Could this possibly be too much, too soon?

Recently released WWE talent Tenille Dashwood, better known as Emma, has been in talks with Japanese Women’s Wrestling Promotion, STARDOM, for working with them in the future. However, according to a recent report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via SE Scoops), these discussion have fallen through due to ‘requests’ that the former WWE Superstar has made to appear for them.

According to a recent report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, she was asking for $2,000 per match, first-class tickets, and total creative control in her contract. Whether these reports should be believed or not is another topic, as there has been no official word from Emma herself, STARDOM staff, or any other third parties.

What do you all think? Are Emma’s ‘supposed requests’ too much? And whether she appears for STARDOM in or not, where would you like to see Emma compete going forward? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Darryl lee

    Honestly, it doesn’t seem much to me. I mean this is expected from her coming off how she was treated in WWE.

  • Charlie Flickinger

    Except for that asking price I don’t think the other requests are too bad, but in all honesty as good as Emma is she’s not worth 2K a match. She isn’t that high profile of a ‘Former WWE Talent’ and there are the ‘rumors’ that she was difficult to work with and wanted things her way. A smaller promotion like Stardom isn’t going to want that in their locker room.

  • Haraya

    I think “total creative control” is the major part that Stardom can’t accept but we all know how bad that WWE creative done to her. So, it’s understandable why she request like that.

    • Anton

      I think in fairness to WWE creative, they came up with something that she was refusing to run with. Which was a major factor in her release. But again in fairness to Emma she may not have liked the way the character was going to go, but unfortunately as a young upstart she wasn’t really in a position to be saying no to management

      • Haraya

        I think she know what she can pull off & gonna work on her (like #giveemmaachance which viral in WWE fan) but… I still agree with you.

        She’s not built to be the star even crowd behind her (that’s enough to say Vince don’t care any about her). Most of co-worker love her, Triple H like her, but between one low-tier wrestler which ringmate love VS creative team… it’s the business, that make me understand why WWE put her name on fired list in last minute…

        at least, they said the door aren’t close… (even it’s look like nearly close).

  • YouCanLook&Touch

    this girly is soon gonna find out she’s not as big of a star as she thinks she is. First Class tickets and full creative control is soooo extra.

  • Nathan Bootleg Kardashian

    Besides the first class tickets, I don’t think it’s unreasonable tbh.

  • Asa Von Erich #ThankYouEmma

    Wonder why she pushed for this. Is she really a diva, or did she not want to work Stardom and just shot for the moon with her demands?

    • Maddox

      She must believe she has enough star power to make such demands

  • Rosanna

    She has to pay for all the expensive things she bought using wwe’s paychecks. Bc now she cant afford most of the stuff she has.

    • Kelly_Killer

      If you have stuff arent they yours already, how cant you afford them …

      • Rosanna

        Cars houses things like that..

  • Ollie Roche

    Never liked her before now I dislike her more


      i hate faceless people your one of them no photo

      • Ollie Roche

        Lmao what does not having a picture have to do with anything?

        • AJ BROOKS

          it proves your a ugly scum bag who will not show his/her/its face to ugly

          • Ollie Roche

            Lmao that’s hilarious. The fact I don’t have a discuss picture proves I’m an ugly scum bag? You aren’t even your profile picture and you’re throwing shade because I said I don’t like a wrestler? You are the troll here not me. Grow up!

          • MyleneCruz

            Girl you’re not even the real April?! BYE!!

          • Emma

            your not even the real lene cruz suck it

          • MyleneCruz

            Lol but you’re the one who tried to call sm1 else out as though you were the real April. Girl bye and I’m more Mylene Cruz then you could ever be of anyone let alone yourself because you are a nobody.

  • #VindictiveBitch

    Hmm. This is tricky. Marketing wise this is valid imo. She does have over a million followers on instagram and on twitter. So to me that makes her a celebrity and I feel like gives her right to be a bit more demanding as she would probably be more known globally (Social Media wise) then majority of the talent combined. But then if you look at the way she was booked, and accomplishments then yeah she does not have “Hall of Fame Illustrious Career” so its a but funky for her to demand that. Who knows maybe its even her agents sizing it?

  • Go to TNA girl, you’ll be the champion within a week of your arrival.

    • #VindictiveBitch


    • Maddox

      And feuding with her ex’s current girlfriend ?

    • When she attacks Laurel, steals her title and scream “That’s for stealing my man!” with bubbles floating around her.

