At NXT TakeOver: War Games Ember Moon, Kairi Sane, Nikki Cross and Peyton Royce will compete in a Fatal 4-Way Match for the vacated NXT Women’s Championship. Asuka relinquished the NXT Women’s Title over the summer after a historic reign that lasted over 500 days and graduating to the main roster, joining WWE’s Raw brand.

Shortly after winning the inaugural Mae Young Classic, it was announced that Sane would be the first challenger to NXT Women’s Championship.

In the following weeks leading up to TakeOver: War Games, qualifying matches were held to determine the rest of the participants to Fatal 4-Way match which were respectfully won by Peyton Royce and Ember Moon.

Tonight on NXT, Cross outlasted 15 other women in a big Battle Royal to become the final participant at TakeOver: War Games by lasting eliminating Billie Kay when she avoided a running big boot and tossed Kay over the top rope.

Post match, a standoff between all four participants met with William Regal in the ring for a photo op.

NXT TakeOver: War Games airs live Saturday November 18th at 8 PM ET on the WWE Network.

Are you excited for this match?

  • Nicola Byrne

    Nice! but I can see either Ember or Peyton winning

    • Rosanna


  • #RiotWithRuby

    Honestly, Peyton is the only one deserving of the four.

    Kairi just won a tournament and has only had two matches.
    Nikki was thrown in this with no explanation and meaning.
    And Ember was in hiding for a month and out of nowhere gets in the match.

    Peyton, on the other hand, has been killing it the past few months. Plus, her and Billie running the division would honestly be a sight to see.

    If not Ruby, Peyton is my next choice as champion.

    • ???

      I agree about everything except Ruby , she only been here for like 6 months she’s too new in NXT .

    • Jo9834

      I feel like Ember will win and Peyton and Billie will get called up to Smackdown or something in the next draft, they just never seem to catch a break on NXT, especially Billie.

      Funnily enough I feel like I know more about Kairi Sane than any of the other girls going into the match based on the Mae Young Classic alone.

    • Women’s Revolution

      Nikki was screwed out of the Fatal 4 Way. She had every right to participate in this match.

    • OJ Von Erich

      At the moment all 4 deserve this chance, each woman won a place to deserve it & has proven they can deliver.

      Ruby & Billie being the other 2, heck even Liv is climbing the ranks (not title material just yet) to earning a singles Takeover match.

      I look forward to Lacey, Sonya, Aliyah & Taynara building themselves up into regular character slots.

    • The worst part of this is I feel none of the competitors in the match but Kairi will be in NXT for much longer. IF Ember or Peyton don’t win it…they need to be called up immediately with Billie Kay. Honestly Ember should’ve been called up with Asuka. There’s nothing left for her unless she wins the title and feuds with Iconic Duo ultimately dropping it to one of them before she leaves. Even still, we don’t need another unbeatable champion. She’s only lost to Asuka. I want the Iconic Duo to run NXT. Vince’s Devils style.

  • Rosanna

    The only people I see winning this match is Ember or Peyton. It’s to early to say if Kairi is going to win this match and Nikki is obviously about to begin feuding with Taynara. Taynara and Billie could easily distract Nikki. So my vote is on Ember she deserves it and so doesn’t Peyton. But if Peyton does loose this match I think it’s time for her and Billie to be brought up to smackdown live.

  • Geo14

    We had a champion on mute the last 500 days so giving the title to Ember, Kairi or Nikki would be the same.

    Peyton has to be the next champion. Queen!!!

    • wysna

      Nikki has a lot of personality though and she has an established gimmick that’s easy to pick up and build around on. And, yes, she can talk well in character. So, I don’t think it’ll be the same as Asuka’s reign. But, tbh, Peyton’s a good choice too.

    • Jo9834

      Such a good point, we haven’t seen many character feuds in the NXT womens division and Peyton could be the perfect antagonist on the mic as well as in the ring.

  • Rosanna

    This could be true but sometimes they make it so obvious.

    • Danny?

      This was probably to set up their match on an upcoming episode of NXT.

  • It annoyed me that Kairi had to go through 5 matches to earn a title shot while most MYC girls who were out in the first round got a battle royal, and could’ve had a title match basically with just two matches. It made no sense to include them.

