Below are spoilers to upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling and a future One Night Only PPV.


Impact Wrestling:

* Laurel Van Ness vs KC Spinelli vs. the returning Madison Rayne in a 3 way qualifying match for the vacant Knockouts Title. The winner goes to the final. Laurel wins with a jumping Unprettier.

* A table with Thanksgiving food is set up. It’ll be a 5 on 5 match with the person pinned being forced to wear the horrible Turkey suit. Chef Robert Irvine is here and he prepared all of the food. The turkey is brought out and Jeremy Borash asks the crowd to start a “Turkey” chant & a lot of the crowd obliged. The match is: Caleb Konley, Laurel Van Ness, KM, Fantasma & Chris Adonis vs. Richard Justice, Allie, Garza Jr., Fallah Bahh & Eddie Edwards. Both teams have separate tables of food & throw some into the crowd. Eli Drake is in the ring and says it’s his show and wants JB to make sure the loser puts the suit on. Eli is eating at a table during most of the match, Laurel hides under one of the tables to stay out of the match. Adonis tries to get Eddie in the Adonis lock but Eddie rolls him up for the victory. Eli tries to get Adonis out of it and Chris goes tries to the back, but security stops him and JB tells him to come back. JB tells Adonis he is contractually obligated to put on the suit, or Eli Drake will have to wear it. Chris finally resents & wears the suit. A food fight breaks out, shockingly. Eddie is held in the ring by Drake & Chris goes to hit Eddie, but he ducks and Drake gets the pie.

One Night Only Match:

* KC Spinelli vs Rosemary. The ending comes when KC misses a top rope moonsault & Rosemary hits The Red Wedding. KC looked very strong in the match & got a lot of offense.