      • hitesh khanna

        omg awkward.. totally forgot about that

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        • Catherine

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      • Mar_41

        Dying at this lol

    • Lucas

      and then lose it in the next taping

      • AJ BROOKS

        like Laurel did

        • Robin Zabriskie

          she lost it already???

          • Rhys Hawks

            No she didn’t. She retained against Allie.
            They are likely referring to her possibly losing it at the next tapings.

          • Robin Zabriskie

            oh ok thanks mate

    • Kelly_Killer

      And get realeased on the next one. But seriously id like both queens to go there. WWE doesnt deserve them.

  • I don’t know if that’s too much for other promotions (mainly in the US/UK), but it sure is pushing it for Stardom.

  • conan_kun

    Emma thinks she should get treated like John Cena and Brock Lesnar who worth those luxurious price when she’s a mid carder who never won any women title in WWE. Does Toni Storm, Viper have this kind of payday or even more than that at Stardom.

  • jbrizzy

    Hey I don’t blame her. If you don’t show anyone how much you are worth, then people will think that you will just take what you are given,like a plastic little princess.

    • #FlairfortheGold

      Lucky for her, she’s not like most girls!

      • jbrizzy

        Yessss. She isn’t like most girls!

      • Jorge Hernandez Moran

        Who only take just what they get

  • Hoooshi

    Emma is going to be a bit draw on her first few months in the Indies because everyone will want to see her wrestle to her full potential, so good on her for knowing her worth and demanding what she thinks it’s appropriate. Maybe she doesn’t want to work for Stardom and instead of refusing she asked for higher prices in hopes they would deny it.

    Also fuck WWE for throwing these rumors that she is “difficult to work with” around as they can and most likely will affect her career.

    • Joseph

      Pretty sure the “difficult to work with” rumors are false.

  • Geo14

    You are not Alicia Fox, sweetie.

    • Darryl lee

      How come Alicia gets special treatment though? Emma has more potential than she does.

      • ???

        I’m sure they were joking.

      • AJ BROOKS

        emma can wrestle circles around alicia fox

      • Typical Heel

        Alicia = 11 year vet and former champion, Emma = goofy bubble gimmick, emmalina fail, and about 2 good/kmown matches

        • Darryl lee

          The emmalina gimmick is a dead-on-arrival gimmick that only works in the Attitude Era. No one cares about Alicia anymore as she’s done YEARS of bobbing and not appearing on tv. Emma has some way better matches than Alicia.

        • AJ BROOKS

          alicia kept the belt 2 days whopping champion

          • Typical Heel

            2 days longer than Emma ???

          • AJ BROOKS

            fuck you in your hating ass alicia not worthy of tieing any of the divas boots up

          • Typical Heel

            You’re the hater obviously, mad cus Emma never got a reign let alone a 1 on 1 title shot ???? while Alicia was wrestling legends in her prime

          • AJ BROOKS

            Alicia is just another ni$%er who never found fame after 10-12 years only in her crazy mind

        • AJ BROOKS

          only reason they gave Alicia Fox the belt for a week they wanted to make sure they gave a black girl the belt at least once

  • Carolution

    she really is a diva. first class tickets for someone who jobbed out most of their career xD

    • A?.

      She’s a huge deal despite of “jobbing”, you damn fool. She’s one of the best out there and she’s a huge draw, wheter you like it or not.

      • Carolution

        you can believe that all you want.

  • 3???????

    Sis , u jumping tHe gun . You are no Sasha / Charlotte


    her requests are not to much she is worth every penny

    • Robin Zabriskie

      you know stardom roster right? they really don’t need emma with these requests

      • AJ BROOKS

        i never heard of stardom myself must be a amoutier origination

        • Robin Zabriskie

          a what?

    • Joseph

      Still way too much, Stardom doesn’t have that kind of money.

  • Jo9834

    She needs to possibly just run with being a Social Media personality, she can make at least $500-$2000 USD per post/picture if she’s pimping herself out propertly,

    Wrestling wise, TNA won’t give her anywhere near as much as that, but thats probably the best fit for her, her winning a championship is long overdue.

    • Typical Heel

      How do i sign up for Social Media Personality?

      • Jo9834

        Get a tonne of followers sign up to an agency and bam ;p

  • ???

    Guys , please do not believe anything in the internet rumors are just rumors . Because not Emma nor Stardom spoke about this , it can be someone from WWE has a problem with Emma who spread this rumor so let wait until Emma or Stardom confirm or disconfirm this.

