Total Divas returned last night on E! with its season seven premiere titled ‘This Is Make or Break’. The episode managed to draw 556,000 viewers according to Show Buzz Daily.

This is 124,000 less than season six finale, which scored 680,000 viewers. This is also 118,000 less than the season two finale of Total Bellas, which scored 674,000 viewers.

In the 18-49 demo, the episode gathered a 0.24 rating, which is 0.05 less than the season six finale’s rating of 0.29. This is also 0.06 less than the Total Bellas season finale rating of 0.30.

Total Divas also came 33rd in the Top 150 Original Cable Telecasts list, compared to last time in which it placed 29th. Total Bellas placed 17th.

Below is a look at the viewership breakdown for the previous season:

Episode 1: 720,000 viewers
Episode 2: 460,000 viewers
Episode 3: 590,000 viewers
Episode 4: 560,000 viewers
Episode 5: 550,000 viewers
Episode 6: 700,000 viewers
Episode 7: 730,000 viewers
Episode 8: 580,000 viewers
Episode 9: 580,000 viewers
Episode 10: 690,000 viewers
Episode 11: 660,000 viewers
Episode 12: 590,000 viewers
Episode 13: 580,000 viewers
Episode 14: 560,000 viewers
Episode 15: 570,000 viewers
Episode 16: 680,000 viewers

The season premiere was also competing with the ‘World Series’ over on FOX, so the ratings were definitely impacted by that.

Below is the official synopsis of Season 7, Episode 1: ‘This Is Make or Break’:

“The WWE announces its first ever Money in the Bank ladder match for the women’s superstar division; Nikki Bella mentors Nattie and Lana in hopes of becoming Smackdown GM; Nia Jax makes a bad impression when she questions Maryse’s history in the WWE.”

Make sure to catch Total Divas every Wednesday at 9/8c on E!

What do you think about these ratings? Let us know your views in the comments below!

  • Xaos


    • Wicked Emma


  • Bliss = Goddess

    You really won’t get a idea of how the ratings will be until next show because of World Series

  • GailKimStan

    I forgot the show existed tbh, was the episode worth watching?

    • MyleneCruz

      Yeah it was cool. It’s the 1st time I’ve watched since season 2.

    • MyleneCruz

      All the new girls made it refreshing to watch.

    • Forgot it existed? Have you not been watching WWE for multiple years?

      • GailKimStan

        I just forgot the date of the new episode largely because i didn’t care for it

        • But you said you forgot the entire show existed.. Seems like you acknowledge it’s on by not watching lol….

  • MK126

    This was a good episode. I bet if they aired this right after the finale of TB then the ratings would have been better

  • Randall

    This episode was actually good!

  • MyleneCruz

    I know this isn’t a redux and I truly don’t care who has a problem with MY MY MY opinion. I think Maryse overreacted big time but it made for good TV so…

    • ?Naomi?

      I don’t think she did. How many times have you seen Sasha, Charlotte talk bad about the divas era? She probably feels like damn she just can’t win.

      • I actually see your point even though I’m on the other side of it. Good point!

      • MyleneCruz

        I mean I know it’s to no fault of her own but it was bad. So bad that myself a women’s wrestling fan stopped watching. It went from borderline porn to just nothing happening at all. I feel bad for those women I do my fave wrestlers like Torrie Wilson and Melina are from this Era but it was shit. And I’m no 4hw fan cause lord knows I’m sick of them but they are right. Maryse says she fought for girls like this hem when really Maryse was too busy beefing with damn bellas and being catty and I understand it was cutthroat cause their are limited slots available but be for real and don’t act as if you were fighting for a change. You settled and called it a day.

    • Organization XIII

      I love Maryse but she deff did. Like girl calm down but it was fun to watch

      • MyleneCruz

        Yeah I like Maryse as well but it was like girl for real. I think Nia was trying to butter her up and Maryse took it as hate and mockery which is a result of her own self-esteem and not Nia’a problem.

  • Bruno Santos

    I hate the disrespect for the divas era. At least all the girls showed charisma and connected with the fans most of the time in under 2 min.

    I dont really like shady Nia at all.

    • Diva_Fan

      Nia wasn’t being shady AT ALL she asked a simple question Maryse was just being overly sensitive and overreacted .

