This week’s RAW comes from Manchester, UK! I should have been in attendance, but I completely forgot to get a ticket! Either way, we are two weeks away from brand warfare at Survivor Series and the RAW brand still has 3 slots available for the women’s team. Let’s see what happened on this week’s RAW Redux!

Asuka is out for another squash match. This week her challenger is Stacie Coates, also known as Isla Dawn. Nothing much to say here, Asuka dominated Coates with strikes and an Asuka Lock. After the match, a pre-recorded interview plays with RAW Team Captain Alicia Fox saying that Asuka takes the second slot on her team for Survivor Series!

Backstage, Sasha Banks and Bayley catch up with Mike Rome to walk about getting the final two slots on the RAW Survivor Series team. Bayley reminds everyone that she was a sole survivor on last year’s team, while Sasha reminds everyone that she’s a 4 time RAW Women’s Champion. Bayley says that Alicia needs to be reminded about them, so this week they take on Nia Jax and Alicia Fox in tag team action.

Loads of “Hey Bayley!” chants, since they originated from our side of the pond anyway! It’s nice to see that Bayley can still get some love from the fans! The match is a fun dynamic with Sasha and Bayley playing the underdogs against Nia’s strength and Alicia preying on the scraps. Bayley tends to take most of the beating, until she gets the hot tag to Sasha. The end of the match comes when Sasha and Bayley throw Nia out of the ring, Alicia tries to roll up Sasha but Sasha kicks out and manages to lock the Banks Statement! Alicia taps out and it seems that Sasha has proved herself. Foxy takes to the microphone to admit that she wants ‘and needs’ Sasha to take the 4th slot on the RAW Survivor Series team! Sasha celebrates, but it looks like Bayley still need to do some work.

Finally, Charly Caruso interview RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss about her upcoming match against SmackDown Women’s Champion Natalya at Survivor Series. Alexa reminds everyone that Natalya didn’t win any Championships when Alexa was on SmackDown and then reminds her that she’s the only woman to win both the RAW and SmackDown Women’s Championship titles. Alexa reminds us that she’s still the one and only Goddess of WWE.

Thoughts: So if you read my thoughts sections, you’d know that I’m a fan of the Survivor Series match-up. However, I think the WWE have single handedly killed that excitement with one move that they made tonight… Asuka should not be involved in the match.

In one swoop, they’ve given away who’s going to win this match, made her ‘another woman’ on the roster instead of a separate buzz and it also takes away a spot from someone else *cough cough* Bayley or Mickie James, who would be much more suitable addition to the match. All of this reminds me of what they did with Nia Jax in last year’s match, as she was in a very similar position. Nia was beating jobbers, hadn’t really mixed it up with the other girls, then squashed the SmackDown team until she was taken out with a sloppy Double DDT and a Dis-arm-her.

We are pretty much in the same position, except that Asuka will probably get the victory to maintain her streak. Sure we can say that technically she lost that battle royal in early 2016 in NXT, so she wouldn’t be losing a singles match… but that taints the record so much. It’s like someone having a record for ‘Most victories via DQ on No Mercy PPVs’. It also just squashes the work of the SmackDown women’s division, who are all a pretty strong crop, but we now know that a couple of them will be eliminated via an Asuka Lock.

In regards to the final position, it looks like it’s going to go to Mickie James and this should hopefully kickstart a program for Bayley to be the victim. She desperately needs the character refreshment, but in this case her only enemy is going to be Alicia Fox… I’m all for Foxy’s push, but it’s highly unlikely that this is going to go anywhere after Survivor Series. Bayley being left off one of the more interesting matches of the year for what… a kick-off match before a PPV against Alicia Fox? At least Mickie James gets to remain in the public eye while her character is hot, but this move may backfire for Bayley unless this leads to something.

Overall, my interest in Survivor Series is now mainly focused on the title matches… and that has had hardly any build up so far, so let’s see if that makes it onto the PPV. Unless Dana Brooke takes it into the 5th slot, then this elimination match will need a lot to surprise me.

Are you happy about the additions to the RAW team? Who do you think will get the final spot on the RAW team? Do you think RAW will jump SmackDown tonight? Send us your comments below!

  • Rosanna

    The booking is weird. Alicia can beat Bayley but not Sasha. Nia can beat almost everyone besides Sasha. Sasha can beat everyone but Bliss. Why are they booked like this. Sometimes a surprise roll up is necessary.

