After last night’s invasion on RAW, the SmackDown locker room is bound to be on edge. Could the red team take them down? Or will they stay back for the meantime?

On the topic of last night, the women of SmackDown Live are seen boasting about their work. As the group discuss the invasion, the topic of Survivor Series comes up.General Manager Daniel Bryan announces that “all five” women will compete at Survivor Series on Team SmackDown. This includes Charlotte Flair, Naomi, Carmella (who cannot find James Ellsworth anywhere), Tamina and Becky Lynch. And although Lana is very much in the room, Bryan apologizes to her, as she isn’t going to be in the team. The conversation then moves on and the women debate about which one of them will be the captain. The G.M. intervenes to say that the captain will be decided in a Fatal Five Way, consisting of the current members.

In the next scene we find out that James has been captured for a Breezango skit, titled “Fashion Dogs”. And when Carmella shows up to retrieve him, Fandango opens up her briefcase to find a pair of Ellsworth’s dirty underwear in there… Let’s move on, shall we?

Before the Fatal 5 Way can begin, Greg Hamilton’s delivers a special message to the audience. He tells us to welcome “the most technically gifted, the most ruthless, the greatest Superstar of the entire Hart family, and the true queen of SmackDown Live, [our] Women’s champion, Natalya!” – all whilst the champ stands boastfully in the ring. Okay then.

The next then starts and the women go at it immediately. Becky and Naomi are suplexed by Tamina, whilst Charlotte receives a Superkick from Snuka. Carmella then tries to celebrate with her former Welcoming Committee buddy, but Tamina delivers a Samoan Drop, knocking her down.

When we return from break, all of the women are outside of the ring. Carmella is on Tamina’s back, so Snuka attempts to smash her into the side of the ring – though she does trip and fall herself. Charlotte then attacks Tamina with a few whips and a kick, followed by a boot to Carmella’s face and a suplex to Snuka. Lynch then takes down Flair with a Flying Fire-arm, which results in her receiving a jump from the inside of the ring by Naomi. The former glowing SmackDown Women’s champion then attempts a Hurricanrana on Charlotte, but gets slammed into the side of the barricade.

At one point we see Lana push Charlotte, in which the Ravishing Russian gets knocked to the ground by Flair.

Later in the match, Carmella gets Becky in the ring with attempts to pin her. And after all of her attempts fail, Lynch quickly puts Miss Money In The Bank in the Dis-Arm-Her, forcing her to tap. Say hello to our new captain of the SmackDown Live women’s team!

After the match, Becky expresses her excitement over being captain of the blue brand. She states that her mind is fully focused on victory, as unlike last year, the blue team will walk out as the winners.

Thoughts: This week’s episode isn’t the most exciting, but unlike recent weeks, it’s semi important.

Going into Survivor Series, we need to see the most competitive side of the women come out. By allowing the Superstars to compete against one another so early on, we see that. We’re getting to see the ladies as enemies right before we see them as team-mates. And it’s great to get that out of the way early – now we can go straight to the brand vs brand side of it (or so we hope).

Although there’s no invasion like RAW, this episode still stands on its own two feet. Unlike the past few weeks, something worth watching actually happens. And that’s the fact that we get a captain. It may not be the most exciting of episodes, but compared to previous weeks, it’s a lot better. We see a new story begin, and we see somebody new(ish) get put in the spotlight.

The fact that Carmella loses may be a controversial one, but it proves to be a useful tactic with pushing her cash-in. At the moment, she isn’t a threat. By losing by tap-out, she’s going to be overlooked. She won’t be seen as a worthy title winner, so when she eventually cashes in, her victory will come as a shock. Carmella shouldn’t look strong, as the division is small and she has to interact with the majority of the division. So for the moment, her losing is a good thing for all of us.

One downer this week is the fact that the champion doesn’t discuss her upcoming champ vs champ match at Survivor Series. If we’re going to take the match seriously, we need to see both sides do the same. Natalya standing in the middle of the ring with a pointless announcement – with no actual entrance – feels pointless. It just takes up time from the already short match. A simple backstage promo would suffice too. But alas, we have to wait for next week.

