Below are spoilers to next week’s episode of NXT taped prior to tonight’s NXT TakeOver: War Games.


* Ruby Riot defeated Sonya Deville.


  • Catalina

    at least they got a takeover match kind of.

  • I’m sick of Ruby she didn’t need that win. Now that a face is champion, Sonya could’ve been a credible challenger at least but no..

    • RyRy Webb

      A face has been champ since Bayley beat Sasha

      • That’s not the point, since we have a face champion, logically she would need some credible heel challengers, because they rarely do face vs face. Since Nikki turned, and Iconic Duo looking to be going to the main roster I don’t know what they can do.

      • ???

        Asuka was tweener , the only heel champion was Sasha .. Charlotte was heel in her first months but she turned face later .

  • Kiana Taylor

    I feel like im one of the only people who like ruby she’s amazing

    • I like her too; I just wish she had a better secondary finisher than a Diving Senton.

  • -V

    So I guess Ruby is lucky she wasn’t injured with this one this time. Hopefully the next tapings will include some fresh match ups.