    • ???

      And Bliss can beat Sasha but she gets squash by Nia who Sasha did beat .

      • Rosanna

        Right like wtf.

  • Asuka is flopping as expected. She shouldn’t have been added to the team.

    Poor Mickie had her best reactions and momentum recently, and now it’s gone. I hope she gets the 5th spot and not Bayley.

    • Joseph

      Makes no sense not to have Bayley on Team RAW. She pin Becky to win for Team RAW last year.

    • Stef’

      I have the feeling the fifth spot is for Mickie so Bayley can get frustration and become jealous of Sasha.

  • Monkey Tennis

    Bittersweet seeing Isla on RAW. Obviously it’s nice to see a great UK talent getting to appear on international telly and work with Asuka.

    Just a shame that it’s in the thankless role of utterly useless and ineffectual jobber who’s only purpose is to give Asuka something to do prior to her next feud.

  • ???

    It is stupid that they waited for weeks only to add predictable choice like Sasha , it’ll be even more stupid if next week they add Bayley into the mix when they could just announced her with Sasha in the beginning.

    I think Raw became boring ever since Emma left WWE , she could have a great feud with Asuka . And seriously nothing for Mickie James this episode ? Not even tag team match/backstage or whatever ?

  • Mike

    It bores me to tears watching Asuka (or anyone, for that matter) come out and face “jobbers” every week. It did nothing for me with Nia Jax and it’s doing nothing for me with Asuka. She had two great matches with Emma, thanks greatly in part to the Australian’s ability to work a great match when given half the chance, but since she was randomly dropped, they just don’t seem to know what they’re doing with Asuka.

    I’m also very much tired of seeing Bayley already. Despite the love she appears to get from the UK, she’s very stale to me already. And has been for several months too. Plus, why is it that Sasha isn’t able to string a cohesive sentence together when talking? Every time she cuts a promo, she seems to be merging words together…I’m sure this time she said, “I’m a former four time Raw-man’s champion…” instead of “Raw women’s champion”. It’s so noticeable from her.

    I also have to say that right now, I literally would be more interested to see Dana Brooke take the fifth spot for team Raw, if I’m honest.

    • Monkey Tennis

      Yeah. I mentioned last week that Asuka’s streak has become a problem that creative don’t know how to deal with. As NXT champion it was (mostly) fine cos she was already at the top so it was up to others to knock her down.

      Now though, what can she do? How does she feud with anyone or have anything approaching an interesting title challenge if she isn’t gonna lose any time soon? At some point, she’ll need to face other members of the roster and then what? We get Emma V2.0? Or she feuds with Alexa for the title and either a) wins it straight away or b) Alexa holds on to it for a while by getting disqualified in title matches once or twice.

      And the longer the streak goes, the bigger a deal it has to be when it ends. Which only makes it harder to book her and that eventual first defeat.

      • perceval

        Not really. Brock in 2002 comes to mind.

    • perceval

      The writers insisting on making her a chump is all Bayley’s fault. Ok…

      As for Asuka, she’s about to get a very nice showcase.

    • Maddox

      The Emma match did no favors for Asuka, she should have dominated that match, not make it even. They trying to make her like Braun Strowman who destroys people but that’s not what’s the casual fans saw in her debut. Even Samoa Joe destroys people which is what’s asuka should be doing to her opponents

  • jbrizzy

    Chile wwe is tired and through. I’m so over this shitty half assed booking. Omg this shit is so boring now. Smh

  • MK126

    But Bayley wasn’t the sole survivor of her team last year… Did she forget that Charlotte was still in the match and then booted her ass in the face right after?

  • TheRealest #ItsBossTime

    Stale, boring, tired and confusing. Raw really had the upper hand over Smackdown for a couple of weeks but now they´re back to the same old shitty booking and boring matches.

    • ???

      Exactly ! I was so happy and even though I have school but I wake up at 3 a.m just to watch Raw but now it doesn’t even deserve it and I should sleep instead

    • conan_kun

      How stupid that they released Emma when she should have feud with Bayley or Sasha.

  • So, some people are tired of Asuka facing jobbers but don’t want her in the elimination match, where she’ll actually get to wrestle more serious competitors? That means you’d rather her to do what exactly? Nothing? No m’am. I don’t care if that means Smackdown is doomed, she should definitely be in it. I’ll even go as far as to say she should be the sole survivor of her team.

