On Sunday WWE made the shocking announcement that the company was parting ways with Emma and Summer Rae.

Since the news both Emma and Summer have taken to social media to thank their fans for the outpouring of love and support and to reflect on what being a Superstar has meant to them.

When the news hit, Emma responded with a broken heart that has since received over seven thousand responses of support:

After the initial heartache, she followed up by thanking everyone for the overwhelming response:

Unfortunately since then, this week it’s rumored by Sports Illustrated that Emma was released because, “Emma created just enough enemies on the writing staff, which she exacerbated from the way she voiced her opinion on Twitter. The doors remain open for a return, but her exit from the company is viewed by some as addition by subtraction in the locker room.”

Summer took to Instagram to reflect on accomplishing her dream of becoming a WWE Diva and remains optimistic about the future:

They say you'll never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Well that wasn't true in this situation. I knew the value of this moment, I knew the magnitude of this moment. I hear some of you say "but you didn't become champ", "you didn't get the push you deserved", "you didn't get a title run". But see, I got MY title. I became a WWE Diva. ———- In this picture above, my in ring debut on TV, I knew the value of that moment. In that moment I became a WWE Diva. I could take a small, very small breath of relief because I did it! For so many years I dreamt of stepping onto that main stage of Monday Night Raw & then getting into that ring with these strong, beautiful, smart & courageous women. I wanted to be one of them. I knew I could be one of them! I felt it SO deep down in my heart. Once it happened I of course set more goals for myself within the company & trained harder to reach them. But the people that flood my comments with these things that I 'should have' gotten — you guys are missing the overall dream that I achieved. That I went to Monday Night RAW as a fan & sat in the crowd & watched the girls & wanted that more than anything I had ever felt in my body ever before. Then, I did it. I did it. 😊 I've wrestled in over 15 countries on 4 continents & made friends in fans all over the world. I have had the opportunity to live out my dream! And that is because God blessed me with obtaining my dream through hard work & determination. So please don't fight with one another about me & start boards about Justice for Summer Rae. Know that I DID IT! I am a WWE Diva, a WWE Superstar. And no one will ever be able to take that away from me! ❤️

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Everyone at Diva Dirt wishes both women the best of luck and looks forward to seeing what comes next!

What do you think of this news? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Rosanna

    I’m so confused on the part. “ the doors are open for a return “ then why was she released in the first place? Also that excuse for her being released is probably the same reason Ariane was released I remember her saying she always brought up idea’s to writing and creativity. Sad unfortunately, Summer was cleared months ago and they didn’t have anything for her.

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      Ariana was released because WWE didn’t know what else they can do with her.

      • Rosanna

        Which still doesn’t make sense. You can’t release someone because creative doesn’t have idea’s the writers don’t have idea’s. I mean you can but it’s problematic you’re basically being released for no reason. If your contract isn’t up or something you should be terminated susperstars contracts when they signed a 3+ contract deal.

        • MyleneCruz

          Exactly not to mention all the stars the rebrand all the time. They released Ariane over some bs.

        • YonceLuvsDivas

          Let’s ask Dana Brooke in couple a months after her release if creative couldn’t find anything for her too.

          • Rosanna

            Dana Brooke contract is a 1-year ( ruling ) which means she’s not signed long term like Natayla, Alicia and the Bella’s and Paige. Emma and Summer, also had a one year. Bayley, Charlotte have a 2-year contract Sasha has a 3-year. I had a list but I lost it.

          • YonceLuvsDivas

            Where could I get info on these contracts so I can stop being surprised when the girls get released.

        • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

          You can be fired from a job for no reason in the US.

      • Carolution

        no she got fired for speaking up on rybacks wwe situation

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      • MyleneCruz

        Yonce I love you but let’s be real they released that girl over some mess.

        • YonceLuvsDivas

          Lol that Ryback situation also played a part too no shade. #LovesYaToo

          • MyleneCruz

            Okay yeah that’s definitely what I was referring too. ??

  • Luke

    I’ve said already but I think they spoke out of line or somthing and hence why summer was never used again and with Emma if you’re gonna moan about work then do it in private anyone would be reprimanded for that in any job, everyone seems to forget that this is a job.

