t a feud, albeit a short one? Again, FOH.
            “Her winning the title would damn sure be believable”.
            Um….where? It would be a feel good moment, but I bet my bottom ass dollar people would complain about it having no build up.

            And nice try with that snide ass SS comment. I actually chuckled a bit. Too bad I didn’t have a preference and was actually really happy when Nattie won, and you can actually go back and read my comments. Their feud, as well as the only other feud Naomi had while she was champ, was shitty and I’ve spoken out on that too. NEXT!

          • Welchy

            Can you NOT send paragraphs in ALL your comments? damn

          • Robann

            Nah, I like messing with ignorant sheep like you. So I’ll stop reading you with 5 paragraph essays when you stop being a delusional stan. Deal? :)

          • Welchy

            Anyways, idgaf about that ghetto shit.
            The bitch was just as ghetto as you are in those backstage bits giving me Shanaenae vibes. NOW WHAT?
            It was her first feud and she won it on SD. She got the last laugh on Nattie. did you even watch? or you just tune in to see Naomi musty ass?

            And PLEASE link me to all of these matches you claim Becky & Carmella had and they better be close in dates since it was such a "feud" and LMAO at the social media shit you tried to add.
            And people complained about the exact same thing when Nattie won. lol AND? She's still champ and even though its boring, its believable. SD has all their women on an equal playing field. Tamina out here pinning Charlotte and you think BECKY winning the womens title off Nattie WOULDNT be believable? LOL NEXT

          • Robann

            Like at this point you’re reaching and grasping for air, that it’s sad. What’s even sadder is that I’m engaging in this bullshit lmfao so I’m done after this, you troglodyte ass troll. You literally just said didn’t count that as a feud and tried to brush it off and now you’re claiming that it is after I said it already? And wasn’t Nao injured/off screen during this time? How would I have been tuning in to just to see her “musty ass”? LOL. People have been literally complaining about EVERY SINGLE WOMEN’S FEUD since WM32, so cut that “people complained about the exact same thing with Nattie” shit out. The way her Hart v. Flair 133279 feud is going on now, that shit ain’t believable, it’s boring and CLEARLY (look at the damn comments in this post), we’re tired of it. You’ve literally turned this into yet another Naomi bashing session when my original comment was stating ALL of these superstars deserved better. And you still don’t understand the different between something being desired and someone’s title win being believable. For story line purposes, her winning that shit right now wouldn’t be believable AT ALL, but it’s desired. It’s what we want.

            But please, continue to bash irrelevant people in this situation to try and boost up your faves. That’s all you do on this site anyway, HONEY :)

          • Welchy

            YOU brought Naomi up dumb ass LMAO

          • Welchy

            I’m screaming at you saying that was a Naomi bashing session. Y’all Naomi stans so defensive, delusional, and always wanna play a damn victim when you brought the bitch into the equation to begin with. You aint tired hunnTy?

          • Robann

            “You’ve literally turned this into yet another Naomi bashing session when my original comment was stating ALL of these superstars deserved better”

            Trying to find where I mentioned you bringing her up first…..still looking….nope can’t find it. Bye Troglodyte Trollchy! Continue being delusional and not coming to grips with the fact that your fave has buried people :)

          • Welchy

            OH you still here? lol how many times you gonna say bye?

    • Number One

      You do not speak for the entire fanbase. Please stop acting like you do

      • Robann

        No , I just don’t speak for your late ass. Stop stalking my shit, mkay?

        • Number One

          You’re the one stalking me. Get over it

  • Summer_Slay #?aryn?errell


  • Mandoceleb

    If they want to continue this feud to develop an actual story, they better have Queen Paige re-debut on the ppv and have her cost a DQ, inserting herself in the title feud and making it a three way!

  • Super Mateo

    There was a match? I must have dozed off when it happened.

    I understand breast cancer is a serious problem, mostly for women. It’s nice to see that there are women have beaten the cancer. However, these segments need to go. They don’t even get the facts right. Lung cancer kills more women in the US than breast cancer, although breast cancer occurs more frequently. Breast cancer can also occur in men (although less common) and they always leave that fact out. There were zero men out there for these segments. Why couldn’t some men be out there just to support the cause? Why aren’t other cancers ever mentioned, especially lung, which kills far more people? I really wish they would just stop cherry picking what to support. Breast cancer is serious, but isn’t the only serious issue people face, and it certainly shouldn’t be EVER used as a marketing ploy (like the NFL does).

