Tonight on Impact Wrestling, a Fatal 4-Way match for the Knockouts Championship was announced for Bound for Glory.

While addressing the Knockouts division, the Knockouts Champion Sienna questioned as to why she did not have a spot on Bound for Glory card despite the fact that she had already beaten a good portion of the division already. Sienna continued by saying perhaps the reason she didn’t have a match at Bound for Glory was because she was the inductee to this year’s Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame.

This brought out Gail Kim, who argued with Sienna that she would’ve won their match from Destination X had it been for the interference from the returning Taryn Terrell and thus demanded a rematch. Taryn Terrell came out next to tell Gail that instead of focusing on getting back in the title picture, she should worry that Gail has never beaten her before. Allie would come out last to demand her shot for the Knockouts Title for working hard.

With all four Knockouts in the ring, Karen Jarrett came out to announce that Sienna would defend her title against Gail Kim, Taryn Terrell and Allie.

Bound for Glory airs live at 8PM ET on November 5th on PPV.

Are you excited for this match?

  • #RiotWithRuby

    This is exciting! Really wish Laurel got a BFG match, however.

  • Kiana Taylor

    I dont know if im spoiling anything but rosemary vs taya in a first blood match is also supposed to be at bfg

    • Malcolm James

      Ya that storyline should start next week

  • MirMik

    Bound for Glory is literally happening in a small arena 20 min walk from my apartment. I should go!

    • John Finnie

      Yea you defo should go it will be good…fingers crossed.

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  • conan_kun

    I can see it’s Gail wins to make her retired as champ.

  • GEO

    This sounds like a great match. Hoping they pop off.

  • Gail-Rollins Fan

    This was also announced as Gail’s last match. I was hoping she’d work the tapings following BFG because the build up to her final match has been shitty.

    She should have been having singles matches with Rosemary, Taya, Allie, and Taryn leading up to this match to gain some momentum, and to also give each girl a little “rub” and make them look good. She could have even lost to one of them due to Taryn interfering.

    With Sienna’s involvement I’m not expecting much from this match unfortunately..

    • That trashbag nor Allie deserve to share the ring with Gail in her last match. Kong or Angelina should’ve been the top choices.

      • Gail-Rollins Fan

        Yeah I thought Gail vs Angelina vs Madison would have been a good final match since they’re basically the Trish/Lita/Victoria of TNA. I was fine with Kong or Taryn as well..

        • Not really a fan of Madison as she came a bit after the best knockouts era. And her screeching has always been Vickie levels of cringe.

    • Aye Mate

      Yep, I was hoping for something a lot more meaningful and poetic for Gail Kim’s departure and thus far it’s all been a bit frenetic. Here’s hoping the girls go all out to make it memorable for Gail and her fans.

  • Aye Mate


    I think Allie referring to Rosemary as her demon friend is an insanely cute dynamic that needs to be played up to. Those two squaring off against Taya and Sienna would have left Gail to have another showdown with longstanding rival Taryn.

    It should be a good enough match but I’m just really, really over multi-person PPV title matches this year. I really am.

    • Juan

      To be fair it is Bound For Glory and Fatal 4 Way/Triple Threat matches are the norm for the Knockout’s Championship at that ppv.

      I think Maria/Gail and Tara/Brooke have been the only single matches for the title at B4G.

  • ?K . A . T ?

    I hope Gail wins and gets to retire as champ and then Allie can have it after that. Really wish the match was just Gail vs. Taryn for the title one last time, ah well.

    • John Finnie

      Gail vs Taryn vs Angelina love thats the match that should happen…… maybe Angelina will make a supprise one night only return to screw gail over

      • ?K . A . T ?

        Or even Gail vs. Angelina one more time would be sweet! The feud is already there to because both are six time champs, the story could be the race to the 7th.

        • John Finnie

          After i wrote that i thought the same as you


    I’m not expecting anything great from this match, which is very sad, especially considering this is gonna be Gail’s final match :(

    • John Finnie

      Let gail & Taryn have the most inring time keep allie & sienna fighting outside.then it should be good

    • John Finnie

      Let gail & Taryn have the most inring time keep allie & sienna fighting outside.then it should be god

  • John Finnie

    I think Allie will win & gail will be happy for her since its her very last match

  • Shady

    Anyone but you Sienna

  • Jo9834

    Gails final match? I would have expected a one on one with Taryn for the Title somehow TBH. But I am sure they’ll pull out all the stops to make this Epic for her.

  • Steven5812

    The INSANE JILTED FIANCEE should be in the mix too. **Imagines Divalicious nearly blowing a blood vessel over that**.

  • Women’s Revolution

    Sadly I took Impact Wrestling off my DVR. I’m no longer interested in the product, which is disappointing because I gave them chance after chance.

    Gail Kim retirement match feels like a joke along her HOF, along others who are there because TNA product.

  • The final match of Gail, so sad to hear that is coming that abruptly day. Anyway, hope it’s a good or an excellent match.