    • People are tired of Asuka winning, the most simple explanation.

      Now that she’s on the MR she must be there every week, and not every other month.

      With that said, she just can’t run through a division of 7-8 people like that. And if you put her in squash matches, they look like a demotion to her.

      So basically they’ve backed themselves into a corner and the longer the streak it goes it will be harder to book. And by then they’ll probably end it in the most anticlimactic way. Just look at Charlotte.

      • Dylan Gutierrez

        Her character would work if they had more women on the show that these bookers would use. Emma/Asuka could have gone longer than it did before her release. Have Emma walk away, be more delusional about her being the start of the Revolution and Asuka stalking her, attacking, demanding a match and then maybe have Dana Brooke side with Emma, somewhat to the NXT part of their history with Asuka defeating both of them.

        Alexa cuts a promo about how she defeated Mickie and Asuka simply stands on the ramp pointing and smiling.

        The other women are also put on notice while Asuka randomly shows up to matches scouting women and randomly attacking them and taking them out.

        Instead of the random jobbers, it would have kept the mystique until either Alexa faces her, the title switches or when Asuka challenges for the title.

        The SS matchup could have been the SD girls take out one of the RAW women during the match backstage (similar to Nikki) and let’s say it’s down to Charlotte and so so and Asuka’s music hits. It definitely would have been better than her defeating jobbers and never really interacting with any of the main roster women at all.

        • So so many opportunities.

      • This is her build. This was her appeal. This is the story they’re going for. People are gonna have to deal with it eventually. She’ll lose at some point.

        And if someone doesn’t want her running through the division, then they shouldn’t complain about her demolishing jobbers. Judging by the people on here, Asuka shouldn’t be on the team, but she shouldn’t be facing jobbers either, meaning they’d rather have her do nothing. Which is even dumber, considering what she can bring to this division.

        So yeah, she came up with a character, an arc, a story, it’s not ideal. We might have to endure unexciting squash matches and some girls might have to do the job. Tough.

        • I’ve already covered everything that you said in the comment. The appeal is wearing off, it was still there on NXT, but now it’s just her going to win a match.

          • Michael Max

            I think the thing with her NXT run also, is that she had a lot of competition that was built to believably beat her. Nikki Cross, Ember Moon, Iconic Duo, Ruby Riot all these women looked strong against her at some point. On Raw, everyone’s booking is pretty all over the place. The only consistently booked person is Alexa and I really hope she doesn’t beat Asuka.

        • #ROSEARMY

          Asuka’s streak has at least reared great matches, which has driven some characters forward (Bayley, Nikki Cross and Ember came off well in their losses); running through division is better defined as what we’ve seen Alexa Bliss do since debuting on RAW.

          • My point of view as well. I understand the dilemma to a certain point, but considering the level of excellence Asuka can bring to a division who’s been carried by a mediocre champion since WM, the fact that some would rather her to just do nothing because “predictability” is… yuk.
            It might be an unpopular opinion on here, but I’d rather know someone is gonna win, but still can offer a great match, than not knowing and have to sit through a match featuring a champion who still needs to be carried. I never had an issue with a dominant and strongly booked character, as long as they can back it up (= Charlotte and Asuka.)

          • #ROSEARMY

            Good wrestling is good wrestling, regardless of the outcome.

            Asuka’s streak, the importance of it, is defined by matches like she had with Ember – the feeling that just maybe, it MIGHT be broken.

          • Yes, exactly!

            And I, for one, am excited at the potential clashes with Sasha, Bayley, Becky, Charlotte, Natalya. Her match with Ember is the last match that got me on the edge of my seat the whole time, and given the pool of talents WWE has on the MR, i’m sure we’ll get to experience that feeling again.

        • A?.

          Asuka is way too strong and the MR girls are literally booked like trash, none of them are believable to beat her. She should’ve lost on nxt at least once.

          • I can assure you that in a match against any of the girls I mentioned, if given time and allowed to go all out, this notion of “believable” will disappear and they’ll create moments in a ring that’ll make us go “wow I think she might do it.”

          • perceval

            Yep. Here’s a classic from 2002 where you knew the outcome. You knew he wasn’t going to win. Yet, it got him VERY over, the storytelling being so good that you still thought “Maybe it’ll happen.”

            JR: Climb the ladder, kid! Make yourself famous!