    • Izzy4lw

      The issue isn’t that not everyone gets reprimanded, only the people without backstage pull. Emma and Ariane are classic examples of this, meanwhile women like Nia Jax can moan about their booking and walk out of work and get rewarded for it by the very same company. Likewise, AJ Lee could call out the boss’ daughter publically and not get in trouble. At the end of the day, Emma and Summer just didn’t have the husband/boyfriend/cousin/daddy relationship to keep them safe and guarantee their success, and it cost them this opportunity.

      • KellyAJNaomi#Slay

        Tbf when AJ called out Stephanie she was already a top star having the longest reign and 3 title reigns

        • Izzy4lw

          but she didn’t get penalized for it was my point – AJ was lightning in a bottle, but I think my statement was more on how unfair the criticism part comes in; only certain protected people can speak up.

      • “Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks can both do an interview and say the same thing, but it’s Sasha that gets the heat.”

        Is this hypothetical or was there ever an instance when such a thing happened?

        • Izzy4lw

          The Charlotte bit was hypothetical; just saying that Charlotte, through no fault of her own, will have more pull backstage strictly because of who her father is.

      • Sable’s Bumps

        truth truth and truth

  • Damn!

    “Door remain open for a return” so are they gonna resign her?

  • I think what hurt them the most is that they got called up when they didn’t need it at all.

    Summer got called up two months after her in ring debut, to be a dancer, and Emma got the call literally right before ArRival match with Paige, when she should’ve won there.

    If they took their time with both they could’ve blossomed but unfortunately things went wrong.

    • Your everyday nightmare.

      Summer debuted in the ring in april 2012. :)

      • I’m talking about her TV debut. She attacked Paige, wrestled for like two months and immediately got the call up. Although she still appeared on NXT it was not the same since she played another character on the main roster and her NXT gimmick never translated to it.

  • And the reason for Emma’s release sounds illogical since she JUST started to get used, aka writers had something for her. She even got a new theme song and wasn’t squashed by Asuka.

    So I’d say her release was a last minute decision.

  • Moan of ‘Licia

    Eh.. Post the TD Redux. Nobody gives a fuck about the spinoff yet it gets posted right away.

  • Darryl lee

    I feel for both of them. I hope they do well outside of WWE.

  • ???

    Underrated queens , I don’t even know what WWE think when they released them ..

    Also , they fired Emma just because she was complaining all the time? So it’s okay for Nia Jax to compain all the time just because she’s “The Rock cousin” and Emma can’t ?

    Why they didn’t even bother to give Summer Rae something when she was cleared? She could be manager at the very least , she’s very good in the mic and her wrestling skills are just as good as Alexa Bliss !

  • Donny Donny ?

    “…but her exit from the company is viewed by some as addition by subtraction in the locker room.”

    Ouch. ?

    • Liam’

      Does this mean it’s a better place if she isn’t there? If she had beef why not move her to SD…really not hard to negotiate. Or is Zack Ryder on SD? He’s a douche anyway

      • Donny Donny ?

        Yes basically. She’s essentially a non-factor to them.

        • Liam’

          This company is so vile when you really look into the backstage side of things.

          • Donny Donny ?

            It is. I’d never work for them. The Executives and Superstars (some) seem like garbage individuals.

          • Sable’s Bumps

            it really, really, is. its like a sleazy carnival with a corporate veneer.

  • NoWayHoeSay

    I think foxy is getting this random push be the team captain then get released, they like to give them a little somthing before they go hence Emma opening the TLC ppv and having her first 1on1 ppv match

    • Robin Zabriskie

      I thought the same on foxy, we’ll see

      • NoWayHoeSay

        They could do with getting rid of a few of them to make way for ember, Nikki, Billie, peyton. Dana, foxy, tamina and Lana

        • Robin Zabriskie

          yeah tamina and foxy for sure…maybe they will give dana and lana a second chance cause they’re newer…..we’ll see

    • Dysfunctional

      it was reported a while back that foxy has been signed until 2019.

      • ???

        Good news ! Wow she’ll stay for way longer than I expected to be !

        Do you know about any other women contract?

        • Dysfunctional

          no,not really.I think Paige’s contract is until 18-19.

          • ???

            I heard Paige contract will expire in 2018 ! But they aren’t sure which month exactly !

            Again I’m so happy about Alicia Fox, she’s also still young even though she was in WWE since 2008/2009 and even in 2019 she’ll still be under 35 !

          • ???

            Several other sites said that Paige’s contract signing will end in 2019 , Phew .. I hope she’ll return in 2018 and have one or two more reigns at least before she retires .