The only potential reason that would allow this to make sense, is if Natalya isn’t the one to fight Alexa Bliss. During her celebration, Natalya is seen in the same frame as Charlotte, her latest opponent (as well as the woman challenging her for the title at Starcade). So could we see a switch-up with the champ vs champ match? Well, it would be exciting. But as the likes of Bliss and Flair have had such a similar path yet they have yet to really interact, this needs to be saved for a real feud. Bliss vs Flair would work with weeks of build, rather than a random story that takes place within two weeks. The match may not be the best in the world, but the feud could be legendary. So it would be better if Natalya vs Alexa were to still go on, we just need to see them discuss the match some more.

What do you think of tonight’s events? Did the right person win? Let us know your views in the comments below!

  • Xaos

    Naomi’s hair looked a mess

  • perceval

    Alicia goes from never appearing to captaining the winning team at Survivor Series. Yeah, Team Red wins two years in a row because an elimination match isn’t the place to end Asuka’s streak.

    Thanks to 50-50 booking, that means Natalya avoids the DDT of Doom and beats Alexa. Should have cut a promo on Alexa, though.

  • DayOneISH!

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Carmella ends up cashing in at survivor series and wins the women’s championship after Alexa bliss beats her with the DDT of Doom.

    • conan_kun

      Or cash in on Alexa but this year women MITB briefcase is not valid for Raw women title.

      • Dylan Gutierrez

        I hope next year they allow women from both shows to compete for a contract to challenge for either title. It doesn’t have much of an effect with a division of six or seven women.

    • perceval

      50-50 booking says Nattie beats Alexa. They’re not going to job Lesnar out to Jinder, and Asuka guarantees Team Red wins the other women’s match.

      After, Nattie can lord it over the rest of the division that she’s the one that came through for SD.

  • They should’ve made the captains have something special, because it doesn’t make any sense for Alicia and Becky to win if everyone else is gonna be on the same team with the same powers.

    SD also needs to do singles feuds again. Continue Char vs Nattie if you want, but they can easily do Tamina vs Naomi, and Becky vs Carmella. Come on, not that hard…

  • DivaLicious?

    What ever hair stylist artist thought Naomi looked good to go out there last night, should be admittedly released! She look god awful with that hair due???????

    Becky was a ok choice I guess. I thought maybe a lower rank would win like Tamina or Carmella to go up against Alicia foxx.

    The match was your basic boring 5 way matches we usually see. It was nothing special. But the fact that Carmella taps once again. She either taps or takes the pin. It just shows WWE don’t really take her seriously. You got to build her up strong for her big cash in. But NOPE. As weak as ever.

    Like I said from the beginning Carmella will FAIL her cash in.

    • Gerg

      I see carmella as the sneaky heel that cheats to win….its the reason why Ellsworth is with her. I dont want her portrayed like they do Alexa…appear GOD Tier to the division but is portrayed as very limited in the ring. In NXT, Alexa and Carmella did so much better in the ring.

  • Danny?

    Not surprising that Becky became the captain for SD, I thought it would be the case tbh. Becky is basically the new Paige, she’s over and does the same 5 moves each match. Naomi I love you but that hair was just a NO!! Smackdown what happened to you? They used to be the most exciting brand for the women and now it’s barely even worth watching.

    • tstumo

      They MUST have had some writers go to Raw. The show as a whole doesn’t feel the same. And not to mention they got rid of talking smack which was a huge draw. They have been putting more effort into Raw it seems

  • Nun Ya

    Nao’s hair is meant to be funky and playful. Yal know if my good sis wanted to slay a hairstyle she COULD!!

    • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

      Tbh I’m tired of the green but this is tragic. Hopefully she gets a new weave soon.

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    What’s the point of being captain if there’s no special stipulation for the captains? They should have something like if the captain gets eliminated the match is over or captain gets eliminated and can return once. Idk soemthing

  • conan_kun

    I know it won’t happen but Survivor Series take place after NXT Takeover: War Games, if Charlotte dethrones Natalya before the event, Natalya may refuse to be part of SD women team, there’s one vacancy left, Bryan refuses to let Lana replace Charlotte, then SD 5th woman remains as mystery partner, during the event SD debuts a woman from NXT who didn’t win NXT women title like Ember or Nikki Cross, of course Kairi won’t move to main roster anytime soon.

