Welcome one and all, to another Women of Honor match up! This is the first Global Wars bout that look place in Buffalo. On this edition, we have Deonna Purrazzo facing off against WOH Veteran Sumie Sakai. It was mentioned that Sumie was replacing Stella Grey as she got injured somehow, shame as that would be an interesting match-up for the newcomer. Someday I’m sure.

The match started with some chain wrestling, with Deonna getting a small head-start. The two would go back and forth with impressive manouvres and attention to detail in how they fought one another. Deonna targeting different parts of Sumie’s body throughout. Sumie coming in with a hybrid of strikes, submissions and speedy athleticism.

There was also mentioned that in the Columbus edition of Global Wars, Sumie would be facing off against the debuting Holidead, so keep on the lookout for that one. But she was focused on stopping the momentum of the WOH Pioneer. Sadly  it was Deonna who got the better after locking in the Fujiwara Armbar to get the victory.

The odd thing to take away from this match, as small as it was, was when Sumie offered a handshake to Deonna despite the loss. Deonna slapped her handaway and just stared her down… is Deonna also having a change of heart? Is she too focused on Karen Q for Philadelphia to show respect for anyone else?

Thoughts: A nice bout for the Women of Honor as usual. Both Deonna and Sumie worked really well here, as one would expect. I honestly felt that Sakai stood out more in this match up. She really does work well just just about anyone she is in the ring with huh? It’s just a shame we see her losing all of the time, she’s definitely put in the time to win at least some of her matches at this point right?

I am intrigued by Deonna’s aggression through the match, and the post-match bitterness that she displayed with Sakai. Maybe it was just a one off, but that isn’t the way Deonna usually acts. Especially with being shown as one of the big names to bring the Women of Honor to new heights.

Either way, we can look forward to Deonna and Karen squaring off in the near future. As well as Sumie and Holidead doing the same as well. Exciting times ahead for the Women of Honor, so stay tuned!

But what did you think of this week’s Women of Honor? Do you think Deonna is having a change of personality? Are you excited for the future planned WOH matches? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Wicked Emma

    I hope Deonna don’t turn heel.

  • C Mack

    I need to catch up. I don’t know who Karen Q and Stella Grey are. Sumie’s someone I’ve heard of but never really checked out. Deonna doesn’t interest me

    • IconicTrio

      Karen Q intrigues me. Looks like a speedy powerhouse combo. Stella’s look is more interesting than her work to me but she’s very new.

      Ditto on Deonna.

  • Deonna should be the first WOH champion, she’s the pioneer of that division.

    • Looking Glass

      I would have to disagree, ROH have been saying she’s the pioneer of the division but they’ve only turned their attention to her since Taeler Hendrix left and Mandy Leon turned heel.

      Deonna is decent in the ring but her personality is just so microscopic she shouldn’t be holding any belt. She’s not a star in the making until she has that down.