      • NoWayHoeSay

        They can cut contracts short Emma’s wasn’t running out

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      Foxy has seniority! Like Kane, Taker or anybody who’s been with WWE for a certain amount of years. Basically she tells them when she had enough. Only way she’ll be released on their terms if she isn’t acting right backstage or something. But even then she still has more pull than women who haven’t been there as long.

      • MK126

        Plus everyone loves Foxy so I doubt she’d get the axe. They always use her for PR purposes when the big ppv’s happen

        • YonceLuvsDivas

          She’s very high backstage wit management.

      • NoWayHoeSay

        You can’t compare foxy to taker and kane? she’s could get the chop at any given time! Soz boo gotta disagree

        • YonceLuvsDivas

          Well compared to them yea she’s get axe. But to everybody else no!

    • Typical Heel

      Alicia Fox has been in the WWE longer than ANY women in WWE history, i seriously don’t believe they’ll just let her, Natalya, or The Bellas go at this point bc of their seniority, they’ll just leave on their own terms when it’s the right time

  • Dylan Gutierrez

    The one thing that puzzles me is if WWE was so serious about this Women’s Revolution and shying away from their “Diva” brand, why were they doing a throwback character to the likes of Sable/The Kat for Emma? Her gimmick was fine and she had been cleared for months while they prolonged those promos for her debut, just to troll the audience and wait until after Mania to bring her back. During this time Dana Brooke could have been over as a babyface with Emma by her side until they pull a heel turn and could have brought their gimmick to the main roster finally instead they hinted at it once but never followed through. It didn’t help they had her jobbing until Asuka’s arrival which she showed she had so much potential that hadn’t been used completely especially during the Fatal Fiveway match as well but she was released. I wouldn’t fault Emma at all. Why give her such a stupid gimmick? Lana would have served that role better even Summer since a character like Emmalina fits them more so than Emma which has always been more of a cocky heel than some Sable heel.

    Summer’s response seems like “professional” type of dealing with being let go in remaining on good terms if she should ever come back. I’m glad she fulfilled her dream but I’m sure behind closed doors she would have wanted the same opportunities her fellow women were getting rather than being used to job or put other overs and sitting backstage waiting for a chance.

    • Michael Max

      Initially, Dana Brooke’s debut was with Emma, they both attacked Becky but then Emma got injured and Dana was paired with Charlotte instead.

      • Dylan Gutierrez

        Yes, it’s a shame she got injured and it’s worse now that Emma’s gone since Dana Brooke’s strength was with Emma and vice-versa.

    • conan_kun

      Not Vince and Dunn from WWE but HHH from NXT was serious about this Women’s Revolution, Mae Young Classic is planned by HHH and done in Full Sail University.

  • #FlairfortheGold

    I call BS. Especially considering women such as Nia can literally walk out and come back and stay in the spotlight?

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Ok Emma no lie was coming for creative in a way you’d have to ask “She’s still hired” Its like a double edged sword. She had to speak up but I guess the writers don’t wanna know how awful they are. Hopefully Emma gives it a year or two kill it on the indies or elsewhere like Drew McIntyre make WWE begging down her door to comeback. And by then some of those horrible writers wilt be gone hopefully.

    Summer’s post on Instagram made me cry. I was upset she got released. But I’m happy for her to have at least gotten the chance to live her dreams.

    • Women’s Revolution

      I cried too.

      Basically, I felt encouraged and motivated by her post because I want to be an actor.

      • YonceLuvsDivas

        Modeling and acting is more so my thing! Kind of wanna do work in WWE but not wrestle. I don’t wanna give up marijuana just for their stupid drug test.

        • Women’s Revolution

          Lol. ???

    • Gerg

      Same….I think there’s a photo of summer in the front row of Raw on TV. She was/is a fan. I can see why AJ did see her as just a model

      • YonceLuvsDivas

        But that’s the thing ones who really stick around are usually the ones who have been fans prior. Like me I model now but in high school I was on the wrestling team trying to set myself up for career as a wrestler. Walking past me you wouldn’t think I’d be in to wrestling but oh people be so wrong. There’s a lot of models on instagram I see who are fans as well. This is where the phrase “ Don’t judge a book by it cover come in”.

        • Gerg

          That’s true. I corrected it just now. I meant AJ didn’t see her as just a model

          • YonceLuvsDivas

            Oh lol I never knew that

  • I hope WWE was not the last time we saw these two in a wrestling company. I feel like Summer would have killed it in Lucha Underground just like Catrina and Emma will be great with doing indies and getting her own show on the cooking channel.

