After it was reported that WWE granted Raw Superstar Nia Jax a leave of absence from the company for personal reasons, speculations have been swirling as to why Jax decided to take some off. She has not quit the company and is currently booked for WWE’s upcoming European tour.

Sports Illustrated reports that Jax is unhappy with her current creative direction and pay scale. The Wrestling Observer (via 411Mania) adds that Jax’s frustrations stems from not getting a match against Asuka at this Sunday’s TLC PPV event. Meanwhile, a source from PWInsider believes the original plans called for Jax to face Sasha Banks at TLC over Alicia Fox.

All speculations put to side, Jax’s close friend and fellow Total Divas star Alexa Bliss has chimed in Jax’s leave of absence during an interview with the New York Post, where she says that her friend simply needed a break from the road:

“We have talked about it a lot. Whatever she is going through, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a leave of absence. She’s taking some time off because our schedule it very grueling. It’s very, very demanding. There are times where you are run down and your body can’t do it anymore and you get sick or you get injured from it and you get tired. So, I feel like everyone needs a reset every once in a while. In NXT I took a few resets and it was never like public knowledge, but we all need them. We all take them once in a while. I am happy when she comes back. I feel like everyone needs that refresher week or refresher moment.”

When asked whether Jax would return to the company Bliss responded that she expects Jax to return sooner, rather than later:

“Absolutely, no doubt in my mind,”

What are your thoughts on the latest speculation surrounding Nia Jax?

  • jabril


  • Call Up Asuka NOW

    It’s completely understandable IMO

    • Typical Heel

      Does she have an Instagram?

      • she does. laylayel

        • Candice Queen

          omg boris king so loyal

        • Candice Queen

          #1 layla stan tbh – these other bitches ain’t fucking with u tbh lol

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      Yesss I been missing my Lil English Muffin!

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    • Damn!

      Yessss it’s good to have updates on Layla again <3

    • Gayomi.


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  • Womensor

    OT: Pleaaaase, I need help.
    I download wwe 2k18 on my ps4, but I can only compete in 1 on 1 matches and I can only choose between Dean, Neville, Orton, Reigns, Rollins, Styles, Roode and Lesnar. What can I do to have the full game?

    • Typical Heel

      That’s the demo, the full game is still downloading, if you check the options menu from the ps4 home screen you’ll see its still downloading

      • Womensor

        I saw it later. Thanks a lot!

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  • Mark?

    She’s a queen. When she returns she needs to win the title.

    • Mauricio Cordova


    • Candice Queen


  • Izzy4lw


    “The Wrestling Observer (via 411Mania) adds that Jax’s frustrations stems from not getting a match against Asuka at this Sunday’s TLC PPV event.”

    So Nia is mad because she didn’t get…. jobbed out in Asuka’s first match? some of these rumors are getting out of hand. She may be unhappy about her pay, she may be unhappy about her direction, but even if she is – let her go. Let her take some time off and hopefully come back rejuvinated and with a NEW. MOVE. SET.

  • Rosanna

    I said what I said. I tried to tell y’all and nobody wanted to believe me. She’s scheduled for the UK tour. She isn’t leaving and don’t believe the rumors. First she’s pregnant now it’s because she didn’t get a match with Asuka now you’re dying it’s the pay scale?. Don’t believe ANY rumors.

  • Xaos

    release ha.

  • Dysfunctional

    Nia out….Summer in please.

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    • Omar Zaal

      I hope she comes back with a “Maria Brink from In This Moment” look/personality

  • DayOneISH!

    Ok I guess I hope she’s ok

    But I always did want WWE to have seasons every once awhile where they take a hiatus off tv.Like I love watching my favorite shows and sports but I don’t think I can watch them all year round.And I’m still not happy about WWE making these guys work on Xmas and New Years like they can’t do a pre tape show showing the best of raw and Smackdown.

