TLC is just a couple days away and as tension rises between our Championship feud and the long-awaited debut of Asuka, who will be able to make their final point in the take-home RAW before the big day. With a division brimming with top talent trying to make a stand, who will be able to head into TLC on a high?

We see another Asuka promo, which reminds us all that she’s coming to the main RAW roster in just a couple of days. Backstage, Renee Young catches up with the woman who won the opportunity to face her last week, Emma. Once again, Emma is frustrated that all the talk is about Asuka and not herself. She continues to boast about her impressive victory over most of the roster, being a ‘Social Media Superstar’ and as always… starting the Women’s Revolution.

Before Renee can reply, RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss joins the conversation. She starts to feed Emma’s ego – even admitting that she ‘single-handedly’ started the Women’s Revolution. She wants to thank Emma for bringing women up, unlike Mickie James who body-shamed Alexa last week by calling her ‘biscuit butt’. She wants Emma to be her tag partner tonight to take on Mickie James and… whoever she can find – Alexa jokes that Betty White might be free. Emma who seems appreciative of Alexa’s ego rubbing, accepts the offer. It looks like the devilish duo have formed an alliance for tonight!

Before we get to the tag match, we’re treated to a ‘grudge match’ of sorts with Alicia Fox taking on Sasha Banks. Alicia says in an insert promo during the entrances that last week, she wasn’t tapping out to Sasha, but she was ‘scratching her nose’. She’s out this week to prove that she deserves respect and she “wants her t-shirt!”

Sasha is straight out the starting blocks for this match and locks in the Bank Statement almost right away. Alicia is able to use her long legs to reach the ropes and soon uses her tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to gain control of the match. At one point in the match, Alicia seems to hit a stiff elbow on Sasha, which causes Sasha to hardway bleed. Interestingly, it seems that the referee doesn’t notice and doesn’t take out any gloves. After fighting out of a resthold, Alicia tries to hit another backbreaker, but Sasha lands on her feet and manages to lock the Bank Statement once again. This time, Alicia taps out just like last week and has a classic ‘spaz-out’ in the ring.

But it’s not over… when Charly Caruso attempts to interview Sasha backstage (who is now cleaned up), Alicia jumps her from behind and throws her into a table holder. Sasha tries to put up a fight, but after getting driven into a multi-material recycling bin, the damage has been done. Referee Darrick Moore runs in to try and stop the assault, but gets pushed down by Foxy. Other referees run down to stop Alicia and tend to Sasha who has taken a lot of damage.

It is later revealed that Alicia Fox has been fined for her actions, but now another match has been added to the TLC night. Sasha Banks will get her chance to get revenge as she will take on Alicia Fox on the TLC Pre-Show this weekend!

Now onto the tag match, following the segment earlier it seems that Emma and RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss are on the same page. Mickie James makes her way out and this week, her tag partner is Bayley!

The dynamic of this match is for Alexa to stay away from Mickie and for Emma to do all the work. Alexa once again using her mind games to get the others to do her dirty work for her! However, Bayley still has a chip on her shoulder as she also wants to get her hands on Alexa, who was the one to take the title from her.

When we get back from the commercial break, it seems that Emma has managed to get the advantage and she’s working over Bayley. She even boots Bayley into the ring barricade, targeting her supported shoulder that she had previously injured. When enough damage has been done, Alexa then gets that tag and she starts to inflict her own. After flinging Alexa into the ropes, Bayley manages to get the hot tag and Mickie finally gets her hands on Alexa!

Mickie hits her classic forearms, a neckbreaker and her Thesz Press from the top rope! She goes for the cover, but gets clubbed in the head by Emma. Bayley runs into the ring to take out Emma, but receives a nasty slap from Alexa for getting involved. As Alexa turns around, she receives a Super-Mick Kick right to the chin and gets laid out for the 3 count! Mickie James has pinned the Champion!

Bayley and Mickie celebrate their victory backstage, until Charly Caruso stops them for a chance to get a word with Mickie. She asks about her thoughts about Alexa’s comments about Mickie’s ‘veteran status’. Mickie gets straight to the point and says that she isn’t phased about being called an ‘old lady’. What’s more important is that she can’t wait to bring the RAW Women’s Championship to her son! She wants to whip Alexa’s ‘biscuit butt’ all over TLC and become the 7 time Women’s Champion!

Charly Caruso (she’s getting that work today!) also caught up with Emma backstage following her loss and also asks about her thoughts heading into TLC. She corrects her since Alexa was the one who took the fall, so she should be wishing her luck. Emma tells us that she’s going to cause what everyone will call ‘the upset of the century’. Is Emma really ready for Asuka?

Thoughts: So we now have 3 womens matches at TLC and while this is amazing, they’ve really missed out on a chance to add some stipulations to this and I fear that the crowd are really going to die on one of them. The WWE Universe (really hate using that phrase) can be a fickle crowd and for an event like this, you’d expect the women to at least use a table, ladder or chair in at least one of their matches.

Either way, tonight’s booking was interesting. Mickie VS Alexa has been so promo based, which is where both of these women excel, so we’ve all been waiting for these two to get into it. Sure this tag match was super short, but it will be interesting to see what these women can pull out of the bag this weekend. It’s been a strong feud and I really hope this isn’t just some filler until Asuka enters the picture. They’ve done such a great job of making Alexa the coward and I’m personally pulling for Mickie to get the upset here.