            That’s the sort of moment I’m hoping for with Asuka’s run.

          • perceval

            She’s never faced Charlotte, Sasha, Shayna… Any of them could do it. Let’s get some great matches in the meantime.

      • Maddox

        “Diva dirt fans are tired of her winning”

        • Watch the reaction to her matches, and her entrance.

          • Maddox

            That’s because they didn’t introduce her well. Divadirt was the only place where everyone liked the fact that she and Emma had an even match. She should have dominated her first opponent just like she did to Dana At their takeover match. She should be like the female Strowman or Samoa Joe, destroying chicks left and right.

  • Why are you all stressing out that Asuka’s victory in the match is inevitable? I know this is WWE and they don’t really book well, but what about Asuka putting sb in the Asuka Lock and not letting go thus disqualifying herself and being eliminated?

  • SkilledDeathArtist#1

    This is what the WWE gets for even booking someone to look unstoppable. It was stupid on their part to have let Emma go as that could’ve been the feud that would’ve got people invested in both her and Asuka. Now it’s like you can’t even book other people to win titles or partake in bug storyline feuds unless it’s an upcoming debut. And it’s only now that someone like Alicia finally gets more exposure after all this time of being put in the backburner.

  • Bliss = Goddess

    I guess team Raw and Nattie is winning at SS ugh

  • Danny?

    RAW was pretty boring tbqh. I missed Mickie this week and it was just the same as last week with Asuka where she beats a jobber named Stacy. Oh and then it was the same Alicia tapping to the bank statement it’s really tiring seeing Alicia tap to that move constantly. I’m with most that Asuka shouldn’t have been on the SS team and I wish she would instead take on Dana Brooke at SS. Anyway it is what it is, Mickie better get the last spot on the RAW SS team.


    Asuka’s inclusion in the match is logical and anyone saying otherwise is delusional. Logically, if you want to have the most chance possible, having the undefeated one on your team is the thing to do. Of course, it makes the math predicable but this isn’t the isssue here.

    See, people need to realize that in a business like wrestling where everything is predetermined, practically everything IS predictable. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the product. In this case, the issue is simply the lack of an eventful build up. The first Raw was fire. Then everything was blah. Not enough promos on the opposing team or things that would get you excited.

    • DayOneISH!

      It took me sometime to think about it and I agree.

      From a Kayfabe standpoint you want the best people on your team to win.So I ain’t mad at the bookers for putting Nia Jax And Asuka on the same team.I mean seriously would you rather have Dana Brooke on your team or Mickie James when James can’t even pick up a win after a slap.

    • Everyone understands why she’s in, but everyone knows it is predictable with her in. And no, not everything is predictable, but Asuka and her streak are for sure. It doesn’t help that there is no tension either.


        I said “practically”. Especially considering that most of the time, you see spoilers on internet which means you already have an indication of what is going to happen. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying like I said.
        Bayley winning the title from Sasha Banks at NXT Takoever Brooklyn was absolutely predictable but who’s to say that it wasn’t one of the greatest moment women’s wrestling history?

        Now, yes, the big issue is the lack of tension. They brand it as Raw vs SD yet they don’t truly build like they should do. Therefore, we are in a weird state where everything is stale.

        • There’s a difference between one match and a streak with years behind it. It’s repetitive and boring.

      • Angela

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      • perceval

        Blame the house show schedule. Brands can’t interact, much.

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Becky defeated Ellsworth with disarmher

    • NoWayHoeSay

      And it kinda looks like a lumber jill match

    • Michael Max

      Honestly, that match should have happened a long time ago when Ellworth won the MITB originally.

      • NoWayHoeSay


    • Crazy. #RIPMae


  • Nadia

    Good Little episode of Raw imo.
    – Alexa Bliss is such a fantastic promo. I will never shade her in that regards.
    – Asuka being built via jobbers. Boring but necessary.
    – Sasha’s demeanor is so different when she’s out of title contention. Like early this year with Swann/Alica/Dar. Way more relaxed and loose. Her singing along and encouraging the Bayley song was silly and endearing. She had a good hot tag. It’s nice to see the wrestlers have fun.

    Its probably going to be Mickie vs Bayley next week for the final spot. At SS I have a feeling its going to be Asuka vs 3 SD women at the end and she is going to be sole survivor. Also Charlotte vs Alexa is likely and Charlotte will win to get SD a victory.