    Honestly I see their release as a great thing for both of them.

  • Kiana Taylor
  • conan_kun

    How ridiculous that they released Emma after they fucked her over for a long time, they could have let her on Smackdown to be one of the top heel or Dana reunite with Emma. Summer could have move to Smackdown and taken Lana’s dancing wrestler role as she’s at least better in ring skill and more experienced than Lana, but instead they can’t think of anything for her.

    Hope Emma can strive in Indies, have some match against like Rosemary, Toni Storm. I dream for Emma returns to NXT someday and wins NXT women title.

  • wysna

    What bothers me is that apparently the WWE has an actual “writing staff.”

    • Liam’

      They need firing, not Emma.

    • Dylan Gutierrez

      Then again a lot of good ideas are shot down by Vince and dismissed over his vision. We can give them the benefit of the doubt since a lot of ex-writers say Vince decides what to do and what not to do even at the last second before RAW/SD/PPV.

  • Kvngbalor

    I read that she made enemies on the writing team and that they didn’t like her voicing her frustration on Twitter something Nia has done but that Rock connection is working wonders for her i read in detail a while back that WWE feel Emma purposely acted as if she couldn’t pull the Emmalina character off during rehearsals when they gave her the character based off at the time she was on IG looking like a model which is true during her break she was on IG slaying if true i guess she liked evil Emma better and didn’t like the whole Sable esq character however i believe had she ran with Emmalina she would still be in WWE and had a reign or two so im torn cause a lot of women in wwe has taken shity roles & gimmicks before getting to the top they sucked it up ran with it and knocked it out the park Natalya had a farting gimmick Trish barked like a dog Naomi was a nitro girl for a dancing dinosaur Victoria was a hoe and look how things turned around

    • Dylan Gutierrez

      Yes but those things do not happen now and would contradict their whole “Women Superstars” thing they’ve been touting. From wanting to do away with the Diva moniker, why do a character that is a throwback to Sable/The Kat, two women, one who refused to drop the title/take bumps and the other a flashing piece of eye candy, a good thing?

      Evil Emma should have returned and taken out Charlotte when Dana Brooke stood up for herself and gone with it.

      • Mic Skills Required

        Evil Emma wasn’t terribly interesting.

    • A?.

      Emma probably didn’t want to be seen just as an eye candy and she probably didn’t feel comfortable with it, you know how most male superstars are.

  • Kvngbalor

    Summer could easily replace Taryn as the blonde heel in TNA this is the reason why i want TNA to succeed and find the right team at least if things go wrong in WWE these women could go to TNA

    • Gato_wiska

      and Unlike Taryn, Summer wont have Jesus problem, She is religious but not Taryn Terell religious.

    • A?.

      Keep them both away from TNA..

    • Jake

      TNA hired Gail Kim, Christy Hemme, Katie Lea Bruchill, Brooke Tessmacher, and Tiffany who all had forgettable runs in WWE and career that lasted 1 year average in the WWE but TNA made them big stars and gave them great pushes.

  • Haraya

    “The doors remain open for a return”… but if writer team still shit….

    She’s fan favorite, has a large fanbase, has ringskill & even pull the fucking weid dance gimmick from nothing, but they still don’t know how to push her HAHA. Then, when she voice out for her chances which lead to great storyline development, they hate & release her… maybe writer team hate her bcuz she can do better than them even she only has twitter power LOL.


  • Izzy4lw

    Emma’s only crime here was that she couldn’t benefit from Nepotism; she has no family or a boyfriend/husband that the company cares about and doesn’t want to piss off. She voiced her displeasure as many have done, but because she didn’t have the shield of “don’t wanna piss off this person’s boyfriend/husband/dad/cousin/grandpa/Godfather/great aunt” she got released for it. WWE’s politics is one where they are open to criticism, but ONLY if you’re protected to a certain degree. If you’re a legacy wrestler from a family WWE wants to keep on their good side, a top guy, or if you’re dating the top guy, you can make all the fuss you want. For everyone else, male and female – the attitude is very much ‘you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit’ rock the boat too much, and it’s future endeavors.

    Honestly, even if they offered her a contract to come back in a couple years, she’d be smart to consider it wisely before jumping headlong into the boys’ club that is WWE backstage.

    • Dylan Gutierrez

      If they ever offered a contract, I’m sure they’d still screw her over and have her jobbing to other women. Even Gail who made it huge was treated like shit when she returned.