The biggest development is clearly Alicia VS Sasha this week. This isn’t their first encounter, but they do tend to have a hit and miss chemistry. This week was one of their miss weeks, I don’t know if it was the injury that caused things to get cut short but it wasn’t a good showing. The backstage brawl took me by surprise and I’m sure they will put on a decent match, but the only thing that will interest me is if Alicia Fox wins… but I highly doubt it.

Finally, this time next week Asuka will fully be a part of the RAW roster. With women like Alicia and Mickie at the forefront for a change, it’s actually interesting to see who will have to take the backseat when Asuka arrives. I personally don’t see her remaining face for very long though… but I’m pretty sure Emma won’t be pulling off the upset this weekend…

Seriously, where is Nia Jax? What are your thoughts about tonight’s tag match? Are you happy we’ve got a third match rushed onto the card? Sound off in the comments below!

  • Organization XIII

    Trying to figure out where the match was a miss? lol Thought it was a good bout between Fox & Sasha. The backstage brawl was great. We haven’t had one of those in such a long time from women. The last one I remember was Alicia attacking Naomi lol

    As far as Alexa vs Mickie. I’m concerned how the match will go because I didn’t understand how Mickie won with a superkick. Since when has that been her finisher? lol I get Alexa more than likely can’t take the Mickie-DDT due to her small size but….come ooooon

    • #RiotWithRuby

      “The backstage brawl was great. We haven’t had one of those in such a long time from women.”

      Unless you mean on Raw, there was a backstage brawl just last week on Smackdown. Lol

      • Malcolm James

        Where I didn’t see no backstage brawl on smackdown

      • Organization XIII

        I’m strictly speaking of RAW because the redux is for RAW

    • Hopefully that means she’ll make Alexa tap with the Maker Breaker at TLC.

  • Tamina’s-Stamina

    I really hope Mickie wins. All of this sudden build towards her has been leading to her 7th title win. She held the torch after Trish and Lita so I’m glad she is finally getting the spotlight. Winning the title means so much more than just a reign, it would legitimise not only Mickie’s legend status, but would add credibility to the past division (2006-2012) that has been forgotten in this ‘Women’s Revolution’

    • Ashlee Law

      Really pulling for Mickie this Sunday. And i honestly think if anyone was gonna tie Trish at 7 reigns, it would be her and it would make sense like you said since Trish and Lita both passed the torch to her. So hoping she gets it done.

    • John Finnie

      One of her good friends i think he does her bookings has said it isnt happening on Sunday. He hopes hes wrong so do i……
      If hes right then i hope its MJ who defeats Askua for the title

      • sleeper11

        which friend?

        • John Finnie

          John ross from 5he ross report i have him on FB & i asked him about it & he said Mickie is fine with this angle she wrote some of it…. but he hopes she wins but cant see it BUT now nia gone plans may change
          ….. i hope so x7

  • Litax4

    Really rooting for Mickie at TLC but since she got the win in the tag match on Raw I fear it’s highly unlikely. Raw’s women’s division is finally picking up though, everyone is being featured more frequently is a positive, but where is Nia, Dana and Summer?
    I’m not sure what to expect when Asuka becomes apart of the division, I think they should keep her out of the title scene until Wrestlemania, or if they’re planning the first women’s elimination chamber, that would be a good way to get her first main roster championship.
    Asuka can feud with Emma for a while and maybe Nia (although apparently Nia vs Alexa will continue, which also gives me more reasons to believe Mickie won’t win at TLC)
    I think they should give someone else a title run before Asuka, like Mickie or Alicia or something, since once Asuka gets it I assume it’ll be a long reign, but it’s WWE you never know.
    Also really confused as to why there’s no stipulation on any of the 3 women’s matches on TLC, Mickie and Alexa could’ve been a cage match, continuing the coward narrative, Alicia and Sasha could be a no DQ since their feud has gotten quite aggressive, idk.

  • This was a good Raw for the women. I fear that Mickie being in the drivers seat this whole feud with Alexa probably means she isn’t going to win at TLC.

    • Exactly my thought !! D:
      I kinda hoped Mickie’s team would lose tonight, just to keep a balance

  • Diva_Fan

    Raw is really KILLING it right now . I really hope this Foxy and Sasha storyline actually goes somewhere and is not a one time thing in order for that to have Alicia needs to win on Sunday imo . I’m also really rooting for Mickie to win the title on Sunday I haven’t wanted someone to win the title so much since Naomi .

    • Agreed. Especially because Mickie has so risen to the occasion

    • Winter

      I think Sasha and Foxy are always in a kind of feud, it’s not consistent but you can see they don’t like each other (kayfabe) when they share the ring. It’s like a long term feud but without continuity.

  • ???

    3 women’s match is amazing and this is the first time Raw do this !

    Emma vs Asuka :- Needs to be more than just a squash match , Emma needs to be taken seriously and we need a match that just as good as their TakeOver: London match ! If it’s a squash match it’ll ruin Emma’s momentum.

    Mickie James vs Alexa Bliss : Please let Mickie win this time, but if Alexa wins let her AT LEAST cheat or not winning clean .

    Sasha Banks vs Alicia Fox : it’ll not happen much since it’s on the kick-off show , their feud will probably end just after their match at TLC so it doesn’t matter who win because no one will benefit from it .

