If there’s any women’s wrestler today that is the best in the world in my opinion, it has to be Toni Storm. Her tenacity has gotten the attention of audiences and her current success in Stardom has gained international acclaim. Her dominance over in Stardom, currently holding the Stardom World Alliance Undisputed World Women’s Championship as well as the World Of Stardom Championship, is unheard-of in a Joshi promotion in Japan. She’s pretty damn amazing for a 21 years old, practically the women’s wrestling version of LeBron James. Toni has been in the ring for 7 years when she was just a teenager. Names like Paige and Cheerleader Melissa started out in their teens as well. With more experience as she goes along, she may be one of the greatest women’s wrestlers of all time. But she’s not there yet.

Toni is a solid wrestler that has shown signs of being able to work with many different wrestling styles; such as the STARDOM, British and the WWE/NXT styles. She just recently worked the WWE Mae Young Classic and from what I’ve heard she did very well. She has everything an international wrestling promotion would look for in a face of that promotion and a lot more. You can say she’s able to adapt to the surroundings of wrestling, but let alone be successful.

But there is a lot of flak about Toni that she doesn’t care about. Some folks think it’d be pretty accurate to call her the most over-hyped wrestler on the independent wrestling scene, whether it’s Britain or Japan or anywhere. Those folks just don’t get it, not at all. They may say that Toni has half-decent baby-face charisma, and she has a good snap German Suplex and a nice piledriver. The critics say she’s an incredibly middling promo, most of her other offense is mediocre, she’s not great at telling stories or structuring matches, and she’s very sloppy, considering she once broke Io Shirai’s neck off a piledriver. In all fairness, he’s worked extensively with arguably the best women in the world today and has barely had enough good matches to count on one hand between all of her bouts against them. For the critics, those things are as damning an indictment as anything; the inability to have a good match with even top-level talent. They say she’s just not good as a talent from their perspective. But to anyone who says that Toni Storm is over-hyped, her offense is mediocre, and she’s sloppy, they don’t know much about wrestling. Toni will be a huge star if and when she is signed to the major promotions, specifically WWE. Time will tell though.

Contrary to the praises given to this young woman from fans and other writers, I as a writer must keep a realistic grounding. I’ll never fully discourage anyone from wanting to do great things but to say a future with one of the big three is absolute may be a stretch. I have been impressed with Toni in all aspects of the sport. She is both athletic and beautiful, a perfect combination. She definitely has the talent to blow up a promotion with dynamite excitement and generate or expand on her fan following, and that alone says something. She should be one of the best today, if not all time.

What do you think? Is this be the year of Toni Storm? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

  • #RiotWithRuby

    Funniest article I’ve ever read on Diva Dirt.

    • Aye Mate

      The construction of the third paragraph is particularly head scratching.

    • Matthew Hollie

      This is based on the writer’s opinion. I don’t see anything funny about an opinion.

  • Vince Martin

    Her matches in the MYC minus the one with Kairi were pretty forgettable. Piper Niven though, is a legend in the making

    • wysna

      Piper is what Rosie Lottalove should’ve been if Rosie was a good wrestler.

      • CH98

        You do know that Rosie Lottalove is Sage Beckett.

    • Shady

      She was given green wrestlers in the first two rounds and her other 2 matches were fantastic. Piper was the one true MVP of the MYC that’s true

      If in doubt of Toni Storm’s talent please check any of her performances in Progress or Stardom, most notably against Kay Lee Ray and Candice LeRae in Progress and Io Shirai and Mayu Iwatani in Stardom

  • Too bad her big victory in Stardom was tainted by Mayu’s injury. In fact, I am positive that she was not supposed to win, but ended up getting the title anyways, because that’s how things are done in Japan. Not to take anything away from her, she’s obviously a great asset to the company, winning both the Cinderella Tournament and the 5 Stars Grand Prix, I except her to be a fine champion. But i’m waiting for that rematch, and I’ll be rooting for Mayu. On top of that, being a part of the MYC, making it to the semi-finals and beig crowned the first ever Progress Women’s Champion, 2017 was undoubtely Toni’s year.