    • A?.

      Boiling tea.

    • THOMAS

      come thru w the TRUTH

    • Mark?

      Disagree. I think Emma was released because they didn’t have anything for her, and every time they tried to do something with her, Emma didn’t deliver or got injured or something went wrong. Plus you have Bayley, Sasha, Nia, Mickie, Alicia, Alexa and now Auska on Raw… They don’t even know where to fit her or what to do. Plus spots were taken. It would have been useless to keep her around.

  • Mickoro

    I loved Summer Rae’s post. It was full of positive vibes to her fans. She looks very professional as well. I’m really IN LOVE with her statement.

    There’s an Emma interview surfacing the web and she was still emotional. I’m so, so sad to see her so hurt.

  • AlexV

    I really wish this was another sudden fire rehire for Emma. She was on par with Molly Holly in wrestling skills and it just seemed like there was alot left for her to do.

    It might’ve been the worst time to get on the writer’s bad side though too… they’re dealing with Survivor Series and Alexa Lesnar…i mean Bliss. Also they’re trying to find something for Asuka and possibly getting Mickie James her 7th women’s title run. They’re also pushing Foxy somewhat and dealing with Nia’s own tantrum. It seemed like Emma picked the worst time to push buttons because she doesn’t have someone supporting her in the back.

    • Mr. Giem

      What you said on that first paragraph ????

  • Carolution

    Summer never looked comfortable wrestling while emma was a great worker who should have played it smart considering she was never a top female superstar. i hope emma returns in the future though while i think summer will just move on into modelling/acting.

  • Mr. Giem

    Queen Summer making me cry with that post. She’s remaining positive and although she knows she was never the best in-ring performer she accomplished her dream of being a WWE Diva. She has to be proud she held her own against some of the best wrestlers at the moment like Charlotte, Sasha and Nattie. What a queen!

    As for Emma, I’ve been mad and sad about the situation ever since, I still can’t believe they let her go. I agree with everyone here on that she didn’t have anyone in backstage pulling for her and that’s why she was punished for speaking up. What a shame, honestly. Although I would die for a return I want Tenille to succeed in anything she wants and wherever she goes. I hope she finds peace and life puts in her road what she’s meant to get, as for me I will always be grateful for the memories.

  • nightofme

    Sweet post, Summer but I still want you back. :(

  • Monkey Tennis

    Tenille goes back to her real name. DD still call her Emma. Natch.

    And seriously, why add the quote from SI to the article? It’s a rumour, no doubt created by someone with all the inside knowledge of occasionally having read Tenille’s twitter feed. Sure, I’m a little biased cos I’m a fan of Emma but even taking that it account, it still reads like the laziest, most bog-standard kind of ‘wrestling exclusive’ that make up about 90% of wrestling news reporting.

    And yet, despite it being potentially a load of utter tosh, Diva Dirt – a site that sometimes claims to supports women’s wrestling – adds it to this article, posting it right after after sharing Tenille’s post from Twitter.

    It’s just so tacky.. Even by DD’s standards.

  • Liam’

    This is so disgusting. It seemed as though Summer achieved all that she strived too but Emma barely scratched the surface.

    It really bugs me that this young woman dedicated her life and moved her life to follow her dream, only for them to basically use her like shit.

    She gets released due to the fact she pitched ideas to the writers continuously because she has passion and wants to deliver. This is appalling. If only Emma had relations in the wrestling business.

    It’s annoying to see people like Nia and Lana who are very green and make me cringe when I see them on TV still have their position. Especially after Nias recent walk out. Disgusting

    • Diva_Fan

      Nia didn’t walk out that was a load of made up nonsense !

    • Carolution

      Nia requested a week off and it was granted but i do agree with you with emma but lana can’t be blamed for her position its not like she has a say.

  • KellyAJNaomi#Slay

    They both didn’t deserve to get released especailly considering the fact that both Divisions have so little talent right now Summer’s post was so heart felt and Emma I feel so bad for her before that injury she could’ve been Women’s Champ but once again because she isn’t taking Dick from someone backstage she gets released for speaking out yet some of these girls act like their owed something and are still employed such a shame

  • Summer_Slay #Justice4SummerRae

    Summer classy queen… BUT this doesnt changes the fact that they releasendd them over other much less deserving girls to be there and the fact that they shouldnt have had been released at all. I was really hoping that Summer would return and maybe feud with Paige so we could relive some of their NXT feud or Emma, Summer and Paige would form a heel trio and basically be the top heels of the brand. But NO uncreatives had nothing for Summer who was cleared for a few months now. And whats more ironic that for the time she was off, dealing with her injuries she created more opportunities for herself than WWE ever granted her. I can only hope both Emma and Summer end up on impact somehow prove the WWE bastards wrong and along with Gail put the best match of the year.