  • Mr. Giem

    Cute episode of SD but they still have a long way to go if they want to catch up with RAW.

    I feel happy for Becky, I felt like she was robbed last year when she wasn’t the captain of her team so this is some kind of redemption and she was the female superstar who stood out the most during Monday’s invasion so it makes sense.

    On the other hand, I’m still scratching my head on the champ vs. champ match. Alexa and Nattie haven’t faced yet in a one on one match but the fact that both of them are heels just make things confusing. I must admit it would be way more interesting to watch Alexa vs. Charlotte, that way you protect Charlotte from Asuka (who will likely be in Team RAW) until their inevitable collision, and Alexa gets to face the only horsewomen she hasn’t defeated yet. My only complaint is that Charlotte winning the title this soon is not fair for Nattie who IMO deserves more time as champ and at least one worthy storyline.

    I’m seriously excited for this year’s Survivor Series, specially for Team Red striking back one of these days meanwhile let’s see how the card takes shape.

    PS: Breezango is finally great again! That segment had me dying.

  • Kvngbalor

    What’s going on with Becky she used to be fire to watch now it’s suplex spin kick elbow off apron straight fire elbow in corner Bex Plex then Dis Armher ? her attires she mix and match NOTHING gels she’s become stagnant

    • Monkey Tennis

      Doesn’t strike me as being all that different to anyone else in the women’s division.. Smackdown women’s singles matches are still pretty short and frankly a little rare. And when all you’re getting is limited ring time in tag matches and multi-women matches, it’s probably no surprise that the likes of Becky, Nattie, Naomi, etc tend to simply use their same 5 moves week after week after week.

    • She desperately needs to turns heel. She’s definitely getting stale and her poor booking hasn’t helped either.

  • Kvngbalor

    Naomi deserves credit despite her hair looking a mess she’s the most creative female on the roster she stays switching up her attire her make up her hair stays adding new moves to her move set and i appreciate that also Lana has become a complete joke character

  • trishlita721

    The dd reviewers hate on Lana saying how out of place she looks compared to the talent yet we have Carmella??

    • Parasite

      Neither of them are out of place.

  • GEO

    Eh, even though we were waiting on RAW to jump them, which didn’t happen, the show as a whole fell flat. And that match was sloppy. They needa get it together, because they can’t be wrestling like this against women they see a couple times a year. Becky as captain? Cool? What does that even accomplish?

  • I’m gonna keep it 100, I felt the match was underwhelming. I loved Naomi’s look and her hair was everything, I was living. I thought Charlotte would have won, but maybe they’re gonna have her beat Nattie to lose to Alexa at Survivor Series? Who knows. Lana, girl. Stay away from a ring please. Tamina and Carmella I hope really step it up at Survivor Series as their work is highly underwhelming and at times awkward. Into the positives, love love love Nattie and her character work and her intro was fun to me. I wish they would build more for champ vs champ match, but I dunno how well it’ll play off given both are heels and Nattie can and does wrestle circles around Alexa. I was expecting the RAW women (almost said Divas) to jump the smackdown ones, so that was a let down admittedly. Becky winning I was pleased with. She’s been directionless since she came to Smackdown and has had to fight for relevance so kudos to her!

  • jbrizzy

    Love Naomi. But her hair looked awful. Tbh she needs to pick a look and stick with it. I’m tired of her constantly trying to out do herself.

    • Gerg

      I love Naomi but her hair looked bad. i’m guessing she wants to try pre-colored extensions instead of her glowing weave….I prefer the latter tho. Her thunderbolt design or elimination chamber attire are so Amazing bc she looks like a superhero coming down the ramp

      • jbrizzy

        I completely agree.

    • Crazy. #RIPMae

      She knew it was bad lol she commented to Sasha that it was a mess

      • jbrizzy

        Lol well at least she is self aware

    • perceval

      Now that she’s a heel, she’s punishing her opponents and the fans with bad hair.

      • AlexV

        Haven’t been keeping up with Smackdown, how did she turn heel and why? Please and thanks!

