Impact Wrestling has announced via Twitter that Taya Valkyrie will be unable to attend this year’s Bound for Glory or their week set of tapings following the PPV event:

Taya was set to take on Rosemary in a Red Wedding (First Blood) match but despite missing the big show, Taya promises that she will return to the company to finish what she started with Rosemary in January:

Taya also assured that she didn’t “pull out” from the Bound for Glory and will update fans on her current status:

There are currently no details as to whether Rosemary will face a replacement opponent at Bound for Glory. We will update when we find out more.

Are you disappointed that Taya will miss Bound for Glory? What do you think will happen in January? Would you like to Rosemary square off with a replacement opponent? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Umnei

    I’d love it if Rosemary was somehow included into the Knockouts Triple Threat. Turn it back to a Fatal Four :D

    • MK126

      Why not a Fatal Four Way First Blood match

      • Rhys Hawks

        Wouldn’t make sense, then you’d have all three other women win the match. They wouldn’t count the first person to make them bleed. It would not work at all.

        • MK126

          I was partially stoned while writing that so i didnt get to explain lol they could do an elimination style. The first person to bleed gets eliminated and whoever isnt bleeding wins. It doesnt make sense but it gives the people the first blood match that they advertised… unless they debut a new talent against Rosemary instead of using Taya

  • This company is just sad, the strangest things happen to them and it’s always right before their PPVs.

    • Maddox

      ‘Stranger things’ couldn’t happen to another company eh? ?

    • Number One

      It sucks; completely sucks. BFG should still be exciting, though

  • Charlie Flickinger

    What is happening?! This is all insane!

  • GailKimStan

    Sad cause it was the strongest match on the card for me.
    I would love if Rosemary was added to the knockouts title match and actually won it shocking everyone.

  • Joseph


  • Bound for Glory is just falling apart at the seams isn’t it??

  • Geo14

    Poor Gail. Her last match is going to be a mess.

  • Danny?

    Poor TNA, first Taryn & now Taya. That company can’t catch a break. Queen, Legend & Icon Gail Kim deserves so much better for a last match than what she is getting to begin with.

  • Mark?

    She has a horrible look and C+ wrestling skills at best. Not a loss.

  • Maddox

    THEy are just gonna add Rosemary to the title match

  • Kiana Taylor
  • Honestly if she said she’ll be back in January, shut up if you don’t have anything positive to say ????Shit happens & at this point whoever there using for these shows this week are already in Canada.

    • Mr. What

      What personal reason to be out 2 months if you not injury?

      • Um this sentence could’ve been written better, but this weeks tapings are only a week long, which 2 months worth of television will be filmed. She isn’t realisticly going to be away for two months.

        • Mr. What

          Well she said she will be back in January 2018 so it is seem like 2 months.

          • That’s when Impact will be taping again. They’ll be taping 10 weeks worth of episodes for 5 days straight starting Monday.

          • iconicpeyton

            ^^ Taya isn’t injured since she is working other shows too.

  • Nathan Bootleg Kardashian

    LMAO just shut down already.

  • Summer_Slay #Justice4SummerRae

    2018 WTF thats 2 months if she misses the tapings, she will lose all her momentum. UGH

  • Kiana Taylor

    In more important news some bitch hacked queen mickie and to the hacker

  • Rhys Hawks

    Well, Bound For Glory isn’t worth caring about for the Knockouts anymore, even with the title match. Even if they add Rosemary to it, things have just been too messy to even care at this point.

  • Rhys Hawks

    Still hoping the show does well though, and I hope Impact somehow manage to get through this. It would be a shame for all these talents to not have a place to work anymore.

    • C Mack

      I love you for saying this

      • Rhys Hawks

        I just dont see how someone can be a wrestling fan when they wish another company to shut down or close. I mean sure, Impact has done some bad things in the past and they are far from perfect, but have some common sense.

        • C Mack

          Exactly. People’s livelihood would be taken away just so some know it alls can say “I told you so”

    • Juan

      For what it’s worth, BFG is sold out :) so we should have a good crowd on Sunday

      • Nicola Byrne

        You do know the building where BFG is being held only holds 700 people or less?

        • Juan

          Nope. It holds somewhere between 1000-1300. Depending on the setup.