    “At Survivor Series, the only hugs I will be giving are the hugs of conciliation when Team SD losses”
    That was quite lovely Bayley, liked the cockiness here! Enjoyed her promo work here, she felt confident.

    Alexa was her usual great self. With a mic in hand, she gets it better than arguably anyone. If only they could explore more of that with her bashing her opponent like crazy or even have a promo battle between the two with Alexa silencing Natalya like only she can. Something is needed.

  • Exotic

    The current division really can’t do tag team matches… Like wtf all these tag matches are deadass boring. They need to bring it down to 4-6 minutes because I be skipping throughout the entire matches.

  • Stef’

    Well what I saw from this match is that Nia still needs combinated efforts to lose matches, Alicia is still a jobber and Sasha/Bayley are cracking little by little, leading to a feud among the friends.

    But yeah, SmackDown is doomed, they can’t beat both Nia and Asuka, even with Charlotte.

  • Organization XIII

    I don’t see the hype around Asuka. Her undefeated doesn’t do anything for me. Sounds like another Charlotte-esque booking circa 2016. I’m bored & a lot of the WWE universe is bored as well. Let’s move on from the streak & actually give her something compelling


      I feel like the problem with Asuka (and that’s the case for all the successful star coming from NXT) is that they assume everyone should know her story and what she is.

      At this point, she’s truly nothing more than JUST a streak and that’s a shame. They have to do more than just matches and build her character more to get her over and for those who, for example, don’t know her to “get” the hype.

      • Organization XIII

        I know her…still don’t get it. The streak wasn’t special to me because what garnered her to get the streak? What did she do to deserve that accolade? That’s what baffles me


          Not to say you don’t but I tried to make a more general point here since it’s a general issue WWE have, handling their new talents on the MR.

          • Organization XIII


            I keep trying to tell people it doesn’t matter what one did in NXT. It’s basically null & void when you get to the MR

    • Maddox

      She has been handled badly, should be booked like Strowman and Joe who just destroy people

  • MK126

    Ooooooh Nattie is supposed to defend her title next week against Char

    • NoWayHoeSay

      Char wins Paige returns they feud. Is what I’m hoping

      • MK126

        Only if Char is the heel cause holy shit their last feud was bad

  • DayOneISH!

    Remember when people would make their debuts on the main roster with gimmicks and storylines already planned for them.For an example when Jillian debuted she was a fixer and was a manager for a bit then she later transition on to becoming a full time wrestler with a completely different gimmick?

    Nowadays you just gotta pop up and say “Hi my name is ________ and Raw/Smackdown live is about to _______” and that’s about it.

    • MK126

      Right! and people wouldn’t be called up unless they had definite plans for you in place. Now its just people have a hot debut for a month of so and then fizzle out from lack of creative. Look at Dillinger and his debut. TBH I forget hes on SDL cause of his lack of TV time

      • DayOneISH!

        I still To This day don’t know what the “Perfect 10” means is he talking about his looks?

        • MK126

          The world may never know lol

    • trishlita721

      This is what I’ve been saying for years!! Nxt is great but it’s ruining all these wrestlers imagine seeing all these girls transition to who they are today on the main roster and all the fresh storylines there would be.

    • A?.

      Carmella had a good debut, she went from hairdresser to getting a tryout to becoming a wrestler, but that’s the only proper “debut” I actually remember.

      • DayOneISH!

        But that was NXT not the main roster.

    • Cilla

      I think there is a trade-off with the effects of NXT. On the one-hand, NXT creates many big potential stars, whereas on the other hand, their progression onto the main roster becomes more difficult due to many feuds and matches which may have already occurred. The tendency to be pushed straight to the main roster doesn’t exactly help either.

  • Matt J

    Well, for sure I see Asuka eliminating a couple of SD girls, but I see Team Smackdown win.

    During SS match, There is a lot of miscommunication between Alicia and Asuka, and Asuka kicks Alicia and leaves Team Raw because “nobody is ready 4 Asuka”.

    Well of course I’m joking, WWE is too predictable these days. Team Raw 4 the win.

  • conan_kun

    Sasha sang for Bayley during the match, then looks like Sasha don’t care that Bayley won’t be in Team Raw. When I thought Sami Zayn never be a good heel but he’s doing very well, maybe Bayley too.