        • perceval

          The entire SD roster, except for Bryan, turned heel on Raw. Bryan is miffed about it.

          • Naomi wasn’t on RAW you nazi.

          • AlexV

            Oh I get it now, they’re playing the heels against RAW? Did we not learn anything from 2001’s dreadful Invasion angle?

          • perceval

            At least this time it’s only for a few weeks.

          • AlexV

            I get it, but I’m sure they’ll play into their differences amongst each other too. I strongly believe RAW women will. I think Bayley and Sasha will be at odds with Foxy when Foxy starts throwing tantrums and ordering them around, possibly leading to their loss?

            The team might possibly be Foxy, Sasha, Bayley, Nia and Dana or Emma? Vs Becky, Charlotte, Carmella, Naomi, and Tamina?

            Asuka might be featured in her own match or backstage or not at all?

            Alexa and Mickie are up in the air? If Charolette and Mickie win titles then Alexa and Nattie might very well join the teams?

          • perceval

            Thing is, there’s no logical reason for Kurt to not put Asuka on the team. He wants to win, after all.

            Oh, and with Ronda training at the PC this week, there’s now speculation that we could have an MMA invasion during the match.

          • AlexV

            Oh man!!! That sounds exciting! Meanwhile if MJ wins the Championship we can have her defend the title against Emma, Alexa, Dana, Foxy before Asuka finally gets her shot at a pay per view like the Royal Rumble? Then the 4 horsewomen can focus on the MMA angle.

          • AlexV

            That would be more fun to watch, but they might keep her separate as they kept Kharma maybe?

          • Izzy4lw

            Nooooo… but yes. Essentially they sent half the women’s division and most of the midcard to RAW, face or heel, which is about the only thing I dislike about the ‘one brand invades another at SS” angle, is that it makes babyfaces look like heels. This year you had Becky Lynch (the ultimate babyface) running around RAW jumping people like she was on Worldstar, and last year Bayley was jumping people. It’s just…. it doesn’t make the babyfaces look good is all.

    • Mitch Von Erich

      Remember in her nxt days she use to wear different color bangs.i miss that

  • ???

    Am I the only who see the treatment of Ellsworth is too much ? He does have kids so ..

    SDL has alot of things that they didn’t continue

    Why we didn’t see build up for Natalya vs Charlotte this week like in recent weeks ?

    Where’s the monster build up for Tamina that took nearly a month and just ended squashing one local competitor and then nothing after that ?

    Why Becky and Naomi don’t have any storylines ? They have to find something for them they became stale .

    Why Carmella looks weak ? She needs to be way better than this , let her win some matches by cheating and let her sneak attack people behind their backs backstage, so people can take her more seriously .

    • Gerg

      I feel bad for Ellsworth as a person. Like what happens when him and Carmella finally disband? Not like he’s gonna get even with the no female/male physicality.

      It’s so easy to have side feuds…
      Naomi vs Tamina w/ Lana – based on Lana’s outside interference on Naomi a couple weeks ago and naomi being the previous champion and former Team BAD member. Yet we get nothing.

      Becky vs Carmella – Becky doesnt like Ellsworth and Carmella can brag about being Ms. Money in the bank while Becky has become irrelevant first champion which could lead to a Becky Heel turn ala Summer/Sasha NXT. Yet we keep getting multi-woman matches.

      Shoo, these are feuds I use for 2K18….SDL Creative Team where you at?!! Shit aint that hard.

    • Nathan

      I agree. I think I said something similar in the last SD redux. The treatment of Ellsworth has gone to far. It wasn’t ok when they treated women like this so why should it be ok when it’s a man. And like you said, he does have a family!

      SD has gotten stale. Theese multi women matches suck. I don’t mind them on occasion but I’d much rather have several side fueds along with a main one. They could’ve done Becky v Carmella (because of the mitb stuff between them and Ellsworrth)
      Tamina v Naomi (maybe something to do with team bad, like Lana and tamina are trying to get naomi to join them)
      And then obviously Charlotte v Nattie.

      As for the mitb thing, the mitb holders are normally booked to loose a fair bit, but they still look strong. As much as I live Carmella, I’m not afraid to admit she does look weak.