  • I’m actually really rooting for Emma too. I think a good way to debut Asuka is to give her an L.

    • Organization XIII

      & then she can come back wrecking jawns. I’d be here for that

    • John Finnie

      Or have Emma straight out attack her & gets Dqd it keeps Askua strong & Emma looks evil Emma again

    • Maddox

      Hell No! You need to debut her strong for people to care


      That would be the worse thing possible. Way to kill all her hype than to be beat by Emma. That’s a no and I am a big time Emma fan.

      • ???

        Totally agree , it will be so dumb and makes no sense ..

        But I really want to see something more than just a regular/squash match .. I want to see Emma use weapons on Asuka to get disqualified and prove herself as a dangerous woman and stand tall or interferes from someone like Dana or even returning Summer Rae ? (Impossible but a girl can dream)



          Honestly, Asuka should win clean. That they decide to continue the feud following that is another story but Asuka should definitely have a decisive win. A DQ finish with Asuka winning would be so lame here, no need for that tbh. Plus, after all this hype, if she can’t even beat her first opponent clean, Emma on top of that, I feel like it’s… meh.

          • ???

            You know what? How about hardcore in Mickie vs Alexa’s match ? Have Alexa hits Mickie by a chair and then DDT her on the table causing a DQ !

            I think that way it will make the feud more intense and personal and extend their rivalry until around Survivor Series where Mickie finally beats Alexa and becom the new Women’s Champion.

        • Asuka being one of the main selling point of TLC and her debut being highly anticipated, a DQ victory would be a lukewarm arrival. Now I’d love to see more than a squash match, but a clean victory is the way to go.

          And let’s face it, it’s not like Emma has any credibility to protect.

    • And instantly kill her character and everything that was build down in NXT? Her streak is what makes her appealing to the audience, because it’s something we’ve never seen from the women before. She’s probably the most dominant women since Chyna. And you would kill all that for what? Shock value?

      n o.

      • I think there is more to her character than just the streak. She can keep looking dominant, but she doesn’t need to win all the time. Plus she is pretty much incapable of cutting a promo, which is fine, but that character is better suited for a heel. Let her lose on her debut, flip out, and destroy everyone. She doesn’t need to be invincible to look dominant. Plus it would be nice for the product not to be so predictable, NXT is already recovering from her streak, and she would certainly rebound, and Emma could use the rub.

  • Rosanna

    I wish Alicia and Sasha could have a backstage brawl match where we seen the other women in the background tearing it up like Melina vs Mickie.

    Really hoping Alicia pulls off the upset and hopefully Alicia has her sideplates now that she has a T-Shirt she should be getting other merchandise as well.

  • John Finnie

    Its strange that the Emmalina gig went to Lana & Emma went back to evil Emma BUT does a good Emmalina job with the socialmedia pics etc etc …..

    • A?.

      Emmalina didn’t go to anyone. Lana doesn’t even have that gimmick, lol.

      • John Finnie

        Yeah she kinda did get the gimmick with a few tweeks here & there… if you remember at the time the reports on every legit site said Lana was getting the Emmalina gimmick

        • A?.

          She didn’t get it. Emmalina was supposed to be a glamorous supermodel, Lana was nothing of the sort.

  • conan_kun

    Good sequence for women on tonight Raw
    – Emma and Alexa get backstage interview and set up a match
    – Sasha beat Alicia
    – Alicia assaults Sasha backstage
    – Mickie & Bayley beat Emma & Alexa
    – Mickie gets post match interview backstage
    – Sasha vs Alicia rematch is set

    Though it won’t happen, but still praying for Mickie pulling the Naomi wins the title when she gets upper hand against Alexa every week before title match. Look like Nia gonna helps Alexa retains this Sunday.

    • Rosanna

      If Alicia wins. Alicia better be the next contender but Asuka is already on the rise. Unless they pull a Charlotte and keep her away from the title like the beginning of her NXT career. At least so a few people can carry the title beforehand. But with wrestlemania slowly coming Alicia might not ever win the title or at least have to wait till after wrestlemania.

    • sleeper11

      Naomi had SD booking on her side. Raw booking is so freaking transparent these days, you can pretty much guess how things will turn out. I’m still hoping Mickie pulls the upset though.

      • Carrie

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  • Winter

    I love Alicia but Sasha needs more the victory, her babyface run has had problems because the bad guy always beat her in the last instance. Now Alicia attacks her in backstage and she’s looking for revenge, the logical step is that the babyface wins.
    The tag match wasn’t good but that doesn’t matter, it’s just another pointless tag match that WWE give to us.

    • Lol Sasha needs no more victories, you can’t possibly be serious about that.

      • Eliseo Reyes

        Agreed, it’s not that Sasha’s credibility has soured since she lost the WWE Raw Women’s Championship, but at this point, she’s fine where she’s at. She’s been getting constant wins, here and there, so i don’t see how a win could better her career, especially against Alicia Fox?

        If Anything, it won’t prove much, since Alicia doesn’t have much of a credibility as a performer right now, which is why she’s the one who desperately needs the win over Sasha this Sunday – to build the storyline and Alicia fox’s character more.

        To have a strong and believable Women’s Division, everyone has to be on equal standing, or at least made believed that it is that way.

