Below are spoilers for this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling.


* Jermey Borash is in the ring to introduce Gail Kim. JB says someone wants to introduce someone in the back and Allie gets in the ring. Gail gives a speech to young women to follow their dreams like she did. Gail thanks Trish Stratus, Lisa, Awesome Kong and Taryn Terrell and relinquishes the Women’s Title.


  • Shady Won ?

    Lol. That’s it. Lol.

  • Wow she deserved a better send off but at least she won the title. They better book the division well now.

    • Gail-Rollins Fan

      If this was the booking for their golden girl, it really doesn’t give me much hope for their future.

  • I wish the whole roster would come to say goodbye and clap or something.

    • thenotorious1

      They did. That’s why only Allie came out.

    • Gail-Rollins Fan

      Dixie would have done something like that

      • Women’s Revolution

        Dixie Carter wasn’t no angel or saving grace for the company, but I wish she could have handled Gail Kim retirement. I’m sure she would have gave a genuine heartfelt speech about her.

        • Gail-Rollins Fan

          Agreed. She was no business woman but she cared about her stars for the most part.

    • MK126

      I mean its not like shes leaving the company… shes working as a backstage agent. She’s just retiring from in-ring competition

  • Bruno Santos

    That’s …. sad.

  • Women’s Revolution

    The spoilers as a whole is a miss show.

  • Rosanna

    Lisa as in Ivory or Lita?

    • Maddox

      Victoria’s real name is Lisa

      • Rosanna

        Oh yes I always forget ms varon.

  • Maddox

    Why did Trish do for Gail’s career tho for her to thank her? Should have as well thanked Lita

    • Mykiiey

      Trish was Gail’s first major fued in the WWE! After Gail lost the Women’s title, she turned heel on Trish and joined Molly. Them beating Trish up brought back Lita and that’s how Trish is intertwined in Gail’s life in WWE. If it wasn’t for that heel turn, Gail wouldn’t have lasted as long as did her first run.

      • Maddox

        Shouldn’t Lita get a thanks too? Am sure she helped someway

  • DayOneISH!

    To be honest I’m fine with this.Shes already had her big speech last year at BFG(Even though I thought she should’ve retired that night).She has a catalog of matches to go back and look at during her time so even though her last match wasn’t anything special at least she got a proper send off can’t say the same for some other women who paved the way like she has.

  • ssilva872

    This doesn’t sound like a great final promo as an active wrestler but hopefully it comes off better watching it.

    Either way congrats to Queen Gail on going out on top.

  • Randall

    Lol what exactly did Trish do to help Gail’s career? Not sure why she’s thanking her. Not like they had a real feud. She didn’t thank Angelina Love or Jackie?

    • MK126

      Maybe cause they both trained at the same school? I think Gail started at the same school after Trish did… plus their both Canadians so she could be thanking Trish for showing her that she could do it as well? IDK LOL

    • Mark?

      Who wouldn’t thank Trish? She’s flaw-free

      • Randall

        Lol I use to think she was flaw free and re-watching her stuff on the network she was just ok in the ring honestly!

        • Mark?

          It’s the whole package that makes her flawless

    • C Mack

      My thoughts exactly. Molly, Mickie, Madison?

    • trishlita721

      They did have a pretty decent fued and teamed together.

    • John Finnie

      Being canadian & the first 7x champ for wwe

    • BlaamLaambb

      exactly. i don’t understand why she even mention them, especially during her hall of fame speech she only mention women from WWE, u mean gurl you made a legacy in TNA BECAUSE the help of the Knockouts too and she barely mention them.

    • perceval

      Without Trish, there would have been no Golden Era. Without the Golden Era, there would have been no Knockouts division.

      • Randall

        Uh Really…it wasn’t just Trish in the Golden era! What about Molly, Victoria,Ivory, Jazz, Lita, Jackie. These women made Trish look decent in the ring.

        • perceval

          According to the women who were there at the time, Trish was who, to quote Ivory, “put it all together and made made it happen.”

          You can resent her all you like, but no Trish, no Golden Era, and no Golden Era, no Knockouts, Shimmer, Shine, or any of the rest. Pre-Trish, Women’s wrestling was, to quote Wendi Richter, “a novelty, like the midgets.”

          Here’s the Women’s Championship being defended just weeks before Trish and Lita arrived. There’s Jacqueline, Ivory, Luna, Tori… Plenty of talent, but look how it’s being used.

          Now, let’s jump ahead six months…

          See the difference those two made, right off the bat? Trish and Lita changed everything.

          They’re the reason Gail had this career, and that’s why she thanked them. As much as you may hate it, Trish and Lita deserve all the credit they get.

          • Randall

            I love both Trish and Lita but your saying without Trish there would be no golden era is a huge overstatement. I get what your saying that the matches before Lita and Trish weren’t that great but they had a few decent matches before they came especially when when Ivory held the belt in 99. Both Trish and Lita definitely deserve credit for making the women’s division better but I feel that other women should get some credit as well. :)

            Ivory vs Tori hardcore match
            Ivory vs Jackie
            Luna vs Sable (Strap match)

          • perceval

            It’s entirely possible that you know more about what happened and why than Ivory, who was actually there at the time, but, the shows, themselves, disprove you. When did we go from having occasional women’s matches to them being on Raw, every week, in other words, when did we get a real division? Answer: With Trish’s first title run. It’s not a coincidence that the Golden Era began, then.

            And, she had to fight for the division backstage against the second most powerful man in the company, Kevin Dunn, every step of the way. He fought it tooth and nail, just as he continues to do to this day.

            There’s a reason all the women in the division at the time credit her. She and Lita didn’t just make the division better, they brought it into existence. The Knockouts, Shimmer, etc, were able to happen because Trish and Lita made women’s wrestling marketable.

  • Vito

    yasssss @ her shouting out trish and lita

    • A One of a Kind Collectible

      I don’t think it mentioned Lita. It mentioned Lisa aka Victoria/Tara but who knows maybe she said Lita too

    • John Finnie

      I think it was lisa.marie
      …. she thanked the same.people when she got inducted.
      Not sure Lita & Gail were ever friends just work colleuges

  • GailKimStan

    At least we don’t have to remember the BFG match as her final moment before retiring cause we’ll have this final speech. I’m still in denial that her career ended, especially because of the way it did.

    The fact that Gail can now focus on working as an agent backstage should mean the division will get better booking, but again we’ve said that so many times that i’m not sure if it’s happening. Bye Gail.

  • -V

    So happy that Gail not only wrestled her final match at TNA’s “main pay-per-view” but also retired in her home town and as champion with a record-setting reign. All the respect to her and her work.

  • Oh cool! She thanked Trish and Lita, even Victoria/Tara. Thank you Gail!

    • Gail-Rollins Fan

      She thanked “Lisa” aka Victoria/Tara not Lita.

  • IconicTrio

    Her HoF induction should have happened this year or I dunno, maybe she should have gone then. But this feels a bit lame. Like she shouldn’t be leaving like any other woman has.

    Good luck to the ladies going forward.

  • 3???????

    Well that was uneventful

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    I feel like they should have used her to drop the title to someone and help build a Challenger up with a title match with the stipulation of Gail losing her job if she lost but the outcome would have been predictable with Gail announcing her retirement but still it would have given her one last opportunity to go all out with a newer knockout to be able to say they retired her.

  • perceval

    Who is this Lisa she’s thanking?

    And you Trish haters are… something. Griping over her getting thanked?

  • RabidHeat

    All of this does beg the question why there hasn’t been an Impact Hall of Fame induction this year. I mean shouldn’t they have inducted James Storm before he left?