Europe’s biggest Pay Per View event is officially over, and boy, was it something. At Insane Championship Wrestling’s ‘Fear & Loathing X’ event, we saw a new ICW Womens Champion claim the belt.

Kay Lee Ray faced off against Viper and Kasey (Owens) in a Triple Threat Steel Cage match with Special Enforcer, ICW Hall of Famer, Carmel Jacobs.

The match itself was as brutal as you would expect. But in the end, it was Kasey who would reclaim the championship from Kay Lee for a second time.

Also during this show, we saw a shocking turns of events involving the Session Moth Martina. During the Undisputed ICW Heavyweight Championship number one contenders ladder match, she cost Ravie Davie the match. After turning Bad Moth, she helped Bram climb the ladder to become the new number one contender.

What did you all think? Did you see this historic event in British & European wrestling history? Did the right woman win the championship? What do you think of Martina’s turn to the sour side? As always, let us know in the comments!

  • Charlie Flickinger

    So KLR & Viper might still be heading to WWE?

  • RadicallyRadic

    Martina as a bad girl? Excuse me waaaat??

    Also, I REALLY want Carmel to come back…

    • Patricia

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  • Does anyone know where I can watch the full show?

    Also, doesn’t Kacey has a twin sister? What happened to her? I thought they were the second British version of the Bella Twins, right after The Blossom Twins.

    • RadicallyRadic

      I think you can watch it on ICW’s on Demand service, could be wrong.

      And yeah, Kasey’s sister is Leah, The Owens Sisters. Don’t know why she isn’t in ICW but Leah does wrestle in other places I think.