  • Shane Murray

    Dana left out again of the survivor series match… FairPlay everyone says she’s not ready etc but how we gonna ever see that if she’s being left out the division and Just used as a jobber ( if your lucky) it’s ridiculous man?.

    Asuka should have even came out at the end of the match were and make both teams just sorta stare down with her or something if they’re so badly wanting to make her involved. Please pull a surprise and make her elimnated somehow, because I’d rather not watch smackdown get squashed again especially because there building everyone up in unique ways.

    Hoping to get Tamina vs Nia in the ring throughout the match that be interesting to see how that turns out, Tamina work has been pretty consistent throughout recent matches of improvement especially the money in the bank

    Just please wwe pull a surprise for us…

  • MK126


  • brock

    I am way More Interested in The Women’s Elimination at Survivor Series Than The Champion vs Champion Match leaving Askua off the The Raw Women’s Team would have been down Right Stupid, I don’t see how you people at Diva Dirt Think Leaving Askua of The Raw Team would have had made any sense, it pretty clear with 2 Raw vs Smackdown Women’s Matches at Survivor Series That Raw and Was Going To Win one match and Smackdown was going to Win The other


    The singular problem with telling the story of Bayley being overlooked in forming RAW’s team for Survivor Series is that there’s very little reason to care. After all, Bayley’s been booked to be an absolute loser these last few months and there has been zero affect to her character – she smiles in defeat and does the whole “aww shucks guess all I can do is try again!” shtick.

    And the issue with Asuka being part of the RAW team at Survivor Series is that while the shine should definitely focus on her, it sort of dampens the statement someone like Nia needs to make by winning the match dominantly.

  • Ryan Stratus

    Alexa better come tf through! Channel that inner Trish Stratus sweet-tay!

    • perceval

      When she can bump, sell, and create memorable matches, she can be compared to Trish.

      • Ryan Stratus

        Shes done all 3. Boo & bye

        • perceval

          You know better than that. I realize she has a nice ass, but that doesn’t make her matches great.

          • Ryan Stratus

            What does a nice ass have to do with anything? A lot of people down play my girl like she ain’t shit. Incredible mic skills, great in ring skills and a great personality outside of the ring. When WWE decides to turn her face I’m sure we will see a whole new side to her that the haters might like.

        • KatyaMenelli

          Bitch, where!? LOL tell me. Especially the first and third one.

      • KatyaMenelli

        Right! She act like she’s scared to take a bump so she takes more knees than Kaepernick.

  • Mick

    There’s a lot to take from this RAW episode even when it seems like there’s not.
    1. Bayley not being picked was basically spotlighted, not only did Nia got her spot by squashing her, but now her best friend took a spot by winning a match that she was in too. This is going to lead her somewhere. Where? I don’t know. Getting a third match and finally making it to the team can be a story for her or missing this match can set her as the ultimate underdog. Both of them works in my book as long as WWE tries to do something with her. There’s potential to her.
    2. Asuka being elected to team RAW makes no sense. Her character hasn’t been explained to the main roster viewers. Instead of putting her into a “welcome to RAW’ type of storyline just like they did on NXT or into an personal feud with any wrestler on RAW, they gave her squash matches. Her aura is not felt on RAW at all. Now she’s also assuring that RAW is winning. Why would I even want to watch? Will WWE pull up a shock? Who could take Asuka from SmackDown! Live if Charlotte wins the belt next week? Carmella? Tamina? Becky? Those choices sound unlikely.
    3. Alicia Fox isn’t getting a push. is being captain an achievement to any other female wrestler in the past? No. Is Alicia Fox amazing? YES! Do I wish this leads her some place? FOR SURE.

  • GEO
    • Match of Year Maker

      Happy day

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Okay but we need to see Dana vs Mickie vs Bayley next week for the final slot in the Survivor Series tag match. It’ll be fresh and entertaining and also will give Dana a chance to shine. The potential is there but they wouldn’t know if they never book her.

    RAW has too many people that they protect and that’s so annoying. They protect Sasha, Bayley, Alexa, Nia AND Asuka, they all have to look strong so it’s rare to see them lose which means girls like Mickie, Fox and Dana will never pick up a victory and if they do then that’s a miracle for them. RAW needs to spice it up and a superstar shake up now would be necessary.

  • Lmao at Asska fans below saying how they don’t care how her streak is predictable, but it’s only because her ass is winning. If she was losing, their tunes would be MUCH different, hence why so many essays on how she CAN’T lose ONE match.

