This Saturday, the Bristol based British Wrestling Promotion Pro Wrestling Chaos, will crown their first ever Maiden of Chaos Champion. This will be part of their two show event, ‘Pro Wrestling Chaos: Coalition of Chaos’.

As previously reported, the eight participants in the tournament include Ayesha RaymondDahlia BlackJamie Hayter, Jetta, Jinny, Session Moth MartinaSierra Loxton, and Viper.

The brackets have since been revealed (as seen in the image above). These matches will take place during the first show of the night, as well as the semi final matches. The finals will take place on the second show later on in the evening.

As a bonus match during the second show, the six other women who won’t advance to the finals will take part in a 6-woman tag team match.

You can still purchase tickets to see the first show earlier in the day, and also some second row tickets to see both show via the follow link here!

The show will be held at the Hanham Community Centre in Bristol. Show 1 starts at 2pm and Show 2 starts at 6:30pm. In-ring photos with WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne and PWG’s Keith Lee are at 6:15pm with purchased tickets.

What are your thoughts? How do you see the brackets playing out? Will any of you be attending either/both of these shows? Let us know in the comments!

  • Rhys Hawks

    Side comment, I see Jetta VS Sierra for the finals as both have become fixtures to Chaos’ Womens Division for a long while. And as for how the 6 womens tag will play out? It would likely be Dahlia, Martina & Viper VS Ayesha, Jinny & Hayter.

  • Mark Wallace

    Sierra for the win! Such a sweet girl and is on the rise for greatness.

  • Omar Zaal

    Ayesha Ray for the win
    She needs a push.

  • Almarpar

    Gutted.. im around the corner from there. Would of loved to of seen viper v Jinny.. damn it