Each week, The Backpage will wrap up some of the smaller news stories, rumors, editorials and gossip making the rounds in women’s wrestling. Got a tip for next week? Send it in.

* Nikki Bella’s next routine for Dancing With The Stars’ Most Memorable Year episode will be inspired by her comeback to WWE from her neck injury. (Instagram)

* Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that creative plans call for Bray Wyatt to wrestler at TLC using the name “Sister Abigail” with a different outfit and that WWE is not planning to introduce a female character with the name. (Pro Wrestling Sheet)

* Alexa Bliss speaks with Channel Guide Magazine to discuss WWE’s ‘Unleash you Warrior’ Breast Cancer Campaign. (Channel Guide)

* Alicia Fox thanks fans for their recent support. (Instagram)

* Former WWE Women’s Champion Candice Michelle announces she is returning to the ring for a one-time match for on Saturday December 2nd Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore promotion. (Instagram)

* Natalya blogs on making history at this year’s Hell in a Cell in her match against Charlotte Flair. (Calgary Sun)

* There could be a Bayley heel turn coming in the near future. (Cageside Seats)

* Stephanie McMahon tells TMZ that WWE’s offer to Ronda Rousey to join the company “absolutely still stands”. (YouTube)

  • Jo9834

    A Bayley turn is one of the most unfortunate things i’ve heard in wrestling EVER. Creative baffles me beyond belief sometimes, here is the ultimate female babyface, who was MEGA over upon arrival, that you systematically destroyed in under a year.

    There are rumours that Vince and Co never want a woman to be over to the level of Sable or Chyna, this came from Bruce Pritchard’s own mouth during an interview. He also stated that any woman getting a large reaction would be worked back down to size (mid card), this explains Sasha’s stunted booking and Bayley’s horrible run with Alexa.

    We haven’t had a female face that has matched the level of Lita, Chyna, Trish or Sable in YEARS despite the WWE having a plethora of women that could fill that spot, Bayley was that woman BUT not anymore.

    • Corey Anderson

      That would explain why they wouldn’t push mickie as hard as they did other’s during her first run despite the fact that she was the most over woman on the whole roster and the fact that Trish and Lita basically passed the touch to her

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  • YonceLuvsDivas

    -I’m confused on this Sister Aibgail thing.

    -Yessss for my favorite diva of all time Candice getting back in the ring. Hopefully we get good footage of it.

    -And another yessss for Bayley heel turn. She most def needs it!

    -Not mentioned but there’s a rumor that Summer Rae might be retiring. I hope it’s not true although I wouldn’t be surprised. Imma miss my slay queen!!

    • KellyAJNaomi#Slay

      OMG I JUST SAW THAT. I swear to GOD if WWE lets her retire I’m going to be soooo pissed like they really let a star like her go when she had so much potential but they want to push someone like (no shade) Carmella

      • YonceLuvsDivas

        Right like Summer Rae could’ve only been the next Stacy Keibler and more. But they’ve really let her slip the their.

        • Corey Anderson

          It’s crazy cause she has everything the wwe looks for in a top female talent her and paige could’ve been the next trish and lita

          • YonceLuvsDivas

            So true

  • Joseph

    Well Alexa and Mickie are working together on this old lady storyline, coming up with different ideas.

  • Holy shit, I was expecting a real sister abigail.
    Candice Michelle returning? OH My God! I have to see that.
    Bayley turning hell? “No Hugs Allowed”
    You didn’t mention this but I read that Summer Rae is considering retiring from wrestling.