  • Vince Martin

    I’m here for Becky and Char to be the final two on SD team and Becky turns heel by refusing the hot tag and walking out on Charlotte.

    She could explain that when Charlotte came to SDL all the attention went to her then have them feud for a while.

    Nattie needs to lose the title ASAP. She does nothing for it. Either Naomi regains it or call up Ember/Nikki/Someone from MYC.

    I don’t want Charlotte to be champ until Mania

  • Exotic

    3 years ago when it was scarce for them to book multi women matches, I was always hyperventilated when ever they announced a battle royal, fatal four way or triple threat. Now we getting them almost every month. These matches lost its specialty and excitement.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae


  • Shan

    Eh, I enjoyed everything honestly. Except Ellsworth. They need to stop this dog crap ASAP. Are they not anti-bullying? Wth do they think is happening with his character??? It’s just distasteful honestly.

    • perceval

      Still, I hope when the two teams face off, one of the Raw girls points to him on the leash and says, “What the hell is that?”

  • Kristina Buford

    Becky has been knocking it out of the park and I love that she is finally getting more focus.

    Love seeing the gingers ruling Smackdown: Sami zayn and becky

  • Queen of Spark

    It’s official; the writers has been switched from the last brand draft. Because let’s face it, who keeps watching Raw more than SDL, lately? Heck, LOOK at what’s happened.

    Carmella losing is fine with me, but I’m afraid either she’ll have to split with Ellsworth, or get rid of the dog treatment. Not funny at all.

    Naomi did great spots as usual, but please fix your hair. Why isn’t she feuding with Tamina and Lana? It would’ve made sense.

    Natalya came with the ‘introduction’. Okay….so you’re just gonna let Alexa Bliss shade you and not gonna retaliate with a few words at least?

    Charlotte better be taking the title, otherwise, her losing that match was pointless. And I can’t take her as a face, really.

    Tamina, gurl, why did you almost injure Carmella from that outside spot? You telling me you’ve never seen that move done before? All I’m saying is Tamina was a STAR in those MITB matches, but now she’s….shut down from the ravishing SL.

    Becky, man I a glad she’s captain. She was seen as an afterthought last year, and she was even Champion. I hope you’re next in line for the title after SS, lasskicker.

  • Robann

    Naomi knew her hair looked a mess because she commented on it. Somebody please make my girl a NICE funky colored wig that she can get sewed in or something because that wasn’t the business lmfao. Her faux locs by itself look nice, she did NOT need to add that pink shit. I still say her WM32 hair (red and blue) and her straight hair after she won the SDL title the first time was the best she’s ever looked.

    Anyways, this episode was just above a “meh”. Wasn’t too bad but wasn’t great. And I’m completely convinced the SDL writers went to Raw after the Shakeup. Vince and Dunn probably saw how well SDL was received before and had to switch because they didn’t went their “baby” to get pummeled. Smh

  • ****** and ******** bringing the match quality several notches down as usual, but that’s SD for you.

  • Aye Mate

    Smackdown could have carried on the intense angle which concluded RAW but instead we saw furthermore affirmation that the women’s division is decidedly lacking in any imagination. Now perhaps that will change if Becky being a successful captain leads to a bigger payoff or if Carmella cashes in on either champion, but I doubt it will.

  • Jack square

    Waah!!! Naomi didn’t win….SMH…..F off Namoi fans. She was in the spotlight for 6 months as champ FFS. Give someone else a chance. Becky was the obvious choice if you watched Raw(she was in the forefront). Stop being fucking marks.

    • Jes Lennox

      Y’all care more about Naomi being in everything than her fans do. It would’ve been nice if she won, but its no big deal that she didn’t. Naomi is always on the minds of those that don’t like her whether we say anything or not.

  • Becky, Charlotte, Naomi, Tamina and Carmella vs Alicia Fox, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Dana Brooke and Nia Jax. Match starts…
    Out comes Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Ember Moon, Nikki Cross, and Ruby Riot (or Bianca Belair)

    One can dream I guess

  • I don’t know but it seems like SD Live! Really loves put a fatal 5-way women’s matches, I like it and I don’t complain rather than 3 minute or less divas matches.

  • mckenzie

    That gif is life ???