        • LBOneOfKind

          the building in canada holds 2800 capacity. But with production stuff taking up big portion of arena they have about 1200 to 1300 seats available for fans which they sold out for bfg

  • Philip272727

    Don’t want to guess what happened at this point, it’s not fair to Taya, but I sincerely hope it’s nothing too serious.

    Still, I’m bummed as hell about this, this was the match I was most excited for. I guess, as long as Allie or Gail win the title on Sunday, that’ll be a bit of a consolation for me.

  • Women’s Revolution

    I wasn’t looking forward to her.

    I’m not buying. I can’t invest in a product when they have not promoted it :( I give up on this cluster mess completely.

    I hope Rosemary is added to the match.

    I wish Gail Kim the best. This is not the way I wanted her to go out.

  • #Fabulouslasskicker

    So I assume Rosemary may get added to the the title natch but Jesus tna is just embarrassing this year… this is the first year where I don’t even watch women’s matches or any of it (it’s just shameful).


    Rosemary going to be added to the title match as Taryn’s replacement then?

  • -V

    Damn I was really excited to see them steal the show, I love their rivalry, it sounds promising..
    Hopefully Taya is well and once she comes back they will deliver in the first blood match.

  • No!!! This would have been awesome for BFG!


    Tragic. That’s all it is at this point.

  • jbrizzy

    TNA is the problem,and always will be the problem. They probably can’t afford to pay anybody

    • GameChanger #HBIC#GoldenGodess


      • jbrizzy

        No you stfu and enjoy your Bound for Gloryhole Ppv

        • Gayomi.


        • Omar Zaal

          Hell yeah

  • Troy Smith

    According to PWINSIDER, we have Trump to blame for this. There’s a risk that if Taya leaves the U.S. to go to Canada she may not be able to re-enter the U.S.

    • If that’s the case, neither would Rosemary or Allie; but then again, I’m not sure whether or not they possess dual citizenship.

      • Troy Smith

        Allie is married to an American and has been for a while now. Not sure about Rosemary. PWINDSER could be wrong or there could be something different about Taya’s situation.

      • Philip272727

        Allie is a dual citizen, I’d guess, being married for 4 years now. And I think Rosemary is on a regular visa, and her visa hasn’t expired, so she’s safe (for now).

        I think the deal with Taya is that her regular visa may have expired around the same time she applied for permanent citizenship (she’s getting married to Johnny Mundo next year), but that whole process has had delays or something (possibly related to Trump’s policies), and the permanent citizenship card didn’t arrive in time, so they’re taking it safe & just keeping her away from any borders, until her new visa arrives.

  • GameChanger #HBIC#GoldenGodess

    I literally despise this site, everything on it about it is toxic!

    • Lio

      WOW I agree, y’all need to actually support the women instead of bashing them every chance y’all get. Y’all swear WWE has their priorities straight for the women.

  • Gayomi.

    omg trash


    Good god…

  • YonceLuvsDivas
  • GEO

    It’s one tragic thing after another and I just don’t feel sorry anymore

  • They could put Rosemary in Taryn’s spot

    • Philip272727

      They could, but I doubt it. Though she could get involved perhaps, seeing as Allie is in the match already. We’ll see how it goes…

  • Rosanna

    Throw the whole knockout division away.

    • Gail-Rollins Fan

      Bet you didn’t say that a few years ago about the divas when they were garbage.

  • StraightUpBitch

    This sucks for TNA so bad. I just feel sorry for the wrestlers because they’ve given so much to this company and it feels like no one behind the scenes is even trying anymore. That said, if this company was too close my heart would break. They were killing it for so long, but they’ve been in a slump since 2015.

  • OH My! Poor TNA, constantly failing il the attempt of still been alive.

  • Looking Glass

    Surely it makes sense now to put Rosemary in the triple threat match. She’s one of their biggest talents in the KO division, it would be a shame that she wasn’t featured.

    With regards to this, I feel like there’s not been any fire behind the feud and Taya doesn’t feel like an actual threat to Rosemary in any way shape or form.

  • LBOneOfKind

    i heard reason is cause her visa that she can go to Canada BUT problem is her being able to come back to wrestle in other countries like in U.S. and Mexico

  • OJ Von Erich

    I’m still far more interested in Gail Kim’s final Bound For Glory match than any Sasha Banks/Bayley appearance.