    And she deserves all these accolade. She’s pretty amazing for a 21 years old woman. She’s the girl of the moment and will be a even bigger star if she ever settles with WWE. Not that I want her to at the moment, as I want to continue to enjoy her regular appearances in Stardom.

    If i’m being honest, her work in the MYC isn’t the best testament of her abilities, save for her matches against Viper and Kairi. A part of her moveset is banned from WWE (like her usual finisher, a piledriver), and she’s not the best at carrying less experienced opponents. But trust me when I say that there’s a reason she’s THE indy girl of the moment, and that her name is popping up everywhere. It’s scary to think of how good she already is and might become. (Shameless promotion: If you have a few bucks to spare, check her work in Stardom, the best wrestling promotion of the planet)

    It’s Toni time!

  • Black Widow

    2017 is definitely

  • Black Widow

    Toni Storm is WWE material. Enough said!

  • Kvngbalor

    My fav

  • wysna

    Errr… love her but I wouldn’t say she’s “best in the world,” not with the likes of Io Shirai still active. I will say this though, of all the competitors in the MYC, she was the most WWE-friendly AND she has a lot of potential. She’d do well in the company (provided that they can get her to be a little careful in her interviews. I think she said “shit” in one of her pre or post matches talks.)

  • Toni Storm is WWE’s attempt at replacing the irreplaceable Paige.

    • Joseph

      Toni made herself WWE didn’t make her.

      • Most of us didn’t know who she was until WWE’s Mae Young Classic….

        • Joseph

          Well no offense its not hard to Google who she is. This isn’t 1987 we don’t have taped trade to know wrestlers and promotions. Just fingertips away from info.

          • But no offense, right? Lol.
            Well I wouldn’t know what 1987 was like because I wasn’t there. But anyways, I think you’re reading into my comments in a different tone. Never did I insult Toni, I actually kinda like her. I was saying that WWE, let me repeat, WWE is attempting to fill Paige’s presence with Toni Storm

          • Joseph

            How? she isn’t sign anyways.

      • BLKLTR05

        I take offense at the insinuation that Paige is a WWE product. She was well established way before she got to WWE. She may have gotten her fame from WWE but her skillet and her establishment happened well before they ever approached her.

        • Joseph

          Yea good point also.

  • Aye Mate

    Toni Storm is talented generally, and exceptional for her age. Take those two components into consideration and the best conclusion to make is that the future holds mad potential for her. She reminds me of Becky Lynch in that I see a genuinely natural babyface.

  • Miguel

    I don’t think she’s mediocre, she’s good, not great.

    • BLKLTR05

      I agree but she could be great. She has the potential and the drive it seems so I easily see her being amazingly great.

  • BLKLTR05

    This article needs a rewrite. Why is 2017 the year of Toni Storm? The writer spent more time telling me why people don’t like her rather than why that doesn’t matter or her accomplishments. Was this supposed to be praise for Toni or was this supposed to be a damnification of her? You tell me she’s this champion for two promotions simultaneously but don’t bother to tell us why these two promotions are so important or anything. You just casually mention it and when people who don’t know the significance of that, such as myself, that information tends to not matter. Do I like Toni? Yes, yes I do. Do I think she’d make a good addition to WWE? Again, yes I do. She’d do amazingly well and she’s blonde, what Vince absolutely loves, so you know he’d make her the face of the division in no time.

    • Matthew Hollie

      Why do you think this article needs a rewrite? Look at the indie promotions and tell me who has the better year. The writer believes that 2017 is the big year of Toni Storm, due to her success in STARDOM and PROGRESS Wrestling. The writer probably spent more time balancing the positives and negatives. It wasn’t supposed to be a damnification for Toni but checking the criticisms from others. May I remind you that criticism is very important in this industry? I think Toni does have a solid year and better than anybody on the independent scene right now.

