Tonight at Hell in a Cell, Natalya defends the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair. Will Charlotte Flair become the first ever female triple crown winner? The Diva Dirt team weighs in.

Abir: These two have a huge history behind them. After competing for the NXT, Divas and RAW Women’s championships against one another, Charlotte has managed to come out on top each time. So, is this Natalya’s time? Definitely. She’s going to score the upset by overcoming the odds, and even rubbing it in Ric Flair’s face. So, Natalya will take home the win.

Alex: I think this is quite an easy call here (then again, I have fallen off the wagon with some predictions lately) but I can easily see Natalya retaining here. The reason why? Well there’s a certain Starrcade event coming up in a couple weeks and of all possible title changes, I see this one being most likely. Despite the “hometown” curse, I can definitely see them bending that for the Flairs to dominate, so how now it’s still Nattie’s time to shine.

Josue: With so much history between these two Superstars dating back to Charlotte’s NXT days, I was expecting a little more build-up to this title match. Charlotte (and Sasha Banks) made history at last year’s Hell in a Cell in the first Women’s HIAC match and I’m willing to bet WWE will want to create another historic moment tonight so I’m going to go with Charlotte capturing the title tonight.

BREAKDOWN: 1 for Charlotte Flair, 2 for Natalya.

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Who do you agree with? Who is just dead wrong? What are your predictions? Sound off in the comments below!

  • Monkey Tennis

    I just don’t care (and apparently, neither does much of the DD team!) There’s been no build up to speak of and no real feud of any kind. Nattie’s character remains wrong for her on every conceivable level and Carmella’s involvement hasn’t added any interest at all. Instead it’s somehow made the whole thing even more boring. Which admittedly, is quite an achievement in itself.

    I dunno, maybe its cos I was at the Progress Women’s show on Monday night and Eve the night before last… But after seeing so much fantastic women’s wrestling over the last week, a blah token match on a WWE PPV just feels so utterly, utterly underwhelming. And for all this talk of revolution and evolution, here we are once again with the women being represented by just two women (maybe three if Carmella gets involved).

    Despite all the (mostly) good work with Sasha and Charlotte and the recent Mae Young classic, it’s nights like this that make you think… the WWE hasn’t really changed at all.

    • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

      Girl the problem isn’t because two/three women are in the spotlight. It’s because of the lack of build. I’m tired of these multi women matches.

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  • Vito

    charlotte wins, paige returns and destroys her

  • Xaos

    Nattie to retain. Love the Queen but Nattie deserves a good, lengthy reign as a champion.

  • 3???????

    Nattie needs this win .

  • Star_Lee

    I love that Nattie finally got her another well-earned reign, but eh. She’s pretty boring. It doesn’t matter who wins to me. If Char wins, then Carmella will likely cash in anyways

    • KellyAJNaomi#Slay

      Yea I wanted Natti to win a title for so long now it’s like eh why is she Champion because she doesn’t bring anything new to the table even as Champion ofc they isn’t all her fault because creative can’t book a good title reign in general tbh

    • chrissi calvert

      Thats not Nattys fault though. Creative just dont give a s**t about the womens division anymore.

  • The Wicked Bitch

    Catalya needs this win, so they better let the good sis retain.

  • Maddox

    Two great wrestlers and yet a match no one cares about. This is why casual fans love Alexa cuz she’s atleast interesting. Smackdown really killed Charlotte’s momentum

    • KellyAJNaomi#Slay

      It’s because they want to make everyone seem equal and now I’m thinking that it would’ve been smarter to just have Charlotte win the title off Naomi at SS

      • Maddox

        So unfortunate that I am wishing it was Alexa vs Mickie that was happening tonight

        • KellyAJNaomi#Slay

          Ikr I’m more excited for that match with 2 weeks of build vs this with 3 weeks

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I’m going with Nattie in this one. I don’t think Charlotte will get this one tonight. And I don’t think Carmella will cash in. She’s going to cash it in at one of the most random moments and Hell in a Cell is to obvious. Both ladies down and out from the gruesome match and she just comes in and snatch the title. That’s pretty predictable.

  • Jo9834

    Natalya wins perhaps with the Paige assist?. If Natalya and Charlotte are going to wrestle at Starcade in a cage match (in Flair country) I suspect that will be the main event AND where Charlotte wins the championship finally. And I expect Charlotte to go into Wrestlemania with it to take on Paige OR the rumored Ronda Rousey perhaps?

    • Randall

      Isn’t starcade just going to be a house show?

  • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

    Ugh I have a feeling Charlotte is gonna get a surprise win. But then again the Starcade card already leaked and it has Nattie advertised as champion. Sometimes when this happens the champion loses to make it less obvious. But we’ll see, I’m gonna say Charlotte.

    • A?.

      What does that have to do with anything? Charlotte can win the title, it’s still going to be her against Natalya at Starcade either way.

      • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

        Nattie is being advertised as champion though

        • conan_kun

          WWE is advertised the current champ in advance, they won’t advertise other people as champs before they win, plus every live events card are subject to change.

          • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

            That’s not what I’m saying I’m saying Nattie is advertised as champion so it’s possible she could lose tonight so it’s more of a surprise when/if Charlotte wins.

  • chrissi calvert

    Natty to win with Carmella teasing a cash in

  • -V

    I just hope they will give the win to Nattie because she doesn’t deserve another bland title reign. Hopefully WWE will build up this feud a bit more, just like they did last year, instead of just giving the title to Charlotte after a few weeks absence.

  • A?.

    Forgot there was a PPV tonight.

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    Oh. Idk this was even happening today……

  • Victoria&Melina19

    I totally forgot about this match, and the ppv it self. Tbh I don’t really care who wins, because the build towards this match has been nothing. Nattie is boring, Charlotte could win as a surprise but don’t think that will happen and Carmella she ain’t ready and actually have forgotten she’s ms money in the bank.

    There’s literally zero build for me to care that I’m glad it’s just a singles match because there’s no point in them being in a cell.

    I’m ready for Paige to come back just to see if things will change and if it will get better.

  • It


  • Hoooshi

    The rest of the DD team couldn’t even write a five line prediction? Damn…

    Tonight Nattie and Charlotte will have competed for every women’s title in the company (NXT, Divas, Raw and now SD) and this could be huge and historical and yet no one cares. WWE’s ability of hindering their own product is incredible. I think Nattie will win now and Charlotte at Starrcade, not that anyone will care by then.


    I am extremely bored. Smackdown has nothing to offer truly and I am afraid a solid-great match wouldn’t even change things to me since I am really not invested here. The build-up has been so poor. I am just sick of both division and Smackdown especially since it’s feels like they are not even trying. I need CHANGE! REAAAL CHANGE!

    Put Becky Lynch back on TV, bring Paige back, get Carmella off my screen for a year for all I care… Get the title off of Natalya’s shoulders, call up some girls but we need something because it’s really bad.

    • Hoooshi

      That’s what happens when everyone is supposed to be on the same level. SD has been boring ever since WM.

  • mckenzie

    Should be a woman’s hell in a cell match.
    That would definitely put Natalya on the level she should be on.

  • Gayomi.

    Nattie deserves to win but they’ll probably have that overrated trash win

  • GlowTime

    I’m glad it’s not a HIAC match, I don’t want them yearly. When I see the girls in one, i want it to be unique and not expected.

    Natalya to win. Couple more months for her reign yet please ?

  • carmellsworth


    rather see this tbh

    • Gayomi.

      Rihanna would probably sell better than Charlotte

  • Randall

    SmackDown has been boring as of late and this match was built poorly. Seems like the Raw writers are now working on SmackDown. I honestly think it’s time for a shakeup. Nattie has been boring as champ. I wouldn’t be surprised if Carmella cashes I. On the winner tonight.

    • Star_Lee

      After MITB it definitely slowed down in terms of its pace. Hopefully it picks up after HIAC

  • Robin Zabriskie

    charlotte is already a triple crown winner in my opinion….nxt diva and raw….

  • conan_kun

    What I hope: Natalya retains dirty or loses by Countout or DQ
    What should not happen: Charlotte wins the title, then Carmella fails her cash in on Charlotte a few minutes later

  • Hopefully Natalya. I have no doubt Charlotte will win the title, but she doesn’t need it now. Nattie deserves a longer moment before she loses.

  • If Charlotte wins already I will be irritated.

  • Call Up Asuka NOW

    Charlotte should win no questions ask

  • conan_kun

    Is Diva Dirt losing the writers as there’s usually at least 6 writers doing prediction.

    • TorrieTrishStacyLita

      Naw DD just doesn’t care about this anymore than we do lol

  • Gayomi.

    scream at only 3 people answering this though

  • Rosanna

    I’m probably not going to watch. Charlotte probably wins and nothing spectacular is going to happen. Unless Carmella cashed in. I will not be watching.

  • SaltyMcSalt

    They need to have Nattie retain and actually make her a decent believable champ. She’s worked hard enough. Give her more to do.

  • StraightFire

    Either Natalya retains and things stay boring or Charlotte wins and things stay boring.

    • Charlie Flickinger

      Where is the lie? Bleh. I’m so burnt out of WWE right now.

  • Women’s Revolution

    Since there really hasn’t been much of a buildup, I’m expecting Natalya to remain champion via controversy or dirty fashion and up one the Flairs in the Hart vs. Flair rivalry…

  • Charlie Flickinger

    Charlotte is about to win, when either the 4MMAHW or Paige come out and distract her. Nattie rolls Charlotte up, hooking the rights and retaining the title. Carmella comes out, teases a cash in but then BOOM Becky clocks her from behind.
    Moving forward it’s Charlotte vs Paige/4MMAHW
    Nattie vs Naomi round 2
    Becky vs Carmella for the MITB Briefcase.