After Lucha Underground revealed Season 4 is now a reality, an executive producer of the show revealed contracts will be less stringent moving forward.

According to ProWrestlingSheet, the executive producer of Lucha Underground has acknowledged it wasn’t fair to keep talent off TV for up to a year between seasons, so he claims their exclusivity going forward will be “relaxed.”

Eric Van Wagenen told the Masks, Mats & Mayhem show that LU will be easing up on exclusive contracts because no one on their team expected LU to have a hiatus that lasted over one year. Additionally, it isn’t beneficial for either sides if a wrestler is kept off TV for that long.

“The Lucha Underground LLC partners are going to do a talent exchange with Impact, with Ring of Honor, with NOAH in Japan, Stardom.” Van Wagenen continued, “This is all under Dorian’s control, but we’re definitely gonna start letting our guys branch out. We’re gonna try to help negotiate relationships with other promotions so that our guys can get more TV exposure.”

He also admitted that originally LU was very territorial but now due to the relationship with Impact Wrestling, they’ve realized it only helps their company.

In regards to unhappy talent though, Van Wagenen says they’ve had release requests and they’ll be happy to grant them once the characters can be written out of story lines.

As for Rey Fenix and Pentagon Dark, Eric says he believes they’ll be back for Season 4.

Catch the full interview here:

It’s unclear which luchadoras will be back for next season. Taya has already expressed interest in returning:

Kobra Moon, aka Thunder Rosa, also celebrated the announcement:

Season three also left it open for Black Lotus‘ story to continue as she made her return to the Temple during the season finale. Mariposa expressed her support for the news. And Catrina, real name Karlee Perez, will be shooting for some upcoming films but, she retweeted this hinting at her return to the Temple as well:

We’ll keep you updated with news about Season 4 as LU gears up for production.

Who do you want to see step into the Temple? Who do you think will show up for Season 4? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Synn666

    This is huge for them on numerous fronts and is something that hopefully alot of the talent is happy about…and it only makes sense that they get this freedom because LU is not a year round company….if it was than the exclusivity would be understood and maybe one day down the line they may infact find a way to do it but for now the loose exclusivity is the smart thing to do.

    Now as for talents coming in ohhhh the fantasy booking is like the flood gates opening now.

    Stardom talent exchange which means HITOKIRIS RETURN!! and hopefully Oedo Tai in the temple.

    LU has to get more women into the temple , they have great women already but we gotta get more in there and hopefully that is a top priority as far as the roster goes for S4.

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