    The match should’ve been Billie vs Aliyah vs Nikki. But whatever, TO should be good. I hope Ember or Peyton win.

    • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

      If anything that makes Kairi look stronger. Wrestling is predetermined you do know that? Anyone can win a battle royal.

      • No, the point is it makes the tournament stupid. Kairi had to do 5 matches to get a title shot, while some could’ve got it within 2. Like, what was the point?

        • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

          I don’t think the whole point of the tourney was just for a title shot

          • But that’s the only reward Kairi got by winning it

          • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

            Look at my other comment above. Nikki Cross won the battle royal. So obv it was just to give the other girls more exposure.

          • Raekon

          • Sis I’m talking about a real reward, not something every tournament winner gets.

          • FlawlessMickie ?

            A trophy is a reward ummmm wyd sis

          • That’s the reward every tournament winner got. But they also got something else. That else was a title shot for her.

        • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

          The battle royal was to give more of the MYC participants some exposure. Nikki Cross was predetermined the winner so it’s not like any of the other MYC participants got the spot in the fatal 4 way anyway.

          • By basically giving them the same prize as Kairi if they won it, even though some couldn’t even pass the first round of the classic.

          • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

            But Nikki was going to be winning regardless. The MYC girls were basically just props.

          • That’s not the point, the match should’ve been without them.

          • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

            Who cares

          • Raekon

            Gosh… Kairi did NO qualification matches for the title. The opportunity were given as a extra free pass additionaly to the MYC Trophy she won.

          • No, that was her reward for winning the WHOLE thing. And if she had to get it like that others should’ve had it tougher too but whatever.

    • PeppermintButler

      I don’t know why they didn’t they just make it a tournament if they’re just gonna throw in all the women at the end. Also why Nikki got 2 chances? I thought it was gonna be Billie vs Aliyah vs Mandy or Bianca (kinda leaning on Bianca to be the included)

      • Nikki got it because Taynara interfered in her match. But I don’t even understand that since triple threats are no DQs so Taynara had every right to attack her.

        They should’ve done it without any other MYC girl, because it ruins the purpose of Kairi’s award.

        • Raekon

          I think they should had a backstage Segment with regal to sell the whole Thing instead of just explaining loosely things through the commentary. :(
          The reason why was because Nikki would had actually won twice and both times Taynara pulled her out before the 3 count to prevent her from winning. That’s why she got another opportunity.

          • But still, the match is a No DQ, Taynara had every right to interfere, same goes for Billie. They could’ve went about it better definitely.

    • Raekon

      Kairi got the title opportunity as a EXTRA to the MYC trophy, she didn’t had to do any qualification matches for it.
      So what doesn’t make sense here is saying that she had to go through 5 matches to get the opportunity when she actually did these 5 matches to win a tournament and the prize on it.

      • No, every tournament winner got a trophy AND another prize to that. Cruiserweights and UK people got a new title while Kairi got a title shot.

        • C Mack

          Yeah but they decided it well after the tournament. She obviously wasn’t going to win a title since there’s already one.

          The MYC girls being in the battle royal doesn’t bother me as much as Nikki winning a spot. Her getting in negates the whole Taynara run in and takes heat away from the Undisputed Era/Sanity feud

          • But it was still a prize they decided to give her for that. Should’ve been more consistent. And yes, they didn’t do that Taynara thing properly it messed up a lot.

    • OJ Von Erich

      No, Kairi competed in a tournament to be crowned the winner & to make herself known.

      The championship match just came about as a gift (so to speak) the MYC competitors were put in the battle royal for the sake of the entire roster being offered an opportunity, the experienced wrestlers & more fleshed out girls were given fatal 4 ways.

      • No, every tournament had a trophy AND another reward. It’s really not hard to figure it out.

        • OJ Von Erich

          The cruiserweights are a division unto themselves & have their own show, the UK championship will follow suit, by having it’s own show on the network, hence their design…

          There are no current plans to create a sole women’s show & there isn’t really a need for another women’s title in NXT.

          Also, the trophy was the sole prize, simple.

          • Honey it doesn’t mean there has to be another show so she can get the same prize. They got the title because it coincided with the plans and she got a title shot because it fit well with Asuka’s departure from NXT. Easy as that.