        • I agree 100%. That’s how SD division worked in the first place, and if they want all girls to be relevant against Asuka, they better start building them up, and Foxy winning could help her get there!

    • Nadia

      WWE is not going to have their biggest baby face lose when Asuka is coming UNLESS Alicia is the nest challenger for Asuka. Other than that. Sasha should win and Sasha will win.

  • Michael Burmeister

    I preduct that Asuka’s gonna win by DQ…let’s just say that Raw is gonna get ICONIC!

    • A One of a Kind Collectible

      Isn’t Peyton headed to the fatal 4 way Takeover? Would love to see the iconic duo called up but I don’t think its happening… just yet

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Is the reviewer OK HUN?? Foxy vs Sasha was good! whatchu takin bout

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      Girl these new journalists on the site be so vicious and bias. When this site first started I always read these things and got the run down on what happen and if the journalist had an opinion it didn’t feel bias. #BringBackOldDD

    • right that tilt-a-whirl was a thing of beauty. they always have short but entertaining matches

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    What was wrong wit Foxy vs Sasha? I thought the match we good for what it is. Anyway excited for Sunday. I love when we get a women’s filled PPV, I hope each match is good.

    • NoWayHoeSay


  • John Finnie

    Im just not that interested in Nia Jax i havent missed her & id rather a real powerhouse come in & replace her someone who looks the part & can back it up….. piper niven/ Viper is great for a big girl & she can bump, go up top, sell great, so the oppisite of nia

    • NoWayHoeSay

      Ew. Nia so glam she bae

      • John Finnie

        Never said she wasnt. I think she is stunning like tamina

    • Organization XIII

      We don’t know if Nia can go up top cuz she never has & there’s no way you think Piper looks more intimidating than Nia lol

      • John Finnie

        Have you seen Viper?? Not piper with the Wwe machine they can have her as a face or heel its about attitude

        • Organization XIII

          Don’t know who Viper is. Dont keep up with Indy wrestlers

          • John Finnie

            Viper is piper niven…..wwe just gave her the piper name…. im with you i dont really follow the indies but after the MYC i looked up the women that impressed me. She is really good as a heel & face

          • Organization XIII

            Oh well I loved what I saw from Piper at the classic. I really enjoyed her & Toni

          • John Finnie

            Yeah toni is like Charlotte or Becky in the fact she can be a natural heel or like becky an easy good girl

          • Organization XIII

            I see Toni being a top face at first but I can deff see her switching roles with ease.

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Lol mickie is not winning any title yall kidding if you think that. Asuka is gonna rag Emma and Emma will tap to Asuka lock. Doesn’t matter who wins Alicia vs Sasha

  • Kiana Taylor

    This alexa and mickie match has me worried for obvious reasons, i dont expect a fantastic match, rarely a decent one, i just want mickie to win!!! Give her a cute 5 month reign facing girls like foxy and emma, and pam..cause wwe loves sticking her into something oh and alicia you betta snatch tha Fuchsia wig sis!!!!! overall tlc looking cute!!! I cant wait!!!! Havent been this hyped for a ppv since elimination chamber

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

    It pains me because I like Alexa…but when it comes to Mickie James…it’s Mickie effing James. She better win.

    Alicia is just perfection. YOU DONT LOOK LIKE MY DAD

    • Michael Max

      For real omg Alicia’s whacky one liners are always random but gold lol “I was scratching my nose”

      • Amber

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    • She is hilarious, remember her telling Nattie her nose is bigger than hers haha

    • I’m always on the fence when it’s Mickie vs someone

  • mckenzie

    Super high on Alicia Fox its nice to see that even though raw has more women that they all get a push and a chance to show out on the brand. Sasha looked so good and played off that bleed like a champ. Can’t wait to see how this match plays out. I really want them to have a lengthy match that is credible to being one of the top ten women’s matches in 2017. I wanted it to get extreme with tons of OMG moments.

  • The Wicked Bitch

    The Mickie-Lexa feud was doing so well but ofc they had to throw a tag match in. The match was cute tho

  • The Wicked Bitch

    Also I better see no hoe complaining about Alexa’s DDT when she’s booked to lose to a kick to the face

    • Winter

      What a bad comparison.

      • The Wicked Bitch

        Don’t you have to write a paragraph about how much you love Sasha? Bye

        • Winter

          Nope I know there are other girls too.

        • #FlairfortheGold

          Honestly lol I’m actually shook that there was no paragraph here lol

      • #FlairfortheGold

        Lol is it really? They’re both basic. But I mean it’s Alexa right, so for some reason, her DDT must be way worse than the usual kick to the face. Tell me, how much more effective is that kick to the face?

      • IconicTrio

        It really isn’t. Like that wasn’t even the Mick kick. It was a basic side kick.

    • Randall

      They complain about every damn thing on this site, so expect anything less!

      • The Wicked Bitch

        Right boo

  • I’m rooting for Mickie, Emma and Alicia. Maybe I love a good underdog story, but I wanted to see Mickie back on top after that Piggy James storyline, Emma flat out was disrespected on the main roster, and overlooked. Alicia has been underrated, and underutilized even though she’s a total performer and has been for years and I’d love to see out on top of at least one feud, even if it is at the expense of my girl Sasha.