    • shumiley

      And why do they always choose the WORST companies to support?

  • MrBoo

    Why aren’t the shows having several women stories going at once?

  • Exotic

    Smackdown is THAT dull, I don’t even have the creativeness to fantasy book this shit hole of a womens division.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I guess we are in stale season in WWE. I’m talking the entire company. Everything just feels dry and or redone over and over again.

    • MK126

      Its definitely the product as a whole that’s suffering

  • NoWayHoeSay

    The most boring feud

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Il watch smackdown again when Paige returns

  • SD Live! WAS Incredible last year with multi-feuds with women’s and stuff, now everything feels boring and dull to me. Hope things changes after Hell in a cell (which don’t have a women’s HIAC)

  • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

    Charlotte should be the heel and Nattie the face. Nattie isn’t even a great heel.

  • A?.

    I cant believe Raw has been more interesting? SD is now having basic matches and feuds with some of the girls backstage, I’m not going to tolerate Naomi as the new Becky becoming an afterthought.

  • Joseph

    Graves officially turn on Charlotte last night making fun of her friendship with Becky. Hes not a fan of tea time.

    • Eliseo Reyes

      He’s a heel commentator, and she’s a face, it was bound to happen.

      • Joseph

        I know that i was just waiting for him to finally say something.

  • Mike

    Smh boring but at least the crowd is into babyface Charlotte. Hopefully this is leading to a feud between Becky and Carmella for the briefcase (they could even have Becky turn Ellsworth against Carmella). Also Charlotte doesn’t need to win the title yet Nattie reign just started let them have a good feud before Paige interrupts and costs Charlotte the title. They have a good storyline going with the whole is Charlotte still at the same level she used to be they just need to tap into it.

  • Mark?

    WWE has gotten so boring lately that I literally have no comments. I don’t even watch the full matches except WWE’s previews. I’m over it. I go back and watch the old matches during the golden era still though, the best time to be a women’s wrestling fan. I even tracked down the only available WWE Women’s Championship on ebay and quickly purchased it, the replica of original one that Trish and others held. I think I’m throwing in the towel on wrestling sooner then later. A huge part of me has just given up and coming on this site or even just watching the previews is more of a habit then something I actually want to do. Love Total Divas and Total Bellas though. Holler.



    • jbrizzy

      Oh trust met I gave up watching full time around the end of 2016. I just mainly come to this site and listen to wrestling podcasts that focus on the women to keep me up to date. The product is boring af

  • Organization XIII

    Not sure why people were expecting Charlotte to be this outstanding babyface. She was never a good babyface in her tenure thus far. So to believe she would magically appear to be amazing is kind of asinine. This feud hasn’t helped her grow much into either seeing as her only promo was when she first returned to action. But I did enjoy the match from what I was able to see & Carmella hitting Becky with the breifcase was hilarious. Finally she actually used it to her advantage. Carmella has been coming along nicely the most out of all the women that were featured last night

    • conan_kun

      Exactly, Becky should have been top babyface over Charlotte.

      • Organization XIII

        Becky is more natural but Charlotte has the name. I personally would’ve kept Charlotte as a heel cuz the girl thrived there

  • Kelly/Asuka???RainbowGoddess!

    If Nattie wins, it better not be a clean win! She is a heel who needs to cheat more often. I hate how she beat Naomi clean twice. Nattie can’t beat Charlotte clean, Charlotte is bigger, stronger and faster than Nattie, makes no sense. If Nattie retains, she better cheat: hold the tights, use the rope, distraction or anything. Charlotte is too good to be laid out or be made to submit by Nattie clean.

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    I love Carmella’s jays!!!


    Shut down live ?

  • Gail-Rollins Fan

    Glad they’re making Nattie look strong, and I’m glad she’s finally getting her shine. But the faster they get the belt on the Queen and turn her back into the heel she’s meant to be, the better. Though seeing Becky turn on Charlotte would certainly be a fresher option..

    Either way, Charlotte is just not meant to be a clean-cut babyface.

    Carmella is still not a believable contender in any way, shape, or form..

    • Welchy

      I finally agree with ya

  • Cilla

    Such a shame to see what SD has become.

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    So uninspiring…

  • Carolution

    where is tamina/lana and can wwe bring summer back to smackdown and bring alicia with her. wwe has been so boring lately