  • Xaos

    Peyton for the win

  • #FlairfortheGold

    Peyton ftw! Sad though that Emma most likely won’t be the first Australian WWE Women’s champ???

    • L.S #PushBillieKay

      and probably Peyton and Billie will win a title on the main roster before Emma lol

    • Gerg

      Even during Emma’s nxt debut, I’ve read comments about people calling Emma the new jillian…sigh it seems to becoming true. I want Evil Emma…Twitter Trending Emma isnt as cool or vicious

  • Michael Max

    I’m really rooting for Peyton, I think not only is she deserving but there are some great potential feuds for her and Billie. They could face Kairi, Ember, Ruby to name a few. I think she really earned this.

  • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

    I have a gut feeling Kairi will win.

  • Bliss = Goddess

    Ember Moon should win

    • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

      Her character needs much much muchhhhhh work. I don’t think Ember is quite there yet. She’s probably the only one that should not win.

      • Bliss = Goddess

        IMO she’s the best of the 4 but it’s Just my opinion

        If Sane wins its just gonna be another Asuka for another 2 years

        • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

          That’s exactly why I think kairi should win so we get some type of closure when someone beats her. She’s similar to another Asuka.

          • In what way?

          • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

            She’s being built just as strong right now.

          • Bliss = Goddess

            If ember loses send her to SD

        • PeppermintButler

          With Asuka being somewhat a tweener I think the division would benefit with a heel champion. I’m seeing a lot of new talents as baby face, it would be a good opportunity to build them if they’re gonna go after the belt.

  • conan_kun
    • Donny Donny ?

      Those whips looked brutal. Reminds me of my mother when I was a kid. (No, I wasn’t a victim of child abuse ??)

    • Raekon

      I LOVED that part of the match. ^_^

    • Jo9834

      The best sequence and part of the match by FAR.

      The crowd was lukewarm and pretty uninterested during the entire match while the girls were dry humping the ropes and wandering around in the ring in slow motion as per a normal female battle royal, they always suck until its down to a few.

      Biancas hair whips are BRUTAL, when Billie hung on by her hair that was a great move and a really creative way to incorporate it all into the match. Mercedes stopped the sequence however which was really bad. It took away from the severity of it all.

  • conan_kun

    If Iconic Duo moves to main roster soon, Peyton may not win. Nikki has a chance since SAnitY is still NXT tag champ unless she moves to main roster alone.

  • I want Nikki to win, she’s the most interesting and could move the division in a new and unexpected direction. I’ll also be happy if Kairi wins it, but I’d rather see her chase it.

    Wouldn’t care much for Peyton or Ember as champions.

    • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

      Same she’s who I want to win. I think Nikki would be such a unique champion and i think her reign would be a lot of fun. She’s really grown on me.

  • Donny Donny ?

    I found the BR entertaining! Bianca performed amazingly as expected. She hair whipped the iconic out of Billie. Haha Billie took it like a champ though, but those whips look painful as fuck. Speaking of Billie I’m glad she received some limelight throughout the match with a solo entrance, shenanigans with Bianca and being in the final 4. Taynara’s face during Billie’s entrance was hilarious too. ?

    I’m predicting Nikki or Peyton will win the F4W. It was nice seeing Mercedes Martinez too. I loved her in the MYC.

  • Kelly/Asuka???RainbowGoddess!

    I’m very excited for this Fatal 4 Way! I hoping Nikki or Ember wins the strap. The only reason I don’t want Peyton to win because the Iconic Duo are MR ready now and they should be called up after NXT takeover and debut on the Smackdown after Survivor Series and go to Smackdown! I love Kairi but its too soon for her to win but her time will quickly come.

  • DayOneISH!

    I want either Ember or Nikki to win.

    Ember rightfullly so deserves it after her performance at Brooklyn and having the best women’s match(WWE wise) this year so far so she definitely deserves it.Then on the other hand I think Nikki should win because sanity currently has the tag titles and if she wins the women’s title then sanity would be taking over NXT.

  • txistedbliss

    Agree about Ember or Nikki winning. Ember should win because of the work she put in, having her win now that Askua’s gone would make their story come full circle when they meet again in the future. This should serve as a showcase for Peyton as she bows out to go to the main roster.

