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November 13th, 2005 | Eddie Guerrero’s death at age 38 shocked the wrestling world, and the next night on Raw (November 14th), the WWE paid tribute to him. The women competed in a Battle Royal, making their entrances while wearing Eddie Guerrero t-shirts. Ashley Massaro, Maria, Christy Hemme, Victoria, Melina, Jillian, Mickie James, Candice Michelle and Trish Stratus all lined up in the ring and tossed the shirts to the crowd before getting down to business. The match came down to Melina and Trish, and a failed Stratusfaction left Trish on the wrong side of the ropes; Melina knocked her off the apron and was declared the winner.

Also occurring today in history:
* 11/13/11 – Gail Kim defeats Velet Sky to retain the Knockouts Title at Turning Point 2011.

  • ILoveMelina(Real ILM)Yiorgos

    One of the best battle royals!! Loved every time Melina & Trish interacted! LMAO @ them teaming up on Maria. I remember being ecstatic when Melina!!! RIP Eddie. I have so much respect for him. He’s one of my favourite wrestlers & was insanely talented. Such a joy to watch His work. I remember spending nights crying after his passing. Melina said he was like her father figure backstage on smackdown ? & she says working with him is one of her favourite moments/highlights

  • Rosanna

    Christy Hemme really impressed me. My eyes was glued on her! I was hoping she would win.

  • DayOneISH!

    LMFAO at the Way Candice was eliminated I never even saw that till now. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/44698c9c2103a1bfe45d3c52f46c6ae3f35f24050f0b4197736ac008b4c5ab82.gif

    • MK126

      Well at least it looked believable lol

  • Coy Castillo

    I just love how Candice punched Christy Hemme out of the ring lol