Independent Wrestling Star and Mae Young Classic competitor Candice LeRae recently spoke with Ring Rust Radio to reflect on her experience of taking part in the Mae Young Classic, the possibility of signing with the WWE and the rise of intergender wrestling. Highlights of the interview below courtesy of Ring Rust Radio.

On being a part of the Mae Young Classic: “It’s still really insane to me that it even happened. I kind of feel like I did after I got married where I was seeing my name, like this new last name and I realize that I’m married and thinking did this really happen and even though I had all the pictures and stuff. Same thing with the Mae Young Classic. I got all the accounts tweeting at me and all this stuff and I just don’t even believe this is actually happening. My husband came home from work the one day and said, ‘Alright, you ready to watch it? It’s airing tonight.’ I said no way this is actually all real. Still to this day it’s insane to me because it is something that I’ve wanted since I was a six-year-old little kid. It’s super cool and I felt like I’ve been preparing my entire career for that. That’s what everything was for so I could have that opportunity. I used to think I got into wrestling at the wrong time and it was never going to happen for me because I was a little different than some of the other girls that I was around when I first started wrestling. I’m starting to realize everything happened as it was supposed to and I got into it at exactly the right time so I am very thankful.”

On her level of interest in signing with WWE: “I would love to end up there. I’ve turned down other opportunities just in hopes of the opportunity to come to the WWE someday. Obviously, my dream has always been to wrestle for WWE and have a full-time contract there so I kind of felt if I was going to go anywhere else or do anything else I was cheating myself out of my lifelong dream. It is still to this day my ultimate goal so I’m being very hopeful and taking it day by day and crossing my fingers.”

On her dream opponents: “I would love to wrestle Kenny Omega and I didn’t realize it before, but recently I want to wrestle Cody Rhodes and part of that is because I feel like I’m converting him into liking intergender wrestling a little more than he originally thought he did. Fingers crossed. He did tweet and say I was a dream match and fans were shocked because they thought no way. Obviously, I would love to wrestle Bayley so much. She and I are both California natives and we tagged together and wrestled against each other before she was signed so would love to be able to wrestle her again. I also wish I could wrestle Asuka, that would be super cool too. I have so many people, but those four probably my top of the list with Kenny Omega be on the top of my list.”

On being the poster child for intergender wrestling and possibility of seeing it in a company like WWE: “I do understand why WWE being a family-friendly company might shy away from it because there’s that gray area where people are thinking it promotes domestic abuse and this and that. While I understand that, I’ve had a lot of women come up to me like shaking and practically in tears and some men that will come up and say that my intergender wrestling has been very empowering for them in their lives. I don’t think there’s ever a time where other than when I very first started doing it, where I was being put in the situation it wasn’t me going after the match. I feel like there’s ways to have it done tastefully. It’s 2017 and little girls want to play sports in high school with the boys so I feel as though they should. To be fair, a punch in wrestling is not a thing. It’s illegal; you can’t throw a closed fist so guys shouldn’t be punching women in general. I don’t at all support domestic abuse or domestic violence in any way shape or form. However, if I want to compete with men and wrestle against men and I’m okay with that, then I know what I’m getting myself into. I think it’s slowly but surely becoming more and more accepted by just people in general and society in general. We are in a time of women empowerment so I have faith, someday.”

LeRae also discusses working for WrestleCircus promotion, how she deals with misogynist fans and women recovering more main event opportunities.

You can listen to the full interview below:

What did you think of the interview? Would you like to see Candice LeRae signed by the WWE? What are your thoughts on intergender wrestling? Let us know in the comments below!

  • TotalDivasMark

    Really hoping that WWE signs her. She would be a really great addition to the roster and could debut as Gargano’s wife, but then branch out to become a major singles competitor. We all know that Candice has the star power to shine so I really hope they give her the opportunity

  • Kvngbalor

    Why wasn’t she signed before or after the MYC I’ll never understand

  • The fact that she wants to work for WWE is actually surprising to me, as I always believed she wanted to stay on the independent circuit and continue to wrestle men. And the fact that WWE still hasn’t offer her a contract despite her being one of the biggest name on the circuit, and pretty much everything they are looking for in their superstar, is kind of mind blowing to me.

    At least she seems to be NXT-bound somehow, I hope that means she’s on Triple H’s radar. She already has the crowd in her pocket and there’s even opportunities for different stories (be it with Johnny and Andrade/Zelina, or even Shayna).

    • Guilherme Soares

      I think they’ll sing some models now since they have so many indy talents… they did 2 recent tryouts that most of the girls are fitness models and stuff like that and there’s 3 girls that they really want to contract…

  • I want her inside WWE files right now, suits amazing there like a fresh addition.