  • Rodney Holston

    I knew that Emma’s tweets weren’t going over well by how the commentators literally talked her down and made her out to be a joke in every match. Then she was fed to Asuka twice and then let go, damn.

  • Zay Zay

    the way the division is now I think its safe to say anybody who is released at this point should be happy cause creative is just lazy and I see wwe going down the drain sorry but its true

  • Xaos

    Nia’s fatass should’ve been released instead

    I’ll miss them both


    • A?.

      I’m screaming

  • GEO

    Nothing but respect for Summer. She respected the business, the art of wrestling, the fans and workers behind the scenes. WWE really messed up on Emma though, so much potential for it to be wasted on bad writers. Best wishes to both of them though! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1ffae4d48b11a45e66a84502bf36bbe5aa5b30ca68d87d371bc87eccfd8019bc.gif

  • A?.

    Both were not respected by the company. Honestly, I’m kinda glad Emma left because WWE didn’t deserve someone like her, she’s way too talented to be taking backseats to people like Nia, Bayley or Alexa. Summer was also good, not the best in the ring, but she got the job done and her mic skills were great. It’s sad, and I’ll miss them.

  • Exotic

    Summer is such a class act, wow her IG post has inspired me and ultimately cleansed out all the hatred/negativity I had when the news of her (and Emma) getting released dropped.

    I’m looking forward to see Summer thrive outside WWE and to see what Emma has in store for us!!

  • Kiana Taylor

    Emma to creative: guys i don’t like the way my career is going, there has to be something else

    Vince:so you wanna better your career ay? Come on emma let’s get fireeeeeddddd!!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c63b829e666d381fd6439e56f47a8230ad27db80c92051e773663af9cf06b712.gif

  • Danny?

    I’m still not okay about these releases! Summer’s post was beautiful and Emma’s broken heart emoji hit me right in the feels. Both seem like lovely, genuine people and I’m so upset they are gone.

    If this about Emma complaining on twitter being a reason for her release then what a load of shit honestly. Especially considering Nia has done it quite a few times on twitter herself and ‘supposedly’ took time of because she didn’t want to lose to Sasha at TLC. Hate to take it there but I definitely know who I’d rather have in the company and it certainly ain’t Nia. I’d take Emma and Summer any day.

  • Super Mateo

    Wow. I was wrong. BOTH women took the fall for the writers’ incompetence.

  • Allyn

    Summer went out like a true queen with this post! Class act indeed! I feel like Emma was a last minute decision though, if she had so much heat why give her this push with a new theme and a good booking against asuka? The politics in wwe are all screwed up, as long as we have old ass farts making decisions over there we will all be disappointed, not until Stephanie and hunter are officially in charge will we ever see justice for the women….. at least that’s what I’m hoping for. This women’s evolution has officially become a joke, they have all these women and don’t know how to showcase them, so the only option I guess is to just release them????? Awful!!

  • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

    I will miss both dearly. Emma especially she was been wronged one too many times. They deserve justice.

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    Summer seems like such a genuinely thankful person. I still dont think either of them got the careers they deserved but hey she is right both of them did at least acheive their dreams of becoming a wwe diva/superstar.

  • Mark?

    Awww, Summer’s post was so bittersweet. Bless her. She was fricking amazing and a huge missed opportunity. Her stuff at NXT was awesome and her mic skills were great.

  • John Wilson

    I liked Emma especially at NXT with shades and leather gloves, but they never moved that cool character forward. Summer on the other hand really is something special. Beauty, edge, and ability. She was made to be a jobber and she seemed okay with but likely frustrated that role. Now they have Bailey (tired character}, Carmella ( It looks like the plastic surgeon tightened her face too much.) Charlotte tranny, and the stiff, homely, boyish Asuka. At least Sasha is still around.

  • Shame that this two never had a progress on their career, were amazing portraying any character as well as share the ring with others. I’ll miss them like crazy.

  • Chris Perry

    WWE needs to fire some of the writing crew bring back Emma and Summer.