    • Diva_Fan

      Mickie and Alicia may get wins but I can’t see it happening for Emma tbh .

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    If they don’t throw a steel chair in at least one of these matches

    • ???

      The PPV card looks so boring even for the men , boooo only the main event that has TLC …

      Wish one of the women’s matches had TLC , especially with how great the women are ..

      Sasha and Alexa already competed on hardcore matches, I would like to see Mickie, Emma and Alicia on these.

  • Rosanna

    If Alicia wins she better be the next contender for that raw women’s championship I said what I said.

  • Francisco Baguer

    Complain on podcast hosted by WWE employee = Get on TV in a pointless storyline. Alicia Fox=Emma 2.0 Apparently all these jobbers have to do is use the internet to get over by whining and complaining about not being used. They try and fail to be Zack Ryder.

    • Organization XIII

      In what part of the interview did she complain…

      • Eliseo Reyes

        Agreed! What she did in that interview was not complain. There’s a difference between complaining and disclosing because you’re asked to share an opinion of something, which she did. She chose to disclose her emotions about her current state in the WWE, which there is nothing wrong about it. She did not exaggerate the dialogue by adding more than what didn’t need to be added. All she said was that she was embarrassed of her WWE career, and that she wished she could do more to better herself for it, but because she is a shy person that she didn’t have the platform to be outspoken like others did.

        Complaining is when you go on a rant about something and you make exaggerated remarks about something that could’ve been said differently, or to an extent, less exaggerating.

      • Francisco Baguer

        Go listen to the podcast with Lillian Garcia if you two working ears, or maybe use your eyes and go this site to look up an article about it.

        • Organization XIII

          I can hear & see just fine. I’m just not sure if you know the definition of complaining

    • Super Mateo

      Don’t kid yourself. WWE is behind everything their superstars say. I’d bet that Alicia was told to say that and that they’ll base a storyline off of it.

      • Francisco Baguer

        Thats the point. People like Alicia Fox and Emma going on the internet and acting like they are rebelling is planned by the WWE just to us all to love them. I’m simply smart to see through it and not fall for it.

  • Welchy

    i hope mickie vs alexa continues after TLC

  • Raw was absolutely amazing, it’s like they got the SD writers. We had segments and matches left and right, I enjoyed every single one of them. Can’t wait for TLC!

    • Allyn

      I’m a little salty now though cuz that’s why SD is suffering, I’ve been missing the storylines at SD and this now explains it lol.

  • Tenzen

    It was a very nice episode for the women.

    I’m glad Emma is getting some spotlight, and as much as I like her, she has to lose at TLC. I hope they let her and Asuka do their thing for solid minutes, just like they did in their Takeover match.

    Alicia vs Sasha parts were super random, but I enjoyed. Always good to have Crazy Foxy back.

    As for Mickie and Alexa. I appreciate Alexa’s mic and character work, but I can’t stand her as champ. And not the good kind of “can’t stand”. I just feel she holds the division back because with her as champion we will never get those awesome matches.

    I’m super happy that WWE invested in Mickie these past weeks; just a few weeks of exposure and mic time and the crowd started to react much better for her..

    I wanted Mickie to win so bad on this Sunday, but I know is almost impossible..

  • Hoooshi

    Did Raw and SD exchange writers? Raw has been much better these past weeks. And for the second time this year we get three women matches on a PPV, nice!

    I’m just sad the title match doesn’t have a stipulation. I mean, I wasn’t expecting a TLC match, but why can’t it be a chairs match?

    Anyway, can’t wait to watch the matches, mainly Emma vs Asuka.

    • It’ll be the third time actually. We had 3 matches at RR, EC and now TLC! And if we count that WM mixed tag that’d be four. Wow, all in one year.

      • Hoooshi

        Wow, completely forgot about RR. Now only if we had that at every ppv it would be great.

  • Marlon Eric



    I wish Sasha Banks vs Alicia Fox can ended being more than just a filler feud tbh. An intense feud between those two could be great but most importantly, a long match between the two is what I actually need. Alicia never had a truly long match to fully showcase her skills and a long match with Sasha would open the eyes of so many people on her. A back and forth side feud could be so refreshing tbh.

    • Machoman339

      I’ve always wanted to see how she would fare in a Takeover match. Six days is too short to polish a moveset and try a test run on some new moves, which is why I’m holding my breath on this match.
      The only upside is her chemistry with Sasha and the fact that they may get some time because PRE-SHOW. But wwe likes to be shady give the women 7-9 min on the pre-show when they could easily give them 11-15 min.

  • Womensor

    Predictions for TLC:
    – Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James.
    Winner: Alexa Bliss.
    Why?: Cause we all know that Mickie is not going to tie with Trish’ record, at least not yet (and I would love it).Also, Alexa’s reign will end with Asuka (or before).

    – Emma vs Asuka.
    Winner: Asuka
    Why?: Asuka’s streak isn’t ending with Emma in her first main event match. I hope Emma goes for revenge on Raw, and they feud for at least 2 PPVs. (Maybe Asuka winning by DDQ because of Dana?)

    – Alicia Fox vs Sasha Banks
    Winner: Alicia Fox
    Why?: Because Alicia’s face is screamin for a win. Sasha doesn’t need it, and I can see WWE givin Alicia more than what she had im almost all her career because of her frustation.

    Let’s see this Sunday. Your predictions?

