Below are spoilers to upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling and a future One Night Only PPV.


Impact Wrestling:

* Laurel Van Ness vs KC Spinelli vs. the returning Madison Rayne in a 3 way qualifying match for the vacant Knockouts Title. The winner goes to the final. Laurel wins with a jumping Unprettier.

* A table with Thanksgiving food is set up. It’ll be a 5 on 5 match with the person pinned being forced to wear the horrible Turkey suit. Chef Robert Irvine is here and he prepared all of the food. The turkey is brought out and Jeremy Borash asks the crowd to start a “Turkey” chant & a lot of the crowd obliged. The match is: Caleb Konley, Laurel Van Ness, KM, Fantasma & Chris Adonis vs. Richard Justice, Allie, Garza Jr., Fallah Bahh & Eddie Edwards. Both teams have separate tables of food & throw some into the crowd. Eli Drake is in the ring and says it’s his show and wants JB to make sure the loser puts the suit on. Eli is eating at a table during most of the match, Laurel hides under one of the tables to stay out of the match. Adonis tries to get Eddie in the Adonis lock but Eddie rolls him up for the victory. Eli tries to get Adonis out of it and Chris goes tries to the back, but security stops him and JB tells him to come back. JB tells Adonis he is contractually obligated to put on the suit, or Eli Drake will have to wear it. Chris finally resents & wears the suit. A food fight breaks out, shockingly. Eddie is held in the ring by Drake & Chris goes to hit Eddie, but he ducks and Drake gets the pie.

One Night Only Match:

* KC Spinelli vs Rosemary. The ending comes when KC misses a top rope moonsault & Rosemary hits The Red Wedding. KC looked very strong in the match & got a lot of offense.


  • nightofme

    Damn. So Madison didn’t get a call from WWE? :(

  • Mess, can some KOs STOP coming and going, it’s annoying. They can never have a steady division.

    • Maddox

      Expect to see Angelina Love soon

      • Nicola Byrne

        Highly doubt Angelina will be back. I hope when they go back to the USA and Taya returns they use her properly

  • Malcolm James

    Relax people’s Madison was probably there just for one match she probably be in WWE next year

  • DayOneISH!

    Looks like Laurel Van Ness is getting a push so this is a good thing I hope to see Kiera Hogan and Hania in these qualifying matches.

  • Mick

    TNA is really in the 90’s. A match where the loose wears a Turkey jumpsuit. LOL!

  • GailKimStan

    A damn mess

  • Kvngbalor

    So WWE must have turned Madison down so she once again is back with TNA smh

  • What?

    I cant believe this company still exists.

    • Malcolm James

      If WWE can exist with all their BS then amy company can exist

      • Wicked Emma

        What kind of BS does WWE have?

      • What?

        Until WWE has stickers on their belts I dont want to hear it.

  • Kiana Taylor

    eh, basic but laurel is getting a push, one if the few good talents on T.E who were robbed so that’s good and im also over these returning knockouts it’s always the same ones wouldn’t be suprised if o.d.b returns again

  • John Finnie

    I wondered how their wasnt much comments…now i see why
    Really wwe didnt want madison???
    I thought if anyone returns it would have been Angelina

  • Asa Von Erich #ThankYouEmma


    • Summer_Slay

      If we can only have Lacey returning.

  • Rhys Hawks

    Just as a mentioned for those saying WWe weren’t interested, it may take many months for someone who gets a tryout to get signed by WWE, maybe even longer.
    Madison is married to Matthews who is heavy into the Impact Social Media side, so it only makes sense for her to appear when they need the extra face.

    Saying that, I’m REALLY hoping to see Hania and Kiera to do something for the rest of the tapings.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I hope Madison is just coming back to lend her services for a few matches! Kind of wanting her to go to WWE. Anyway there isn’t much to say bout these spoilers. I haven’t been watching lately is Laurel still wit this crazy bride crap?

    • Women’s Revolution

      She stopped for a short time until they discovered she’s Canadian and was useless to marry.

      Now she comes out in clown makeup entertaining the crowd.

      • YonceLuvsDivas


  • Juan

    I need Hania and Kiera to finally make their debuts! And can we please get a stable division for once!! I swear the KO division has been a revolving door of women coming and going for the past 2-3 years (ODB, Angelina, Velvet, Madison, Taryn, Brooke, Rebel…etc).

    What the knockouts currently lack is stability!

  • hitesh khanna

    so how are they going to eliminate sienna and allie from the titles match when they just had this title match on sunday and made it vaccant…

    • Gail-Rollins Fan

      Rightfully so since that match was a flop.

    • Philip272727

      Well, Rosemary beat them, then lost to Laurel in the final. Allie also won a 4-way with Sienna, KC & Madison, so I wonder if she & Laurel are having a title match during the tapings.

  • -V

    I was wondering when they will bring a former Knockout and they just did that, lol this company is so predictable I can’t.. so I guess if Velvet comes out of retirement they will bring her as well, or maybe ODB again, as if she wasn’t useless the last time.

    • Gail-Rollins Fan

      Well considering most of their current women are flops and the Division has sucked for the last few years, they need all the help they can get..

  • Gail-Rollins Fan

    LVN won the belt at tonight’s tapings

    • Summer_Slay

      Crazy LVN or Daddys little girl LVN ? Or did she used the new thing she started using in the indie where she switches between both gimmick ?

      • Gail-Rollins Fan

        Not sure, I just saw the spoiler on wrestlinginc. She was in wrestling gear, but she still had the bad makeup I think.

  • ssilva872

    LVN winning is a mess..