    • KellyAJNaomi#Slay

      I think giving them a break after SS then coming back to the RR setting up for WM would be perfect creative can focus on all the plans for WM and the wrestlers get a break and breather and get to train more

      • Dylan Gutierrez

        Vince would rather pull a Ziggler and play all the parts of the WWE roster than give them a break. Remember to him money>>>> everything else.

      • DayOneISH!

        Not to mention they can just do live event shows until tv tapings.

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

    Interesting. Hope she is ok, but it’s giving me more Foxy and Emma soooooo

  • I hope she is fine, nevertheless the spotlight is with Foxy and Emma, so I don’t mind.

  • Moan of ‘Licia

    Nobody asked you.

  • BLKLTR05

    This is called damage control by the WWE. If this is truly the correct information then good for her but it also makes me question her stamina and her endurance since ALL of the women are required to travel the country and overseas all the damned time and if being on the main roster for less than 2 years has already forced her into a leave of absence then this is probably not for her.

    • KellyAJNaomi#Slay

      But just like in the NBA it’s hard for rookies to adjust to such a grueling schedule and everyones body is different so maybe hers needed a break like everyones even Alexa said she has had many breaks on NXT

  • C Mack

    Alexa lying

  • Danny?

    She’s only been on the road for a little over one year, since the end of July last year, so that makes me wonder if she is really cut out for this. Whatever, as long as she’s okay.

    I don’t know how true the rumours are about her not happy with her place and pay scale but if they are correct then as I said in the last post she needs to settle her tea kettle cause she’s not been in the company long enough to be making demands. Pay your dues and put in the work and the rest will follow Nia and that’s last I have to say on the matter.

  • Hangga

    she is really unlike most girls. she is still newbie in biz yet demanding too much. WWE better releases her and bring back summer rae ! BYE NIA

    • Gerg

      Summer Rae deserves justice….shoo bring her in as Nia’s or a male superstars’ manager at least

  • Cilla

    Not that I don’t believe Alexa, but do you really expect her to say “That Nia is a greedy bitch. She wants more money” about her own friend and co-worker. That said, I still think it’s just a personal issue.

  • Dark Heel

    “We have talked about it a lot. Whatever she is going through” < Yeah ok Alexa, lol.

  • Gayomi.

    Alicia Fox vs Mickie James at Royal Rumble omg

  • NoWayHoeSay

    None of the rumours are true about wanting money etc she just needs couple weeks off, in any jobs you can have holiday allowance so I don’t get why this is different?

  • Jo9834

    To be honest Nia’s booking has been wrong from the get go, Bayley should have NEVER submitted her in London, that match set up the precedent for her career going forward as someone who could be defeated easily if needed time and time again. Her MUSIC is horrendous for her character, she promo’s like a soccer mom AND behaves like a valley girl at times. The WWE absolutely SUCKS and differentiating female characters, and Nia is a huge victim of this.

    She’s pretty much the divisions Big Show , sold as a big threat, but is ultimately around to put people over. I totally understand her frustrations, but it also comes down to how she moves and what she does in the ring as well. She pretty much runs into people and throws them around, and does a basic leg drop as a finisher.

    Awesome Kong was such a treat to watch, she was vicious, agile and a monster all in one who didn’t even need a promo to draw, I hope Nia spends some of her downtime re watching her matches and learning a thing or two.

  • Omar Zaal

    I hope she’s okay
    Love her.

  • Rhqvk Gctyvi

    Alicia Fox has been on the road for nearly 12 years jobbing. And she hasn’t taken a reset. These nxt girls aren’t made for this obviously. And she’s mad Fox got a match on the pre show?

    I’m starting to not like Jax.

  • Nia is forever working her ass off and carrying matches especially the main event a few weeks back. Every time she getsa push she always loses a title shot chance.

  • Super Mateo

    1. Nia will be off TV for a little while.
    2. Nia will be back soon.

    That’s all we need to know. Nothing else is any of our business.

  • Rodney Holston

    This is a Total Divas storyline ?