    • ???

      Same your predictions except only for Sasha vs Alicia because I think the boss will win ! In the end it’s just kick-off show match so no one will benefit from it anyway .

    • Alexa vs Mickie James
      What I want: Mickie James wins ties Trish Stratus for most Women’s Championship reigns
      What will happen: Alexa Bliss retains via pinfall following Devastating DDT of Doom

      Emma vs Asuka
      What I want: Asuka wins after a knockout kick; fairly lengthy match; showcases both talents
      What will happen: Asuka wins via submission after basically a squash match

      Alicia Fox vs Sasha Banks
      What I want: Alicia Fox wins via Foxy Buster after a decent back and forth bout
      What will happen: Sasha Banks wins via Bank Statement in a fairly short match

  • Rodney Holston

    I don’t know if Alicia’s merch should be based on “You’re Going to Respect Me” or “I Ain’t Got a Problem” but I’d be down for either one. Where’s her Nattie push?

    Also, I’m only calling Sasha “Little Sasha Boss” from now on.

    • Super Mateo

      Alicia has “Crazy like a Fox” shirts in the shop now. I wonder if this will be used as a plot point to infuriate Emma even more.

      • Typical Heel

        Omg that would be a nice build to the emma storyline, now her being Jealous bc even Alicia’s getting opportunities lol

    • Organization XIII

      Or “You don’t look like my daddy” lol

  • Exotic


    But wow as a stan suffering so long, small things like these will complete my year.
    Next goal – a title push!!

  • Danny?

    YASSS Miss Foxy snatch those wigs!!! Mickie, Foxy & Asuka to win this Sunday although I love me some Emma. Asuka just cannot lose in her first main roster match after all this hype.

  • Nadia

    I caught some clips on youtube and Raw looks like it was great for the women. Three stories.
    -Sasha/Alicia is fun because they go full World Star and throw hands hood style. Alicia is just hilarious and I want her to lose at TLC and than just continue to fuck people up backstage. Sasha just doesn’t care about her body, to make moves look realistic, she just actually takes them. Just launches herself into whatever. I love her.

    – Mickie/Alexa has been built VERY well. It would be cool for Mickie to win but it just not going to happen. Plus Alexa has been good imo. No reason to take the belt off of her. Asuka vs Alexa is obviously the match WWE is going to want to run.

    -Asuka/Emma is a meh from me. I honestly think its going to go 5 minute. As it should tbh.

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Just starting 2K18!! Assigning all new attires. Still can’t believe I have maryse again ?

    • The Earl of Lemongrab

      Is Lana playable??? Last year she was before they patched it because it was a “glitch” apparently ?

    • BC

      It’s so buggy :(

  • Call Up Asuka NOW

    BTW according to multiple sources it’s no truth to the Nia Jax walking out rumor

  • StraightUpBitch

    Was Raw, I dare say good? SD’s my baby, but it’s been so shit lately. But Raw have stepped it up. Mickie deserves the title so bad, it hurts. Yet, I fear this won’t be like when Naomi dominated the feud and won the title. I know y’all are hating on Bayley, but I still love her. She works damn hard and it seems like the crowd are realising that she’s back to work her ass off, and not be shoved down their throat every week like Reigns (who btw, could totally shove himself down my throat any day). At least Emma’s getting screen time and not eating pins. She is so underrated, and I’m excited for her match with Asuka. Alexa, I love you, you slay on the mic, but girl take a damn clothesline correctly. You deliver them damn good, now return the favor. I love seeing Alicia get some storyline, but she still deserves more. And Sasha’s out there getting the pops because the fans recognise a true artist. So ready for Asuka, but I want all my girls to get screen time. And I hate to say it, but I miss Nia

  • DivaFactz

    Like I said I don’t expect Mickie James to win Sunday but Alexa won’t pin her clean. This feud was filler for Alexa and build for Mickie. And I honestly don’t want Mickie to win this Sunday. She deserve to win her 7th title against a better competitor at a bigger PPV.

    My booking would be for Mickie to beat Asuka for the women’s title ending her streak and in exchange have Asuka win the title back at Wrestlemania. Becoming the 2nd women in WWE history to win their championship title at Wrestlemania (Mickie was 1st)

    • Typical Heel

      Naomi was already the 2nd this past wrestlemania

  • Ryan Stratus

    Ready for this Mickie James upset!

  • Sarona

    alexa is so bad at selling kicks

  • Miguel

    RAW has done a good job in recent weeks.

    Mickie James and Alexa Bliss have exchanged a lot of words already and it was nice to see them finally collide. This was short and sweet to keep people wanting more.

    Alicia Fox and Sasha Banks have feuded before and it was around the same thing; Foxy thinks she deserves more respect. The match was no wrestling-clinic but the story was delivered. I hope they finally get a decent amount of time for their PPV match. Foxy looked great in the ring and as a character. Every time she looses, she wins.

    The people need to stop thinking that Asuka will target the championship as soon as she gets there. She will be introduced in the PPV, she will have a little feud and defeat tons of opponents before getting the belt because her undefeated streak lost will come with tons of build up. Getting the belt quick means she’s about to get her first lost sooner and I don’t see her loosing outside of Wrestlemanania, SummerSlam, Survivor Series or Royal Rumble.