      • BLKLTR05

        I already stated why. Reread my comment, all the reasons I think this needs a rewrite are in my response. From a journalistic standpoint, this was poor, nay, extremely poor.this would have resulted in a C grade in High School and a straight up F in College. There needs to be more elaboration in all asp3cts of the writing. Simple as that.

        • Matthew Hollie

          I think he’ll appreciate the criticism. Rather take the C for now. Can’t please everyone.

  • Shady

    Toni is so good. She has everything one could ask for and is only 21. 2017 is undoubtedly been her year. A semi finalist in the MYC, becoming the first ever Progress womens champion, winning the red belt in stardom, winning the Cinderella and 5 star grand prix tournamnents, all prove it. She did the damn thing and there’s no way 2017 belongs to anyone but herself.

    Her and Asuka moved to the opposite sides of the world and conquered their respective game

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    The best in the world? Not at all, I don’t even think she’s top ten. Don’t get me wrong, she’s great but it’s quite a statement to say that… The most confusing is that latter on in the second paragraph, it said that she was a “solid” wrestler when in the beginning, she’s hyped to be the “best”.

    Plus, as it was pointed out down below, why spend most of the article pretty much citing all the negative things people say about her instead of fully putting the light on her strengths?

    Truth be told, she is the future of this business. I totally believe that. She’s has the potential to be a huge huge star. She’s very young and we have yet to see the best of her. Trust me on that.

  • Snappy

    Sorry but the moment she started to use hip attacks in a “semi sexual” manner as a signature move – I soured immediately. Love her charisma – but ehhhhh.

  • MK126

    “But to anyone who says that Toni Storm is over-hyped, her offense is mediocre, and she’s sloppy, they don’t know much about wrestling. Toni will be a huge star if and when she is signed to the major promotions, specifically WWE.” Bish whet?? Why does she have to be signed to a major promotion to be a huge star? Half of the women in the MYC are huge stars of the indie scene and none of them are signed down to a major promotion so what makes Toni any different. Everything that you claimed the fans are saying you also proved. 1.) She hasn’t had any amazing matches even with top tier talent (shes over-hyped) 2.) her offense is mediocre (she has an good snap german suplex a nice piledriver) and 3.) shes sloppy (she broke someones neck). Toni is young and can definitely improve in all aspects of wrestling except her character work and charisma. She has that down to a T but everything else needs work

    • Shady

      1) She definitely has had amazing matches with tons of girls
      2) Her offense is actually pretty awesome, she has the best big boot out of all the women in wrestling right now, a great hip attack, a diving leg drop, air raid crash on the knee, backstabber. She’s also excellent in chain and mat wrestling
      3) It was 50% her fault only

      • MK126

        1.) Im not denying she hasnt had amazing matches but when the writer claims “In all fairness, she’s worked extensively with arguably the best women in the world today and has barely had enough good matches to count on one hand between all of her bouts against them” but also says that 2017 is the year of Toni Storm and will be a huge star when signed to a major promotion doesnt make sense. It should be her year but hasnt had enough good matches to count on one hand is a contradiction. Besides she doesnt need WWE to be a star. Just ask Mia, Santana, Candice, Mercedes, KLR, Evie, SDR, Sarah Stock.
        2.) She does have amazing big boot. Her air raid neckbreaker was different and made her unique and im sure Strong Zero is a great piledriver but the writer claims that her offense is mediocre but only says she has two great moves. Prove that shes not mediocre in the ring. Link us to a youtube video of her top X amount of moves. I did that before the MYC to see what these ladies were like and I know shes got a pretty strong moveset.
        3.) Even if it was 50% her fault the fact remains that someone broke their neck. Of course accidents happen but you cant say shes not sloppy when she injured someone. That’s like claiming Nia Jax isnt sloppy. Like i said shes young and she will go far but shes not the best right now

    • Matthew Hollie

      Can’t have praise without criticism.

  • She has everything to conquer the women’s wrestling promotions like: WWE, ROH or Impact. She has the charisma, body, age, looks and style, the perfect package.