  • Danny?

    Let’s go Peyton snatch that title. If not Peyton then Nikki cause they two are the only ones that actually have a character. Like seriously Ember has been pushed so hard but still nobody knows what her character is and Kairi is too new to just come in and take the title. I love Ember in the ring but her lack of personality is infuriating.

    • Monkey Tennis

      Peyton has a character?

      • Danny?

        Of course she has a character, her and Billie make up the Iconic Duo and they are Aussie mean girls. Now I know it’s not the most original character but it’s still a character none the less. Certainly more of a character than whatever Ember is. It’s not perfect and I wished NXT had just stuck with the Venus Fly Trap gimmick and let her explore that, same goes for Billie’s Femme Fatale gimmick, but Peyton & Billie still play their characters well.

        • Monkey Tennis

          Nah. Ember’s a generic face with an unspecified/unexplored supernatural gimmick. Peyton and Billie are generic heels using a tired mean girl trope.

          It’s six of one and half a dozen of the other. But Ember’s better in the ring so if there has to be a deciding factor, it should probably be that.

          • Danny?

            Peyton is still fantastic in the ring and she is great on the mic. Ember may be amazing in the ring but her mic work is just terrible and cringe worthy. Asuka was a mute champion for so long that I would much rather have a champion who can talk on the mic well and that would be Peyton.

  • Mr. Giem

    I’m rooting for Ember or Nikki to win. I’m leaning more towards Nikki ’cause she has such a unique character and has proven to be the dark horse of the division during Asuka’s reign but Ember needs the title more to prove she’s not a flop (sorry but those losses to Asuka didn’t do any favors to her and I just like her so much to watch her lose again).

    I think Peyton was just added to take the pin and Kairi will be safe in this type of match for a future run with the title but I agree with you all when you say it’s too soon for her to win.

    However, I expect this to be a great match and a new beginning for the women of NXT.

  • Charlie

    Here is the problem with WWE over-using these gimmicky, “multi-way” matches: It actually hinders the rise of future stars. It “protects” the losers so they don’t look as weak and can, in theory, present a credible threat at some future ppv. But it also makes the winner look less strong.
    People are starting to float the idea that women can ME at WM. And there is every reason to get behind that idea. Freestyle wrestling has become a women’s sport at the Olympic level in every major market the WWE caters to. So we should be very open to the possibility that the future rests in hands lacking a Y chromosome.
    But you need a major star to carry an event like WM. Otherwise you will never see a women’s ME at WM (or worse, one that was prematurely pushed and resulted in negative ratings growth). To get those major stars a few wrestlers need to start rising well above the rest. Asuka comes to mind and perhaps that is the plan for her. But she will need a good foil to sell a ME worthy of WM.
    I know that everyone here has their favorites that could (and likely should) ME a WM sooner than later. But can we honestly expect to get there when the biggest matches at all the preliminary PPV/Shows get split four (or more) ways?
    The reason there is such strong doubt we will see a women’s ME in the near future is thus far no pair has been booked strongly enough to draw the required interest. Instead we get repeated three-way (32) or four-way (33) throw-away matches. No one was interested in Bayley because she didn’t really beat anybody at 33. Had she beat Nia Jax all by herself (as she did in NXT) I’m pretty sure we would be looking at the strong possibility of a Bayley/Asuka ME somewhere down the line. But Bayley never took off in the main roster and this is why. Charlotte is still hot because she single-handedly dethroned Nikki Bella. And that rubbed off on Sasha somewhat during their feud (and why Sasha has so many championships to her record, they just keep trying to prematurely get her popularity on someone else by having her lose them all almost immediately). They didn’t rise off a multi-way match. Stars never do.

  • Gavin

    Ember and Nikki getting their thousandth title shots of the year. All NXT writers know how to do is give the same few women all the opportunities and make everyone else look like jobbers. I still have no clue why Billie and Peyton are even together when they never let Billie win anyway. “They’re best friends in real life, so let’s just put them together,” I suppose. Triple threat matches are no DQ anyway, so I don’t understand why Regal acted like Taynara did some crazy illegal interference on Nikki that was worthy of giving her a second opportunity that no one else got. Not excited for this match at all. If I watch, it will be to see Billie valet.