    • Andrew Soto

      Or maybe a Raw main event? I think it would be cool to see her loose the title eventually, while main eventing Raw!!!!!!

    • I feel like the writers switched lol

      • Miguel

        I agree. Now RAW has three women’s match in a PPV? There was a writers shake-up that we didn’t knew about. Sadly, Charlotte has never been in the right show.

        • It’s so baldheaded cause whenever smackdown gets lit Vince pulls the plug to have raw look better.

  • Miguel

    Mickie got those “Let’s go Mickie” chants back in a matter of weeks. I’m sure another Mickie James versus Asuka will take place. Hopefully James can add beating Asuka to her resume.

  • Proud of the tag match. I would’ve thought Dana would’ve been her partner.
    Raw was real cute or whatever, I love Alicia vs Sasha lol

  • Wicked Bliss

    I read somewhere that Nia ‘walks out and quit’ how true is that?

    • Izzy4lw

      I highly doubt it. Despite being one of the greener girls in the ring, she still gets consistent booking, so if she quits she can get all the side eye when Alicia is only ever seen during the Equinox and she is still holding it down with the WWE loyalty.

      • Wicked Bliss

        Apprently rumors say that she’s unhappy like Neville. Tho I also doubt it.

        • Izzy4lw

          I could maybe see that because she certainly hasn’t been built like a monster, but still, I think she’s been booked fine given her in ring skills are still very limited.

      • conan_kun

        Nia doesn’t get consistent booking, they put her back to be Alexa’s bitch despite she already turns on Alexa weeks ago, this happens to her when Charlotte is Raw women champ align with heel champ, go after the champ, realign with heel champ, repeat.

      • Crazy. #RIPMae

        It’s a mess honestly. Yeah, I get that her booking is weird, she has every right to complain but to leave? You’ve been there for a year girlie, others have been there way longer and haven’t left.

    • Call Up Asuka NOW

      Highly doubt it

  • Andrew Soto

    I think I am in the minority, but I think Mickie will win the title and go on to feud with Asuka. I also think Sasha being in a third feud, on the pre-show, will work in her favor. Not only is she not being forced down everyone’s throat, thus giving the audience a break from her, but she is giving other girls time to shine.
    I do think she will be the one to beat Asuka, but she has to have the audience behind her and right now, having her take a back seat will allow that to happen.
    As for Alexa, I think her time as champion has to come to an end soon . I love Alexa, she is tied for my favorite right now, but her reign needs to end, she can can revamp her self as a face, and become even greater than she is now. She has come a long way from her debut to the main roster, and has obviously learned so much from being a heel. She has become one of the top players on Raw, but it’s time for her to change her tune. Imagine her as a face, she has the potential to be one of the best, especially if she incorporates her lucha move-set
    Lastly, Alicia Fox, I hope something comes of this side story line, she broke my heart with that interview, and I know she is capable of doing things, she deserves something, she has been there too long to just have one title reign, with an inferior title.
    Ok, rant done.
    I hope Nia is not done with the company, as the rumors are saying!!!!

    • Michael Max

      As much as I LOVE Mickie, I don’t see her beating Asuka. I honestly see one of the four horsewomen doing it. Likely Charlotte, as I don’t see Asuka losing for awhile.

      • Andrew Soto

        I do not think Mickie will beat her either, i think Asuka will beat Mickie for the title and Sasha will be the one to beat her.

        • Michael Max

          Honestly with Sasha’s booking it’s hard to believe her beating Asuka too. After losing the title in all her first defenses, and to Alexa Bliss no less, I don’t see her beating Asuka either.

          • Andrew Soto

            I do, I think they are saving this story line for her. I don’t see Charlotte coming to Raw for a while, I think she will win the Smackdown championship abd dominate the show. Sasha still has a huge following and still has tons of credibility, I even read somewhere that the two of them are eventually going to have a feud. I think the WWE is awar of how popular both of them are and how great of show these two could pull off. My opinion though, who is to say I’m right and your wrong.
            You think only Charlotte will be the one to do it, no one else?

          • Michael Max

            I definitely agree she’s popular and credible but it seems like they have a way of booking her into corners. Where she just kind of keeps getting screwed over. Honestly, she should turn heel and just start f’in bitches up and then I’d take her more seriously as a threat to Asuka, but by her booking alone, she seems like she couldn’t beat Asuka.

            With how far Asuka’s winning streak has gone, it’s hard to pick a viable contender to dethrone her. It needs to be a big moment with a lot of build up, but it’s a fragile thing, it can easily be anti-climactic if they don’t book it right.

          • Andrew Soto

            I agree, to a certain extent. Right now, Sasha is not being booked as everyone probably wants her to be. I honestly think they are pulling back little bit of the Sasha push so that the WWE universe doesn’t grow tired of her.
            I do agree with her turning heel though, that would be amazing and would do wonders for her.
            I do think it would be cool if Mickie did beat her for the title, which would give her the coveted 7th championship reign, but like you said, I doubt it would happen.
            Oh well, I guess we will just have to wait and see.

          • Michael Max

            Yeah Mickie was my first favorite when I was younger in the women’s division, and I’d LOVE to see her with a WWE title around her waist again, she really deserves it.

            And I hope you’re right about Sasha, that eventually all these wrong doings will pay off for her and when she does get the title again her defense will mean that much more. If not, then they are hell bent on trying to screw her over and have her not be the face of the company like the crowd has seen her to be.

