On this day in history:

October 19th, 2003 | Tension between Stephanie McMahon and her father Vince McMahon over his relationship with Sable built to what was dubbed the first ever “Father/Daughter ‘I Quit’ match” at No Mercy 2003. As per the match’s stipulation, whoever lost the match would be forced to leave the WWE. Vince had Sable by his side, while Stephanie had her mother Linda McMahon in her corner. Vince dominated much of the match, but Stephanie held on until she found herself being mercilessly choked with a lead pipe. Linda couldn’t watch any longer, and threw in the towel on her daughter’s behalf. After suffering the loss, Stephanie disappeared from WWE television for two years.

Also occurring today in history:
* 10/19/04 – Christy Hemme defeats Carmella DeCesare in a Lingerie Pillow Fight at Taboo Tuesday 2004.
* 10/19/04 – Trish Stratus defeats Gail Kim, Jazz, Molly Holly, Nidia, Stacy Keibler and Victoria in a “Fullfil Your Fantasty” Battle Royal to retain the Women’s Title at Taboo Tuesday 2004.

What are your memories of this moment?

  • SlaomiSlays

    The glory days of smackdown!

  • Jo9834

    When storylines were actually hilariously entertaining and MUST SEE. As bad as the premise of this entire match was, it can’t be denied that it grabbed attention. In today’s climate, with the quality of expected wrestling, it probably wouldn’t go down too well but I LOVE seeing Step mix it up in the ring, she’s still young enough so it would be great to see her have a few more marquee matches.

    • jcott3

      Steph just turned 41 but she keeps herself in good shape, judging by all the “midnight workout” postings she does. I’m sure, for the right opponent, she’d get back in the ring for something like a WrestleMania.

      • Jo9834

        I really hope she does! a Tag match between her Triple H and Ronda and the Rock was well overdue and could have been super entertaining. One thing Steph does is bring eyes and attention to anything she does.

  • jcott3

    I remember Stephanie and HHH got married for real the following week, so this was probably a way to write her off TV for a while. I’m sure the Stephanie haters would love for a storyline like this to happen again, just to get her off the show.

    Personally, I couldn’t get into Stephanie as a face. She was so natural as a heel and had so much crowd heat in that role I just couldn’t get behind her.