      • Bruno Santos

        Maybe because she feels insecure, especially since wwe is trying to erase diva history xD

      • KingsPromise

        I think she was sensitive because Nia had made that comment earlier about more or less pitying her for not being in the thick of it now. So she used her second comment as a jump off because she didn’t ‘set her straight’ the first time.

        • Nia clarified that she didn’t ask if Maryse “knew” what a Gaunlet match was, but if she had ever been in one. I believe that Nia was genuinely asking.. This is a reality show so I think (smart) Maryse wanted to capitalize on this opportunity to continue conflict for the show..

        • Diva_Fan

          Again there was not thing wrong with that comment either she wasn’t pitying her she just said it sucks she isn’t apart of new Women’s revolution where women are given more time to wrestle and shine compared to how they use to back in Maryse’s time . I genuinely don’t think she meant to be rude or shady in the slightest.

          • KingsPromise

            Oh, I get what you’re saying and I agree. I’m just talking from Maryse’s perspective. It was like Alexa said there was just some weird disconnect between the two of them

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    • #FlairfortheGold

      All I have to say is… You’re cute?

      • Mad cute

      • Tenzen

        Brazilians <3

        • LIGHTSOUT

          Trust me, not all of us look like that

        • #FlairfortheGold

          TBH lol my ex was brazilian too and he was soooo hot?

    • Agreed

  • Wicked Emma

    Alexa seems cool on TD.

  • Jo9834

    Its a shame there’s no redux because Nia and Maryse provided one of the most talked about moments in TD history. Nia seems like she’d spin shit up and is shady AF due to noone being able to physically step to her, BUT Maryse came with an attitude and arrogance at the same time which made for some great conflict.

    I’m team Nia on this one however, if Maryse wanted to be shady back she could have brushed it off and say no I haven’t I would have loved to both times I was a champion though…

    • SlaomiSlays

      Im team Maryse. Nia may not have meant it the way it came out but she was taking shots. Alexa broke it down extremely well. This is my issue with these new ladies. They get everything handed to them and have not had to fight so they don’t understand the importance of history.

      • I’m likewise with Maryse. Something about Nia comes off as arrogant and a touch shady.

    • in TD history? Damn you’re a hype-man lol. Why was it so epic to you?

      • ?Naomi?

        No not TD history. I’m talking about the history of the divas division.

        • This boy Jo9834 said it was “one of the most talked about moments in TD history” so that’s what I meant. Love my girl Nay, though!

  • Wicked Bliss

    I’m only watching this show because of Alexa. And it seems like idk she’s not comfortable in front of all the cameras. They did not even introduce Carmella.

    • shumiley

      Renee didn’t get introduced ’til episode 2/3 of her season. With reality shows they can’t always introduce every newbie at once or else it becomes overwhelming.

    • She’s probably gonna have a big role in the later episodes– I mean especially since we know she won the MITB match….

    • Nikolas Dombkowski

      Carmella will most likely be introduced in episode 2 after she wins the briefcase.

  • DayOneISH!

    I don’t find Nia Jax likeable on this show TBH.

    • After one episode that equates to about 6 minutes of Nia time??

      • DayOneISH!


    • Troy Rochester

      I like her if anything I think Maryse unlikeable but she’s good TV I guess .

    • MK126

      idk Nia seems mad petty and I like petty lol

  • jxs_

    I was dying when Lana slapped Nattie when they were practicing in the ring ? and Nikki and Rusev’s reaction to that killed me lmao. Then when Nattie hit her dad in the stomach with the ladder & asked him if it hurt and he goes “uh yeah” and she pauses and says to the salesman “we’ll take this one” AHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • MK126

      Nattie’s family this entire episode was hilarious. That part when buying the ladder and when it fell off the car I died! I cant wait for next week when her and Trinity babysit Birdie

  • ?Naomi?

    Jon and trin once again proving that they are awesome. I can do without nikki and Brie honestly. I skipped past their parts anyway.

    • Do you actively dislike the Bellas?

      • ?Naomi?

        No I dont dislike them at all. We just saw an entire season of total Bella’s. I want to see the other ladies. I want to see how nia and Alexa interact with the whole group. I want to see Jon and Trinity’s relationship blossom. I want to see lana get better in the ring. I want to see Maryse and mike start their family. I want to see how Carmella fits into the equation. I want to see how Naomi grows behind the scenes while being champion. I want to see how nattie transitions into a champion. I don’t care to see nikki and John and Brie and Daniel. Their segments are always boring as shit.