  • Although I’m able to tolerate Peyton more-so than Billie, I’m hoping she eats the pin off the heels of a Billy Kay distraction/betrayal. Ember NEEDS this win; especially since Takeover is in her home state. Also, I don’t care what ANYONE says; Ember should’ve been the one to beat Asuka.


    • Gavin

      I’d prefer Kairi to win, but I’m here for Billie turning on Peyton. Everyone acts like Peyton is the Golden Girl of the Iconic Duo and pays Billie dust, so it would make sense for her to become jealous and cost her the opportunity she didn’t get herself.

      • Kairi literally just became (WWE) mainstream; she doesn’t need the title now. Hell; ASUKA had to wait 6 months before even getting a title match. As for Billie and Peyton, the only thing that can salvage their “characters” is a breakup. Have Billie be the jealous vengeful “Femme Fatale” with her Sitout Uranage as her finisher (because that Big Boot is fucking AWFUL), and Peyton be the “Poison Ivy-esque” babyface with her Koji Clutch as her finisher (because the Fisherman’s Suplex makes ZERO SENSE as a finisher).

        • Gavin

          They’re in too deep with the generic mean girl shtick. I hope creative pulls them out and returns them back to their original individual characters by breaking them up.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    slayyy this match will be iconic I know it! Peyton better win!

  • Almarpar

    Im so here 4 nxt. Miles ahead of MR. All these women in a battle royal. Amazing to see. Usually hate BR’s but that was really well done. Bianca is great cant wait for some takeover matches with her. I do want peyton to win but really want the duo on SD aswell. I think after mania there’ll be a major batch call up with lots of women going to each brands. SD is getting very repetitive. plus that way women like Dakota kai, kimber, candice, nixon, kairi can really breakthrough then.

  • conan_kun

    Did Peyton being told that she cannot help Billie, she can take a chance to yank Nikki down instead of just stand there and pray and chant for Billie

    • Super Mateo

      I was puzzled by that, too. That one seemed out of character for Peyton. One good yank on Nikki’s feet would have ended Nikki’s hopes. That said, I hate the outside interference trope and I’m glad they avoided it.

  • Monkey Tennis

    I’ll be happy with anyone except Peyton.

    Ability-wise, they all deserve it, no argument there. But in the land of NXT’s less-than-developed personalities, Peyton’s suffered the most as being the most generic of those 4.

    Nikki’s doing the best she can with her crazy gimmick and it’s alright – it’s just I know she can be so much better as the ego-driven, mouthy, ‘best in the galaxy’.

    Kairi’s persona is still pretty new and is arguably just a very standard babyface. But she’s one of those wrestlers with enough charisma and personality of her own to enhance the WWE’s paper thin characterisation into the star she already is.

    Now I know Ember’s character is often described as being undefined and lacking personality, but I don’t see that at all. Sure, the whole weird eyes/sort-of-supernatural-but-not-really angle hasn’t been explored/explained at all and just seems to be there for the sake of it. But as for Ember herself, she’s focused, she’s intense, she’s a force of nature. And to be fair, like Kairi, Ember’s in-ring skills are at a level that more than compensates for any perceived issues with her gimmick anyway.

    And then there’s Peyton. Who I think is awesome. But when it comes to boring, same old, monumentally tired tropes in wrestling, the mean-girl heel surely tops the list. And sure, there are a lot of gimmicks the WWE (and pro-wrestling in general) have used repeatedly over the years and will continue to do so. The important thing though is to try and keep those concepts feeling fresh. And Billie and Peyton’s characters don’t do that.

    Every obvious box is ticked week after week and after a build that suggested they might be something different initially with the whole femme fatale/poison ivy vibes, instead we just got the same thing we’ve seen a bazillion times before. And with that in mind, I fear a Peyton title reign would be equally predictable.

    • Lmao Iconic Duo are the only characters in the division besides Nikki. It doesn’t matter if it’s overused as long as it’s done well and they do it.

    • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

      nah Peyton is long overdue for a title run. She really had to sit back and be content with this Asukageddon. That woman has talent and personality. The iconic duo need to be called up soon so a title for one of them would do wonders for that so they can build credibility and also get more over with the fans. I feel like the fans don’t view them as a threat so I think a title could help Peyton and even Billie look more like stars.

    • Wicked Bliss

      I really thought Peyton stood out the most among them character wise. Tho wrestling wise she’s at the bottom. I’d love to see anyone of them win.

  • Raekon

    Being in Houston it actually screams for Ember to win the title.
    I would rather have Peyton or Nikki as champs for now though.

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Bored of Nikki in every title match, would of preferred Bianca

  • NoWayHoeSay


  • NoWayHoeSay

    Maybe they getting Mandy to be amazing then she will end Asuka streak ??

    • Exotic

      They grooming her for an immediate MR call up. Theres no way they gonna have a golden star like her waiting at catering during the tapings yet have her perform live events on a consistent basis. They know shes good but they want her to be PERFECT.

      • NoWayHoeSay

        That’s what I’m hoping

    • Gerg

      off topic, I feel like she deserves the nickname “Goddess” or her version “Gold Goddess” over Bliss

      • NoWayHoeSay

        You might be the goddess but I’m the golden goddess and she’s an even bigger heel

      • BC

        I hate when Alexa uses that. It doesn’t fit her at all, IMO. I can definitely see it on Mandy or someone else. Even Summer Rae lol.

        • Gerg

          I wonder if its Alexa using it to cater to her male fan base. My issue with it is that “Goddess” seems to fit a sexualized character which Alexa doesnt portray so it awkward. Alexa’s image made sense to me when she was the wicked witch (fairy princess turned evil). Ever since moving to RAW, she donest call herself the wicked witch

  • Dysfunctional

    4 different girls representing 4 different continents ,that’s what I call international flavor.

  • Mykiiey

    Loved it BR! First off Bianca is a breakout star period! 2018 she’s going to be champ! Her vs Kairi is going to be the Charlotte vs Sasha rivalry of 2018. Her press slamming Candice to eliminate her was beyond amazing. Second can we say Mercedes has to be on Triple H’s radar she was the final 4 and her elimination was with Bianca’s so they really let her last longer than the NXT signed girls! Billie sells like Alicia love it! Those hair whips on her was like a gunshot and she took it like a pro. Lastly glad Nikki won! No matter who wins we’ll have a new champion. I hope it’s Ember since they’re in Texas again, and I want her to have that home-coming victory!

  • Exotic


    Ember can stay giving the greener girl matches.

  • Exotic

    They should have replaced Nikki with Billie. Its not like the match quality will tremendously go down, as Nikki is super restricted with her moveset cause of the character she plays.
    So honestly, Nikki should have sat as she had enough TO matches and it wouldn’t be much of a difference.

  • Omar Zaal

    I love the Iconic Duo
    They remind me of Maritza and Flaka from OTNB

    • carmellsworth

      dont remind me of how they got split up. my heart cannot handle

      • Omar Zaal

        I teared up ?

  • C Mack

    Time for our first Australian women’s champ??

  • PBV

    YAS It’s Peyton’s Time

  • Dreignz


  • I’ll be okay with any of the girls winning the title except Nikki. I still don’t think she’s done enough to have such a big hype about her.
    Peyton would be most entertaining. Kairi would fight the most, and Ember is a bad bitch. ??

  • punisher

    I’m team Peyton all the way.
    I know everybody keeps saying that if she wins then of course because of Billie’s help but what if Shayna debuts and costs Kairi the title? I can see that happening

  • Aye Mate

    Peyton or Ember to win for me. Ember needs a follow up from the momentum she started at Brooklyn, and Iconic needs to be pushed more. But it should be said that all four women are exceptionally talented and would make fine champions in their own right.

  • Ember must win, have a short title run and gave it to Peyton, Billie or Nikki. They’re next in the line to win the title.

  • Gayomi.

    I’ve seen better battle royals from back in the Diva days

  • Wicked Bliss

    I like Peyton to win! Tho I think theyre going to give it to Kairi.

  • Gayomi.

    Monkey Tennis aggy ass always coming in with some long ass essay shit nobody cares about omg

  • I’m rooting for Ember over here