  • VonBlade

    She’s the real deal, the total package (not Luger), the full shebang. NXT is a bit short of proper faces at the moment and she’s born to be a face. Sign her up immediately. Although let’s be honest, should’ve signed her a couple of years ago.

  • C Mack

    So she wants to sign. WWE is outta pocket. Snatch her up. I always thought she wanted to be an indy star.

  • Danny?

    Can’t say I was overly impressed with her in the MYC. I’d rather they signed Piper, KLR, Mercedes, Mia & Santana tbqh.

    • Izzy4lw

      most of her moves were taken away though tbh – A LOT of her moves are either not PG (the ballsplex) are already being used or are too close to old finishers (her flying dragon is set up too close to AJ Lee’s black widow) or are way too dangerous as WWE is moving away from moves that look like they put too much strain on your head (her inverted frankensteiner is a thing of beauty, or the tope con hilo transitioned into a swinging DDT, the sunset flip into a sitout piledriver, etc) And you also have to consider that her first match was against a rookie (so she had to carry the match) The crowd loves her, she’s gorgeous, and she can wrestle; there’s no reason to not have her in WWE.

  • conan_kun

    They will be the great addition if Raw and Smackdown don’t fuck them up but they will

    • ???

      You just combine my favourite wrestlers of the MYC in one picture.

    • Exotic

      Just sign Piper and maybe Mercedes.

    • Jo9834

      Piper is so stunning seriously, I think she could be a huge attraction if they book her correctly and get her better ring gear! Raw and Smackdown will screw Mercedes over, Toni probably has the best chance of being a top draw out of this pack, she is the total package PLUS has a personality, reminds me of a female Y2J.

  • I mean… In a perfect world, she’d be brought in as a neutralizer against Zelina Vega in her husband’s feud.

    • Izzy4lw

      Literally that is the perfect way to bring her into NXT immediately, give her something to do, and let her slide right into the thick of things. Will they do it? hopefully, but I doubt it. Candice could be great in WWE and looks like a slightly older version of Alexa, just with more wrestling talent.

  • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

    She reminds me, looks wise, of The Kat.

    • ???

      OMG I thought I was the only one who thought that ! LOL .. she looks like returning The Kat with more in ring experience.

      Funny because I love both Candice LeRae and The Kat !

  • ???

    Girl , WHAT ?!

    I’ve always told that she doesn’t want to work with the WWE all the time, this one is shocking !

    Candice LeRae is complete package, she’s my number one female wrestler on the indies and she’s trully a warrior she took alot of dangerous spots like drinking water .. this woman is also HARDCORE MACHINE!

    WWE need to hurry and sign her up as soon as possible, out of all people they screwed Candice LeRae and choose Shayna ???!! Plus she’s younger than Shayna who is 37/38 years old that also has nothing special..

  • Exotic
    Onto far more important news, Ms Layla El Young, the best half of the greatest female tag team to ever grace our screen has returned back to our unworthy lives via social media. @divadirt I am expecting an article dedicated to the queens return.

    • Joseph

      Can’t call Lay-Cool the best female tag team when they were in a company with no other female tag teams or a division.

      • Exotic

        Iconic Duo
        Vinces Devils
        Jumping Bomb Angels
        Team BAD
        …. The fuck.

  • Jo9834

    Unless she comes in for a storyline with her husband, its very unlikely she’ll get signed anytime soon I feel. She can go in the ring, but intergender wrestling isn’t something the WWE is going to do again anytime soon.

    The WWE has so many signed women that its going to be near impossible to make stars out of all of them.

  • ?K . A . T ?

    I’m really glad she was in the MYC as it gave more people the chance to see how truly awesome she is. I would love for her to get signed and aid Johnny against Zelina & Andrade. And on a side note I hope they also sign Nicole Savoy, Toni Storm & Piper Niven.

  • Omar Zaal

    She will be signed soon since her husband works there. I hope Jazzy Gabert gets signed too.

  • Charlie

    I just want to know why she didn’t represent Canada in the MYC.

    I could really care less if she is signed, I wasn’t really impressed with her matches at MYC so it’s not like we need her in the program.

    Re: Intergender wrestling. I’m a purist, so I’m against it. Pro Wrestling is moving too far away from the sport aspect as it is. There is no intergender sports in the Olympics or at any national level freestyle/greco-roman wrestling, so why do we need to portray it in “professional” wrestling, other than to blatantly point out how outlandish it is in comparison. Offring angles, or promos, fine. In-ring, we need to move things to more straight-up wrestling. That goes for “hardcore”/garbage wrestling as well. And “gimmick” matches like 3-5 way matches.