On this day in history:

October 10th, 2005 | After successfully defending her Women’s Title against Victoria, Trish Stratus found herself on the receiving end of a beat down by the sore loser. Ashley Massaro attempted to make the save, but she too was beaten down. Suddenly, a mystery woman (Mickie James) appeared, saving Trish. Mickie’s demeanor seemed to creep out Trish, but it wasn’t until she introduced herself backstage that Trish had a real reason to be weirded out. Mickie told Trish that she was Raw’s newest Superstar and her biggest fan, kissing her on the cheek and hugging her face before hurrying off.

Also occurring today in history:
* 10/10/10 – Tara defeats Angelina Love, Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne in a Four Corners Knockouts Title match with Mickie James as special guest referee at Bound For Glory 2010.

What are your memories of this moment?

  • The start of an iconic storyline and an iconic woman.

    • jcott3

      The angle that brought the women’s division back from the dead.

  • Eric

    Funny story I heard, but not sure how true it is, but I heard that supposedly Mickie messed up during her backstage scene and she was supposed to introduce herself as “Vickie James”.

    • jcott3

      Never heard that, but I have heard Mickie pitched this “stalker with a crush” storyline with the idea of Lita being the object of her affections, but since Lita was Public Enemy #1 among wrestling fans back then, they went with Trish.

  • A?.

    And now she’s coming for her 7th reign. Legend!

  • Moan of ‘Licia

    Trish was so perfect. Literally the best face of the division there ever will be. Irreplaceable!

    • jcott3

      Too true. Supposedly, Vince has been very frustrated that he could never truly find a replacement for Trish.

      • Kat Love

        He could its not that hard.

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  • Hangga

    i wonder how this would ve played out wit lita instead of trish ?

    • perceval

      Not as well, since Mickie and Lita didn’t have great chemistry.