  • Robin Zabriskie

    emma seriously…’re just average wrestler, slow down with this diva attitude

  • hitesh khanna

    She should go to tna while shes in her prime, make a splashing debut like how successful divas did in tna and make a name out of her self and have wild matches cause she can perform, collect checks do indys and other promotion on the side and collect her coins!! Cause at this point thats whats more ideal and best for someone whose been ousted from wwe while its usually other way around people try making it in wwe.

  • TheRealest #ItsBossTime

    Yikes, she must really think she´s god´s gift to women´s wrestling.


    “total creative control” Well, that’s too much tho…
    Stardom would be a great place for her to evolve tbh, I would love her to produce some magic there.

  • Danny?

    I don’t know whether I believe all these rumours to be honest.

  • Nicola Byrne

    Honestly, I kind of think she has. 2000 not to bad but first class tickets and total creative control yes!! If she had a career like Charlotte or Mickie James then no.

  • Typical Heel

    1st class tickets??? Even WWE only gives the current champions 1st class tickets……… She was doing too much

  • Number One

    Cheap bastards, aren’t they?

  • Callisthenes

    aw emma, you’re a talented wrestler but with every fail negotiation, your market value is just doing to drop more. this is not a good look for her.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Emma has all rights to these demands. When you work for WWE, TNA and Lucha Underground you are to be paid however much you see fit as long as it’s not crazy when returning to the indies. She pretty much asking for something she not only deserves but is fair. Hell if I left WWE and their game of puppets and master I would want total control over my creative direction too. But no shade Miss Emma I was hoping you’d stay in the states and head to Impact. That desperately need someone with her kind of draw now that Gail is gone. But on the other hand we can finally say the Knockouts division is finally home grown with no woman having prior WWE ties if exclude Laurel with her one stint on Raw and Tough Enough.

  • Oh Emma! She is such a diva but must be more simple in order to
    Acomplish more fame in the indies.

  • Bad and Bossy

    Boris where are you when your idol needs you to defending ?

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

    I think unless it’s positive, we should give Emma a break.


    Say the rumours are true, Tenille just needs to apply some astute endgame in her post-WWE career.

    At this stage what’s essential is that she refutes WWE’s waste of her talent by joining a promotion which taps into her full potential. No comedy gimmicks, no jobbing, strong and competitive matches, championship achievements.

    So Tenille joining Stardom for a modest amount of money (lower than 2K per match and, no, first class tickets not included) would have perhaps sweetened the deal that she could have control over her character. I mean, if Tenille’s really honest with herself and her fans – THAT’S what she craves most, right?

    Meanwhile she has a significant social media following to help cover some of her expenditure that WWE’s payroll no longer assists with.

    One to two years later, Tenille’s stock increases and she can either command a higher salary per match with perks or even re-emerge on WWE’s radar having established her wrestling chops as an international star in her own right.

  • It


  • IconicTrio

    I think 2k per appearance is probably a little steep for most wrestling promotions never mind the first class tickets.

    Creative control I can believe since it was “creative” that buggered her WWE run up more than once.

  • Lmao she should humble herself if that’s true.

  • Ian Willbeian Archer

    Girl You Never Held The Championship Or Been in a Major Light With The Company ( WWE ) It Was Hard To Place You In Spots And Stories. So Why Would Someone Else Pay All That For Another Girl To Come Wrestle.

  • KaiKai

    Someone’s been listening to Ryback if this is true o.o

  • MK126

    TBH her requests aren’t THAT bad. Creative control is an obvious one when it was WWEs creative that fucked her over to begin with. She’d probably stick with the whole Evil Emma thing she had going on. 2K per match doesn’t seem steep especially when you have other indie wrestlers getting more than that. As for the first class ticket… I wouldn’t blame her lol that’s a long ass flight to Japan no matter where you fly from. Her requests are rationale but of course they would be shot down

  • Larsenat

    Her agent by all chances had never the intent to let her go to Japan, since she is a name in USA, UK, Australia and so on, but not so much in Japan. So this news is rather unspectacular, you just never say no without a number.
    It is more clever to negotiate with the interested promotions in the markets for now where she is already a good known name.

  • Larsenat

    The Observer wrote a correction today about these news. The charge of her agent is lower than what was reported in her home region (they just charge more overseas). Meltzer also clarified that there are actually no unusual conditions asked by her and it was all just standard from the guidelines.

  • Charlie

    Doh! I wanted to see Emma in Stardom. Emma vs Rebel!