        • Okay then hopefully you’ll be open-minded to the following:
          Alexa is invited over to Nikki’s house w/ rest of the girls = interaction
          Lana gets better in-ring= training w/ Nikki & Nattie
          Maryse/Miz= Major feud w/ Nikki & Cena gets them major media exposure outside WWE.. People (mainstream fans) didn’t know who she was until Nikki worked with her
          Carmella= (worked with Nikki to establish herself as a legit name in WWE despite losing the feud– won MITB after)
          Nattie= She personally thanks Nikki for bringing out the most creative parts of her persona in WWE because of their long feud.
          The Bellas do so much for the women in WWE whether it’s super obvious or not. The truth can be traced into factual information.

          • ?Naomi?

            We’re going to agree to disagree because I don’t see them doing anything for anyone but themselves. Nikki “helped” lana as apart of a storyline. Carmella feuded with Nikki because their was no one for her to feud with. Naomi was hurt, becky was the champ so who else could she have feuded with. My point is we have total Bella’s just keep them there.

          • Okay that’s fine. You’re looking past so many things though..
            Nikki helped Lana just as any of the NXT girls do (Ember, Cross, Riot, Royce) and Carmella feuded with her because that’s what their job asked them to do. Naomi’s “injury” was kayfabe, remember?

  • WWE were hollering everywhere it’s the first ever gauntlet match for the ladies. Nia is dumb for even asking that question, and Maryse’s response made perfect sense. If you want advice, you don’t ask someone right away if they’ve been in the same match.

    • I agree with you, but for the sake of conversation– was it wrong because Nia didn’t know the answer to her own question? Did the audience feel like she was intentionally trying to insult Maryse? Did Maryse not take it harder because of her previous (unintentional) dig at Maryse?

      • If I was in WWE, and in that situation I would’ve went to YouTube and researched the match. She should’ve known if Maryse has been in it or not.

        • But on a reality show they plan the people that interact together, not the history behind what is said..

      • Typical Heel

        I feel like her as a wrestler, should know about wrestling history, especially women’s history considering she’s in that division, she should’ve known it was the 1st ever for women, therefore Maryse was never in one and wouldn’t have any good advice to give, even Alexa seems much more aware of the history and surroundings, however, Maryse still came at Nia wrong about it, but i understand why she was offended, anyone with half a brain knows women in Maryse’s time were not given those opportunities

        • Michael Max

          Technically, it wasn’t. There was that gauntlet bra and panties match at the great American bash where Ashley won all those years ago.

          • So why was that not a gauntlet match even though the world gauntlet is obviously used and the rules were the same, except in one you were eliminated by pin..

        • It wasn’t the first gauntlet match though. I remember one back in the day with Ashley, and Maria and I think Melina or Mickie. Back in that era

          • Typical Heel

            Are you talking about the bra & panties gauntlet match? Thats the only other one i remember, but it was B&P though not a regular one

          • Yes, that was still the first whether or not they were eliminated via pin. Semantics…

  • Lmao and people still underestimate the Bellas when their return episode got 100K+ more.

  • Tenzen


  • Typical Heel

    Even though i used to be a fan of Alexa on NXT, and hated her on the main roster, i immediately grew to like Alexa on Total Divas, i especially liked finding out that she’s not another clueless model, but was actually a fan of wrestling her whole life like Sasha, Bayley, and others, I’ll give her a chance on this show

  • First ever women’s gauntlet match:

  • OJ Von Erich

    I hate to be “that guy” BUT…

    This just goes to show that The Bella Twins are a major draw, considering they get more viewers on their spin off, I know people may dislike them or their “overexposure” but I imagine if they dropped out of Total Divas then ratings would drop lower.

    But on to the episode itself, I’m happy to see it back, I thought it started next week, so it was a welcome surprise for me to be able to come home from work & have something to watch (TV was dire that night) liking the new dynamic of Nia & Alexa & I look forward to seeing Carmella featured too.

  • conan_kun

    Total Divas vs TNA Impact in ratings war, Total Divas always win.

  • C Mack

    All this Nia/Maryse talk. Y’all know who we REALLY watch for. Trin makes the show. Don’t really care for anyone else (well maybe Nattie)

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Yass on tonight at 6pm in UK! Got the girls over they don’t know they watching it ?

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Why is Paige fucking with her return with this YouTube thing and online shop. She done it she won’t b back