After missing a week of ROH action with no Women of Honor last week, we are back! This week we see ‘The Gatekeeper’ Kelly Klein, looking to continue her dominance against ROH Dojo graduate, Stella Gray. All the while we have Brandi Rhodes joining Ian Riccaboni on commentary, and the return of someone who has been MIA.

This week we saw Stella Gray looking to make a name for herself against one of WOH’s most intimidating women, Kelly Klein. As you can imagine, ‘Pretty Badass’ lived up to her namesake as she dominated against the WOH newbie. She pulled out all the stops on miss Gray to send a message that she is still the top woman in Ring of Honor. But Stella had a lot of fire in her and wouldn’t go down without a fight. Even during the end of the match when Klein hit a top rope Fallaway Slam, Stella kicked out at one! But sadly this Gray wouldn’t be able to do much after as Kelly made her tap out to her ‘End of the Match’ Guillotine Choke finisher.

Now while the match itself was more or less a way to make Klein look even stronger, the most interesting event came after the match. As Kelly celebrated, we see a familiar face in stunning attire who has had past beef with Klein… Scarlett Bordeaux.

It is confirmed that both Kelly and Scarlett will be making the trip over to Japan to appear for STARDOM. Unfortunately for Scarlett, she says they have to team each other, which she is really not happy about considering the past exchanges. Scarlett doesn’t know if she can trust Klein, but can respect how she has treated her the same way to her face that she does behind her back. ‘Unlike half the other girls in wrestling’, an interesting note. She wants to put the pettiness behind them for a short time so they can bring back ‘that title’ to America… not sure which one they are referring to as there are a bunch in STARDOM, but hey! Go team?

Scarlett then threats her ‘partner’ by claiming, ‘those rumours floating around about how much of a crazy psycho she is… she will find out exact how crazy she can be.’ This is the first I’ve heard of these ‘rumours’, but hey, it’s intimidating enough. Shame it didn’t work on Klein as she just called Scarlett ‘dramatic’. She wants to win in STARDOM, like she did when they last faced. Kelly scoffed at how Scarlett hasn’t really been seen in ROH since that happened earlier this year. She leaves after telling Scarlett to stay out of her way while she ‘protects’ her. Finally, their short ‘partnership’ will be over once everything is said and done.

Thoughts: An interesting one as we have more than one feud going on with the Women of Honor now! Except at this point, it’s difficult to say who is feuding with who. Brandi being there would have likely led to her still having heat with Klein. But with the return of Scarlett, it seems that everyone wants to feud with Kelly right now. Maybe it can lead to both Scarlett & Brandi going after her, who knows! Maybe Klein can also find a partner of her own to go after them? Not that she really needs one with her character.

The match itself was fine. There was some miscommunication between Gray and Klein, but that comes down to inexperience on Stella’s part. It was also uncertain if Gray was supposed to be face as her mannerisms were somewhat heelish.

Saying that, Klein also seems to be getting more comfortable working with other women, which is good to see. We also saw a few new manoeuvres from her we don’t usually see, the top rope ones especially.

Whatever happens next, it’ll be interesting to see where these possible feuds lead to with ‘The Gatekeeper’.

But what are your thoughts? Are you excited to see Scarlett Bordeaux back? What do you think of her and Kelly Klein re-igniting their brief feud? Do you see Brandi inserting herself into it somehow? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

  • Rhys Hawks

    Also guys, side comment, we are still looking for comments for our ‘Your Two Cents’ article focusing on who you’d like to see appear for ROH’s Women of Honor. You can comment here, or do so on the relevent posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    • Aye Mate

      Mia Yim or Mercedes Martinez. To my knowledge neither have been signed by WWE on the back of the MYC showings.

      • John Finnie

        Mercedes has had a match in NXT & was in the battle royal…. i dont know if that means anything though

        • Aye Mate

          I hope it does; Martinez has a wealth of experience and knowledge at her disposal which could be beneficial to young developmental talent she works with. She’s also been billed as a mentor of sorts to Baszler, which they could play into with a storyline.


      Mia Yim definitely since she’s not someone I see getting signed by WWE and she’s immensely talented in the ring. Other than that, I would be interested to see Ivelisse on here or if they don’t get signed be WWE for the moment, Piper Niven, Tori Storm, Mercedes Martinez and Santana who would get some more plateform to be well seen. Kay Lee Ray is one I would definitely want to see too!

    • John Finnie

      Lita, Jazz, Victoria , Angelina love , Viper Mia yim ( but hopefullly wwe has picked her up)

    • John Finnie

      Lita, Jazz, Victoria , Angelina love , Viper

    • Summer_Slay #?aryn?errell


    • Omar Zaal

      At this point they need big stars
      I’ll go for Mercedes, Mia Yim, Lufisto, Kong, Candice, Santana, Su Yung, Victoria, Angelina, and Havok.

  • Nicola Byrne

    Hi guys, can anyone tell me where can I watch Women of Honor online?

    • Rhys Hawks

      On Ring of Honor’s official Youtube Channel. They upload on Wednesdays for Women of Honor Wednesdays. When they have taped prior matches of course.

    • John Finnie

      I just youtube the matches

  • John Finnie

    Brandi has really impressed me in ROH Women

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    • Gayomi.

      Did we watch the same ROH?

      • John Finnie

        Haha maybe not lol but compared to tna shes better lol

  • Gayomi.

    It’s so sad to see how far the ROH Women’s division has fallen, from an amazing roster of Sara Del Rey, Kong, MsChif, Daizee, Lacey, Serena, Allison Danger, Mickie James, Roxxi etc. and great storylines with Lacey/Jimmy to Brandi Rhodes facing a slightly better Mandy Leon. The revolution is alive everywhere but Ring of Honor.