          • Andrew Soto

            Yeah, I feel the same way about Mickie James, except, Lita was my first real fave, only to be surpassed by Trish. Once Mickie came and took the torch, I was really only invested in her.
            Only time will tell for Sasha, I hope her opinions do not get her in trouble, because I am rooting for her.

          • Michael Max

            I’m rooting for her too, but she does seem to have a lot of drama surrounding her. As amazing as she is as a character and in the ring, she may not be as well off politically within the company.


      Agree with your Sasha over Asuka point. I see it too

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Have yall read about Nia?? Apparently she walked out hence not being on raw for two weeks

    • NoWayHoeSay

      I’m late with this ?

    • Izzy4lw

      Where is everyone reading this? who’s reporting it? because if she’s gone that’d be interesting… I thought they were just saving what was left of Nia’s credibility for the inevitable Nia/Asuka match

  • Call Up Asuka NOW

    Nia Jax did NOT walk out/quit she ask for time off for personal reasons

  • GEO

    Yay a good RAW! I really hope Alexa and Mickie pop off in their match. And I’m rooting for Queen Mickie because she truly is a walking, wrestling LEGEND. I also hope too that Asuka vs Emma will finally give Emma THAT match and credibility on the main roster. Sasha vs Alicia getting added to the TLC card is so random, but I’m not complaining. Looking forward to TLC!

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    RAW was good. Alicia vs Sasha was so exciting and fun to watch. I wish it was longer. The backstage segment gave me LIFE!!! I loved it. Crazy Foxy is the best. They need to let her go all out in her meltdowns so she could get more reaction. Fans aren’t going to care about someone if the boomers barely care about them. I’m happy Foxy is also getting a chance on the TLC card even if it’s on the Pre-Show.

    The tag match was… interesting. Could’ve been better but I got the point. I feel like Emma should’ve gotten the win over Bayley to make her look strong before her match with Asuka but whatever. RAW feels fresh because Sasha and Bayley aren’t in the title picture anymore. Now let’s get Alexa out of the title picture and we’re good.

    By the way… WHERE’S DANA!? They need to start booking her as the next underdog because she improves every time she steps in the ring. She’s the perfect underdog and it’ll be fresh to see them give her a chance to shine as a babyface.

  • Mase Will

    Everyone online has predicted that Mickie will lose to Alexa at TLC. If this does become true , it won’t be a clean win. Mickie winning for the 7th time has so much meaning than anyone could think of. This is a lengend , a veteran we’re speaking of. Tying Trish will go down in history. Mickie deserves 1 more run.

  • Mase Will

    Even if Mickie holds the title for 1 week she will still make history , the world wants her to win. As far as all this Asuka talk don’t really care for her as I’ve never watched her. Also if we’re being smart , WWE would be stupid to give a newbie a title shot so quick. SO NO.

  • Mase Will

    Asuka is coming , I get it. But you just don’t get a title shot being handed out just like that. She has to build up. Nia supposedly walked out for personal reasons, therefore Mickie needs to win this title and the table will be shaken ! Having Mickie as champion will change the circle that revolves around Alexa every week. JUST SAYING

  • What a solid Raw this was! I’ve been so pleased with this show lately and not so much SD Live, when last year I was trashing Raw and loving on SDL.
    They keep bringing up Mickie’s country style, I hope they go full-fledged with the Hardcore Country persona she had in TNA. It’s much more modern and appealing that Brady Bunch Mickie.

  • Carrie

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  • Aye Mate

    WWE has failed to produce strong and successful babyfaces in their women’s division for some time now. But Mickie’s laid down the groundwork and provided some superb characterisation; all WWE has to do is resist havinv Bliss spoil yet another feel-good story.

    • Call Up Asuka NOW

      If bliss loses then after being bested 4 straight weeks how does that make bliss look?

      • Aye Mate

        No worse than how Bayley looks now after her feud with Bliss.

        If Bliss is going to receive an eternal pass for having first rate mic skills, then cool. Absolutely fine. I can thusly convert to the idea that Enzo Amore should be up for a Universal world title or 4.

        And hey, I don’t even think Mickie should win at TLC; she should, however, eventually get the one-up on Bliss for the belt. It’s as simple as that. RAW hasn’t had a well booked babyface champion in ages; Mickie James, right now, is that girl.

        • Call Up Asuka NOW

          I disagree it’s simple Alexa wins and loses to Asuka at Survivor series or rumble

          • Aye Mate


  • Looking Glass

    Did this article just use the phrase ‘spaz-out’?


  • Maria

    Is it just me or does the women’s divsion on (raw and smackdown)seem watered down to me. Comparing to what we saw last year with women’s divsion. I guess Sasha and and Charlotte really set the bar high for the women’s divsion. I don’t why we aren’t seeing better storylines. I thought we would at least see a tlc match making history with the women again. I’m not the biggest alexa bliss fan. Im not saying alexa isn’t a good wrestler but ever since she won the raw women’s championship the division seems watered down to me. I think women like Becky and Emma are more deserving of a 4 time title reign. I guess they can make more money off of Alexa. It’s funny how the wwe claims there is a women’s revolution but I don’t see any revolution going on.

  • One of the best RAW’s with the women’s division, I
    Mean they killed it.