During a Q&A session in Paris, WWE Hall of Famer Lita discussed a variety of topics that included the possibility of WWE holding a Women’s Royal Rumble, tag team title for their Women’s division and today’s generation of WWE’s Superstars. Highlights of the interview below, courtesy of 411Mania.

On the possibility of an all-women’s Royal Rumble: “I would absolutely love if there was a Women’s Rumble. If anybody has seen the Mae Young Classic, has watched Ring of Honor, has watched these promotions around the world, there are no shortage of entrants of who could be in that Royal Rumble. I think that we all should start a hashtag “#WomensRoyalRumble” because you know, that’s how things happened before. Create that buzz, and they’ll eventually listen.”

On which current Superstar she would like to wrestle: “If I could pick one woman to wrestle today in the WWE, it would be Ashley, you know her better as Charlotte Flair. She is fantastic and such a natural athlete, but above that, she wants to be the best more than anything and she will do whatever it takes to put in the work required to do that.”

Thoughts on inter-gender matches in WWE: “My favorite times in WWE was working inter-gender matches, and that is something they’ve gotten away from in what they call the PG-era. I would really love as far as we’ve come with women and their representation in the industry to be able to have inter-gender matches. And in the final part of your question was, ‘Could there be a female champion?’, I know we have seen that in Chikara and some other promotions that have a female grand champion in other promotions. I don’t know if we will ever see that in WWE, but I would love to be proved wrong.”

On which match she would liked to have happen during her career: “Number one, it would be Luna Vachon. Number two, I had one match with Chyna which was supposed to be a series of matches. Three, four, five pay-per-views. And intentionally our first match, we left you wanting more, we didn’t go all the way on that first match because we wanted to build our feud. Unfortunately, because of her contract disputes at the time and not carrying on to have her career in the WWE, we never got the chance to have that feud and I think it would have been really great. We were very close friends at the time, and worked well together. She liked working with me which makes your experience so much better and I’m just so sad that we never got to have that.”

On the idea of women’s tag team titles: “There has been talks of tag titles for the Women’s Division and I think that I love that they first introduced the MITB briefcase, that’s been a long time coming and that adds an element of surprise within the title picture. I would love to see these rumored tag titles appear sooner than later, but for that to happen, I hope they bring up these women that are already at NXT or some women they’ve seen on the Mae Young Classic and expand the roster.”

On a Team Bella vs Team Bestie (Lita & Trish) match: “I think it would be really fun, because if you look at my career or Trish’s career when we first started to how much we evolved throughout our career is quite an evolution within our characters. Then seeing when the Bellas came in, they had to keep fighting that stigma ‘They are not wresters’, they keep having matches until finally they had matches with everyone from Charlotte to Stephanie McMahon and all people who are considered competitors to finally start to change some people’s opinions about the Bellas. So I think it would be really good to have two teams from two different times that have had quite an evolution in their ability, in the ring and their overall character, to fight it out and just put on a really entertaining show.”

Lita also discusses her Raw Main Event match with Trish Stratus, her reaction to being inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame and advice to aspiring wrestlers.

You can read the full interview here.

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