    • Izzy4lw

      Honestly at this point, her streak does mean something. I want her to lose, but I want her to lose to create something. If creative gets their shit together, they can build her into a dominant force and use her to create a legitimate moment when she does lose, but in order to do that, she needs to be built up on the main roster. Anyway, her entire build goes around the fact that she’s unbeatable. That’s her mystique. If she loses now, what good does that do? her character will be dead in the water faster than Bayley’s was. Also at this point, it would be unwise for her to catch a loss now because there is nobody on RAW with the build to beat Bliss – she’s either beaten people so many times that they aren’t believable contenders (Bayley, Sasha, Mickie) or she’s played them for a fool far too much to even believe they’d turn on her (Nia) or they have no build whatsoever (Fox, Dana) which leaves, like it or not… Asuka. Her hype is quickly dying because of the jobbers, but put her in a ring with Alexa and I’m sure people will care, if only to see who’s backstage push will win out – Vince’s or HHH.

  • DivaLicious?

    Alicia foxx is a jobber for infinity! Her mic work is very cringeworthy & forced. I just can’t take her seriously after she been a complete bum on the main roster & the Bella twins assistant. You can’t expect the WWE universe to take her seriously now has a threat in this SS 6 woman match. I bet Alicia foxx will be eliminated FIRST! Because she that awful.

    The tag team match was boring. the same old shit man. The women’s division needs a shake up fast! Sasha & bayley, nia jax go to smack down. Charlotte, Becky, Naomi go to raw. It needs to happen. It’s starting to get stale.

    Asuka should remain the last one standing in the SS match. It only makes the most since. There is something special in asuka.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    What if WWE has someone from SD sneak roll up Asuka eliminating her? Her streak could still be intact technically if Team RAW wins. Even though she was eliminated, her team won so therefore she won the match. That seems like some controversy WWE would do.

    • E-Force

      SD! Girls attack Asuka knowing that they can’t win with her as an opponent, just like Nattie did to Nikki last year

  • Andrew Soto

    Why are people so mad at other people for having different opinions tho?
    Seriously, stop.
    Let people right their essays and move on, seriously, shut up.
    If people want to get behind Asukas streak, let them. If they don’t, who cares. It really isn’t the end of the world.

    • So mind your neck then

      • Andrew Soto

        What does that even mean?
        Shut. Up.

        • Mind your business. I think this should do it.

          • Andrew Soto

            You were probably waiting all morning for a response.
            I actually do think I was minding my business, as I did not mention any names or reply to anyone’s comments.
            You’re an idiot and a loser.

          • Don’t tell others what they should and shouldn’t do when you’re doing the exact same thing in your comment. Just an advice for the future. xx

          • Andrew Soto

            Whatever, you’re still a loser, you go around looking for people to attack on here all the time.
            You obviously feel like you have to have the last word every time you get into an argument on here, so I’m gonna stop reacting to you. You clearly live for this, which is sad btw. Continue please, the only person who can make you out to be an even bigger ass than you already are,is yourself.

          • I just said you should follow your own advice, that’s all. Nothing more or less.

          • Andrew Soto

            Actually, the term you used was:
            “mind your neck then.”
            Is this how you talk to people in real life or is just here on diva dirt?

          • It’s how people talk on the internet! And that means the same thing as I said above!

          • Andrew Soto

            Is it?
            Lol, ok.
            What a joke.

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    Alexa slayed that segment!!! She must’ve watched a Trish circa 2004 segment over the weekend chile

  • Can’tGetNo…Stratusfaction

    Not a fan of Alexa being built as this unstoppable force in the ring, but that “actually…girl” line had me dying!

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita
    • KingsPromise

      …but why? that match was awful lol

      • TorrieTrishStacyLita

        Lol because even though the match was awful the whole women’s segment here was entertaining. And Sable was slaying as always ?

        • KingsPromise

          It was entertaining, I was feeling Tori’s look. I dont know why though, I’ve never been able to get with Sable. It’s weird.

  • The Wicked Bitch

    Oop Alexa dragging Cattie backstage

  • mckenzie

    What if someone beats Asuka up backstage so she can’t compete and then Paige returns as her replacement ?????

    • Robann

      So pretty much Team SDL from last year all over again? Eh, I’m good.